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May 06

May 06

ModNation Racers: It’s a DLC “Air Raid”!

Chuck Lacson's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

In anticipation for our ModNation Racers release on May 25th, and to celebrate ModNation May, we are going to drop some free ModNation DLC before we even launch the game! So what DLC are we hooking you up with?

I’d like to introduce you to Air Raid!

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC (Mod)ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC (kart)

Get an AIRMEN CAP and FLIGHT JACKET to use on any one of your Mod creations!

Air Raid is a sweet Mod that drives an even sweeter Fighter Plane Kart. If you’re lucky enough to get a voucher for this character, you don’t just get to play as Air Raid, but you can get all the accessories that come with him to create your own “Ace” driver and slick Air Fighter-styled kart.

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

Pilot your Kart with a YOKE steering wheel or take aim with CROSS HAIR hood ornament.

So the big question is, “How do I get a voucher, Chuck?”

We will be giving away a bunch of voucher codes in many different ways, and we will let you know which ones right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

The first site that is hooking you up is our friends at GameSpot! They are planning on doing two code drops, with the first one being on May 10th. They have a limited quantity, so be sure to get in there before they run out.

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

Expect more hints about where you’ll see Air Raid next soon, right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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Darkxil said:

May 7th, 7:31 am

Also, how about some info for us in Britain and Europe?
There wasnt (to what ive seen) any info on what stores have what characters here but thats fair enough considering we can find that out ourselves.

Its this btw for all those who want it for the UK.
GAME – Nathan Drake
Amazon.co.uk – Ratchet and Clank
Play.co.uk – Kratos

However, barely anything has been said about Sackboy coming to Europe and how we will have to get him aswell if he even does come here too and this new character who is suddenly looking like an American/Canadian character only. Even the Demo and Theme codes people were given in Europe cant be used by us.

Darkxil said:

May 7th, 7:31 am

Sorry if I seem offensive now cause I seriously am not trying to be but if we are not going to get some of these characters like America and Canada are can you at least tell us because its just making us wait for somthing we may not get and if we are gonna get them why make us wait to find out how to get them with only two weeks left until the game comes out?

Also, ive checked the Europe Blog and there barely anything about this game in general on it.

Again, sorry if this is too harsh cause I dont want it to be but can there please be some kind of answers for us outside of America and Canada please.

(To finish on a good note)
Beach and Jungle themes look awsome btw!

Senjutsu_Dav said:

May 7th, 8:34 am

Can’t you stop giving vouchers and exclusive content to companies? I mean, too much content won’t make it to most of us now…

louisprotano said:

May 7th, 8:40 am

i have recently pre-ordered this game from amazon.co.uk and im not sure weather i will get this on the release date, or weather i will have to wait a few days after it is released because i chose the free delivery. do you know weather i will have to wait or get it on the release date?

J-DANG said:

May 7th, 8:45 am

Please don’t forget us Canadians.

reporthackers said:

May 7th, 9:05 am

I am aslo getting modnation racers for the ps3 as well. Within a few weeks I am going to preorder it. It remonds me of mario cart and crash racing.

jt1cc said:

May 7th, 9:05 am

I pre-ordered from bestbuy si I could get the Nathan Drake mod, the guy at the counter started talking to me about the game and we talked for a bit since there was no one in line behind me and I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go to immediately. Then the “free mod for pre-ordering” thing came up and he said that he hadn’t heard about it, so it must just be in the US… I was like FUUUUUUU–
SO then I go to gamespot when I get home, and look up modnation racers, says Air Raid DLC giveaway, I was happy, then I read that it’s for the US members only.
I hate being Canadian…
Can’t wait for this game, sucks that the free DLC applies only to the US >.>

drunkenNATIVE said:

May 7th, 9:41 am

the only thing i hate is that this will end up being like lbp and ill end up buying all the dlc and i hate that, because in 5 months the special ed. of the game with most of the dlc will come out. also when i was a kid i would draw race tracks on large sheets of paper for my cars to race on. it got so popular that even my friends would come over just to have fake races on my tracks.

craiglaurence said:

May 7th, 10:25 am

Just bring United Front Games into the PS family now instead of waiting til later like Media Molecule. Pre-ordered long ago.

etur0 said:

May 7th, 10:47 am

man I will be in college when they release it lucky it is lunch time around that time so I go I’ll use the pc at school but they are very slow

DdotWU said:

May 7th, 12:05 pm

that’s nice… but only 10 codes and u.s. only… kind of sucks for canadians ey? :( plz don’t forget us ey

D34DL1N3R said:

May 7th, 12:21 pm

I pre-ordered at both Gamestop AND BestBuy so I could get Kratos & Ratchet/Clank… not to mention two possibilities for different bonus mods (hope I don’t get the same two and at least one of them is Mouse Trap). One copy will be a gift, but I’m keeping both vouchers for myself. WOOD’nt you? (Heh, I had to throw my own “Wood” joke in there).

