Noby Noby Boy Coming Tomorrow on PSN

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I recently bought Flower on the PS Store and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the most interesting game I have ever played on the PS3. I love it.

Come to think of it, Noby Noby Boy will be released on Feb 19th, tomorrow! Well, my apologies for the delay to those who have waited the game. Matching the release date with other territories was tougher than we thought, but the good thing is that I could have some interesting experiences in the game.

With Noby Noby Boy, you can send a message to other players while playing without going to the XMB, and the received messages are displayed on the body of Boy. Checking the game spec, I sent a message requesting approval to add a friend and my request was accepted instantly, and I received a message. Below is an image of the message shown on Boy’s body.

Noby Noby Boy screenshot - PS3 message

Surprise! It says, “welcome to paradise.” It’s such a worn-out cliché, but I like it! Exchanging messages with people via online games has become nothing special, while I don’t play games much, let alone online, receiving this message really delighted me. It was even somewhat impressive because I didn’t expect it and of course it proved that the messaging function was working.

Oh, I almost forgot about the game. Yes, the concept is to stretch Boy. But with that said, there are many other ways to enjoy this game and they are totally up to you. Again, that is where the difficulty of describing the game lies. This game may let you run into something totally beyond your imagination or may not at all. You may totally hate the unexpected or you may love it as I did. I hope the players can find those unexpected elements fun. Now, let me show you a video that will help you understand the game a little better, lest you are getting more confused with the ambiguity.

This is Takahashi. Talk to you later.

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  • This game looks like someone on drugs made it. It looks a little wierd but I’m still gonna buy it

  • This game is going to be really interesting to play.

  • I love you Keita Takahashi.

    Insta-buy as soon as it goes live in Europe. Which shouldn’t be long.

  • Cool Video! I got lots of laughs out of that one! (In a good way!) I’ll be picking the game up first thing! It seems like a VERY random and fun game! Something that I can play with some buddies and just laugh non-stop at how stupid some of the things are that happen! (again, in a good way….) This should be a BRILLIANT addition to my PSN Game Collection! :)

  • uuuuhhh….. what? i dont get it…. what the hell was that????

  • Am excited with the release of this game. Played Katamari’s on the PS2 and PSP.

  • i will get it.

    i’m sure i’ll like it. flower is sweet too.

  • Like your messaging system!

  • So where is it? I’m waiting for it the whole day… It’s already 6:30 pm here in Germany and still isn’t available. I want noby now :D

  • I wish we could walk around in Home dressed as those characters. :-)

  • pretty sure this one’s a first-day buy, although we’ll have to see what my acct. says… although, i’m sure a demo would be able to sway my opinion …

  • Getting this immediately when store updates.

    This game scored 9/10 in Eurogamer by the way (Which incidentally rated Flower and Killzone 2 lower for whatever reason).

  • Looks great.

    And when it comes out on PHYSICAL MEDIA, I will buy it.

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    Your going to be waiting forever then. This was designed as a downloadable title from its inception.

  • Im going to pop a tab and zone-out to Noby Noby, LOL

  • (Speaking to myself)This game looks very very interesting.If only there was a demo released along with the full game later today.I guess I’ll have to wait until the PS store gets updated today to find out.

  • where is it??? I wanna DL it!!!!!!!!!

  • i hope it comes out asap on PSN!!!!!!! im waintin on it 4 Months

  • i m here checkin on it every 10 mins lol i want my son to play it cuz he loved the other series!!!!!!!!

  • I am Also waiting while I download the killzone 2 demo. Why does it say it is 2:00 when in my timezone it is really 5? can i change it to my timezone?

  • yeah i know i got KZ2 demo its a tease!!!

  • i know the european was late so………. i thinkin that may happen, but i hope not!!!!!

  • I can’t wait till 4pm.

  • It is up for me. Downloading now

  • “Now, let me show you a video that will help you understand the game a little better, lest you are getting more confused with the ambiguity.”

    *Follow up with a video that makes it even more ambiguous*

    I love you guys.

  • Hmmm…I still don’t get it. Oh well $5 isn’t bad so I guess I’ll give it a shot.

  • will this game have trophies?

  • Well I downloaded the game yesterday and erm… its still vague to me haha, but I really love it, its hilarious and beautiful and… very relaxing! Makes me wonder what’s more relaxing, Flower or Noby Noby Boy :)

    Yoku dekimashita, Takahashi-san ;-)

  • @Djsifer, yes the game has trophies. The most colorful trophies I’ve ever seen :-)

  • #114

    Then this game fails, because I refuse to buy it until then.

  • Just wanted to say NOBY NOBY BOY is probably the most addictive game is history! You’ve done it again, Takahashi-san! can’t say thank you enough!

    *to try to explain the game [for those still wondering]: ‘Look no further, it is here!’ TRY IT![?] this game really is ‘nobi nobi’ in its full sense lol

  • very strange game, i cant get 1 trophy =(

  • <3 <3 <3
    90,000,000 miles is the distance between our hearts
    but I still feel your warmth.

  • I really want to congratulate on your game. This will be a daily activity for some time i think its so hilarious :D and i don’t know why but thx for the game.

  • OMG! I need to get this game stat! I love all your games, and was really disappointed when the last one didn’t come out on PS. It almost caused me to go over to the dark side and get an (coughs) Xbox just for that game.

    Thank you for making this game.

    I can’t wait to play it! ^_^

  • edit: ‘..the most addictive game *IN history!’ lol

  • Yea…this one I need a demo to make a final assumption…but im definitely not impressed so far…perhaps if this game was free, I might enjoy it…whatever the purpose of it actually is… :/

  • THANK YOU Keita Takahashi, thank you namco, and THANK YOU SONY for going out there and daring to support different projects like this!!! I have been gaming for 25 years and this and flower are two of the most refreshing games I have played in a LONG time. I want to thank you all involved so much, and please I am looking forward to see more diverse projects getting the green light. I will buy them, and support innovative creativeness. Keep making strokes like this, and Sony will regain its former glory that I wish to see it do.

  • what is this game if its like katamari ill love it the description on the psn is hilarious

  • wtf looks weird like the person who made this was on crack but people say the same about katamari and thats a great game so dont judge until uve played it i guess ummmmmmm WTF

  • wtf looks weird like the person who made this was on crack but people say the same about katamari and thats a great game so dont judge until uve played it i guess ummmmmmm

  • this game is so fun! but sometimes i have to turn the volume down since the “growing/stretching” sound is a little too hard on the ear acoustics. other than that it’s a blast reporting to GIRL. i wonder if there is another Katamari Damacy in the works? ^____^

  • I got it from the PS Store but I still don’t “get it”. I did like the inclusion of Ballchinians.

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    Noby Boy’s proposition is very unique, can’t wait for girl to reach the moon!!.

  • i can’t play the game. every time i try to play it makes my ps3
    crash. does anyone has the same problem? i tried reinstlling it but it wont work.

  • Ummmm do I need to be high drunk or taking special meds to understand this game? Well I can say this it is something diffrent to look forward to.

  • Took me a while to kinda figure out the game… I’ve got all the trophies. C’mon we need to get to Mars!

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