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Jan 05

Jan 05

Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23 — Win Metal Slug Goodies!

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Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

Assembled denizens of PlayStation Blog,

Do you spend your days longing for a colorful, fast-paced throwback to the good old days of arcade action games? Do you daydream about grabbing an ally and riddling wave after wave of enemy soldiers with an endless stream of lead? Does your PlayStation Portable whisper to you, asking you to sate its hunger for old school awesome?

Metal Slug XX PSP Box

If so, seek help, but also, check out Metal Slug XX, coming February 23 to a PSP system near you (preferably yours).

Metal Slug XX explodes with the same winning formula of over-the-top action and cartoon mayhem that’s kept Metal Slug a premier franchise for over a decade. Frantic and fun, serious Metal Slug fans and casual gamers alike can relive the glory and charm of old school cooperative arcade play, teaming with a friend via ad-hoc multiplayer to outrun and outshoot hundreds of enemies and liberate as many prisoners as possible.

Metal Slug XX Screen 3

And there’s more here than just running and gunning, although as the test of time has proven, the running and gunning in this series can stand alone pretty darn nicely. There’s also a Combat School, which offers Metal Slug veterans a chance to put their cred on the line in over 70 challenging mission-based trials.

Ultimate Metal Slug fans can purchase Leona, a seventh playable character with her own unique abilities, via PlayStation Store for just 99 cents!

To celebrate the game’s announcement and/or upcoming release, we’ve got a small handful of rare collectibles to give away.

Metal Slug XX Underwear

First off, FOUR random commenters will get some nifty Metal Slug boxers. They’re not quite for wearing, although we’re sure as long as you’re good about keeping things under control that they’ll last you a nice long time, but they’re certainly the perfect prize for a Metal Slug fan to show off. Guffaw at your friends as they look with envy at your striped blue and white authentic Metal Slug boxers.

We’ve also got NINE Japanese promotional posters to give away. Nothing says hardcore like a poster in a language you and/or your friends may not speak!

All you need to do to be eligible, aside from being a resident of the United States or Canada, is comment under this post in response to the following: what is your favorite aspect of Metal Slug? We’ll randomly choose winners and get in touch with you!

Metal Slug XX Screen 5

Lock and load, friends: Metal Slug XX is set for release on February 23, 2010! We’ll be back soon with more info about this explosive upcoming retro romp!

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srafey said:

January 6th, 1:58 pm

The thing with Metal Slug that originally got me interested was the name: Metal Slug. I originally thought that it was about metal slugs. But I realized it meant bullets. It makes a lot more sense to me now.

SevenFive said:

January 6th, 2:14 pm

I just love it when your fingers hurt after playing crazy hours of this game. That is a good sign your playing a great game.

MamoruNoHakkyou said:

January 6th, 2:45 pm

I quite like the side scrolling run and gun fun… It just brings me back to the good old days of playing games like this (or Contra) over and over again with the help of a friend and both of us getting to vent our frustration on the bosses. I guess to sum that up, “nostalgia for times long since gone” would be another way to put it.

bellzemos said:

January 6th, 2:51 pm

I like the old school challenge and the amount of replay-ability.

Mudkip117 said:

January 6th, 2:52 pm

I love the rush you get from playing these types of games. Gets difficult, but satisfying when you are victorious.

OrlandoX said:

January 6th, 3:14 pm

MY favorite aspect is the action/intensity in the game and the Metal Slug series seems like a HD Contra. Its always a gang of things happening at once while you are playing Metal Slug.


January 6th, 3:17 pm

I love Metal Slug! Can’t wait to put this in my psp when it comes out!

wonkavator123 said:

January 6th, 3:18 pm

Runnin’ & gunnin’ & ‘splodin stuff up!

onmode_dash_ky said:

January 6th, 3:26 pm

I hope I’m not too late for the raffle. The posts are trickling in now.

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug is probably the design of the Slugs themselves. Tread-bearing tanks that can crouch and jump are a pretty unique concept, and they’re animated very nicely. However, as I don’t own any tanks which need to wear boxers, I would rather win the poster.

SadElmo said:

January 6th, 3:27 pm

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug, is saving POW’s, because it reminds me of saving the homeless people in my town. I always have a helpin’ hand. ^__^

WonsAuto said:

January 6th, 4:21 pm

Metal Slug 2 was the game me and my friend kept going back to all the way up until the only only arcade by us finally went belly-up, so I’d say my favorite thing about Metal Slug would be the nostalgic factor. Just timeless, old-school kickassery!

laitoukid said:

January 6th, 5:24 pm

hey i just posted thjis cuze i wanted2

Thunderpizza said:

January 6th, 5:37 pm

My favorite part about the MS series are the memorable bosses.
My favorite is O’neil an intimidating dude with a chaingun and a series of quips, which spit bullets and insults respectively.


hotshotdas said:

January 6th, 5:51 pm

Is Boom Boom er I mean Metal Slug xx a reimagined Metal Slug 7 or a completely new title?

IPoopyStandingUp said:

January 6th, 5:55 pm

My favorite part about Metal Slug is that I can play it with my both my hands!

ScorpioN912 said:

January 6th, 7:51 pm

Metal Slug is definitely one of my favourite arcade games!

You’re giving that, and a chance to win some boxers? Awesome!

Invert_Time_Rift said:

January 6th, 8:08 pm

My favorite thing about Metal Slug has always been the art style of the game itself.

thewindowkeeper said:

January 6th, 8:08 pm

I love Metal Slug because while its not stop action, there’s so much more than just fighting going on, that it keeps you laughing and playing just to see what’s going to happen next.

tim_AZNPx0 said:

January 6th, 8:31 pm

Hmm…I liked the Anthology better since it had most of the Metal Slug games all in one…maybe it will be worth a try…depends on how much it costs though…

spacetimecont123 said:

January 6th, 9:04 pm


I love the hardcore action! I’m a huge metal slug fan, no other game comes close with so much action, its perfect!

