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Oct 27

Oct 27

Little-Known Facts: Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer

Josh Olin's Avatar Posted by

Community Manager, Treyarch

Hello! I’m Josh Olin (aka JD_2020), and thank you for the opportunity to highlight some of the features that Call of Duty: Black Ops will deliver to PS3 fans when it launches on November 9th. A number of these features are ones that I think the community has been wanting for a long time, which is why we’ve worked really hard to deliver. So let’s get started!

Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3

Multiplayer Online Split-Screen Support

Let’s get started with what I believe is the most unknown, yet confirmed, aspect to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer – the online split-screen support we’ve re-introduced to the franchise!

The Facts:

  • You can connect a second controller and bring a guest online (i.e. “JD_2020” & “JD_2020(1)”).
  • Guests can rank up, earn unlocks, etc – all guest progress goes away once signed out.

Custom Games Editor

Allow me to introduce the Black Ops Custom Games Editor! Private matches have never been this customizable. Players will have the ability to structure their games at all new levels of granularity. From variables as simple as Time Limit and Score Limit, or as deep as which weapons, Perks, and gear are available. You want a Pistols Only match? Make one! No longer do custom game modes rely on the “honor system.”

Furthermore, any Custom Game you create and configure can be placed in your File Share, for friends and the community to browse, download, and enjoy. You just might create the most addictive new game mode of all time from the comfort of your own living room!

Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3

In-Game Friends List

We’ve integrated a built-in Friends List into the in game user interface. You’ll be able to browse Recent Players, Friends, navigate their File Shares, Recent Games, Combat Records – all within this in-game menu system designed to streamline the social process within the game. Sending game invites and joining Friends’ games has never been simpler than in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Regional Matchmaking & Party Privacy

Call of Duty: Black Ops will support regional matchmaking filters on a global scale. So, no matter where you’re at in the world, you will have the ability to specify whether you want to match with players from other geographical regions, or only those local to you. This will make communication and lag a much less intrusive variable on your gameplay experience.

Additionally, given Black Ops will support joining games in progress via an even simpler built-in in-game Friends List interface, we’ll allow a Party leader to lock down his lobby to Invite Only, Friends Only, or even Close it altogether if he wants to be in complete control over who enters and exits the Party Lobby.

Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3

Emblems Do NOT Reset with Prestige

This one is pretty cut-and-dried. A frequently asked question is, “Will my kickass emblem I spent hours perfecting be lost when I prestige?” The answer is “NO!” Emblems are one of the only aspects of Black Ops MP that do not get a full reset upon entering Prestige. Things that will reset when you Prestige are: XP, COD Points, Challenge progressions, Loadouts, and so forth.

So that’s just a few of the lesser-known components to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer, confirmed for the first time here on the official PlayStation.Blog! For more information regarding Black Ops, and all the new features included in multiplayer, head over to our official YouTube channel and watch all the different trailers we have highlighted from the game. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter (@JD_2020) for more news and updates.

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snoochieboochie6 said:

October 30th, 9:51 pm

Well on the game Borderlands you can sign in as 2 different profiles when you play split screen. So i dont think its a money thing.. And the new xbox 360 is basically a ps3. So why not take the 2 player sign in.

Dragon-Ultra said:

October 30th, 10:12 pm

Multiplayer Split-Screen sounds good….

But why does it have to be a gues with the
owners name plus a [1]. At least allow the
guest to choose their name to play. Or let
2 PSN accounts play online at once.

Please answer if it is possible or not.

Thank You~

Dragon-Ultra said:

October 30th, 10:24 pm

I was trying to be nice in my last post, but I have read most of the posts and now I am so f****** mad at Treyarch, SCE and Activision.

Why the f*** would you post that we can have 2 PSN accounts signed in and then edit it out?
You got ALL of our PS3 user hopes up, and you take them back down saying it is only exclusive for Microsoft Xbox 360. You guys fail big time.

At least make a new blog saying why! or JD_2020 could post a tweet saying why!

We deserve an explanation. And PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE let 2 PSN accounts sign in online (not a guest) in a future patch or something.