Anyway, if I don’t get an Air Raid code I’m going to lock myself in the refrigerator. It will be on your hands then Chuck, lol.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 7th, 2:25 pm

    Bring a jacket! It gets cold in there. lol!

D34DL1N3R said:

May 7th, 12:25 pm

Okay… so my WOOD joke made absolutely no sense. I’;m still locking myself in the fridge if I don’t get a code. :P

Xirvet said:

May 7th, 1:12 pm

I wonder now, will the PSP version of the game be available as a download from the PSN Store on the same week than the release. I hope because where I live, we rarely get new releases especially on the PSP.

    Chuck Lacson's Avatar

    Chuck Lacson said:

    May 7th, 2:26 pm

    PSP will be live on PSN on the 25th. :)

Smasho- said:

May 7th, 1:19 pm

Why not directly into the game? I hope the game itself is completed and don’t need a buy Snow for the editor (thinking of Capcom… Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode & MegaMan DLC…)!


under_earth said:

May 7th, 1:49 pm

Expect this game to have as much if not more DLC as LBP.

acerazer1 said:

May 7th, 2:07 pm

Looks awesome, hope I’ll be able to get one. But as long as I get Drake and Sackboy, it’s all good.

LOL at the response for #3. Sooo true. For the record I’m getting both, though ModNation is the only one I’ve preordered.

TLCare said:

May 7th, 3:56 pm

Is there anyway you could get all three preorder content?

neolink002 said:

May 7th, 8:50 pm

uhh might soud dumb…. but what exactly do i have to do ??
cause i cant even comment i have to be a lvl 3 or something like that
so how would i even get the code.. will it just be posted and 1st to redeem wins???

K1ngDom_ said:

May 8th, 5:53 am

I love you, can I please have a code now?

grey_jeep said:

May 8th, 8:07 am

Hey Chuck!! thanks for the beta code! Is there going to be any theme dlc in the future such as a winter, underwater, and future theme?! that would be amazing!!!!!

Miighty- said:

May 8th, 12:28 pm


Clone_Commando said:

May 8th, 12:51 pm

My birthday is May 10. Hook me up with a voucher.


Gejost said:

May 8th, 3:34 pm

Feels like we Europeans are left out again. On the official site there is no word on what stores have what characters when we pre-order, only American shops are listed. We have no idea if we Europeans get sackboy with our pre-orders or if European first copies will have the sticker on it. And now only Americans get this free DLC with no word again about Europe and the rest of the world?

Why not just give everyone – without leaving anyone out – this free DLC via the PSN store?

Gejost said:

May 8th, 4:07 pm

I don’t want to sound negative, i’m still getting this game, no matter what.

I was thinking, we can share our mods and karts with the rest of the world, does this also apply for kratos, air raid, etc.?

zekececil14 said:

May 8th, 9:21 pm

LittleBigPlanet meets MarioKart, but it isn’t any of that Nintendo junk! Cant wait, pre-ordered already. Looking forward to the special Sackboy Mod and Kart!!!!

rjejr said:

May 9th, 9:12 am

Cam anybody who’s played the MNR beta compare the racing to the Split/Second demo?

I beat the S/S demo last night (DL’d from the EU, I couldn’t find it in the US store) but was underwhelmed by both the general lack of speed and the drifting handling. I know it isn’t a kart racer, the graphics and stuff were fun, but I felt like I was just driving around blowing stuff up and not racing.

bgardner said:

May 9th, 3:29 pm

both good

OveReAction said:

May 10th, 3:13 am

Hmm…how can i get a voucher? Im falling in love with this game.

eFunk25 said:

May 10th, 5:11 am

It would be epic to get ahold of this sweet character!

