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Aug 31

Aug 31

PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.00) Update Imminent

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

UPDATE: The PS3 Firmware (v3.00) update is now live. You can use this update to upgrade your system software to version 3.00.

Just in time for the official launch of the 120 GB PlayStation 3, PS3 Firmware (v3.00) will be available shortly. As detailed during gamescom 09, 3.00 will introduce a number of great features, including “What’s New,” a redesigned status indicator and Friends List, and support for new avatars and dynamic themes.

We look forward to your feedback once the update goes live.

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impjim said:

September 1st, 8:50 am

I wish people would do some research on the stuff that they “want really bad”. if you had bothered to open google and type for ooh 10 seconds you would probably have found out that Sony have been trying to implement Cross Game Chat for a while now but because the idea is a Microsoft patent they have had some problems. These problems are mainly from EA who wont make their PS3 games compatible with the Cross Game Chat and obviously if some games wouldn’t support it then there is no point in doing it is there? So stop moaning and get on with it. IT STILL PLAYS GAMES.

Thanks for the update Sony.

Mahapralaya said:

September 1st, 8:50 am

I’m sure hundreds of people have the same complaint, but the more the merrier…allow us to turn some of this stuff off!! The scrolling ticker in the upper right hand corner drives me nuts, I just realized I might have an OCD thing. The friends list is no longer elegant and seems tacked onto the XMB. I figured you guys would have found a way to de-clutter the XMB, but you just added to it. Also let people know that if they want to browse the XMB and play music that their output frequency has to be at 48kHz. I actually like the other features of the upgrade, either way keep ’em coming, i love the fact that Sony is always listening and looking to improve.

Link01 said:

September 1st, 8:50 am

THE ONLY THING that I agree with is that the grey boxes for the friends list shouldn’t have been soooo wasteful of space… it looks bad and at the least it should have gamercard levels on it! Otherwise, I think everyone on this blog is insane… I love everything else… yes the PS store being right on everything * but music * is a little over kill… but I love the informant…. the ticker is awesome … and the larger icons. * a problem? * are people that bored?

kvneat said:

September 1st, 8:51 am

Actually a nice Update.
I like the idea of dynamic backgrounds and the new status bar on top.

– please reduce the font and icon size. I’m not blind plus I own a HDTV.
– Remove the additional store icons, they’re redundant. It’s totally senseless to have multiple icons linking to the same place. I only feels like more advertising thrown at us and the stupid colored icons disturb the once clean look of the xmb.

vakaloka_ said:

September 1st, 8:52 am

awful friends interface

quiomar01 said:

September 1st, 8:53 am

I hope that the gray boxes will eventually display more info or at least become a bit more translucent.

Also, I wonder if the team has ever thought of revisiting that secondary menu (the one that pops up after holding the ‘PS’ button for 2 seconds or so). I have no idea what I want on it but I am sure it could do more.

BiezulbubBill69 said:

September 1st, 8:54 am

The only thing good about 3.0 is that you can now check your upload and download speeds when doing an internet connection test. Which wasn’t even needed considering you can just go to and do the same thing…….

3.0 is GARBAGE.

Sony please fix it.

We don’t need a PS Store icon everywhere.

We don’t need a ticker in the top right-hand corner of the screen that CAN’T EVEN BE TURNED OFF!

We don’t need giant gray boxes behind each person on the friend’s list.


flipah said:

September 1st, 8:54 am


We now have to quit playback of music todo anything else on the PS3. We can not longer multitask while playing music.

Whats up with this?!!!!

thebrightlights said:

September 1st, 8:55 am

Please streamline the XMB and remove the ugly clutter of the ticker and the over emphasized ps store links.

The majority of PS3 owners, at least those who connect their system to the internet, are not so stupid that they can’t find the store unless it is forcefully crammed down their throat.

The good thing about the old XMB (minus the hidable ticker) is that it was minimalistic.


September 1st, 8:56 am

okay…good update, but i really dislike the bars in the friends list…very lame and ugly.

lol i find it funny how everyone used take the cool Sider-Man font for granted…its now gone…and will be missed lol

Reinheart said:

September 1st, 8:58 am

it’s just a way for Sony to do sales by putting up the PS Store on 3 categories…

I have to agree the friend list gray block is ugly as hell… either put it back to how it was or add changes so we can change the background of the boxes of each friends so we can have categories of friend groups like friend group (A) (Yellow) – Warhawk Friends
friend group (B) (purple) – close friends
– no color – People I added to fiend list but nothing special, just a friend in general.