What your showing here is discrimination in some way against PlayStation Network users.

linux731 said:

October 31st, 7:43 am

The Facts:

* You can connect a second controller and bring a guest online (i.e. “JD_2020” & “JD_2020(1)”).
* Guests can rank up, earn unlocks, etc – all guest progress goes away once signed out.
* You can bring a second, full PSN account online!
* Both players with full PSN ID’s can rank up while playing together in split-screen, as if on two separate consoles.


Huh… Europe gets it but not North America.

LeeHarris1994 said:

October 31st, 9:41 am


DayOfWreckoning said:

October 31st, 10:01 am

I’m really excited about this game. I just got done reading about Call of Duty: Black Opson this site and now I’m about to <a href=" it.

Senor_Shmellow said:

October 31st, 10:07 am

This is what you call “business” and treyarch is being very dumb in putting in that 2 psn acc thing and then editing it out
Someone reply to me telling me if there are any other games ON THE PS3 where you can log in with 2

kropodra said:

October 31st, 3:35 pm

LPB borderlands and a few others

Dragon-Ultra said:

October 31st, 8:09 pm

@ 257 – Senor_Shmellow

There are 2 games that I know that lets you
have 2 PSN account online at the same time.
One is Borderlands and Resistance 2 has it
too. I believe Borderlands patched it in.


November 1st, 8:12 am

well i do think you should not be favoring 1 system over another it feels very school yard juvenile to me, i own and play both the ps3 and the box at one point i had mw & mw2 for both systems and on the exact same tv & both connected with hdmi i think they look better on ps3, also psn is just as good as xbl as far as online gaming goes, ps3 is faster & better on netflix, home kills avatars lol ok back to the question at hand um i personally dont care if 2 psn id’s can log in the fact that you can go online with a friend at all is cool, i enjoyed it in halo,warhawk,resistance2, ect however i prefer not to share my screen i want all 55 inches of sweet hd to myself!! but im all about “fair” and this is not!

Dragon-Ultra said:

November 1st, 3:09 pm

@ 260 – SIRDETH

I respect your opinion and all, but I must say, since you have both, 360 and PS3, and you can play most of your 360 games with 2 accounts online and you basically don’t care, us, the PS3 users, would like this to also be in Black Ops for PS3, since there are only 2 games that have this feature (up to where I know) and not everyone has those 2 games, nor a 360, so we, at least most of us, DO care about having 2 accounts online in PSN at the same time and we will enjoy it.

loganrss20 said:

November 1st, 5:38 pm

Damn, should be allowed two online accounts at once.

KiD-KoSHuR said:

November 2nd, 9:54 am

‘The Facts:

* You can connect a second controller and bring a guest online (i.e. “JD_2020” & “JD_2020(1)”).
* Guests can rank up, earn unlocks, etc – all guest progress goes away once signed out.


Wolfman1808 said:

November 2nd, 10:18 am

PS3 needs to be able to have 2 PS accounts logged in at the same time!!! If the second player has to start at lvl 1 every time they are going to get screwed cause every one else will have better weapons and perks!!! PS3 can diffinently have 2 accounts logged in at the same time

katana231 said:

November 2nd, 11:02 am

pre-ordered it the day i was able! :D

Marksmin said:

November 2nd, 6:59 pm

I wish they would update the PSN XMB; I guess Treyarch knows it’s garbage. I hope they overhaul it one of these days; It is free though so I shouldn’t complain. Feels like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Big ups to Treyarch for taking the initiative though. Shaping up to be the best CoD yet. Sorry Infinity Ward, you created this beast and almost took it down with you. You can tell their heart wasn’t in MW2 by the lack of quality control. I assume Treyarch wants to prove themselves so this should be quite epic.

Marksmin said:

November 2nd, 7:04 pm

@248 and Activision is all about the money.