SaikyoMog said:

May 10th, 10:33 am

It seems as soon as the countdown went to 0, they ran out of codes…. <_<

bonemandust said:

May 10th, 10:33 am

Guess what i was there when the timer hit zero and it tells me they’re out of codes just like last time

WWESuperstar said:

May 10th, 10:33 am

That really sucked on Gamespot. Very disappointing

Ozbendigo said:

May 10th, 10:34 am

hey chuck, i went to gamestop and waited for the timer to go to 0 and then once it got to 0 it said “I’m sorry we are currently out of codes, check again on may 17th” does that mean there was only one code?

UhOhBadDog said:

May 10th, 10:35 am

EPIC FAIL @ GameSpot. No sign of any codes at the deadline, only a message indicating:

“Thanks for your interest in the Air Raid DLC Giveaway. We are currently out of codes, but we will be handing out a fresh new batch starting 5/17, so be sure to come back then!”

Thanks for nothing.


May 10th, 10:35 am

Well that was lame, what did they get one code? If that because their countdown timer went from :01 to “Thanks for your interest in the Air Raid DLC Giveaway. We are currently out of codes, but we will be handing out a fresh new batch starting 5/17, so be sure to come back then!” >_<

And I had the window open for over 12 hours though I had to refresh because the timer got screwy… Maybe I shouldn't have.

PuppetShoJustice said:

May 10th, 10:35 am

I’m extremely displeased. I went out of my way to be there when the timer rolled over. Refreshed the page the moment it hit zero. And it said it’s out of codes. There is no way that is possible.

There isn’t a single person on the Gamespot page claiming to have obtained one. So I’m guessing none were given out.

Thanks for wasting all our time.

Beltaine-77 said:

May 10th, 10:35 am

WAY TO GO GAMESPOT! At 0 seconds I hit refresh and:

“Thanks for your interest in the Air Raid DLC Giveaway. We are currently out of codes, but we will be handing out a fresh new batch starting 5/17, so be sure to come back then!”


Woollymonster73 said:

May 10th, 10:36 am

chuck what happen was there refresh 10 sec left on timer errrrrrrr out of codes:(


May 10th, 10:36 am

Ahhhhahaha never mind now it’s come up for me and I got my code. :D

UhOhBadDog said:

May 10th, 10:36 am

Correction. My apology. Seems they may have had a delay for some reason, as I was just able to sign up for a code. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

MonkeyGibber said:

May 10th, 10:37 am

Just came over from Gamespot where I sat all day, rearranged my schedule then the timer clicks 0 and sorry they’re all gone…WTF this is crap!

jnt325 said:

May 10th, 10:37 am

Yeah, this is really disappointing. I’ve had Gamespot’s code giveaway page bookmarked since last week. I’m really excited to play the game, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How about handing some codes out here?

bonemandust said:

May 10th, 10:38 am

They fixed it now everybody go and refresh i just got mine

foodlionslave said:

May 10th, 10:38 am

I took a long lunch so I could wait for the countdown to end. I guess the only thing I get is this message: “Thanks for your interest in the Air Raid DLC Giveaway. We are currently out of codes, but we will be handing out a fresh new batch starting 5/17, so be sure to come back then!” & a smaller paycheck for taking a long lunch. I hope some one got codes. I’ll still buy the game because it looks EPIC. Maybe I’ll get a code next time!!!

Beltaine-77 said:

May 10th, 10:38 am

Ha! They were just slow. It’s working now, go go go get em!

papidj1 said:

May 10th, 10:38 am

why lie to us GAMESPOT?, if you don’t want to give nothing just say it, its a shame to lie to all costumers, incredible, no codes when timer hits 0?
I’m waiting to play with this game, BUT DONT PLAY WITH US as loyal costumers, Hey SONY please do something about it, pleaseeeeeeeee

MonkeyGibber said:

May 10th, 10:38 am

@142 something fixed, just refreshed & got the code!

jnt325 said:

May 10th, 10:39 am

Nevermind, I was able to get a code. Appears that the page may have been glitched, but seems to be working now. Thanks!

Gejost said:

May 10th, 10:39 am

Lol @ gamespot. Everyone is pissed, just check the comments there.

Like I said before, everyone that will buy ModNation Racers should be able to download this free DLC from the PSN store.

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