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Jul 28

Jul 28

PixelJunk Shooter Ice Stage Walkthrough with Producer Matt Morton

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Hopefully those of you who made the trek out to Comic-Con stopped by the PlayStation booth because there was some brand new PixelJunk Shooter to get your hands on. But for the majority of you that didn’t, SCEA Santa Monica’s Matt Morton has you covered. Here, he walks us through some brand new areas of the ice stage, explaining a host of things you probably haven’t seen, including the lava cannon and more.

I am thoroughly impressed and excited by this game each and every time I see it, so definitely watch this vid from beginning to end.

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NEJI64 said:

July 28th, 2:32 pm

wow no online co-op that’s something Superstar dust should of had to.

“Heavenly Sword 2 keeping the hope alive”

GAM3R_16 said:

July 28th, 2:39 pm

I don’t know if it does already but pixeljunk should have there own section in the ps store like capcom! =)

katsuo7171 said:

July 28th, 3:10 pm

Looking good guys! Is this game being released this year?

Berae said:

July 28th, 3:20 pm

It looks awesome as all Pixeljunk games

I only watched half of the video because i dont want to spoil the game, ill buy it for sure when it comes out this autumn

nukken3 said:

July 28th, 3:21 pm

When the PlayStation comes to Brazil?

Cluster1990 said:

July 28th, 3:21 pm

Pixel Junk games just keep getting better and better, though I liked monsters over eden. but this title, im already in love with.

thegriefer said:

July 28th, 3:48 pm

This game looks so good. If it had online co op this could be the best psn game. ADD ONLINE CO-OP!!!

NeoGuardian86 said:

July 28th, 4:09 pm

so excited for this.

can’t wait to get this.

SpearrO said:

July 28th, 4:25 pm

As always for PixelJunk, this looks fantastic. You know a game is good when you decide not to watch anymore trailers for fear of spoiling the experience.

bk7894 said:

July 28th, 4:57 pm

i never played any pixeljunk game before but this one look really fun.

A question is the co op offine only or is it online too??

i will defently be keeping my eyes on this game

jipmg said:

July 28th, 5:27 pm

I love pixel junk games

xeno3d said:

July 28th, 5:56 pm

This looks awesome. A definite buy for me.

Did anyone else notice Contra playing on the other TV behind him?

xeno3d said:

July 28th, 5:58 pm

Ahh nevermind it wasn’t Contra.. what was it??

Spathis said:

July 28th, 6:13 pm

Looks good Matt, hopefully it has the same pricing as the previous PJ games. Keep up the good work.

DustyBlue said:

July 28th, 6:19 pm

Looks amazing. I just still wish it was called PixelJunk Caverns. It just seems so much more appropriate and cooler.

afdgsfdgnb said:

July 28th, 7:02 pm

Looks great, would love to play it.

And when you put the Pixel Junk collection on disc, like Asia got, I’ll buy it.

Velzorn said:

July 28th, 7:25 pm

Glad to see and hear that tweaks are continually being made to enhance the game. It’s shaping up to be a day one buy for me.

I also wish it had a different name from the generic shooter. I much preferred Elements.

Regardless, can’t wait.

spunnups said:

July 28th, 7:47 pm

This game needs online coop.

Coramirez said:

July 28th, 9:23 pm

i cnt wait till it comes out

almighty-slayer said:

July 28th, 9:28 pm

Hmmm…I enjoyed the others But PixelJunk: Game just doesn’t interest me i’m afraid. Doesn’t look nearly as fun as Monsters of Eden.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    July 29th, 12:28 am

    You have to believe me when I say this… but PJ Shooter is easily as good, if not better than Monsters and Eden ;-)

    It\’s an exquisite blend of puzzle, shooting, and liquid physics.

    Of course I am bound to say that… but I am known to be quite an honest guy ;-)

lanis01 said:

July 28th, 10:07 pm

Very nice. I look forward to buying this, but I wouldn’t mind getting an idea of what price I’ll be looking at when it gets released.