NASSER-B52 said:

November 3rd, 11:30 am

How much is it

Dominus_Slayer said:

November 4th, 1:17 pm

Try out for our Clan, Dominus (PS3)

Marksmin said:

November 5th, 12:05 am

So now they said they don’t support regional matchmaking on the PS3? WTH is going on over at Treyarch. Get your facts straight. Josh needs to be fired for doing such a poor job or the developer is lying (which I doubt). This is ridiculous.

Marksmin said:

November 5th, 12:08 am

I take it back. Just read his twitter and he said it wasn’t true. WTH is going on at Treyarch again. Is someone trying to make Josh look like an ass? I give up. I’ll just wait till I get the game.

ryker_362 said:

November 6th, 4:47 pm

Still skeptical about this. Modern Warfare 2’s unbalanced multiplayer really bummed me out, as it has for a lot of people. Hopefully you guys at Treyarch will pull out all stops to make the multiplayer as fun as possible. Kudos for adding the split-screen online multiplayer, and I heard zombies will be in the game as well. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out, good luck to the team!

Dark-Predator51 said:

November 7th, 6:39 pm

Hey josh, you forgot to mention how the ps3 fans will be recieving DLC a month after the xbox…….

robo114 said:

November 7th, 9:21 pm

PLEASE! PLEASE can you add 4-Player Split Screen in Zombies; this would be AWESOME

Personaly I think this would be so much fun because everyone would be shouting and laughing and it would just be so tense (especially when you play with noobs), you just can’t get that atmosphere online with a mike.

SO THank you and PLEASE add in 4-player SPLIT SCREEN ZOMBIES!!!!


November 9th, 1:04 pm

Great news, however Sony needs to step up their game… We’ve had this splitscreen online option since Warhawk, but only guests can log in, which is a waste of time.

We NEED to make a stink about this so Sony can impliment this feature & have multiple accounts logged in. Hate to say it but like Halo, & Blackops for the 360…

Mr_Virushunter said:

November 9th, 4:47 pm

can’t join him on my account either lol*

angelspawn77 said:

November 9th, 6:07 pm

Wow, what a HUGE disappointment, why are us ps3 users second class citizens when it comes to COD? I mean they come on here and tell us split screen online with 2 separate accounts logged in once, then they go back on what they said. Seriously FU activision, I will not be buying another COD game. The maps werent enough, you had to take away great features from the ps3 version as well didnt you?

RobbLuke69 said:

November 10th, 3:59 am

Alright, so I’m playin with 4 people local, how do we save names and ranks? can you save names and ranks?

Ryuhza said:

November 10th, 2:01 pm

LBP can do multiple PSNs online, why not this-?

BoogiemanXIIXIII said:

November 11th, 2:26 am

Wut is the point of playin wit a guess when u loose all ur progress it makes no sense its a waste of time why not let 2 psn accounts sign in so that playin is worth it

Mr_Virushunter said:

November 11th, 3:07 am

I can’t log in on the call of duty black ops site, it says if entered the wrong password or email but it’s the same i used here lol

ExTiNcT_FuRY said:

November 11th, 2:55 pm

Bout Tome theres online splitscreen support. But id have Cod BO yet

KILLjoeMAMA said:

November 11th, 11:43 pm

I own both an PS3 and a Xbox, so I bought Black Ops for my PS3. It’s perfect for campaign in terms of graphics however, I believe this same game would be better enjoyed on the Xbox in terms of multiplayer.
I wanted to play the zombie mode with 4 different PSN Ids on my machine however, I was disappointed. I’m sure the Xbox would allow me to do so because it does on modern warfare 2. I’m actually considering trading in my PS3 copy for a XBox one. How sad Sony!!!
It’s just that, when it comes to multiplayer games, I believe Microsoft actually got it right!

CrunktastiC said:

November 14th, 1:58 pm

Why would there not be the ability to sign in with 2 seperate accounts on the same system?? You said that, but now retract the statement and now this “guest” crap? C’mon, don’t do this to us…

DuCkYLIgHtIn said:

November 20th, 11:28 am

Is there a way to change the split screen to vertical? I hate that horizontal spit screen

TheJx4 said:

November 21st, 2:55 pm

It’s only gimped in the North American version apparently.

Read there.

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