PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.00) Update Imminent

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UPDATE: The PS3 Firmware (v3.00) update is now live. You can use this update to upgrade your system software to version 3.00.

Just in time for the official launch of the 120 GB PlayStation 3, PS3 Firmware (v3.00) will be available shortly. As detailed during gamescom 09, 3.00 will introduce a number of great features, including “What’s New,” a redesigned status indicator and Friends List, and support for new avatars and dynamic themes.

We look forward to your feedback once the update goes live.

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  • omg no!!!i was supposed to be first

  • cool… cant wait

  • Sweet

  • infinity-_-ward-

    yes awesome dude

  • shortly as in midnight

  • What time does it come out

  • AHHHHHHHH WHAT TIME KNADl;kanqw3inq2t -head explodes-

    Haha lol

  • thanks for the heads up

  • awesome! hope it won’t have any bugs.

  • looking forward to it guys!

  • isolatebody

    Firmware updates make me happy.

  • omg I was gonna be first.
    What time is it gonna go live

  • i still think tht this is a useless update cause it doesnt add any new useful significant features but it just adds more appeal…

  • infinity-_-ward-

    yes thanks

  • Cant wait!

  • I want to create my own avatar!

  • awesome

    Don’t make me buy an xbox SONY lol

  • mckg123456789

    SWEET! cant wait for this!

  • woot!

    It would be great too if you could give us ANY info on the status on cross-game chat, might aswell since you know there will be like 400 comments asking for it haha.

    Anyway, looking forward to new Avatars (im soo sick of the ones we have) and animated themes will be great.

  • WHEN?!
    I want..

  • Revolutionary


  • As usual, as in, like every other planned update ever has, it should be up between 12am and 3am PST.

    Now stop asking.

  • Stinkinmushroom

    thoe animated themes will sell like crazy i want ’em all

  • infinity-_-ward-

    my ps3 blue ray lens are brooken but im happy because is new update but cant play games

  • I can’t wait Mr. Lempel.
    It’s already looking fantastic thank you very much.

  • oh yes thank you sony heaven!!!!!!

  • MY only question I have at this point is, will there be any free animated themes that we can use to try this thing out? And I don’t mean that stupid “Mustache Man” theme.

  • wait, an early release too?


    Wow i cannot wait for the animated themes.

    1. Will us user be able to create animated themes like we could with standard themes?

    2. any possibilities that you giuys snuck in something extra like you have in other FW updates?

  • KoRnKlOwN69

    im so excited!!thank you eric!!

  • beastbarbour

    cool thanks, Eric. Glad to see it coming soon cant wait!

  • FlatulentGhost

    It feels like Sony is playing the console market on godmode – absolutely unstoppable.

    The Slim is sold out all over the place

    Graphically the PS3 is an entire generation ahead

    Games the PS3’s exclusives are gigantic in number and unparalled in quality

    Price is now not an issue – even Fing poor people can afford a PS3 now

    Blu-Ray continues to overtake DVD faster than DVD did VHS

    And Home is up to what? 8 million users already and massive support from publishers and developers

    Thank you Sony! Can’t wait for the update to go live.

  • freakin sweet cant wait

  • Can’t wait! Hopefully its the best update so far.

  • w00t.. Have my ps3 on and ready to download when you are ready.

  • Well I still think the XMB could be a little better even if its 2D. I ‘ve seen some themes that was better. I like this update but I still think it could of been better.

  • DARK_JAK_911

    Will we be getting the LBP animated theme for free in this update? I ask because when custom themes were first shown, Air Paint was the one you demonstrated. Since you demonstrated animated themes with the LBP animated theme, wouldn’t it seem right for us to get that? :)

  • “1. Will us user be able to create animated themes like we could with standard themes?”

    No. The dynamic themes are created via the SDK, so unless you happen to be a game developer, you don’t have the required tools.

  • dynamic themes…woooh

  • FlatulentGhost

    Don’t make me buy an xbox SONY lol”

    Go away retard.

  • Ny_beast 24 Sony can’t do cross game chat until they find a way to get around the M$ patent for it.

  • Well, uhh by available shortly, does it mean tomorrow or like in a couple of hrs?

  • haran_elessar

    will it go live in the internet at the same time than at the playstation? I prefer to download the updates via the playstation website.



    MAKE IT HAPPEN IN 3.10-.20 PLEASE? :(

    I sware if EA is preventing cross-game voice chat… I will… I will… ****** *** ****!!!

  • New avatars at release please

  • I already highlighted System Update. I’m ready, I’m ready, I want dynamic themes and NEW/CUSTOM AVATARS! <3 you Sony!

  • KoRnKlOwN69

    hahaha #48

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