Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – PS3 Beta Begins November 19

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Hi All,

I’m Gordon Van Dyke and I’m the Associate Producer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 here at EA’s DICE studio in Stockholm.

Today we’re excited to announce that our forthcoming multiplayer beta is coming exclusively to PS3, so you’ll have a chance to experience all the action, destruction and vehicular warfare ahead of our full release in March 2010.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Starting on November 19, the beta will feature the huge ‘Arica Harbour’ map where up to 24 players compete to secure valuable crates in the ‘Rush’ game mode as the action moves across a variety of different locations. From an initial vehicle assault on a military outpost the war winds through streets of a deserted town to an intense final fire-fight in an industrial harbour.

Check out our announcement video here.

For a preview on the beta itself click here.

Getting access to the beta will differ from country to country, but here are a few specific ways of getting hold of a key:

  • We’ll be holding a special limited giveaway right here on the PlayStation Blog (details TBA)
  • Pre-ordering the game at participating retailer
  • Checking out selected gaming sites such as IGN or GameSpot in North America.

That’s it for now…although if you have any questions then let me know. Be sure to check back here tomorrow when we have a brand Battlefield: Bad Company 2 new trailer.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

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  • is the game running on a ps3 console on that preview video ??? if it is WOW , it does look very very good

  • Cant wait for this glad it comes out one i will get tired of MW2

  • that-acmilan-guy

    I so hope i can get it, and i am more and more feeling i wont get mw2.

  • I’ve got this ordered at the official EA Store website. It’d sure be nice if EA took care of those that order directly from them with a beta code.

  • This giveaway better be open to residents of Canada…

  • TheGuardianFID

    Awesome, the first game rocks!!! :D

  • cant wait for this!

  • cant wait for this

  • Very excited for this one :)

    Thank you!

  • Game is looking great, can’t wait to see the new trailer, hope to be able to get in the beta.

  • Out of all other shooter this one is what I like the most.


    Looks like I have a new game to pre-order when I go to pick up CoD:MW2 next week :D

  • Looks awesome! Will the beta be available to UK PS3 owners?

  • Irishmandkg

    Just made my day. BF rules. Thanks for giving us ps3 players a exclusive deal for once. Now I won’t be buying mw2.

  • freakzilla149

    Holy [DELETED]!!! How the hell did Sony secure this one?

    Anyway, let us know exactly when you’re giving out the codes, its not easy to keep up to date ALL of the time.

  • CoreConspiracy

    This is awesome

  • can’t wait, this is going to blow the 1st one out of the water

  • almighty-slayer

    Gordon, i think i love you.

  • danthecrazyman

    “It only does..Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta”!;p can’t wait!

  • OMG im so in this beta! good luck guys

  • We (PS3 owners) are getting lots more love from 3rd party devs.
    The game is looking very good and I looking forward to this beta.

  • nice!! I own Battlefield Bad Company and 1943. BC2 wont be the exception =D

  • Loved Bad Company, Still is my favorite FPS this gen and one of my favorites. ;]

  • Very nice.

  • Nice Work EA! I’ll be pre-ordering mine this weekend!

  • hope i could get in this beta..

  • drownedphoniex

    Awesome! Thank you DICE! You just became my favorite developer!

    BTW Gordon, you don’t need an introduction. You’re just that bad***.

  • the betas will be sent randomly

  • Thank you so much, Glad to see PS3 getting the exclusive Beta this time around. Shows us that you didn’t forget about PS3 owners. :-)

  • Can’t wait! Really looking forward to this one. Our late night crew is gearing up for this. It looks really good. But on a serious note…do the mics work?!

  • CloudStorm87

    Please make the beta available to those of us who preordered from Amazon in the UK.

    I preordered this game last month. It would be an understatement to say that I’m absolutely anxious to play it.

    • Brad Bennett
      Brad Bennett

      Keep checking on for specific territory retailer offers. Currently we have Gamestop and Best Buy in North America.

  • LILBUDDY2000

    Bad Company 1 was my fav shooter. i’m really looking forward to #2



  • Thanks for the beta! I really hope you guys are bringing back aspects of Modern Combat. such as the clan functions etc.

    Please let us know the fixes for the new game control wise. my biggest complaint from last game was running

    • Brad Bennett
      Brad Bennett

      All of our animations have made huge improvements, my favorite are the new death animations that are amazing. With regards to squad funtionality, the game is being built around squad play. We are making it especially easy to jump in with your squadmates and be rewarded with medals, achievements, etc…for playing as a squad.

  • Awesome

  • *sigh* Boring! Not about Dissidia being on PSN.
    Days Sony has held Dissidia hostage: 36

  • I just wish this game came out sooner. MW2 looks like a rehash while this game looks like a true sequel. I guess this game & MAG will be my shooters to save money for. I just hope I can get into the beta.

  • This is great!

  • oh snap!!!!!! I can’t wait

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    nice i cant w8 guys,good to see sony treating us so nice,and on behalf of everyone here THANK YOU!

  • Getting access to the beta will differ from country to country, but here are a few specific ways of getting hold of a key:

    * Pre-ordering the game at participating retailer

    Im assuming you guys mean Gamestop and amazon?

    • Brad Bennett
      Brad Bennett

      In North America, reserving at Gamestop will get you access. Best Buy is also putting together a program that we will announce details on early next week.

  • Man I hope I get picked for it! I LOVED the first one!

  • WANT

  • What a good news, this game looks awesome !

  • Man this game is looking even better than i thought it would be and we get to use quad bikes this time around,how sweet is that please ;-)

    • Brad Bennett
      Brad Bennett

      The quads are alot of fun, super quick, fast good for transportation. Get a squadmate to jump on the back and you can have someone firing while you drive.

  • i cannot wait for this game

  • Battlefield as a franchise and DICE as the dev. Win, win, win scenario. I love Battlefield like a long lost brother. Since ’42 and on I’ve played and it never ceases to satisfy. Here’s to another great release, thank the videogame Gods this is coming out on PC as well. Can’t shun the originator platform!


    how do u get a code if u are giving them to ppl wrighting on the blog give one to me plz

  • Is the beta US only ?
    I really need this one, and i hope that Bad Company will become the next best FPS ID with BC2.

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