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Apr 08

Apr 08

Sack it to Me – The April DLC Preview Edition

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Welcome back to another episode of “Sack it to me.” We have a quickie today, but a good one…

LittleBigPlanet Content For April
It’s that time again! Here’s the scheduled release dates for additional LittleBigPlanet content for the rest of this month and the start of May.

Those of you who keep an eye on these updates will notice that the Heavenly Sword mini-pack has moved back by two weeks, but in its place is the extremely cool Rag Doll Kung Fu costume pack, which now launches on the same day that the game comes to the PlayStation Store.

The big news for April however is that the 1.12 “Cornish Yarg” update is being released, which provides some new features along with some fixes to problems reported by the community. Also included in this update is Creator Pack 1 that contains some very cool new devices, gizmos and tools to help you build your levels. Should the date for the release of the Cornish Yarg update change, we’ll inform you ahead of time, but right now it’s looking good to go for April 16th!

April 9th : Rag Doll Kung Fu Costumes : $5.99

LBP Rag Doll Kung Fu Costume

To coincide with the release of Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic on the PlayStation Store, we’ve put together some great costumes and themed stickers. Contains:

  • Hero costume: Hero hair, jacket, trousers, skin
  • Master Hip costume: Master Hip trousers, shirt, hair, skin
  • Master Sin costume: Master Sin hat, jacket, nails, trousers
  • Master Tang costume: Master Tang hat, moustache, jacket, fish, trousers, skin
  • Sung Ling costume: Sung Ling hair, top, trousers, skin
  • 36 Rag Doll Kung Fu theme stickers

April 9th: Patapon Costume (Europe) : $1.99

LBP Character Patapon

Patapon 2 has hit the streets so it’s high time that Sackboy took up the challenge with this costume including a selection of weapon options. Contains:

  • Patapon costume: Patapon skin and head-dress, Patapon Axe, Patapon Bow, Patapon Sword

April 16th: Monkey King Costume: FREE

LBP Character Monkey

The costume competition winning design from Asia – the Monkey King. Contains:

  • Monkey King costume: Monkey King Crown, clothes, tail, staff, skin

April 16th (provisional): 1.12 “Cornish Yarg” update: FREE
This update addresses several outstanding issues with the game:

  • There is a new music player which lets players choose their own music from the XMB to play during create mode and in their Pod
  • Improved decoration mode makes it easier to customise your Sackboy
  • Option to delete all (unhearted) community objects and photos
  • Option to select whether to automatically collect community prizes and photos
  • A number of improvements have been made to make profiles more robust and to recover from certain errors
  • We now support Japanese and Korean IME for text chat.
  • Emitter prediction has been improved (this should help fast-moving projectiles e.g. in MGS levels)
  • The player proximity switch now has a ‘require all’ option in it
  • An option has been added to cycle between various level information when viewing community levels on the earth
  • Various LittleBigStore improvements

April 23rd (provisional): Creator Pack 1: FREE

LBP CreatorPack1

A collection of new tools and functions to help aspiring creators:

  • Infinite lives checkpoint
  • Visibility tweak option on certain joint objects (to hide these in Play mode)
  • Global settings object (to trigger lighting changes)
  • Tetherless jetpack
  • Angle range proximity switch (additional functionality on proximity and magnetic key switches)

April 23rd : Heavenly Sword Mini-Pack: $2.99

LBP Heavenly Sword Theme


  • Nariko costume : Nariko sword, wig, dress
  • Kai costume : Kai hat and hair, dress, gloves, boots, skin
  • 27 Heavenly Sword theme stickers

April 30th : Egyptian Mythology Mini-Pack: $1.99 $2.99

LBP Egyptian Costume

Inspired by Egyptian mythology this pack has costumes for Anubis and Sekhmet along with 10 theme stickers to help you add some Egyptian flavour to your levels. Contains:

  • Anubis costume: Anubis mask, Anubis robes
  • Sekhmet costume: Sekhmet mask, Sekhmet robes
  • 10 Egyptian theme stickers

May 7th : Norse Mythology Mini-Pack: $1.99 $2.99

LBP Norse Costume

Continuing our mythological theme this pack contains Thor and Valkyrie costumes and Norse themed stickers.

  • Thor costume: Thor’s helmet, beard, belt and wristguards, legs, Thor’s Hammer
  • Valkyrie costume: Valkyrie helmet and braids, Valkyrie jerkin and cape, Valkyrie boots
  • 10 Norse theme stickers

For those of you that love more info, check out MediaMolecule.com for details in detail, of the detailed detail…

Add Your Own

BlackIceJoe said:

April 8th, 8:11 pm

Will there be another version of the Heavenly Sword pack? Because I already got Nariko from Best Buy when I picked up my LBP game.

Also any chance of other Sony Characters like a Tombo Costume?

