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Mar 04

Mar 04

The Tester Episode 3 Available Today

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Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

After only two episodes, it is great to hear that so many of you are enjoying The Tester and making Thursday night viewings of The Tester with your friends in PlayStation Home Theater a weekly destination.

Now, eight contenders remain and in Episode 3, “No Cry in Team,” they face one of the most demanding challenges in the series. This week, it’s all about teamwork. Wielding a giant slingshot and the “TesterNet”, these contenders must prove they can work together when the pressure is on.

If that isn’t hard enough, Mr. David Jaffe is back on the panel. And the cast is definitely out to impress him! Can Amped keep it straight? Will Big D deliver?

You don’t want to miss Episode 3.

And remember, The Tester is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store and also showing in the PlayStation Home Theater where another free cast T-shirt will be rewarded. The Tester commemorative items are also available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks in PlayStation Home.

Thanks again for downloading and watching. Enjoy the show!

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nutellapr said:

March 4th, 5:10 pm

This show is..uhh BORING! It’s quite obvious the production budget is next to nothing and the creativity put into the so called tests is non-existent. It all seems very summer campish / junior highish in nature. Guys gotta pick it up or at least rip off some good ideas from the last 100 years (feels like it) of reality TV. Also, was the blonde spiky hair guy in Toronto 1-2 years ago hanging with some dude from kojima studios? Bottle service on a roof top patio??

joostin said:

March 4th, 5:15 pm

Store update for those of us in non-video store regions?…

robertmc8 said:

March 4th, 5:20 pm

How can I watch when my ps3 is died? It’s being sent out to Sam’s Club for Warranty repair? I won’t get my console back for couple weeks like 7-10days.

buffalopug said:

March 4th, 5:38 pm

Robertmc8: On your PSP? :)

robertmc8 said:

March 4th, 5:42 pm

Sorry Mate I don’t own it :( My 40gig died on Friday as 10:40pm 02/26/10 She won’t boot up at least Who knows what happen next either they can’t fix or I get new refurb one or maybe slim because 40gig model are hard to find hehe.

Miacosa said:

March 4th, 6:33 pm

Will they ever play actual videogames that show off their skills, eye for detail etc? While the obstacle course stuff is somewhat okay the show is missing the mark of what these people are going to be doing when they get the job.

LegendOfJon said:

March 4th, 9:56 pm

I would like to be known as the Legendoflongdong if you can’t get things straiten out.

Naucious said:

March 5th, 1:05 am

lol it is what it is…. Episode 4 marks the end of Naucious street cred thats for sure lol I’m really hoping they edit me out which they been doing so well lol jk but yeah man its still brings back an intense feeling watching us on that chopping block again, I really felt for Fame_girl even though I still picked Big D in the end.

Like to give a shout out to all the fans that are watching and supporting the show. It’s much needed in these hectic times of gaming… it’s nice for Sony to entertain other than games… which some may hate…

All i have to say the lives of the people you hate or love on the show, is def worth mentioning, we put it all out there for you guys in the end…

Sinapsysmx said:

March 5th, 6:36 am

Hey guys I just saw the tester episode 3, and I was wondering If they record one episode each day, cause if you watch closely David Jaffe is wearing the exact same baseball t-shirt that he was wearing in episode 2, only with a jacket on the top of it!! If it’s true that’s speed recording!
we have to wait a whole weeek for each episode and ther recorded two episodes per day! come on!

That alliance thing is so dumb! they don’t vote. that’s the whole point of an alliance to not vote for each other.. I hope Star Wins! she rocks!

mccflurry said:

March 6th, 11:54 am

really like this show. i do have to say that Doc is kind of a d****e but what can you do. hope there will be a second season from me to tryout for. Looking for Luge to win this one. Way to use your bum to keep that ball in the bucket.. lol

bluetag said:

March 7th, 7:28 am

Its a fun show to watch….
and its free!

Silvercube said:

March 7th, 3:57 pm

Looking forward to Episode 4 :)

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