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Mar 16

Mar 16

Meet The Tester Cast Members Luge and Doc in PlayStation Home Tomorrow

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

Hey fans of The Tester. We have a special treat for you this week. Two of your favorite cast members from The Tester, Luge and Doc, will be dropping by The Tester theater in PlayStation Home tomorrow, Wednesday, from 6PM PDT/9 PM EDT – 7PM PDT/10PM EDT to take your questions. Here’s your chance to get the answers to the questions you’ve been dying to ask: What’s it really like on The Tester set? What’s it like in the hamster ball? How are beerios?

If you’ve been following the series, you know that this past week’s Episode 4 was no easy LARP in the park for both Luge and Doc. And, we all want to know what’s next for Luge and what’s Doc’s strategy to win as we get down to our final six challengers.

More cast guest appearances are slated in the weeks ahead. So let us know the other contestants you would like to hear from. And, remember, Episode 5 hits PlayStation Network on Thursday!

Luge and Doc from The Tester

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Danny_Death said:

March 16th, 4:46 pm

:O 4 episodes to go? but theirs 6 people arent their?…………

CrazyDomo said:

March 16th, 5:06 pm

Kevin.. Why are people posting dumb stuff.. Any way..

Im excited for this event! Luge was my favorite! I really wanted her to win.. Hopefully I can make it. I would want ask whats going on between luge and doc :P Hey I forsee.. Love :P

strack94 said:

March 16th, 5:29 pm

wtf did you guys kick out luge?

fuzzyclutter said:

March 16th, 5:36 pm

@31 When your out cold on the floor and your heart needs a reboot . You really dont get the opportunity to choose the personality that brings you back . I dont recall him or the show stating in anyway that he eats beerios on the job . Trust me , when your butt needs help from a medic or fireman , the least of your concerns will be their personality or what they do in their free time . I myself have saved plenty of rear ends in my 18 years as a firefighter and my love of drinking whiskey along with chocolate cake has absolutley no bearing on my job performance . Unless of course if i did it ON THE JOB …LOL . but I have never done so .

Jon_Mclane said:

March 16th, 5:59 pm

All you cry babies need to shut up. Especially the people saying you have better things to do, you obviously have enough time to insult people you’ve never met.

Kanedas_Bike said:

March 16th, 6:12 pm

@fuzzyclutter You rock :)

jimmyfoxhound said:

March 16th, 6:39 pm

So if this dude “wins” he’s going to give up being a paramedic/fireman so he can bug test some Hannah Montana videogame? XD Ok, whatever.

footballrule said:

March 16th, 7:06 pm

This is good. I’ll be there for sure. Also, so the Tester is an already finished series? O_o?

yosoylindo445 said:

March 16th, 7:34 pm

what we have to do?

yosoylindo445 said:

March 16th, 7:35 pm

its free?

jedi_webslinger said:

March 16th, 7:40 pm

just wanted to know how can i get that specific server???

Thrasher20 said:

March 16th, 8:11 pm

Sounds good!

Destroyx said:

March 16th, 8:57 pm

the tester sucks. hard to support it. why don’t you put all that hard work into putting out better home updates instead of this.. i can’t use this.

jimfear said:

March 17th, 12:00 am

I cant wait for a “MEET KEVIN BUTLER EVENT” @ home :p

KaiserSosate said:

March 17th, 2:04 am

I’ll try to be there however God of war III may occupy my time. Sony you have a cursed gem that pulls me away lol

Egz-Onine said:

March 17th, 2:27 am

Sorry, but I’d rather chat it up with Kevin Butler…

wU-sOLdiEr210 said:

March 17th, 3:51 am

Doc is a loser
who forums alliances on a show where there can be one winner?

Luge is a better person I would say

not hating on doc but for real my dude just watch yourself on the show

TruRage said:

March 17th, 5:23 am

@ ShatteredRaven77

I’m pretty sure you won’t care who is taking care of you as long as they KNOW how to take care of you when you are in need of care. Again, you won’t have the option of asking for qualified help when there is an emergency.

