Get Ready to Race! The Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge Starts This Week!

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers and GT fans. Two weeks ago we announced the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge, and I’m here to give you a breakdown of what to expect when the demo hits PSN this coming Thursday.

This demo was specifically designed for the GT5 Time Trial Challenge to challenge racing fans to master every straight-away, corner and bump of the track. We want to use this demo to find out who are the best racers in both the US and Canada. We also created this demo to showcase the realism of the brand new physics engine which is constantly improving before GT5 releases.

As Gran Turismo fans know, our GT games let you select between standard or professional driving physics and adjust a multitude of driving assists, but to make this a real “challenge” for all you racing fans, the GT5 demo has professional driving physics, and many of the assists are disabled. But don’t worry. Even if this demo seems challenging, you’ll be able to turn on some of those extra assists and enjoy GT5’s 950+ cars, its new and improved online racing, and several other features we have yet to disclose when it comes out.

370Z_002_B 370Z_t_002_B

One thing you may have been wondering since the announcement two weeks ago is which track you’ll be competing on. Well, as suggested by the prizes, you’ll be racing on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway course, on a special road course layout of this historic track, stunningly re-created as only the masters at Polyphony Digital can. And as you can tell from the screenshots (visit the official GT website for the full gallery), it looks gorgeous. And it’s fitting that the competition is set on Indy, because the fastest US player and fastest Canadian player will win VIP packages to the 2010 Indianapolis 500 next May.

370Z_t_001_B 370Z_003_B

There will be two time trial events available when you boot up the demo, both featuring the Nissan 370Z. One event will put you behind the wheel of the car in its stock configuration, and the other lets you drive a tuned version with reduced weight, tires with more grip, and more aerodynamic body parts. The tuned version drives and handles a little better, so you’ll want to start with it to get a feel for the game and to learn the track. When you’re ready, take the stock 370Z for a spin, but be careful to watch your throttle or you really will be going for a “spin.”

370Z_t_005_B 370Z_005_B

And of course the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge is your entry method for a chance to win round trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two (winner and guest) to attend the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, a.k.a. the Indy 500, in May. Each winner also gets a VIP package that includes two all-access passes for Carb Day (final Indy 500 practice, pit stop competition, special concert festivities, special event car rides in the 2010 Indy 500 event vehicle), all-access passes to the garage, pit area, and Victory Lane for pre and post-race celebrations for the race, and two VIP suite tickets to enjoy the race. The fastest players from both the US and Canada will represent their fellow GT fans at this exciting historic race. That’s a pretty sweet way to spend a weekend.


That’s about it. I look forward to seeing you all competing for that top spot down to the wire on January 25. Look for me competing against your time, if I make the top tier. My PSN ID is skebe. Good luck!

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3 Author Replies

  • This is going to be FUN!

  • cannot wait!

  • I am determined to win!!

  • tetsou9shima

    Thanks so much for more Grand tourismo…..I love playing the psp version but I can’t wait for GT5. I’m sure I’ll never make the top time but it will be fun trying.

  • Stop making demos and finish the game please!

    But thanks…Can’t wait to check it out :P


  • You people are beautiful. DEC 17th, here I come.

  • Sounds great, just one question:

    Will the demo include some form of damage?

  • Can’t wait, but come on, throw us a bone…when are we going to hear more about GT5’s features.

    It’s been so long without info…

  • How big will this download be? I gotta make room on my hard drive.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
      Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      The download is around 250mb… about an album\’s worth of space (and you know you\’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of those Britney Spears mp3s).

  • Any word on a release date for North America for GT5?

  • Hey guy,s I don’t mean to sound offensive here, but you guys at Sony really need to tell these execs to shut their traps about this pay-to-play junk. Because the way they are approaching it is leaving a lot of room for speculation which is in turn leading to a lot of pissed off ps3 owners.

    Perhaps if your execs are going to talk about something in interviews they could know what they are talking about first. You know have the facts and not just spout off at the mouth talking about pay-to-play.

    If the service were to go pay-to-play today I would sell it. You have a lot of stuff to implement before evening bringing stuff like that up. Hence why people are getting angry hearing about it.

