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Jun 02

Jun 02

E3 ’09: PSP go Leads a Huge Wave of PSN Content

Peter Dille's Avatar Posted by Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hello, PlayStation Nation! E3 is the most exciting time of the year in videogames, and I wanted to share with you all some more insight into the news we just announced – specifically on the PSP platform and with our PlayStation Network.

We’ve been saying that 2009 will be a breakout year for the PSP because of the killer software lineup that no other handheld can match. Well, the PSP story is even stronger now with the unveiling of the PSP go, the newest addition to the PlayStation Portable family that is sure to be the “must-have” device for consumers seeking the deepest gaming and entertainment experience on-the-go. PSP go is sleek, pocket-sized, and 100 percent digital. This is the PSP designed for those of you who are completely comfortable downloading and storing digital media, and it’s ideal for anyone who considers themselves an early adopter of the latest and greatest technology. After talking extensively with consumers and our publishing partners, we know that now is the time to introduce PSP go. It will live alongside the current PSP-3000, and I should note that for those who prefer disc-based content, we remain committed to the UMD format, which will continue to be available at retail.

Here’s a quick look at the key specs:

  • The most portable PSP ever, PSP go is more than 50 percent smaller and more than 40 percent lighter than the original PSP we launched in 2005
  • A stylish sliding screen maintains the high resolution and vibrant visuals of the PSP-3000
  • Replacing the UMD drive is 16GB of internal flash memory to store plenty of games, videos, music, and photos
  • Memory Stick Micro slot offers expandable storage up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth support

Check out this brief video walk-through of the PSP go, courtesy of John Koller.

Whether you’re ready to purchase PSP go on launch day (October 1), or you’re already part of the PSP family with an existing model, we know that there’s plenty of demand for digital content on your PSP. PlayStation Network is your lifeline for this content, and we’re expanding our offering in a big way to deliver what you want. Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time evolving the network for PLAYSTATION 3, as the “always-online” system, and now we’re bringing that expertise over to enhance the PlayStation Network experience on the PSP with exciting new digital content and services. Starting today, you’ll be able to access the video delivery service of PlayStation Store directly on your PSP. No more downloading through a PC or PS3 first – just connect your PSP to a Wi-Fi Internet hotspot and you’ll have access to the thousands of movies and TV episodes available for rental or purchase. The volume of video content is growing weekly – in fact, we’ve announced 16 new content partners from Hollywood, anime, and sports, including Showtime, Starz, G4 & E!, Anime Network, UFC, and TNA, to name a few. Both PSP and PS3 owners will be able to enjoy this entertainment content, which will be rolled out this week. All of this is in addition to the broad range of games available on PlayStation Store.

And speaking of games, that’s what E3 is all about, so here’s a snapshot of what’s in store this year:

  • Beginning this fall, PlayStation Store will offer digital versions of many UMD games from the PSP’s library, as well as all upcoming titles, including Gran Turismo PSP, which was unveiled to the world at E3. We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the world’s biggest racing franchise to come to PSP, and your patience will be rewarded with a title that made jaws drop when we showed the demo at our press conference today. Newly announced PSP exclusives like Konami’s Metal Gear: Peacewalker and Capcom’s Resident Evil will also be available in digital format, as will LittleBigPlanet when it launches this year.
  • We’ve heard loud and clear that you want more classics from the PlayStation vault. Today we’re launching fan favorites, Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. By the end of the year, the number of PSone games will double to nearly 60 titles. You’ll be able to enjoy these classics on the big screen with PS3 or on-the-go with PSP.
  • And, the PlayStation Network is an incubator for small, creative developers, and we unveiled some innovative titles at E3, including Gravity Crash and Hustle Kings for PS3 and Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for PSP.

Worldwide there are now 24 million of you accessing the PlayStation Network, and we’re working hard to bring you the best games and entertainment content. As you can tell, that push for more content kicks off today, but you should check back throughout the week to see what else is up our sleeve.

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XechaTigs said:

June 6th, 8:37 pm

We lost UMD, size, wieght, and it’s still 250? I think I’ll hold off for a few years.

limoneitor said:

June 9th, 1:49 pm

Demasiado caro para que no tenga touch screen!!




touch screen!!

touch screen!!!

patsfan79 said:

June 12th, 8:19 pm

I’ve been a Playstation supporter for some quite now and I’m a little disappointed at what they are offering with this new product and the price point. Sure, we are all excited at the lighter design, internal memory and bluetooth features, but, for 250.00? really?, I think they can do better than that to compete with other “systems” out there, especially one that started as a MP3 player and now it’s also consider a gaming portable console which is price cheaper and has other features that I wanted to see on this new PSP model. Hopefully, Sony will listen to the consumer and fans. I payed 250.00 for the psp 1000 at launch because it offered features that the competition did not back then, unfornately, it’s 2009, and the competition have added features that even this new model does not have for a cheaper price which is what most consumer now at days are looking for.

foamy13 said:

June 13th, 7:08 am

First of all, all of you are daft and do not see the real point of this. The PSP-3000 will still be on the market which means that you will still get UMDs. It is not replacing the 3000 like the 3000 did for the 2000 and so on. I also fail to see why the hell you have to turn down the idea for the price if you think that the DSi is cheaper and better then don’t complain about it and Sony will be happy to see you leave cause clearly you cant see the point.

My opinion is its a brilliant idea, it will finally show people that the new age has arrived(and if they dont like it they must get over it). Of course they will give you some way to turn your UMDs into digital. They want people to buy it, so they will please those people that have been their customers before. Im in South Africa and i can see the point of this clearly, surely Americans will see it. @249 point number 2 is brilliant.

zeel-01 said:

June 13th, 7:28 pm

ill keep my 3000.

give us what we want!

-internal memory — done
-second analog
-touch screen

MiNdGaMe91 said:

June 16th, 8:07 pm

come sony are you trying to lose…oyu guys need to really step it up $250 is to much for old hardware just redesigned i have the money but im not willing to spend until it drops to $199…im a huge sony fan n i even buy all my 3rd party games for ps3 now even if they arent as good as the 360 version just to support you guys but im starting to lose faith i stand up for sony everytime some1 talks bad but it seems like they are ok with 3rd place n that sucks because thats not the old sony that would fight to be the best

NeoGuardian86 said:

June 20th, 12:19 am

I would really really love it, if the PSP Go was bundled (say with Gran Turismo).

Den_of_Iniquity said:

June 21st, 10:24 am

will there be a conversion software for people who had the old psp with the umds to put the disks onto the psp gos internal hardrive?

Den_of_Iniquity said:

June 21st, 10:41 am

If you guys do a put a conversion software to put umds on to the new psp go you have my money

jvmedina said:

August 5th, 11:08 pm

250$ is a great price 4 it!!! but i wonder how much the games r gonna b!!! :-)

jvmedina said:

August 5th, 11:28 pm

but anyway!!! i gotta get it!!! but i don’t wanna make the same mistake that i had with the original psp, when bougth the psp2000, i felt happy, but when it came the new psp, with skype n all that stuff, n much economic 2, i felt jealous!!! i were looking at my old psp. i waz planing 2 throw it away, so that i can get this new psp 3000. so!!! i’m gonna wait till it comes a new psp go (modified). with kool things than the original. so thats ma plan!!! i don’t want 2 make da same mistake that i did before!!!!!

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