I’m sure if you were on the floor dying, and DOC came, he would save your life. I could care less what the man eats, so long as he can do the job right.

But lol @ Beerios. I’m sure he was showing off for the camera’s and all the nerdy contestants. =)

Art_of_Ronin said:

March 17th, 5:48 am

Would this be an open mic session for The Testers cast? I can see this being chaotic if not an open mic VS text bubbles chat. How many users can be accommodate into one theater room, limit? Would this theater room instance be available for everyone to go to?

Miadaskate said:

March 17th, 8:53 am

@ # 18

Conrad, you got a chunk of brown on your nose.

SDkngsht said:

March 17th, 9:43 am

did anyone seriously say these are two of their favorite characters from the show? Doc is as annoying as you can be in 15 minutes a week lol. he’s the guy everyone laughs at but he thinks they’re laughing with him the whole time because he’s THAT clueless to how annoying he is.

SDkngsht said:

March 17th, 9:52 am

and to the replies…just cause Doc cried over some girl he knew for all of 72 hours doesn’t mean he has a heart of gold it means he’s an idiot. lol. when i saw that i literally fell out like “are you serious?!” he’s worse than the flavor of love girls who say they’re in love after spending a day in the house w/random people they don’t even know.

i’d show up to Home to meet someone who is actually cool & interesting (Naughty Dog staff or Kevin Butler) or someone who’s actually hot (Leona Lewis or any of the PSN female show hosts).

i think i’m probably overreacting but i think the whole “two of your favorite characters” thing then Doc made me laugh too hard to not respond. lol.

SDkngsht said:

March 17th, 10:01 am

btw the show is cool…could of done without the LARPing (had no idea they had an official term for that before that episode lol). but overall a very entertaining and interesting show.

Naucious said:

March 17th, 10:40 am

all I have to say is GOW3!!!! sorry i wont be there too busy trying to platinum that freaking game but,for all the supporters out there if your a fan of the series go out and support ur cast members!!! The ones that are hating all i ask is “If you could care less about the show then why did you even click on the link?” Haters lol go figure o_O?? Quick to judge…. things will never change.. Game on people!!!

Now back to GOW3!!!

CherylRose said:

March 17th, 10:43 am

Ummmm… This is it? No god of war items?

Jangaboo said:

March 17th, 10:45 am

Doc has very big stomach Luge has very big…

Transient said:

March 17th, 11:50 am

What’s with all the haters? Do people really form such strong opinions of people after watching four 20 minute episodes?

Personally, I’ve enjoyed watching The Tester. Yeah, I don’t really get how the challenges have anything to do with actual game testing and I was annoyed when Luge got booted too.

But I don’t see why people feel the need to flame Doc and Sony over this show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and don’t attend the event. Simple enough. Otherwise lighten up and learn to enjoy life a little.

Doc and Luge, if you’re reading this, you guys seem cool to me. Try not to take the criticisms to heart. Some of the people in here just don’t get out much. :)

Eliphaz said:

March 17th, 1:00 pm

Doc roks, i was sorry to see Luge go, bigger and better im sure. I really dislike reality shows in general, but my love of games makes the show a hit 4 me, i also like that its put on psn to view- good work Sony, and best wishes 2 the whole cast.

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

GlassWalls said:

March 17th, 1:41 pm

Hey Everyone!

I hope to see you tonight as Doc, Luge and I as we tour The Tester screen in the Home Theater. I suggest arriving a little early, grabbing a seat and thinking up your questions.

We will hope from instance of the screen to instance, hoping to hit them all.

