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Nov 18

Nov 18

LittleBigPlanet Goes Portable!

Mark Green's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, LittleBigPlanet PSP

LittleBigPlanet is here for PSP! Yes, we’ve finally finished, and I don’t mind admitting that molding Media Molecule‘s PS3 game to fit its new home on the PSP and PSPgo has been a rollercoaster ride for us all.

The game is in stores beginning Tuesday and I have to say that we’re very proud of it. When we were first asked to make a PSP version of LittleBigPlanet, we wondered how on earth that much physics was ever going to fit onto something so much smaller, but to be honest we’ve enjoyed the challenge and now have a whole new world of LittleBigPlanet to show for it.

A world that contains thirty-eight newly created levels across seven different environments, all ready for you to play and explore – in addition to the whole Play, Create, and Share experience that’s synonymous with LBP.

The process, however, has not been without its share of hiccups. We are aware that the game is not yet available on the PlayStation Store, but we’re currently working around the clock to get this issue worked out so keep your eyes peeled for updates this week. We appreciate you bearing with us!

We’d also like to thank Media Molecule for all of their hard work in coming up with the incredible world that is LittleBigPlanet in the first place.

We’ve now added our own sprinkle of magic dust and we’re thrilled to bring LBP PSP to the fans so that they can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. To raise the excitement level even more, here’s a look at our launch trailer, as well as some of the great reviews that have hit thus far…

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hokieman222 said:

November 23rd, 5:09 am

I have never ever left a comment on any type of blog, but I have kept up with this from day one because I USED to be a go owner until this fiasco. The go DID sound like a good idea, but no longer. Finally I sold my go, which I am permanently done with, invested in the psp slim and now am thoroughly enjoying LBP umd. Actually I even like the design much better than the go. Screw the go, the system itself is a complete failure and creation to steal the consumer’s money and boost profit in a bad economy.

genthlyHans said:

November 23rd, 5:36 am

Of course we have to figure out everything on ourselves. why should anyone inform us anyway. We’re just the customers.

Genie100 said:

November 23rd, 7:23 am

I did the same thing as hokieman. Bye Bye PspGo and hello psp3000.
I bought the psp go because it was state of the art and we were promised to have games on release date. The fact that I would not lose discs was a bonus. After receiving the system, it became evident that there were huge problems with the concept of digital downloads with Sony. Big titles are not released on time, poor selections of games, and now LBP is a week late to name a few.
Sony is making poor choices with their priorities. A friend of mine suggested that Sony could be very successful in selling Go’s and large sized memory sticks by releasing the digital version a month ahead of the UMD version. Then there is motivation for people to buy the Go and for older psp users to buy bigger memsticks.Very good point, in my opinion.
I am glad I jumped off the Go bandwagon. I am very pleased with the LBP game on the 3000. I will recoup most of what I paid for the go and I got a nice 3000 bundled plus LBP for what I paid for the go alone. This has been a fiasco I am glad to put behind me.

LFDog said:

November 23rd, 10:20 am

Really – very, very good game.

It’s titles like this one that will make the PSP a better seller. In fact, the past 6 months have been a gaming goldmine for us PSP folks. It’s almost as if Sony is getting serious about making this a stronger product here in North America!

The device itself is no doubt he best portable available, but the games library was lacking (there are some good games – just not enough good games).

This game changes that. In fact, this is one of those games that is a “hardware seller” – I can see people getting PSP’s just to play this game.

More! More! More!

Great move Sony.

LFDog said:

November 23rd, 10:24 am

re: the “go” issue. I actually had money in my hand to buy one of these units and the guy at the store basically talked me out of it.

About the only way I would get a “go” is if there was some way to port my existing UMD’s to the new device. I have well over 3 dozen PSP games (maybe more…) and there is no way I am going to just “lose” these by getting a “go”. I also don’t want to carry yet another device around.

That said – this game (BLP) is fantastic and I was at the store on release to get my UMD of it – love it!

Bishop4815162342 said:

November 23rd, 2:55 pm

WOW!!! Everyone needs to calm down. Seriously what do you expect from a NEW SYSTEM! As a fellow early adopter on EVERYTHING I myself know that I am gonna somehow get screwed over like this but can you honestly get so mad that you sell your PSP GO over it!!?? Thats like buying a wii and getting mad at all the crappy flick control games that were released! It took them HOW LONG to get Wii Motion Plus out and it still is just getting to the dream motion controlled experience that Nintendo originally advertised. I’m pretty sure Sony is allowed to make a few mistakes with a Brand NEW SYSTEM! I mean I hate waiting for Tomorrow as much as the next guy but as a PSP owner who only had 4 UMD’s and then sold his original PSP Fat to get a Go I very much appreciate the effort to go all digital. Good Job Media Molecule and Thank You Sony for all the wonderful games you have made. I am not a Fanboy as I have all three current gen systems but I will admit to originally having a PS2 before and Xbox and Gamecube :P Anyways I cannot wait to play LBP PSP! and thank you to those who agree with my rant :P

evilpizzacandy said:

November 23rd, 2:57 pm

you just love to delay lbp games dontcha sony? remember ps3 version was delayed bc of “offensive music” and now the psp version because of “tech problems”,watch SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG WITH LBP 2

lillowrider69 said:

November 23rd, 2:57 pm

I domnt think anyone agrees with u bishop

Bishop4815162342 said:

November 23rd, 3:11 pm

Why everything is going digital its so much more convenient not to mention environmentally friendly :P haha

lillowrider69 said:

November 23rd, 3:14 pm

Not that part i mean The part about it bEing a new system

daev66 said:

November 23rd, 5:29 pm

Like many I also regret buying a PSP GO. I think I’ll drop it off at the local GoodWill store. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to pay for it. If I had known better I would have bought the 3000 system. Now I’ll just forget it because Sony doesn’t deserve any more of my hard earned money. Thanks Sony.

