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Jun 01

Jun 01

Starhawk’s Multiplayer: Watch Capture the Flag in the Acid Sea

Harvard Bonin's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, SCEA

What’s up PS Blog and fellow Warheads? I’ve been working on Warhawk since 2007 and I represent the other half of the Santa Monica Studio/LightBox Interactive partnership. I’m sure you all know about the Santa Monica team from the God of War series. What you might not know is that we’ve been working with LightBox since the studio opened its doors, helping the team get started on this exciting new project. We’ve been contributing to the Starhawk development process creatively and on the biz side of things. It’s been a true collaboration — we’re thrilled to be working with the talented group at LightBox.

Lots of you are wondering how Build & Battle fits in with the Warhawk recipe of “frenetic epic firefights,” so today we wanted to give you a taste of what we will have playable at E3 next week! This is a video of an actual multiplayer tournament we had recently at the LightBox studio.

As you know Starhawk also has a cool single-player campaign that will immerse you in the story of our main character, Emmett Graves, but as you can see we have not forgotten about our multiplayer roots! We’ve designed Starhawk’s multiplayer to be just as much fun as Warhawk’s, but now with our new Build & Battle toy box, you shooter fans will have something you haven’t truly experienced before – the ability to change the battlefield on the fly. We’ll have more details on Starhawk’s multiplayer soon, but for now we invite you to come visit us at E3!

Starhawk for PS3Starhawk for PS3

Thanks a ton for the amazing reactions to Starhawk thus far. I can honestly say that we’ve only scratched the surface so look out for more info in the months ahead.

And if you want more Starhawk info, there are lots of ways to reach us. Register on StarhawkTheGame.com, hop on the Starhawk official forums, and join in on the conversations. The PlayStation.Blog is also a great spot, of course. As you’ve seen, Dylan has spent a lot of time trying to answer your questions and he’ll continue to do so. He also has a Twitter account that you can follow, @dylanjobe, where you can find out about Starhawk and ask him questions…or just see what he had for dinner. We can’t answer all of your questions just yet but we pay close attention to what you, the fans, are talking about and what’s most important to you.

Please comment away and, again, thanks for your continued support.

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LionHeartX83 said:

June 1st, 3:46 pm

Looks fantastic! Day one buy fo’ sho’!

thegame0808 said:

June 1st, 4:00 pm

wow im getting this game day 1 , i like the whole concept of the game and the whole new engine is amazing wow looking forward to look more about this awesome game sony have to give us :)


June 1st, 4:11 pm

Sadliy I didnt care for warhawk too much. I have it digitally and it hasnt gotten much play time. It seemed like everybody ran for a plane and would just duke it out in the sky over and over so I found the ground battles boring trying to look for someone to kill. This may have potential but I need to try it first to make sure that it doesnt run into the same issue. On a different note its rather cool to see the base pieces drop down and be built.

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 1st, 4:22 pm

    Sorry you feel that way and its totally cool. Warhawk didn’t appeal to some players and we expect that. It is true that it takes a little while to really grok the fun of Warhawk and we’re addressing this in Starhawk. When the beta comes out, give it a try. Maybe we’ll surprise you!

ACTION1 said:

June 1st, 4:21 pm

Just want to say that I loved Warhawk and I think this game will kick butt. Compared to the other FPS, Warhawk has stood the test of time and I know that this will also. Keep up the hard work…your jobs make all our lives better when we get the finished product.

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 1st, 5:57 pm

    thanks, those are kind words. We just want to make the best game we can

Ama_Daoes said:

June 1st, 5:07 pm

Looking really impressive. Thank you Dylan and the team for the passion and creative talents that you are bringing to the industry. You have my purchase, and I will see all of you online ;)

Street_Killaz said:

June 1st, 5:19 pm

Looks sick just amazing!!! Day one buy!!

dA_dRuNkEn_OnE_ said:

June 1st, 5:24 pm

One question. Is this going to be on the PS store or is going to be a disc you buy?

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 1st, 5:56 pm

    this will be a disc and we don’t intend for it to be available on the store.

XxTigerheartxX said:

June 1st, 5:24 pm

is this game gonna be available in the playstation store once released or retail copy?

Thane_of_Fife said:

June 1st, 5:50 pm

Amazing, when will it be possible to pre-order this revolution?