BlackIceJoe said:

April 8th, 8:12 pm

I meant Tomba sorry about that.

Chaos_Bladez said:

April 8th, 8:13 pm

Free stuff sounds good. I just there would be more level packs.

XgargunoX said:

April 8th, 8:21 pm

demos for any of these games?

Kren420 said:

April 8th, 8:27 pm

Sounds awesome! I cant get enough little big stuff

VixDiesel said:

April 8th, 8:28 pm

While this stuff is ok, definitely not great my any means except for the creator pack…

Where is the real content? Costumes are just costumes, they’re meh.

Where are the promised level packs? Come on, new stickers and costumes doesn’t keep the game fresh regardless of user created levels. Especially when 90% of those level are H4H level. First trophy levels, then costume levels, not h4h. Bah.

iExile said:

April 8th, 8:34 pm

Holy crap that’s a lot of DLC. Media Molecule rocks oh my god.

CryoNight said:

April 8th, 8:43 pm

This is so great! I know a GoW themed back was released but the one thing Im looking for is a dedicated Roman or Greek Mythology pack.

Hutif said:

April 8th, 8:50 pm

Cool packs, but I must say it’s a little odd that you included the historically-inaccurate horned Viking helmet. Just irks me a little…

Sekoku said:

April 8th, 9:00 pm

If I could get the Sack on second from the left from the Ragdoll Kung-Fu pack only, I would.

Going to yoink the Monkey King and Egypt pack. The level creation stuff is neat, but I can’t get into the level creator, too much stuff but too much hassle to polish things.

Otherwise some neat stuff. Even if you have to buy most of it. :/

Zookey said:

April 8th, 9:04 pm

Holy crap guys you keep churning out the good stuff!

AlphaBravoCandy said:

April 8th, 9:06 pm

please bring back heavenly sword.

stick Everybody’s Golf up on the PSN!

jsamra said:

April 8th, 9:18 pm

You know what would be really cool….DLC costumes from the movie ‘The Watchmen’…I can only imagine a mask for Rorschack-boy with the constantly changing face, trenchcoat and all.

Wafi24 said:

April 8th, 9:24 pm

They raised the price omg

poisonedsodapop said:

April 8th, 9:36 pm

That new creator pack looks freaking sweet. I’m not even that big on creating levels.

alaM0000 said:

April 8th, 9:49 pm


Crimsondramon said:

April 8th, 10:02 pm

You guys have sparked my littlebiginterest yet again! ^^

C-Murph666 said:

April 8th, 10:11 pm

I hope the FFVII is a Level pack like MGS was!

stlthriot said:

April 8th, 10:12 pm

I love this game and all but wow, if people buy all these addons/DLCs it’s gonna cost them quite a bit.

Just with what is listed in this post we are at $17 total. I feel like it’d sell better if just a tad bit less or if there was more in the packs.

One I will definitely purchase is the long awaited FFVII pack which I sure hope includes a Cloud Strife costume! :D

df2506 said:

April 8th, 10:29 pm

I can’t wait to get the Rag Doll Kung costumes today. Those are so cool!

I’m also looking forward to the Monkey King costume and especially the mythology costumes. I second the person who mentioned greek and roman costumes. That would be cool too.

Oh and I’m looking forward to the FF7 pack.

Honestly, I love the costume packs. Not all of them (not a Street Fighter fan for instance or a Buzz fan), but most of them. I also love the idea of Creator packs & the new update.

Like everyone else, I do hope we see more new levels from MM. FF7 levels would be great. So would Ratchet & Clank!

MM is great.

You know, I trade in a lot of games, but there is one game on the PS3 that I will never trade: LITTLEBIGPLANET! The game that just keeps on giving. :)


ynp7 said:

April 8th, 10:54 pm

Is the Heavenly Sword pack going to automatically be available to those with the Best Buy pre-order costume or are we going to have to pay again?

S-E-G said:

April 8th, 10:57 pm

lol 6 bucks plus tax, are you nuts

SPOPS said:

April 8th, 11:04 pm

I was really looking forward to another level pack :(

Brandon_2535 said:

April 9th, 12:16 am

What about online create mode? I thought this was going to be in the patch?

SpiritThief said:

April 9th, 12:24 am

*YAWN* LBP is getting boring.

And for a game thats all about making levels, and that you’ve only put out one set. Is sad. Keep pushing your stupid costumes, I guess thats all your able to do now.

The free content sounds nice tho. But again where are YOUR levels?

Darkos87 said:

April 9th, 1:30 am

did i just hear… infinite respawn?!

Sakimori_X said:

April 9th, 1:35 am

Nice! Looking forward to the Heavenly Sword pack. Looking forward to the Monkey King costume. Very much looking forward to the v1.12 update and the Creator Pack. Also, I guess we should’ve seen the RDKF pack coming. Heh.

