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Aug 04

Aug 04

Resistance 3 is Gold, Bonus Content on the Disc

James Stevenson's Avatar Posted by Community Lead, Insomniac Games

I’m here today to bring the news that Resistance 3 has gone gold, and has been delivered to manufacturing for its September 6th release date. Everyone here at Insomniac is excited for you to get your hands on the game we’ve been working so hard on for the last three years. Even now, our work isn’t complete, as we are actively working on the Online Beta, and will be bringing a Day 1 Patch to the game to bring updates and tweaks to the final product. The public beta begins today for folks who have codes from SOCOM 4, so we’re looking forward to fragging you online.

In celebration of our gold announcement, we wanted to give you the first look at a brand new gameplay trailer from Resistance 3. For those of you who have followed R3 since the announcement of the game at GamesCom last year, this trailer brings things full circle. I don’t want to spoil it, so take a look below:

Hope you enjoyed the trailer, and now that we’ve gone gold, we thought this would be a good time to mention that we’ve packed the disc full of extra goodies. When you pick up your copy of Resistance 3, you’ll also be getting access to playable PlayStation demos for titles like Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse (both in 2D and 3D!) and inFAMOUS 2, as well as a host of trailers and developer videos from some of your favorite PlayStation titles, including UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Starhawk, God of War: Origins, and SOCOM 4. We’re also sprinkling in lots of content from our friends over at Sony Pictures and Sony Music, including movie trailers and music videos from leading artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. So lots of good stuff to check out.

We hope you’re ready for the game’s launch on 09.06.11 and have got your copy pre-ordered! In the meantime, to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates about Resistance 3, be sure to follow us on Twitter or join the conversation at MyResistance.Net.

See you in the beta!

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August 7th, 8:52 am

@ 195 i know that there is the skin ,black ops,( not cod but the special forces) which can be obtained in canada as well as some stores in the us is what i was told anyway and also if you order from amazon you will get the airfuel grenade which is for campaign. and from what i understand gamestop will have a mulitplayer boost which starts your guy at level 5 and not sure if they are still doing the chimera tooth (capelli necklace).. this was all from the last time i checked which was over a month ago so you may want to re-check but im pretty sure its the same.

p.s the skin and special taunt is best buy, also canada..

jesucristo7 said:

August 7th, 9:52 am

Resistance 3 will diliver story,multiplayer and most importantly graphics.Ive played the beta only on private match because the servers are down and i have to say mind blowing.I have never played such a great multiplayer experince in my life.I love how everything feels,the running,the shooting, the perks u have,feels so like resistance.For those who say im not picking this game up just becuase i dont want to pay the fee of ten dollars,come on.When u buy the game u will get a pass witch comes for free so u dont have to pay ten of course.those who want to buy it use well thats there problem. If you own a psthree we will always support sony why becuase we love them.Its not about being a fanboy its part of being part of commuity with Sony.Sony has (THE BEST GAMES) on a consle.My friends if u understand the meaning of owning a psthree u know who you support.You know your a sony man not a hater this or hater that its loving what you do and that is gaming.So go buy resistance 3 save money do what u need to do to have this game becuase i can tell you one thing you will have the best time of your life.COD,BF3 may be fun but we are tired of military shooters,lets make a change for a difference.


August 7th, 11:54 am

sounds good to me, def picking this up.. and i hear what you are saying w/ mil shooters but i have 2 get B3,lol.
it looks absolutely perfect.. i enjoy all types of games but its a rarity to have a solid campaign w/ a solid multiplayer as well.. it gets to the point when it seems like same old same old been there done that kinda feel and its a pleasure when a game takes a chance and tries something different and nails it.. and w/ this game i feel as if it may very well have that edge to it. as far as the pass well it is going to be incorp’d w/ the majority of games and its something that is what it is, me myself tend to always buy new only because im a pre-order dlc nut but for some it can be a problem if money is an issue and i respect their thoughts. as far as this game i thank you for some insight from hands on exp. and im looking forward to playing this even though deus ex will is next on my list.. thanks again and feel free to add me and/or i will see you on multiplayer. cant wait !

jesucristo7 said:

August 7th, 12:51 pm

The thing is bro if people were gonna pick cod or bf for example and they had the pass thing people wouldnt care to pay ten dollars why because there both popular people complain about oh!, thats not fair ten dollars is stupid lol u see what i mean.those who own an xbox pay just play online because they want to play there games online.People need to understand things these days are not cheap.we work hard to get what we need and thats exactly what these companys are doing.they loose money if one of there games is sold used.I myself will always support sony no matter what because i love me im verry pationet person about exclusives games especially UC3 goty but im glad u understand me some other people would just hate u know.

fz6_rider said:

August 7th, 3:11 pm

@28 and 31

Its the principle of the matter, i dont buy used games at all but gamers need to make a stand and get game companies out of their wallets. It shouldnt make a difference who is playing the game on other end

+1, this is my sentiment exactly. Guess I won’t be getting this game. Nice to know that there are still people out there with principles.

dilbig5 said:

August 7th, 3:20 pm


You could always switch over to Xbox and play games there. But before you do that, you should know that not only do people have to pay the Xbox Live subscription fee but they also have to pay for a pass if they buy a used EA or Warner game. Say Mortal Kombat. You pay $55 for the used game, $60 for a yearly subscription fee, and $10 for the online pass. That is $125 just to play one game where as on PS3 you could just pay $60 for the new copy. And if you don’t have a 360 already, buy a new one for $300 for the standard edition and you are paying $425 just play ONE game. And if you would of read a few of my comments above this one, you would understand how differently any game company feels when games are bought used.

WeThErOcKsTaRs said:

August 7th, 4:26 pm

what happen with the playstation 3 3D tv bundle w/resistance 3 included? I planned on buying that but now it’s saying motorstorm apocalypse is included instead of it resistance 3. what’s that all about?


August 8th, 5:13 am

@ jesucristo7 well im an old school gamer who understands w/ the changing times and its a matter of not trying to change something which i can not and choosing my battles and knowing what arena to bring my sword to.also if there is a free pass when new or buy pass for 10 bucks in order for companies to secure a certain profit margin then i either can respect that or not and to me unless pricing gets totally outrageous i will keep on doing what i love to do and thats game.. and my opinion is that its not a big deal, but thats my opinion. to some this is more of a matter of a feeling of violation of sorts and i can respect their feelings but in all fairness the hacking/stealing games did harm the whole community in many aspects hence a structure set up not just to “encourage” people to buy new but also to keep money rolling in to compete w/ all major gaming studio’s and put a check in their employees pocket.. i do understand exactly what you are saying and if i didnt i dont think a gamer should insult one another on forums over a dif of opinion, duke it out on street fighter,lol.. “CYBER TOUGH” i am not. but some can be a bit more “passionate” behind their beliefs and start throwin verbal jabs, ignore them.


August 8th, 5:46 am

@fz6_rider. i can feel you 1,000 percent but either way you game, regardless of console or hardware there is a price to game monthly if you want to play online, sure some games dont have it -yet but its a one time pass opposed to a monthly payment and fee. do i wish to spend 10 bucks to pay online if i buy used? of course not but it is what it is and many variables has opened the flood gates for such a pass to play.. and i can pretty much say with confidence that nobody is thrilled about it but (insert excuse). and i can relate to your beliefs but its something that may very well be w/ most games and then its a matter of either paying it, switching to the dark side to pay for subscription or p.c. which in many games require dedicated servers and are costly to manage therefor maintenance fee. times are changing and jailbreaks along w/ a system hack didnt help a “free online gaming console”. companies want security in regards to profit and need an overhead to compete at a high level, pass inserted.but i do believe that this may give us a more appealing approach to more exclusives/ports.its more about who will you pay to play as opposed to principles.thats what it comes down to.i choose to play here

Katsumottojp said:

August 8th, 8:08 am

i dont buy ONLINE PASS games for this reason:

– i wont ever support online pass as it turns ps3 into a “region lock” console, the point below explains why.

– if you have a US PSN and wants to buy a game that has online pass, you wont be able to fully play this game on your psn account, why?, because you have to buy the online pass on the region that game came from, so if the game is EUR, you will have to create a EUR psn account just to play it online since it will only work on EUR psn accounts…, that being said, you wont be able to toss the games trophies on your US account, gotcha?

dilbig5 said:

August 8th, 10:10 am


Why would you have an account that is not from your country? The only people that would need to are people that don’t have a Playstation Store.

dilbig5 said:

August 8th, 10:10 am

And trophies aren’t that big a deal.