    Avatars, Cross-game voice chat, Different formats of external HDD support, different video/audio codecs, the list literally goes on and on. But no one at Sony (That can make these changes I know you guys have been listening) has been listening for 3 years and now they are talking about charging us for a poor-service? (Great service for free but you tack on even a $10 annual price tag right now it isn’t worth it) I see it as a smack in the face to everyone that bought a ps3 advertised to play online for free.




  • The retail version will have any HUD customization options? Like turning off the circuit map or lap times?

  • great a taste of gran turismo 5 finally i been playing prologue anticipating gt5 hopefully this will sooth my hunger for lil while this prolly has to be the most thought about game i think about the most more then any other game so far yet lol cant wait for gt5 this thursday looking forward to it

  • by the way i have question does demo include ingame music?

  • I can’t wait to check out the demo. For those of you in the US/Canada who have dreamed of making it to the GT Academy, check out You could be the Longshot and get yourself a ride in NASCAR at Revolution Racing! Thanks GT5 and Sony.

  • Hellz Yeah cant wait for this :)

  • Only two cars :/ that hardly gives me a taste for the game :(

  • Thanks, Taku!

    Do you have a sample video for us yet?

    GT fans: please visit the GT forum here for information, friendly competition and help.



  • that-acmilan-guy

    This is……..EPIC *CRIES*

  • sweet!!!!! lets see if i can get a decent time lol

  • MeanMrMustard

    I live in Indiana, and have been to the 500 before. The race is monumentus and the crowd and party could hardly be topped. Good luck to everyone. Believe me when I say that this is a GRAND prize!

  • no assists?! this is going to hard using a ps3 controller.

  • I didn’t realize that us Canadians weren’t being left out on this one. On behalf of all Canadian PS3 owners, Thanks for including us!!!!

  • Looking forward to the demo, I’m not really interested in doing the challenge, since I don’t have that much experience with racing sims, so I’d probably prefer as much assistance as I can get since I’d play just to drive awesome cars.

  • Saweeeet, awesome!

  • is this demo going to be unlimited time or it will expires after announcing the winner

  • If you want more details and a video of the demo, go here:

  • # 1 Contender RIGHT HERE

  • Are the graphics based on GT5p or GT5? I know the physics are GT5. Is the demo G25 compatible? Will there be another “official demo” for GT5 or is this it? Thanks for your time.

  • i’m really excited about this.first day download for me!

  • When does the full game come out?

  • Hi, out of curiosity, is this the final build or will the final product be even better graphically / performance ? Thanks

  • How about a release date for GT5, Jan 25th looks like a good date to announce it!

  • It is very nice from you guys that you let Canadians participate in this. Ill try it for sure but i’m not trying to win this lol i never been very good in driving games.
    Again thank you

  • i hope the Nissan 300z make it on GT5 car roster.

  • Time to bring out the Playseat and GT wheel!
    I am winning this thing!

  • Right side drive? [DELETED], that sucks.

  • I’ll start packing my bags for Indy, because nobody is getting in my way to go to that event. :)


    I have heard that the full game employs head tracking via the ps eye. Is this truth? Also will this Demo include the same feature? Also will the PSP finally get used as a rear view mirror as was shown back in 2006 at E3? I look forward to Downloading this and WINNING the TOP PLACE as I have been playing alot of Prologue these past two weeks since this contest was announced.

  • I wrote Mr. Imasaki a letter in 2008 regarding the rigid/fixed nature of the third-person chase camera in GT5. I asked if he could talk to Polyphony about adding an option in the settings menu to enable the much-loved perspective that GT1-GT3 used. And judging from today’s leaked footage of this Time Trial, it looks like that request either wasn’t communicated to or accepted by Polyphony.

    Is there any chance that Taku or Chris could please comment on this?

  • This is going to be fun

  • CrippledHustla

    wow gt5 i cant wait. what could make this thursday better I have no idea.

  • TheGuardianFID

    GT5 FTW!!! :D

  • No effing way…. Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Finally!

  • 250mb! that’s nothing. I though it would be over a gig. I guess I can keep all my britney spears mp3s after all.

  • how do u get the demo?

  • LOL thats my favorite car.. I should win this thing,, I think i posted 1 minute and 35 seconds before with the nissan z.. It all depends onthe track ,, i been fine tuning my skills onthe psp . Ima kill the motor speed way course.. i think i can get 1 min 25 seconds.. if u do i’ll shake ya hand in indy Chris…

  • how do you get this game or watecer it is i love gt

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