I don’t care much about the PS3 startup sound but should have option for those that wants the old one just to make them happy… didn’t have to really change that one, how much time you guys spend on this crap?

OK I GOT IT ALREADY… Let me turn off the feeds already checked out.

Been saying this for all other updates…
– FIX THE DAMN BROWSER – It will make a lot of people happy. (Those without PC for internet)

– Cross game voice chat…? I don’t care much for this one but makes sense why people is talking about this one a lot.

… this one isn’t that important but just a note… the LBP Dynamic Theme… at night… you can’t see Sack Boy…. **sad**

flipah said:

September 1st, 8:58 am

Firmware 3.0 is a joke. Sony please do a rollback or something to fix the ugly friendslist and multitaskable music playback! :-(

ZarraN said:

September 1st, 8:58 am

we still want crossgaming chat. just implement skype and let us use it when we are playing ex. god of war 3

Vera_2008 said:

September 1st, 9:00 am

Dear Sony, please… please… please, stop shoveling marketing garbage down our throats and give us option to modify the size of the font… that can’t be too hard… can it?

kenyankidd said:

September 1st, 9:00 am

For everything that Sony changed, they should’ve included the option to disable or change. and the friends list. it’s not like the grey boxes actually have a purpose. they just make the ps3 look ugly. We want the ochestra thing back. And what did they accomplish by removing the little noise when you start a game?! sony you really dropped the ball on this one. if it wasn’t for dynamic themes this would be a complete fail. I hate Microsoft and Xbox but at least when they made a major change, like sony just did, they gave their users the option to change back to the old look.

Samonides said:

September 1st, 9:01 am

I’m disappointed that no one from Sony has anything of value to reply with. I mean, it’s quite obvious the update was a flop. You could at least communicate or answer some questions.

CmdrSinclair said:

September 1st, 9:02 am

Having had a 60gb PS3 since launch, I have appreciated the many firmware updates Sony have given us since the beginning. Each added new and exciting features. This is the first one that made me wish I could go back to the old firmware. The only things I like about this one are the dynamic themes (though not having a decent sample one makes it hard to be sure) and the dual audio.

– I really don’t like the box in the corner, it’s ugly and I hate the ticker. At least the old one could be turned off. As far as I can tell, this one can’t be.

– Don’t like the bars on the friend list. Junky looking.

– Don’t see a use for the What’s new. Just seems like an excuse for advertising to me.

– Don’t like seeing the PSN in 3 categories. It was easy enough to find where it was before unless you are a moron.

Please, at least give us the chance to turn of the ticker/remove the box, if nothing else.
I’ve always appreciated Sony’s firmware updates and new features, but this one feels like a big excuse to shove advertising down our throats, and as someone who paid a ton of money for this thing when it came out, I don’t want or need that. Hopefully someone at Sony reads this and considers it seriously.

SharkRocket7 said:

September 1st, 9:03 am

“PlayStation Store Shortcuts – We’ve added a handy shortcut icon to the PlayStation Store under both the Game and Video categories so you can access the latest content quickly and easily.”

I took this as the game side of the store would open under the games menu and the movie side of the store would open under the video menu. That would have been nice and for these shortcuts to be at the bottom of the list.

crunkbizzle421 said:

September 1st, 9:03 am

The update made my xmb have BIG FONTS..?? WTF is that all about..??

GGCAN said:

September 1st, 9:03 am

@ 1379 flipah.

Go to the Music setting on the XMB.

Check that it’s set to 48 kHZ and not the higher setting.

It will then allow you to listen to music and browse at the same time.

MikeyMui said:

September 1st, 9:03 am


That’s pretty petty to point out something like that. No, Sony did not hold me at gun point to buy the PS3. Yes, I did buy the PS3 on my own volition. Yes, the PS3 was $599. My point is and I think I can speak for most of the early adopters is that we expect better treatment from Sony because we were devoted enough to make the decision to purchase at its high price from the very beginning when everyone else was spelling out their impeding doom. Quality is synonymous with Sony and something I’ve been accustomed to with each update, but this new firmware leaves little to be desired, which needs huge improvements. Rather than trying to find fault in my comments why not look at my overall message, which is the fact that I’m displeased with the update and asking for Sony to release solutions, instead of forcing us to one option.