Katsumottojp said:

August 10th, 2:48 pm

bingo, my country doesnt have a playstation store, and ps3 is a region FREE console(or it was supposed to be), since it is dealing with SALES for a region FREE console, i have the right to have the trophies(or i was supposed to have…), anyway this is a strategy to counter used games market that is hitting another aspect of the gamers….

Katsumottojp said:

August 10th, 2:49 pm

that could be solved with multi-region dlc ability though

Geowil said:

August 13th, 7:11 pm

Now the complaint about the PSN not being available in every country is a valid argument, but that is not entirely Sony’s fault and has more to do with the insane copyright over regulation that we has been going on for the past five or seven years. But it is still a legitimate complaint and one that does highlight a massive glitch in the system.

However, leaving that aside we have the next biggest, and the one I find more ridiculous, reason why you are saying we should not buy the game; it screws over the used buyers and renters. To be honest renters can go to hell for all I care lol. GameFly is a stupid idea for people that want to game but do not want to put forth the time and effort to make the money to build their collection; they give the rest of us serious game collectors a bad rap.

Used game buyers I can understand why they would be miffed, but again so what? You are getting the game for upwards of 45% off the launch price, used implies that the product has some wear and tear so why can this not be applied to functions in a game?

Geowil said:

August 13th, 7:20 pm

This was supposed to be my first post but the PSN ate it.

Here is my take on this whole pass issue.

Frankly I do not see what they problem is, dilbig5 has clearly stated time after time that the pass means nothing to you if you buy the game new. It only matters if you buy the game used or rent it.

Let me say as well that boycotting never works. Look at DRM. People have protested against it for years but it is still here and evolving. People bashed Ubisoft about their “requires online connection” “DRM” (quotes because it is not a form of DRM), but Ubi has not removed it to my knowledge. The only thing that boycotts do is hurt the producers/manufacturers/developers and they only work if you manage to get a large population to not buy the item.

Let’s say the best case scenario for you guys is that you manage to keep 98% of potential sales from happening. This means that Insomniac, Sony, and other involved parties are out of nearly all profits and end up with a red number somewhere around 50 to 80 million large. That is quite a hit for a gaming studio and would like cause the Resistance franchise to go bottom up (ala Star Ocean).

Geowil said:

August 13th, 7:29 pm

Post #4

This does not include marketing, publishing, employee wages, asset acquisition, nor anything else related to the monetary costs of the game. In total MW2 could have cost anywhere from 130 to 200 million from conception to hitting the shelves.

Obviously they recouped all of that because of how popular the game was. But what of the game that sells poorly? They still take a butt load of money to produce and ship to stores and whatnot but they do not take in that much money which leads to a profit deficit which can be large enough to bankrupt the studio or developer.

Every time you, and I, bought a used game we were compromising someones paycheck. This is what this is all about, getting their just deserved rewards and compensation. If you were selling a game online and someone began selling it for cheaper on their own site without your permission would you not sue them?

Geowil said:

August 13th, 7:42 pm

For some reason I my posts keep getting blocked. Sorry for the screwed up order. I will keep trying to post them up.

Geowil said:

August 13th, 7:52 pm

Why do used games have to be exactly like brand new games that someone spent more money on? It is true that I do oppose this methodology but I understand why they are doing this, something a lot of you seem to be unable to comprehend.

Geowil said:

August 13th, 8:15 pm

That’s it I give up lol, its just not letting me post. I had another three paragraphs written about how everyone that is complaining about how we actually own the games does not understand that copyright laws, how much MW2 really cost, and a slight derail on the Geo Hot vs Sony case. All in an attempt to try and show that we own the “hardware”, in this case the disc the game comes on, but the actual game, the “software” belongs to the developers/publishers. Like with music albums, we may own the physical medium but the actual song do not belong to us just because we bought them.

Katsumottojp said:

August 15th, 6:36 pm

im buying a NEW game and wont be able to get trophies for my first account because an EUR game must use a EUR pass code from EUR psn, hows that not affects my gaming?, trophy is a very important feature from PSN.

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