Jeigh said:

July 28th, 10:49 pm

Everyone’s complaining about the lack of online co-op, but I say to hell with ’em. So many games are going ONLY online co-op. We NEED more games that support single-console co-op and gameplay in general. There are, believe it or not, people out there with more than one controller for their PS3, and those controllers don’t often get a lot of action. PSN games are the last refuge for them. PixelJunk Forever! :D

almighty-slayer said:

July 29th, 3:02 am

You’re right, you are bound to say that ;)

I’ll keep watching trailers though and make up my mind when it comes out ( a demo would help ;) ), but at the minute it doesn’t look as fun as Monsters/Eden to me.

MeltTech said:

July 29th, 3:11 am

Another awesome PixelJunk game! Too bad I can’t get it since my PS3 supposedly ‘over heated’ in less than 2 minutes according to Sony’s Consumer Service department.

I would love to talk to someone that wasn’t reading from a manual and could answer questions based on knowledge.

snaggdadon said:

July 29th, 7:39 am

cant wait looks awesome!!! when does it drop?

DonkeyKONGKING said:

July 29th, 7:57 am

Pixel Junk Game looks great…I really think they should come out with a Pack of all the PixelJunk games up to date….I would purchase…Anyone else??? BUMP

lyfestory said:

July 29th, 8:18 am

so, later this year..? that probably doesn’t mean tomorrow.. otherwise, it’s wide open… but it looks fun… i have the Eden & Monsters, so, this will probably be another of the PJ series ill pick up..
any good ideas for the next work of PixelJunk ‘art’?? cant wait to hear whats on tap…

THE_LIGHT_05 said:

July 29th, 9:37 am

What looks better: PixelJunk Shooter (Awesome) or Trine (Equally Awesome)

Readers give me some advice! They both look so awesome!!

plaztiksyke said:

July 29th, 12:08 pm

right on, @spatsnaz — more games do need local co-op that isn’t a lame splitscreen at redcued resolution. speaking of which, will this game be 1080p native like Eden was?

can you reveal who is doing the music that will be in the final game? Will we finally get some 24-bit DTS-MA audio assets? My husband and I always felt like the lossy audio of Eden took too much of the stereo imaging effects away, leaving it with a less full/whimsical/trippy feel.

does passing through the water droplets help cool your ship faster? it seems like it could be a cool mechanic where you want to avoid the water droplets some of the time, but want to ‘bathe’ in them some of the time.

hopefully this is another high-value $10 purchase like the rest of the PixelJunk series!

Victor1 said:

July 29th, 1:42 pm

Jeff are you ready to get spammed with questions for this game becuase fat princess is about to be realeased this will be the new game to ask aobut lol

Strange__Brew said:

July 29th, 1:51 pm

After this releases ….. sell a PixelJunk 4-pack for $30 (give people a game if they buy 3 essentially)on PSN and give the 4-pack a blu-ray release !

How cool would a nice PixelJunk logo in the center of a box-art look with a game in each area ?!?!?

Terry2Toke said:

July 29th, 2:08 pm


ZAANOS said:

July 29th, 6:28 pm

The game keeps looking better and better! Great job guys! Awesome walkthrough vid!

Not sure if it’s just me but when the vessel grapples in people to rescue them at violent speeds it brings me joy.

These small details are why I love the Pixel Junk series.

Draven71 said:

July 30th, 10:53 am

I recently played this at the San Diego Comic Con. It’s a great game and I can’t wait for it to come out!
Oh yeah, and thanks to Matt Morton for taking the time to play the Ice level with me and for showing me all the little nuances of this awesome game. It’ll definitely be a day 1 purchase for me!

TrixsR4kids said:

July 31st, 8:09 am

when dos the game come out it looks fun i like the pixel junk games like monster,f1 racer,and now i wont to get the shooter but i do not know when it comes out.

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