See you there!

nino1911 said:

March 17th, 3:00 pm

i dont mind the tester and it has its funny moments and most important its free shame about luge i wanted her or barmy to win

jdoub5678 said:

March 17th, 3:27 pm

sony you should make a metal gear solid trilogy including metal gear solid 1, metal gear solid 2, metal gear solid 3.Please consider that .I just love metal gear solid

jamesseda said:

March 17th, 4:14 pm

They’ve all grown on me, I’m really enjoying the show and look forward to each new episode. It has shown me and THEM that playing games is maybe 40% of what is expected of a tester. I really am interested in what each person is doing after they get discualified. Like Famegirl, I wanna see her persuit in the gaming buisness. I would love for a chance as a contestant ;-) I also love Doc. The judges offer many interesting points in their search for the next Playstation Tester. I find the show just an amazing look into the industry as a whole. Knowledge is king!

Sophronia said:

March 17th, 5:33 pm

What’s their ID names? lol

Bo-Rican said:

March 17th, 5:45 pm

est time is it the usa n at what time am in there right now ????

usergentoo said:

March 17th, 6:16 pm

Where are they we are waiting in Theater 8. Its full and we have a no show.

Bo-Rican said:

March 17th, 6:47 pm

ware they at we all been waiting and they didnt show >(

OnionMan said:

March 17th, 7:28 pm

Hey thanks for doing this Kevin. It was fun, a great idea!

UNIT-TRB said:

March 17th, 7:28 pm

Sadly…Home does not seem to be the best venue for such an event. Having preselected questions from the community and a video answer session via the theater is the only way to get it to work.

I attended the event and the mods did come in as well as Glass Walls but not questions or answers were visible in the chat… no big deal but this is time better spent playing games. The show itself is not very interesting to be honest. The Larp challenge was perfect but both teams either did not have a childhood or were just uninspired. I do hope the Buzz session is a bit better…also people actually like watching other people play games. Justin.TV proves this notion.


March 17th, 7:50 pm

Hmm…I’ve been looking for them since 7:30 Central. I still haven’t seen them, and most people I’ve seen haven’t seen them either. Some even seem to think that Sony lied about the whole event!

OnionMan said:

March 17th, 8:01 pm

Ah dead man, weren’t you there? They showed up at the end in our instance.


March 17th, 8:14 pm

Ah crap! Are you serious?! I’ve been jumping servers every little while looking for them.

letherclad said:

March 17th, 9:55 pm

crap, I forgot

GOW3 is really addicting :)

Arcas-X said:

March 17th, 10:48 pm

Man, some of you are really bitter. It’s a FREE reality show that doesn’t involve preppy whiners. Be happy and supportive!


March 18th, 2:37 am

im mos def looking forward im a female gamer not enough of us girls out there GIRL POWER “im THE SLURPEE __QUEEN” “

Sons-of-Helghan said:

March 18th, 4:41 am

i missed it T_T.. will we ever have another opertunity to meet other cast members???

usergentoo said:

March 18th, 7:11 am

What I was told it was for a select few. Not everyone gets to attend these events. They announce it to be fair but then only the select few get to be involved.

Tribal9499 said:

March 18th, 9:28 am

My daughter and I are fans of the show and sat around theatre 8 for quite sometime and never got to see them. I’m not a programmer not do I pretend to understand the Home infrastructure but I do understand why we need different instances. That being said, why would we bring quests to the theatre? I mean we have the very cool looking but neglected gamer’s lounge (has almost double seating capacity than the theatre). Surely we could add a screen in there that would loop whatever is pertinent to the guest. What ever happened to the expo center you showcased during E3? That place was certainly big enough and appropriate for special guests. I guess what I’m asking is: If you used an area that would accomodate more users at once wouldn’t that reduce the number of instances you would need to jump to and ultimately allow more users to partiipate?

npng80 said:

March 18th, 9:44 am

I really need some answers.. Yesterday you guys really wasted lots of people’s time. If it was like some people say that this event were for selected few then you guys should have put that in the blog when advertising this event. At least an apology would be very nice.. but i am not hearing any of that.

usergentoo said:

March 18th, 11:15 am

They are known for not giving people answers for failed events. They say they want to communicate better with us but when will that begin sometime next year?

usergentoo said:

March 18th, 12:53 pm

Like I said no response.

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