GGCAN said:

September 1st, 9:05 am

Sorry meant post 1380.

DoGHILLReD said:

September 1st, 9:06 am

i whant cross game chat

kmkaizen said:

September 1st, 9:06 am

this a great update but where are the new avatar anywhere

Bluprintz said:

September 1st, 9:07 am

Love or hate the new firmware, one thing i cant understand is why the blog goes silent after events like this. Obviously they know that any firmware will call its fair share of consternation, so why go ghost on us? at least a reply or new thread to say “hey everybody, we hear you on the firmware and we are a) looking into fixes or b)not going to buckle to the will of the mob. Grow a pair

ApostolisV said:

September 1st, 9:07 am

U think that they will answer??? yea right….:D

Kibagami_Jubei said:

September 1st, 9:07 am

whats up with the new HUGE fonts, icons and ugly gray boxes on the friends list? not 2 mention the all in my face ps store on video side? what, the demographics went from young adult to the cataract ridden elderly? whats wrong with u Sony??? LET ME HAVE MY OLD (REAL ORIGINAL, NOT NEW ORIGINAL)THEME!!!!!! atleast add fonts sizes and icons size options. really, are u trying to piss us off???

cactite said:

September 1st, 9:08 am

I am really shocked by the aesthetic disaster of this firmware.
What have you done?
The childish gigantic patronisingly stupid font and huge jaggy icons need fixing as quickly as possible it is truly an abomination to look at.
What a really bad design decision to ruin the XMB like this, I wont even start on all the extraneous clutter,spam,the multiple clocks??? the hideous friends list boxes ??? the ticker, the what’s new garbage that you cannot get rid of.. I also hate the new start up and the XMB blurring effect

Can this all be fixed ? as soon as possible ?

Powie said:

September 1st, 9:08 am


-Friends list look. it’s too blocky and just doesn’t fit the look of XMB
-Scrolling text in “Status Box”
-Store icon every where.

-Animated themes
-Status box (if you removed the scroll text)

When ?:
-Login to profile – auto-sync trophies, this manual sync is retarded, or constant background syncing? This is the Cell processor we have here, can’t it handle t?

-Cross game chat?

HypnoticMonkey said:

September 1st, 9:09 am


That’s just your opinion, personally I like it.

DoGHILLReD said:

September 1st, 9:09 am

where are the new avatar i cant see them

Onna76_NL said:

September 1st, 9:09 am

Xenoxerxes | September 1st, 2009 at 8:35 am

Actually there’d still be complaints even if the PS3 spit out real money.


thebrightlights said:

September 1st, 9:10 am

It really seems as if this update was conceived by a marketing team not so much concerned with user suggestions as much as they are concerned with how to implement as many intrusive ads as possible.

The PS3 needs the option to remove or hide these awful additions. But something tells me whoever gave the green light for 3.0 would probably sooner add 30 second commercials to the startup before ever removing ads.

Onna76_NL said:

September 1st, 9:10 am

@DoGHILLReD to be continued.

KatanaKing said:

September 1st, 9:11 am

For all the people asking for a reply, don’t bother, SONY never ever reply to a firmware thread, just like they never listen to a thing we ask for…..this is not a 3.0 FW , its a 2.99, not one single improvement on the console whatsoever, the person incharge of design should take a really long look at what he/she has created…it really is a monster

Thraxen said:

September 1st, 9:11 am

A lot of people are complaining about the blurring effect and I agree that it is unnecessary while navigating menus, but I do think it is good in some places. Specifically, I like that the blur is now used while installing games. That looks much better than that lame transparent gray overlay that was used before.

soggy_sock said:

September 1st, 9:11 am

Ugly grey boxes around the friends list? Horrible.. Hideous.. I just can’t bare it.. why have you done this to me? why? A nonsensical scrolling bar that never stops telling me nothing.. am I supposed to be pleased? feel informed? I don’t .. why do I need to be told the number of friends online? why this extra number to look at repeatedly?.. is it important? I don’t know.. I now feel burdened with overload.. wasted, useless overload.. i need streamline, sleekness.. a smooth direct path to the future.. my vision should be clear and so should yours..

