UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Single-Player Demo and PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack DLC

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Many of you have been waiting anxiously for news and details about the downloadable content we at Naughty Dog have been working on and we have been saying you’ll hear about it “soon.” Well, soon is finally here.

You may have gotten a glimpse of this initial DLC release as part of some news that made its rounds around the internet yesterday, but that wasn’t the full story.

So, what is going to be available on the PlayStation Network Store on January 28, you ask?

Thanks to our friends at Guerilla Games, Insomniac Games and Sucker Punch Productions, we’ve been able to a pull off something unique within the UNCHARTED 2 competitive multiplayer modes – our first DLC release is the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack.


The PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack contains seven new skins featuring some key personalities from other major PlayStation first-party titles – Sev and a Helghast soldier from Killzone 2, Nathan Hale and a Chimera from Resistance 2, and Cole (both good and evil variants!) and Zeke from inFAMOUS.

The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack will be available for purchase globally on the PlayStation Store on January 28, 2010, for $4.99 in the US. If you’re outside of the U.S., check your local Store or announcement for region specific pricing.



We have another release that’s appearing on the PSN Store on January 28 – the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves single-player demo will be available to all, free of cost. Now you can tell your friends who haven’t played our game yet (slackers!) that they can easily check out UNCHARTED 2 for themselves by downloading the PSN demo starting next Thursday.

As you can see, a little bit of the information you may have spotted yesterday is different and that should let you know that not everything you may have read is accurate and up to date.

There is no doubt that we have some long-term plans for DLC and that we need to share those plans with a lot of people so we can all do our jobs properly. The fact of the matter is that game development, even for downloadable content, is a fluid and sometimes unpredictable process until you get closer to releasing whatever is being worked on. We don’t share our DLC plans publicly from the beginning because things can and will change over the course of development and we absolutely don’t want to create any unrealized expectations for millions of fans of our game.

It’s incredibly important to us at Naughty Dog that our fans have the best and most accurate information about anything we’re up to. There will be more info coming in the months ahead about our future DLC content once we have everything solidly locked down – and, trust me, there are a lot of very cool things in store for UNCHARTED 2.

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23 Author Replies

  • idkmybffkae

    WHERE ARE THE SKINS? It’s January 28th and my PlayStation store is not updated; i’m very annoyed and disappointed

  • SilverBlade51

    January 28, 2010 12:51PM and still no DLC in the store……

  • gold_member45

    what about the USA?????the DLC is in UK why not the USA also

  • -_-………it 11 am still no DLC …wtf is this

  • Anyone got a update yet?

  • where is the uncharted 2 DLC i been looking 4 it.

  • Havent we alll dude

  • Ahhh I hope the next pack has some of these
    Demon’s Souls — Knight, Fat Aristocrat
    Heavenly Sword — Kai, Nariko, Fox, Bohan
    Valkyria Chronicles — Imperial Soldier, Selvaria, Alicia, Welkin
    MGS4 — Solid Snake, Liquid Snake

  • gold_member45

    is this some kinda joke!!!!!ha ha ha…now where is the DLC

  • $4.99 is not worth it..its to much!! Plus it has no sound, maybe if it had sound i could understand it, i will not pay for it, ill pay for the maps but not for 7 skins that should be 1.99.

  • I just want to know why the Playstation Network is more expensive than Gamestop. Seriously, Persona on the PSN is $39 and Amazon is selling it for $24.80. Why would you want to launch a new concept (downloadable gamse) and then sabotage your new venture by charging more than retail?

    Not to mention there are some serious holes in the selection.

    And the updates are erratic.

    Doesn’t feel like there is a whole lot of thought going or energy going into the PSN.

  • I especially like the way that the staff never answers good questions like “when will this be available?” or “why isn’t this available?”.

    You know a simple answer like “we are trying very hard to provide the best selection possible, blah, blah, blah” would at least make me feel like Sony cares.

    But, they can’t be bothered to answer.

    This may be one of the reasons Nintendo and Microsoft are currently kicking Sony’s behind. Because the DS certainly does not have better games.

    Just something to think about.

  • “$4.99 is not worth it..its to much!! Plus it has no sound, maybe if it had sound i could understand it, i will not pay for it, ill pay for the maps but not for 7 skins that should be 1.99.”

    You sir are stupid. if you think 7 skins should be 1.99 GTFO seriously. If a skin for LPB is 1.99 per skin and your gettin 7 skins for 5bucks…

    Dude go back and re0think what u said. not only that if you actually played uncharted having no sounds is agood thing. dude Get bent

  • SilverBlade51

    3:45PM still no DLC in the store.

