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Feb 10

Feb 10

In the Trenches with Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

Richard Ho's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Richard Ho and I’m part of the SCEA marketing team that has brought you familiar peripherals such as the DUALSHOCK 3, Bluetooth Headset and Surround Sound System. Back in December we showed you the new PlayStation Move sharp shooter and its compatibility with Killzone 3. Today, we took some time to walk you through the sharp shooter’s anatomy and show you how it works in action with two of our most anticipated games – Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.

The PlayStation Move sharp shooter’s authentic design allows you to literally take aim and move into the firefight with the most intuitive and immersive control experience for shooter games. For those of you FPS fans on the fence about the sharp shooter, here are a few things to consider:

Developers for Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 have created their games with the sharp shooter in mind. There are customization screens available to adjust the sharp shooter settings which will allow for a perfect gaming experience.

The PlayStation Move sharp shooter enables easy access to the navigation controller and features easily accessible buttons (use of the extension connector to map the motion controller buttons onto the body of the gun). Extra features such as the reload button, pump-action grip, and firing mode selector give you additional in-game options to play with. The digital trigger allows for short pulls – meaning faster firing compared to manual triggers. An adjustable shoulder stock increases comfort for those long play sessions. Finally, you can customize the gun with included Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 stickers to suit your taste.

With the more than 50 supported PlayStation Move games available, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. For the hardcore gamers, rest assured that Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 will not disappoint! The sharp shooter is only $39.99 (MSRP) and will be available at the time Killzone 3 launches on Feb 22, 2011. We can’t wait for you to test out the sharp shooter for yourselves. When you do, let us know what you think!

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xXSuPeR_DoOKiEXx said:

February 10th, 7:03 am

I might consider getting the move and sharpshooter now

Trioptical said:

February 10th, 7:10 am

Wow, exciting video. Entertaining too. Poppin caps, good times.

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 10:05 am

    I’ll never live that down :)

Flip_Escobar said:

February 10th, 7:13 am

Can’t wait!!! Got my Sharpshooter and KillZone 3 on order…

Sibeckham said:

February 10th, 7:14 am

Nice !!!

Enforcer_X said:

February 10th, 7:14 am

I think the sharp shooter should come in black but still keeping the side and tip oranage for “safety”.
Better yet, ColorWare should start custom painting these things for us.

The_Rick_14 said:

February 10th, 7:17 am

I love that there is control over how far you have to go to the side to turn the screen. Hopefully this customization is available in Killzone as well.

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 10:06 am

    There is! We’re working on a video showing the best ways to tweak this to your liking.


February 10th, 7:18 am

Mine is paid for! Can’t wait!

Really liking the accuracy of the Move + Nav in the KZ3 beta.

Good job with this guys!

Gueeds said:

February 10th, 7:18 am

This video sold me. I’ll be picking up the Sharp Shooter.

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Rey Gutierrez said:

    February 10th, 11:17 am

    Awesome! That’s the reason why we shoot these epic videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, but video? A BILLION!

The_Rick_14 said:

February 10th, 7:19 am


I agree, but it’s something that can be solved pretty easily with some painters tape and spray paint. I do custom painted airsoft guns as a hobby and even those with multiple colors only take an afternoon.

Zepinephrine said:

February 10th, 7:20 am

Do want. Unfortunately $70 is a little steep. I opted to get two wands rather than a wand and a nav controller, planning on using my DS3 controller. I haven’t played a game yet that required the nav controller or DS3 so i feel justified in putting it off; but the Sharpshhoter obviously needs the nav controller.

Sooo… looks really solid, and i’d love to grab one but it’ll have to wait. I still find it strange that the nav controller isn’t in any bundles. I wonder how many sold.

Here’s an idea for a bundle: Killzone Sharpshooter Pack – Killzone 3, Sharpshooter, Nav Controller. Throw in some DLC skins, I’d buy that.


February 10th, 7:23 am

Are you guys going to release a SOCOM Red-Dot Scope or ACOG for that top accessory rail?

That would be sweet!

Brook-O_C said:

February 10th, 7:24 am

@6 It is :)

I really want this. But money is a problem though…. -_-

erick_34 said:

February 10th, 7:24 am

beautiful gun but something failed is white why it can not be black?

and yes can’t wait for Killzone 3 Helghast Edition ^_^

Inofensivo said:

February 10th, 7:27 am

Great , but i have to wait until July or Sony Style Costa Rica bring the Sharpshooter attachtment

thundercat17 said:

February 10th, 7:30 am

can we please have a killzone vs socom?