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 1st, 5:56 pm

    we’ll have plenty of pre order incentives out there so you’d best wait a bit and see which appeals to you the most

Harvard Bonin's Avatar

Harvard Bonin said:

June 1st, 5:55 pm

we’ll have plenty of pre order incentives out there so you’d best wait a bit and see which appeals to you the most

JohnCarpenterFan said:

June 1st, 6:04 pm

I thought WarHawk was crap mostly because of the camera position. This reminds me of Red Faction Guerrilla which I loved the 3rd person in that.

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 1st, 6:06 pm

    interesting. We always love feedback. What was it exactly that you liked – or didn’t like? We are always looking to look at how to improve the game. I wonder if a lot of players feel this way.

Harvard Bonin's Avatar

Harvard Bonin said:

June 1st, 6:06 pm

interesting. We always love feedback. What was it exactly that you liked – or didn’t like? We are always looking to look at how to improve the game. I wonder if a lot of players feel this way.

Buckis2002 said:

June 1st, 6:08 pm

is this going to be released before christmas time, before spring, or a summer realseas in 2012 (based on how the game is coming along so far)

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 1st, 6:10 pm

    we don’t know yet. “When its done” is our current answer. We expect that to be in 2012

dA_dRuNkEn_OnE_ said:

June 1st, 6:10 pm

:( if this game really turns out to be better than Warhawk(Which I love) then I’ll buy it on disc even though i don’t do that much.


June 1st, 6:17 pm


Harvard Bonin's Avatar

Harvard Bonin said:

June 1st, 6:26 pm

We’ve got a page on facebook were you can really get easy feedback on your ideas, assuming we can find the time. We try very hard to make sure your ideas and notes are heard. If we can address them, we will.

dead_zombies said:

June 1st, 6:27 pm

In Warhawk, players had “unofficial” classes and roles, this is what I loved best about Warhawk. You could have never flown the plane, but if you were a force on the ground with the vehicles and landmines you were a strong asset to your team. I hope Starhawk encourages similar style of play, where people can pick their roles as dedicated pilots, or ground beasts, or all jack of all trades master of none allrounder types.

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 2nd, 10:25 am

    we don’t have specific classes, just like Warhawk. However, Starhawk allows a player to simply choose their style of play even more due to the Build & Battle system

SunStyles said:

June 1st, 7:46 pm

I still play warhawk to this day, but i just have one requst in bad lands for instance i can not see the air mines due to my color blindness please fix that. Rather than me having to steal the air mine pick ups all the time :)

DrPound35 said:

June 1st, 7:49 pm


ESHAM976 said:

June 1st, 7:55 pm

dylan or anybody at lightbox,

i haven’t seen a tank in none of the video clips please tell the tank is still in this game. i was a ok pilot but i was beast in the tank. please telll my baby is back in starhawk and much better looking.

kritacul said:

June 1st, 8:10 pm

I hope you take a few maps(Eucadia, Badlands, Vaporfield Glacier) from Warhawk, re-tool them and have them in this game if not at launch as a future DLC…

Apoc47 said:

June 1st, 8:24 pm


ZekeXenu said:

June 1st, 9:43 pm

Well, I’m really late to this discussion, but I just wanted to say that I’m thrilled to finally have Starhawk on the horizon (and yes, I am a big fan of Warhawk).

I was just wondering if Dylan or Harvard could comment on whether space-based game play will vary from planet-based game play (e.g. zero gravity). I know you’re not going to talk about specifics yet, but a “Yes” or “No” answer would be great ;)

Awesome work!

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 2nd, 10:24 am

    We don’t have plans to adjust for gravity. Keeping the game fast and frenetic is our general philosophy so we don’t want to introduce a lot of sim type elements

ShottaWarhawk said:

June 2nd, 12:39 am

I usually don’t buy game too much but I’m a sucker for a good online mass multiplayer game of this stature. I have to admit after playing warhawk this game doesn’t even compare to that it looks a hell of alot better and I know it will rock especially because Santa Monica’s Studios rep is on the line here and they have never disappointed me. Would you say that this is a well balanced game in term of who has what advantage vehicle or weapon? How are the spawn points are the random or predictable? It would be cool to destroy someone who stays too long in one spot that waits for people to respawn only to bust them up. Those people should get hit with some missiles or something.

leukoplast said:

June 2nd, 12:46 am

Starhawk is definitely going to be my online go-to game of 2012, cannot wait!

lbmanuel1 said:

June 2nd, 9:40 am

BRING BACK HOVER MODE!!! must have it! or at least like an option to have flight and hover or flight and mech mode.