Athanasios said:

September 1st, 9:11 am


I agree 100%

rickelchilango said:

September 1st, 9:12 am

I like the update, but I really don’t like what you guys did to the friend’s list.. It is hard to read now..

SocialD65 said:

September 1st, 9:12 am

It sure would be nice to get the update from the playstation website! why does it take so long to be put on there for download?!?

CanadianDstroyer said:

September 1st, 9:15 am

C’mon Sony, you have to read us and follow our advices.

This FW update was crappy…

If you actually listen to what to say…

KillerDante said:

September 1st, 9:15 am

The main problem I believe with the gray boxes on the friends list,besides it being solid gray and empty, its huge because of the fonts.I like that the fonts make the videos easier to browse through, but honestly, it actually makes everything else look worst because its too big for us HDTV users. Thank you for the update, but please give us the option to change the fonts like many here have included. I love that when I highlight a Movie on my MediaServer, that after a sec or two it gradually disappears the names of the other videos in the list and it scrolls to show you the complete name of the highlighted video. The playstation store in every annoying but I can live with it, I suggest tough making it the last icon of each instead of the first.

JustinHenderson said:

September 1st, 9:15 am

I dont see any new avatars but I downloaded the Little Big Planet wallpaper… Its great… But the friends list.. meh…


September 1st, 9:16 am





BIG-SLUG said:

September 1st, 9:17 am

This was a pretty useless update. The xmb was one of the easiest and appealing system interfaces to navigate, and now it looks like it’s been polluted with a bunch or playstation crap built for a five year old. how many links does one really need to get to the PS Store? 1. not 6. The bigger font makes it look even cheaper; I have a 42 inch screen and the last thing I needed from my operating system was a bigger font. maybe a different font? ok. or a way to make the font size back to the way it was? ok. The only useful part of this update was moving the battery sign out of the way of the time (although off center right is still a pretty random place to put it), and multi-audio outputs. those things are useful. trying to sell your system to someone after they already bought it is pretty pointless to me…. cross game chat, in game music, real things for real gamers. it only does everything….. that you want it to do

Anzo42 said:

September 1st, 9:17 am

Yeah, the XMB is a little more ad-ridden now but many of you are being such babies about it. Provide constructive feedback and it may be fixed later on.

idiealot said:

September 1st, 9:18 am

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Just making sure everyones friends list looks ugly like this.

RandomEarthling said:

September 1st, 9:18 am

I can’t say I like how BIG everything looks now but it doesn’t bother me as much as a lot of other people. Given the option, I would choose the previous look (smaller looks cleaner). I kind of like the status bar in the upper right corner but it looks out of place.

The XMB interface is very clean and very see through. A grey box in the corner as well as around the friends names just looks bad. I like that the battery indicator no longer overlaps the time/date but it doesn’t pop up where I would expect it to. Aesthetics just need to be redone.

Having a PSN store icon in different columns is overkill and the ticker needs an option to be disabled. I know these are for marketing/advertising purposes but it’s too much now. Less is more.

The most important thing I would like to see is a new web browser. Not a fixed or updated one, a NEW one. I’m not sure about the logistics but can’t you just use Firefox? I like the convenience of having the browser on my system but it’s so hard to use I just use my pc instead.

CanadianDstroyer said:

September 1st, 9:18 am


No, they won’t even bother on reading this (al always).

Bowdz said:

September 1st, 9:19 am

IMO, the following all need to have the option to be switched on or off:

-The blur effect of the background when viewing an item is terrible. It makes everything look sloppy and actually distracts me from what I am looking at (which is exactly the opposite of what I am assuming it was implemented for).

-The larger XMB size (font/icons) look tacky and really diminish the quality of the XMB. Since the launch, the XMB has always been clean, clear, and easy to read and the larger size goes against everything the XMB was intended to do.

-The new playstation store icons under the game/video menus are not only worthless, but the add addition clutter to the XMB. There really only needs to be one playstation store link and it should be under the PSN icon like in the past.

-The friends list is unbelievably bad. Not only do the grey boxes serve no purpose whatsoever, but it again clutters up the entire menu.

This update was the worst in recent memory and really failed to deliver anything substantive or visually pleasing. Please release an update soon that gives the user the option to toggle each and every one of the added items on/off or at the very least, revert back to the old XMB style.

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