ToonStarDivinity said:

February 10th, 7:32 am

Kotaku had some nice close-up unboxing pictures, looks like a typical high quality Sony product. $40 is legit. I’m sold on the Move as viable control scheme after a few days of toying around with the Killzone beta.

NoGodsOnlyMan said:

February 10th, 7:33 am

I liked a lot the move controllers on the KZ3 beta, they are a lot of fun for brutal kills and reloading.

I will get the Sharp Shooter ASAP, it look great and the use of the ext. output on the Move controller makes it the real deal

dh4645 said:

February 10th, 7:38 am

i really wish i could get this before the 22nd. i wont have it until the 25th when it comes from amazon. i have amazon prime and pay $4 for faster shipping, but it still says the 24th. i would pay the $4 if i could get it the 22nd or 23rd.

i’ll be playing at 12:30 am on the 22nd when i get back from gamestop. guess i’ll just have to use ds3 or move without the sharpshooter.

played the demo and mp beta yesterday with move, good for SP and sniping in MP, still not sure if i’ll use it with the other classes due to not being able to move around as fast or as precisely as i can with ds3.


February 10th, 7:38 am

…damn it… I might actually end up buying KZ3 just to use this… damn you sony!! stop making me spend so much money!!

uk_crom said:

February 10th, 7:45 am

Awww Yeah. Ive dreamed of something like this for soooo long.

mikemill said:

February 10th, 7:46 am

I was somewhat skeptical of the Sharpshooter but after seeing this video I am sold! I will be picking it up on the 22nd along with my Helghast Edition of Killzone 3!!

Donald6493 said:

February 10th, 7:46 am

The sharpshooter looks pretty cool and killzone looks like it would be fun using it, dont know about socom though, not a big fan of the game

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dh4645 said:

February 10th, 7:47 am

how are we supposed to move and jump at the same time? i dont do it often, but i usually do it out of the isa base in the beta to jump over the railing and down the steps…moving with the nav and hitting x on the move controller.

doesnt seem easily feasible with the sharpshooter

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 11:03 am

    Great question. With the sharp shooter, jump has been repositioned to Square, easily accessible by your index finger on the trigger hand.

felkor said:

February 10th, 7:50 am

I echo dh4645’s concerns. I’ve posted this on the Killzone boards and have gotten no response. How does one jump in Killzone with the sharpshooter? Using the X button on the Nav controller won’t work, as you can’t push forward on the analog stick and hit the X button at the same time.

FORMIK said:

February 10th, 7:53 am

How does the sharpshooter work for other shooter games, like Time Crisis? I realize the navigation controller is only used in the story mode, but I’d like to know how it works for the arcade games.

reson8er said:

February 10th, 7:54 am

I am really considering getting this after KZ3 has proven that move really works for FPS. I will NOT be playing KZ3 with the Move primarily, but likely using it on a 2nd or 3rd play through, as it is a legit way of making the game feel different a few times through. As others have pointed out, it is somewhat of a shame that it will not be available through Amazon the same day the game arrives.

I would like to point out that the box says it works with dead space extraction, while I am sure it technically does *work* I can see were there will be problems with certain gestues, like when you have to rotate your wrist to go into Alt Fire mode. I am not sure of the entire functionality of level of customization possible but it seems this would be pretty cumbersome to achieve w/i DS:E. Just my $.02

KidCommando said:

February 10th, 7:55 am

Things to do on 2/22/2011:

-Buy Killzone

-Buy Sharpshooter

-Paint Sharpshooter

-Kill Higs


February 10th, 7:57 am

…ok so for me its either Hyperdimension neptunia or KZ3 with this sexy thingy…AGHHH!!! I dun wanna spend 300$ dollars every single month on games!!

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 11:05 am

    We’ll try and make fewer high quality games.

    OK, no we won’t. Sorry!!

SPOPS said:

February 10th, 7:59 am

Looks like something that more of the casual audience would enjoy. I’ll be sticking with my DS3

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 11:06 am

    And you’re welcome to do so. I think you might be surprised with Move’s implementation, however.

eyesofreality03 said:

February 10th, 8:01 am

i am completely sold on this sharpshooter, picking i tup with killzone at launch, if i can afford it

RedGiant17 said:

February 10th, 8:02 am

Will there be any bundles of Socom or Killzone + Sharpshooter?