    Harvard Bonin's Avatar

    Harvard Bonin said:

    June 2nd, 10:23 am

    Sorry, no plans to do so at this time. We invite you to play at E3. If you can’t make it, see what people say that have tried it

Lem said:

June 2nd, 3:01 pm

This time I’m gonna learn to fly a Warhawk/Starhawk. I quit Warhawk after I kept getting killed by pilots.

framac77 said:

June 4th, 11:15 am

Looking awesome so far guys, i can honestly say i’m anticipating starhawk with bated breath…. I love the animation of the process of changing from mech to hawk and vice versa, very cool, although seems there may be just a slight moment of vulnerability as you hover in mid-air during the change? interesting haha…

Just a quick question, dunno if you’re at liberty to say or not, but is it possible to allow/disallow certain buildings during online multiplayer? there were several selectable variables in warhawk and i thought it made the experience so much more immersive and enjoyable than the other games of a similar ilk… but if we could, for example, disallow the hawk platform, then we could have ground only battles etc, would add another dimension rather than relying on the good grace of your fellow gamers or having to choose form a limited selection of maps

hawk on!! ;)

Bigguy82 said:

June 4th, 3:40 pm

Kinda wish i would have played warhawk after watching the video for starhawk 2012 looking good so far for releases keep up the great job sony

SuperMario61 said:

June 4th, 4:03 pm

I’m excited for Starhawk, the sequel to one of the best shooter games on the PS3! (IMO) After watching some Starhawk videos, I’ve been wondering if another “hawk” can lock onto while you are in a “hawk” in ground state? I’m looking forward to future videos and the beta. :)

Darkuser999 said:

June 4th, 8:09 pm

A big thanks to the Lightbox team for their hard work on this game so far! This footage just made the game look even more awesome. Warhawk is one of my favorite games on the PS3. I can see where the team are taking it and i like the move. The game looks like it has the fast-paced, third-person gameplay and ground-to-air action of Warhawk. I’d also suggest the big maps and variety in weapons, vehicles and environments of Warhawk. Admittedly, these things are not obvious given how little of the game has been show. In any case, ‘variety’ is the key word for any battle-based, multiplayer shooter. The build and battle system looks incredible but needs to be carefully implemented so as to not take anything away from game’s environments and ground-based gameplay. I don’t care for classes, so long as the game has again….variety! All in all, keep up with the good work.

HollowJuan said:

June 5th, 5:55 pm

Huge fan of Warhawk but I have a few questions.
1. Will there still be a obvious advantage of the Hawks against everyone else?
I felt like one really good Warhawk pilot could absolutely dominate anyone not in the sky in the first game.

2. Will we still be able to use some kind of weapon wheel to choose from all infantry weapons or will it be reduced to only holding two weapons at once?

3. Will there be maps where there are pre-built buildings or will all maps be barren wastelands where the only buildings come from the player?

4. How will weapon pickups work this time around? I didn’t see any glowing, floating weapon icons so I am worried that you have switched to loadouts.

llrm2121 said:

June 5th, 5:58 pm

it looks GREAT. this could be a new breed of games (rts and 3rd person shooter together) i cant wait to get it. first game on my list.

llrm2121 said:

June 5th, 6:08 pm

could there be a only ground battle mode because sometime on warhawk ever single person used plane and its not fun when ever one uses planes. i like ground battles more. they’re more fun.

llrm2121 said:

June 5th, 6:13 pm

the planes could be still used. they could be in their robot form only on ground battles. i thing this the last thing im going to say unless i come up with another idea. :)

Jones__LFC said:

June 6th, 6:23 am

Looks great! Loved Warhawk and can’t wait for this.

I have 2 questions:

Will jetpacks return? They were awesome!

Will all the same weapons be returning – such as the binoculars and the explosive mines?

Jaller1142 said:

June 29th, 9:09 am

is the Beta going to be available to PS Plus user’s?

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