ZackMoney said:

January 6th, 9:27 pm

My favorite thing about Metal Slug is the over the top weaponry. Camels with cannons? Heck yes.

BluntRoachman said:

January 6th, 9:43 pm

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug besides running & gunning is the animation!

Aiusuichiko said:

January 6th, 10:16 pm

Please pick me~!=D

Aiusuichiko said:

January 6th, 10:17 pm

Runnin’ & gunnin’ & ’splodin stuff up!

Oz_car1 said:

January 6th, 10:19 pm

this game is going to rock

grey_fox24 said:

January 6th, 11:09 pm

My favorite thing about Metal Slug was the one shot kills. Talk about a hardcore challenge, trying to take on a gunship that only needs one bullet to kill you.

TheWolfy said:

January 6th, 11:24 pm

I love old school run and gunners and the Metal Slug series has to be my favorite for the reason that it never gets old, and I still cant help but buy every reiteration and new entry in the series still. So many explosions at once has to be a good thing right. I love the game enough I bought a neo-geo pocket for it and I dont regret it.

P.S. If I get me some boxers guess whos gonna cosplay a newly rescued P.O.W this guy thats who.

Kchow23 said:

January 7th, 12:41 am

the explosions and the old school fun!

KingDiamond_420 said:

January 7th, 1:44 am

Metal slug rules can’t wait!

Jackal888 said:

January 7th, 2:26 am

Metal Slug series always had the best use of a camel. Weaponizing a camel deserves my money.

aerobeing said:

January 7th, 5:12 am

I love all of its awesomeness. That includes characters, humour, graphics, gameplay, and great fun it all provides.

EmperorKorea said:

January 7th, 5:21 am

I like when the narrator dude says RAWKET LAWNCHAIR whenever I pick up a rocket launcher.

Awsomeboy said:

January 7th, 9:28 am

I have it Pre-Ordered. This is because I have not play a game by Atlus that I did not like. I was happy to hear about this. Atlus for life.

Chester_McNugget said:

January 7th, 10:10 am

I love Metal Slug, I hope I get the boxers. Mad cool prize.

MegaOri said:

January 7th, 12:47 pm

Always fun to play. Can’t wait.

sittinduk said:

January 7th, 5:33 pm

I love all the crazy action that is on the screen at one time

Delition said:

January 7th, 8:38 pm

Does the fact that Atlus is publishing the newest one count?

In all seriousness, my favorite aspect of the Metal Slug series is the fact that it is one of the few long-lasting series that hasn’t felt compelled to change their gameplay drastically enough to ruin it for me. That, and blood-vomiting zombie Fio is not only great in Metal Slug 3, but it’s also my XB360 profile picture.

AgentX said:

January 9th, 12:22 pm

There’s a lot to love about the Metal Slug games! If I had to pick one aspect…I suppose I’d say the cute and cartoonish art style that distinguishes it from so many other similar games.

DPW007 said:

January 9th, 3:11 pm

Sweet another metal slug!, can’t wait to play it :D

Retro_Funk said:

January 10th, 12:08 pm

Best thing about Metal Slug

Ikari Warriors

Ralf and Clark forever

I’ll buy Leona too fo’ sho’

GameDreamer said:

January 10th, 4:08 pm

Absolutely cannot wait for this! Metal Slug is one of my all-time favorite series. My favorite part is the beautiful hand-drawn sprites.

chuckman315 said:

January 11th, 3:55 am

I love the Metal Slug series. I would like to reserve and pay for it now but Gamestop doesn’t have it on there system yet(just like the PS2 Samurai Shodown Anthology all over again but I found it(thank you Amazon)). Nevertheless, I will play Metal Slug Anthology and MS7 to prepare for XX.

GoshdarnBatman said:

January 16th, 1:28 am

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug?

KoF tie-ins!

And the sprite animation, man.

maigoyume said:

January 16th, 11:12 am

Favourite aspect of metal slug, hard to say

I’d probably go with the completely over the top/comical ways to take down guys

Krimsun said:

January 17th, 10:42 am

My favorite aspect of the Metal Slug games is the classic art/2d look. Besides that is the epic run ‘n gun gameplay.

FuryofFrog said:

January 17th, 11:23 pm

I love the concepts that really push a genre like this further. For this category of game it would be easy to stay generic and stick to well defined ideas of what the game should be. Instead of that Metal Slug took the military concept and pushed the wackiness way ahead what with the Camel Slugs and all. Its always been remarkably fun and has always stayed close to its 2D roots.

Thank you Atlus, Thank you Aram. If Atlus were a small woodland animal I would embrace it until it passed out of asphyxiation. Your just that good.

DarKaoZ said:

January 23rd, 4:14 pm

Atlus, plz convince SNK to release their fighting games on PSN. XBLA is getting NGBC with enhanced graphic, KOF2002UM is getting the same treatment, why aren’t they on PSN???

I would love to buy them, doesn’t SNK want my money?

joewolf18 said:

January 27th, 12:42 pm

I love metal slug for its detailed, lively artwork and its brilliant, insane conceptual designs.

KiIlas said:

January 29th, 7:03 am

i had buy a psp go and i want play this game but i heard that is not coming to the psn what i should do?

ApeZero said:

February 1st, 9:18 pm

I love seeing some hapless soldiers laughing at one of their prisoners, just before I fill their unsuspecting smiles full of hot lead.

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