/Poppin’ caps….nice Jeff.

KazeEternal said:

February 10th, 8:03 am

Looking forward to killzone 3 and Socom 4. Using this peripheral is at the top of my list as well for my move, especially since the beta made my arms tired after an hour (I tend to play for an unhealthy 3 to 4 hours especially with multiplayer).

Anyway we need the interview with this guy who made this PS3 commercial. It’s awesome and isn’t one of Sony’s.!5756802/this-is-not-a-playstation-3-ad-but-it-should-be

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 11:11 am

    Saw that! High quality work.

dh4645 said:

February 10th, 8:04 am

@felkor thanks, i thought i was the only one concerned.
i dont jump often, but i don’t want to NOT be able to with my $40 plastic gun. they could have easily put another x button somewhere. they say that connection maps the controls to the other buttons on the gun, BUT WHERE IS THE X?

Azfargh said:

February 10th, 8:09 am

U Sony guys should REALLY sell the SHARPSHOOTER now…

I can´t pay for all of that together.

erick_34 said:

February 10th, 8:17 am

@dh4645 if you do not like the gun why you comment here?? so shut up

and can’t wait for Killzone 3 Helghast Edition

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 11:11 am

    Erick, he has a good point. One which I addressed in an earlier comment.

Zepinephrine said:

February 10th, 8:18 am


looks like… maybe. Or you could actually try it and make an informed opinion.

dh4645 said:

February 10th, 8:20 am

@erick_34 i bought the gun from amazon. i am just asking where the X button is.

how do you think you are gonna jump?

Berae said:

February 10th, 8:24 am

It looks very nice.

erick_34 said:

February 10th, 8:25 am

@dh4645 simple as pressing the x in the navigation controller but I do not like to come to complain here

erick_34 said:

February 10th, 8:29 am

sorry i say I do not like the people come to complain here

felkor said:

February 10th, 8:29 am


Hitting the x button on the navigation controller while pushing forward on the analog stick is very difficult, and is in fact impossible for someone who is left-handed. So that will not really work. I have pre-ordered the sharpshooter but would just like some sort of confirmation on how jumping will work with it, as using the X on the navigation controller does not really work.

RoyMunson said:

February 10th, 8:32 am

looks awesome but what about us lefties? can we change the player in killzone to hold the gun in left hand?

    Richard Ho's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    February 10th, 11:12 am

    Absolutely. The remapped Square and Triangle buttons are on both sides.

dh4645 said:

February 10th, 8:32 am

erick_34 as @falkir said above, you can’t use the nav to move and also x to jump at the same time…unless you have two thumbs.

otherwise u are just umping straight up

it’s a legitimate question. i am not complaining.

i’m glad you arent the blog moderator…jeez. i’d be kicked from asking a legitimate question

dh4645 said:

February 10th, 8:33 am

@RoyMunson yes, they said it works for lefties too. buttons on both sides

KidCommando said:

February 10th, 8:34 am

@ erick_34

What makes you think we like people who come here to complain about the complainers?

This is a comment section you twit.

dh4645 said:

February 10th, 8:34 am

correction….unless you have two thumbs….ON ONE HAND. ha

aro52 said:

February 10th, 8:35 am

After getting the opportunity to try this at CES last month, I won’t be picking this up, sadly. :( I really wanted to love this thing, but when holding the Sharpshooter as a lefty, it puts the player movement stick to my right thumb (normally on the left). This small detail was enough that i just couldn’t get my bearings. I’m sure with some practice, I could “get it”, or I could hold the Sharpshooter like a righty, but I think I’ll just stick to Move + Nav separate. Which, I have been using in the KZ3 Beta, and loving! Will be playing campaign and online with Move + Nav.

Z0MBIE-H1 said:

February 10th, 8:39 am

How well could it work for MAG?

Salacion said:

February 10th, 8:42 am

What about for us left handers? Won’t it be difficult to use…

erick_34 said:

February 10th, 8:44 am

@dh4645 because by what I read in your comment I realized that you’re getting carried away by what others say who says you can not give the x in the navigation if the gun does not come out yet

I’m not attacking you I’m just saying do not be misled by others ok?? ^_^

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