Thanks so much, MM!!

Sakimori_X said:

April 9th, 1:36 am

Also: infinite respawn + tetherless jetpack + visual tweaks to some of the motion tools = time to come up with a few new ideas!

Conrad_Max said:

April 9th, 1:57 am

Nice! I might turn my pod into a dance club while trying to figure out where to go to play.

Musiol said:

April 9th, 2:41 am

Yes for the Norse Mythology pack :D
Will we see the same for Greek mythology?

BigRon3400 said:

April 9th, 3:11 am


SgtRufus said:

April 9th, 3:13 am

More costume packs? Meh. Sorry I can’t get excited about new skins that don’t add anything to gameplay at all. I’m sure the diehards love em, but I’ll pass until something substantial actually comes out.

tsukasa1288 said:

April 9th, 4:23 am

Norse Mythology? I can’t help but think of “Come fourth my noble Einherjar!” Somebody else has to remember this quote from the PS1 era right?

scorpio182 said:

April 9th, 5:03 am

Time to get back into LBP…woohooo

SabbathRider said:

April 9th, 5:17 am

Great job Media Molecule. I am really looking forward to the patch that lets you set different lighting settings for different sections of a level; it should really allow for some totally new creations. The costumes are great, some will love them and some will hate them but to be honest there is some really great stuff on offer there. Level packs are nice, but I prefer the awesome free patches over level packs anyday. Good job Media Molecule.

Stoffinator said:

April 9th, 5:30 am

Where is the easter bunny pack for free? :-p

acmilanboy said:

April 9th, 5:48 am

Awesome stuff, cant wait fore the patch and all. Please release level packs like MGS.

Arcturian said:

April 9th, 6:07 am

FINALLY a new free costume. Those are honestly the only ones I care about.

And the infinite lives checkpoint is something the game really needed. Why not make the initial spawn point on each level infinite?


April 9th, 6:11 am

Thank you it all looks great!

I really wish we could have XMB MUSIC while we play offline!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 9th, 6:12 am

And yeah way overpriced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jazzyrider said:

April 9th, 6:51 am

Some of the new tools like the infinite lives sounds great and makes sense but will there be any new tutorials to go along with the tools?

CartBlanche said:

April 9th, 6:57 am

Monkey costume!!! Best DLC of all time ( Sorry Criterion, no Monkey in Burnout Paradise… yet )!!

Letters2Kay said:

April 9th, 7:26 am

It’s about time the Heavenly Sword pack hits. Best Buy preorders got their Kratos Pack quite a while back… kinda thought Nariko would be out around the same time. And here we still have to wait another 2 weeks to wait. :(

Vagabone said:

April 9th, 7:27 am

Good job MM with these overpriced dlcs game value should be around 100$+

Come on everybody let’s give them a round of applause.

Xoonaka said:

April 9th, 7:27 am

What is with these prices? Seriously, they are way too high for what we get! I’m getting really close to paying more for costume DLC then I did for the full $60 game… it just doesn’t seem right.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and all the DLC… I’m just starting to feel a little ripped off. I really wish you guys would examine a cheaper pricing scheme, like $0.50 per costume or something. So a 3 pack would cost about $1.50 and a six pack $3.00…

Levels, on the other hand, and new materials and such I’m willing to pay more for. The MGS pack is still the best deal on the store.

Still a huge fan, keep up the DLC!

Letters2Kay said:

April 9th, 7:29 am

I won’t be able to pick up the Ragdoll Kung-Fu since I’ll already be spending too much on the RDKF LBP costumes that week. That sucks…

Dred said:

April 9th, 7:41 am

I hope MM no that the community really recognizes there hard work thank so much.

zombie9 said:

April 9th, 7:56 am

Where my Wolverine costume?? Don’t make me smack U!!!LOL

Transient said:

April 9th, 8:06 am

These are some nice packs, but you’re out to lunch on the pricing. It’s almost like you’re mocking us by putting a line through $1.99 and having $2.99 beside it.

Up until now I’ve grumbled about having to pay for the DLC, but I’ve gone ahead and done it anyway. I have every piece of DLC up to this point. This is where I draw the line and you’ve just lost my business.

The prices of this content should be going down as the game gets older. Where’s your sense of responsibility to your fanbase, many of whom are facing hard economic times?

TwinDad said:

April 9th, 8:16 am

Thank you for these posts. I like that even if they change, you lay out the game content for the month.

Patch and Creator Pack are impressive. I can’t wait.

The DLC seemed to stop for a while. Can you give us a hint or news on Level Packs? I have the level packs but no costume packs. I like the new theme packs you are releasing.

At one point MM mentioned that they would look outside the Video Game community for costumes, which the Norse packs seems to indicate. It was also mentioned that you are looking to other IP’s such as Disney. Can you comment on whether or not I can get a Mickey Mouse sackboy?

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