  • I simply refuse to play until the skin pack comes out.. is this what naughty dog does with their fans, lead them on then discard them like some cheap date, I stand on what i have said…Naughty dog needs to appoligize for being complete asses. I will not return until they have done so


    still nothing… friggin 5pm EST…..

  • omggg….where are the u.s skins……

  • MikeJSyndrome

    Waiting…and waiting…

    I know it’s not Naughty Dog’s fault, none of the other new Thursday stuff is up yet.

  • Hello! I live in Denmark and I downloaded the dlc, because I love uncharted! But it does not work for me! I tried everything and still it does show up in the ingame store or the or on the profilepage. I downloaded and installed the content twice and still nothing! Please help, what should I do?

    – Kongcarlos

  • MikeJSyndrome

    kongcarlos, I’m guessing that it is under your multiplayer profile where you pick your character defaults for the good and bad side. Try that and see if that helps!

  • So when is “thursday”?????? im waiting and nothing -__-

  • I already said that its not under the multiplayer profile page, there is only the 14 default skins there when i look!

  • MikeJSyndrome

    Oops,sorry. That’s where they should be, I think.

  • The-ButtonMasher


  • pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee arne answer this are u guys working on uncharted 1 skins and maps cause im really lookin forward to playin as elen 1 and eddy raja

  • i ment elena
    and i love what u guys r doin with this game and another suggestion thats probably not goin to happen is um playing drake in eye of indra and my last statement is that it isnt really fair that EU gets pinkerton and pirate and rika and we dont

  • Played the new demo and mang Uncharted 2 is beautiful.

  • sithmathamatiks

    sounds awesome!!! i just started on the multiplayer again today!!! i’m gonna kick sum butt in tha chimera skin!! i’m still amazed @ how truly awesome uncharted 2 iz!! what an amazing game!!! thanx for tha dlc!!!

  • The-ButtonMasher

    Forgive me! I’m downloading the demo now. You guys should make a zombie survival mode, since you already have a survival mode! Just with zombies or chimera!

  • I think games should do special guest appearances more often. It really shows the originality and just how awesome the PS3 universe is. do you think that they add more PS3 exclusive chracters? cause that would be a great move.


    What??.Uncharted 2 Why a demo for this game when it came out 3 months ago?..Why can’t we get more demos for the upcoming games for this year?….Wake up call Sony 2010 demos not 2009 anymore lol…jezz..


    Oh yeah I apologize for trashing this game I have it and it is a great game its just why a demo for this game when you can rent it at Game-Fly?.Or Blockbuster etc?..I just want something new and not old I mean we are in a new year now 2010 and you would think SCEA would surprise it’s fans?…


    and yeah I would like to see Zombies or new player skins etc.. and more funny expressions lol..I just can’t get enough of the silly expressions they put in this game kissing your enemies priceless lmao!

  • Nice work SCE and ND i love this game :) Just bought the add-on skin pack, went into the game online and it wasent there! Please help me or fix this problem. waiting for your revert.


  • caracrowland

    I was reading a while ago about how unchated: drakes fortune was going to be a movie I wad thinking that the best Nathan drake would be the main character from the USA show burn notice. Just a suggestion

  • love the pack, great addition

  • Very disappointed this DLC cant be used in co op. so sick of being a woman when i play it. i love the co op more then comp. thought this was a very kool answer to that problem but i 4got this is Sony. User friendly it is not.

  • Can u change the disappointment of not being able to use kool skins that we pay our money for, to be available in co op? i mean really ppl give comsumers a break now and then.

  • redarmy1944

    This is so awsome I want it now!!!!

  • You should make a add-on for maps from games like Modern Warfare 2, inFamous, and I don’t know maybe from the first Uncharted?

  • Please dont take me as some cheap skate, but I read on IGN that this pack would be free…..

    And there were going to be more DLC in the coming months that weren’t free….

    Maybe I read it wrong??

  • i bought the dl are u guys also having more dlc on February 25th 2010 with uncharted 1 skins? i love eddy raja u ugly konyok!! dont mess wit eddy raajjjaa!!!!!:)

  • i bought the dlc are u guys also having more dlc on February 25th 2010 with uncharted 1 skins? i love eddy raja u ugly konyok!! dont mess wit eddy raajjjaa!!!!!:)

  • PLZ REPLAY u guys gunna make eddy raja skins?????? plz answer

  • theres dlc coming on feb. 25 wit uncharted 1 skins like eddy raja i think and elena 1 and gabriel roman if u could wait that long and naughty dog u guys are AWESOME i played ur games for so long i love the jak and daxter seires make jak skins lol

  • deltahawk726

    can the skins be used in the single-player mode?

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