MagillaG said:

November 23rd, 5:57 pm

ok i heard that the download version would run smoother than the UMD version that is the only reason ive been waiting is that true

Gam3rdud3man303 said:

November 23rd, 7:02 pm

idk but it would make sense because the game wouldn’t have to constantly load from a cd

onejoe213 said:

November 23rd, 7:42 pm

i think that the guys who are pissed off need to take a chill pill, its not sony’s fault that there were technical difficulty’s and if so o wat its not worth complaining about the go, i traded up my psp slim for the go and so far im extremely satisfied, but i dont see y ppl gotta dis ppl for tiny mistakes. sony, your doing a good job, please keep it up and to u guyz tht are pissed, its only a week late, itz not the end of the world

Bishop4815162342 said:

November 23rd, 9:09 pm

Well Its gotten to the point where companies are releasing products before they are actually fully ready thus the concept of UPDATES was born… There are always problems with new devices no matter how much they cost and they are always improving even after purchase that is until the new one comes out. And when purchasing a device like the Go right away (Known as Early Adopting) People should expect to have a few problems and hiccups and yeah i know it was a huge deal to have LBP PSP same day release as the UMD but y’know what when the next big release comes out let’s say Loco Roco 3 or something, I’m sure sony will be prepared enough and will know enough about the digital distribution field to know what they are doing and then you will get your same day release :) I agree the PSP GO may not be the best execution of the concept but the concept is SOLID and its what we’ve got for so until they improve on it I think its a wonderful little gaming system :)

onejoe213 said:

November 23rd, 9:35 pm

absolutly right, and i really dont understand y people are freaking out, its a pretty common mistake, and this 1 game release shoodent b the causeof ppl sellin there go’s

Gam3rdud3man303 said:

November 24th, 3:04 am

ya wow if there is anyone who needs to be yelled at it’s the people who sold their go’s. wow it’s one game, seriously, you don’t see people selling their new ps3 slim because the system doesn’t fulfill their every friggn’ whim.

hokieman222 said:

November 24th, 5:20 am

Putting LBP aside it’s a “NO GO.” Internet is useless compared to my ipod touch, which yes has a touch screen. Music is worthless while at the gym or running considering you have to open the thing to change songs, same goes for movies. This is purely a gaming system that relies on a network to release their games online. Once you actually have these games the controls are so overly cramped you can’t play for more than 30 min. unless you are ten or have weenie fingers. So unless they take a hint from itunes and their cheaper digital copies the go is done

onejoe213 said:

November 24th, 7:35 am

so far its 7:35 and no update ! yikes !

lillowrider69 said:

November 24th, 12:47 pm

Ps store usually updates 3pm pst approx

MagillaG said:

November 24th, 12:57 pm

WHAT!!!! i gotta wait till 6 EST :(

onejoe213 said:

November 24th, 3:02 pm

its 3 03pm and no update

MagillaG said:

November 24th, 3:29 pm

yeah im getting kinda nervous

genthlyHans said:

November 24th, 3:33 pm

Yayyy!!!! it’s up!!!
Have fun ppl :D

genthlyHans said:

November 24th, 3:34 pm

Yayy! It’s up!!!
Have fun ppl :D

Broadway619 said:

November 24th, 3:39 pm

its not up
and its 6:38 PM over here

onejoe213 said:

November 24th, 3:41 pm

ya its up here where i am, it betr not glitch wen i buy it

Broadway619 said:

November 24th, 3:43 pm

but maybe it will be up by 7:00 PM but i am fine so i will just wait
i just hope it comes out before the end of the month

lillowrider69 said:

November 24th, 3:48 pm


mrmotosuwa68 said:

November 25th, 11:06 am

It’s finaaly up.Only 1 weel behind every other region.That’s not technical issues that’s either trying to sell more UMD’S or counting money from Ubisoft.People wouldn’t be this upset with Sony if they would only admit what they did,which would also involve pig’s flying,and would have at least updated us as opposed to the week of silence.We weren’t the ones making all the promises about what would be available for the Go and when that was all Sony.No retailer it seems got the download cards on time or mostly at all as of yesterday.Oddly Tekken seemed to come out on time…Again Sony do you still not get why you went from #1 to number 3 so quikly?Good to see you had the Home team working on a Turkey chasing game and could update us about that.

hokieman222 said:

November 25th, 2:51 pm

…….but we love turkey chasing games. Who needs LBP when you can chase turkeys!!! Had LBP been created by EA or Ubisoft gurantedd it would have benn posted on the 17th. Definate huge marketing scheme. I know, personally the company I work for is focused on customer service and satisfaction. Aparrently Sony is too worried about them dollar bills to worry about us. Such great technology, just nothing to back it up.

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