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Aug 15

Aug 15

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection: Bonus Content, Trophies Revealed

Brian Dunn's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager

The release of the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, bundling two of the most highly acclaimed video games of all time, is right around the corner. Back in July, we revealed that there will be some exciting bonus video content included on the disc, as well as a dynamic theme for ICO and one for Shadow of the Colossus. Now that the videos are finished, I’m happy to give you a preview of what you’ll be able to look forward to when the collection hits on September 27.


Right from your disc, you’ll be able to enjoy these five exclusive bonus videos and go behind-the-scenes to learn more about these two classics and the visionaries that created them:

  • Early concept and prototype video montage of ICO
  • Early concept and prototype video montage of Shadow of the Colossus
  • Initial concept video for NICO, a game that was never made but turned into Shadow of the Colossus, including an on-camera introduction from creator Fumito Ueda
  • Candid 20+ minute round-table discussion between Fumito Ueda (creator), Kenji Kaido (producer) and Junichi Hosono (designer)


  • And last but not least, a 12-minute behind-the-scenes video filmed on location at the SCEI offices in Japan. This video features interviews with key production staff members about the making of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian, as well as concept art and prototype footage of all the games, and exclusive never-before-seen footage of The Last Guardian



In addition to full 1080p HD and stereoscopic 3D support, and 7.1 surround sound, this re-release also supports a full set of trophies for each game. Here is the full trophy list for both games to give you a taste of the challenges that await you when you set out on your adventure with ICO and Wander this September 27.



  • Enlightenment (Platinum)
  • Rescue (Bronze)
  • Failure (Bronze)
  • Armed and Ready (Silver)
  • East Gate (Silver)
  • West Gate (Silver)
  • Farewell (Silver)
  • Royal Arms (Gold)
  • Emancipation (Gold)
  • Split the Watermelon (Gold)
  • Spiked Club (Gold)
  • Shining Sword (Gold)
  • Bench Warmer (Gold)
  • Express Journey (Gold)
  • Castle Guide (Gold)
  • Unscathed Escape (Gold)


Shadow of the Colossus

  • Wander and the Colossus (Platinum)
  • Valley Wanderer (Bronze)
  • The Sloth (Bronze)
  • Disturbed Sleep (Bronze)
  • Path of Gravestones (Bronze)
  • Aerial Dance (Bronze)
  • Entombed Giant (Bronze)
  • Waves of Thunder (Bronze)
  • Wall Scaler (Bronze)
  • Slumbering Caveman (Bronze)
  • Unknown Tracks (Bronze)
  • Guardian Unleashed (Bronze)
  • Silent Thunder (Bronze)
  • Signs in the Sky (Bronze)
  • Shielded Guardian (Bronze)
  • Valley of the Fallen (Bronze)
  • Final Colossus (Bronze)
  • The Forbidden (Silver)
  • Wander and the Forbidden (Silver)
  • Climber (Gold)
  • Hang Glider (Bronze)
  • Resistance (Silver)
  • Collector (Silver)
  • Meticulous Collector (Gold)
  • Slippery Ride (Bronze)
  • Agro Circus (Silver)
  • Cornucopia (Gold)
  • Tower of Prayer (Silver)
  • Endangered Lizards (Gold)
  • Stalwart Wander (Gold)
  • Mighty Wander (Gold)

I have a special treat in store for ICO and SotC fans headed to PAX in a few weeks. Check back here on the blog for details as we get closer. Until then, here’s one more screenshot showing off the amazing detail in the modeling and textures that you’ll get to enjoy, now that the games are in HD.


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NarooN said:

August 16th, 1:27 am

This is the standard for all HD remasters on PS3. Full 1080p, 60fps (or 30fps) consistently. There’s no excuse for any less. The bonus content as well, this stuff is golden. Will have fun watching all the videos.

christenlanger said:

August 16th, 1:46 am

Crap, now I need to buy an HDMI capture card for speed runs again.

incarnate219 said:

August 16th, 2:52 am

I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bmg91 said:

August 16th, 3:24 am

1080P! What i thought 720P. Sweet
7.1! OMG I’m pre-ordering soon.

bmg91 said:

August 16th, 3:26 am

@NarooN When did they announce this? GoW Collection was 720P.
Oh is the 3D in 1080P?

ItaChu said:

August 16th, 4:34 am

Never played these games on PS2, might pick’em up someday

Elway358 said:

August 16th, 5:35 am

LOL, Now you people are complaining about trophy notification pop ups?! Wow, all I can do sometimes is laugh at some of the petty, rediculous crap people on this blog whine about.

They give you one stupid thing you want and then you dream up something even more freakin stupid to cry about! LMAO!

korgon117 said:

August 16th, 6:50 am

I’m happy to see these games getting some attention, especially SOTC. That game is the absolute definition of EPIC. Seriously if you look up epic in the dictionary and SOTC isn’t mentioned, you got an outdated dictionary lol.

RoddMorT said:

August 16th, 6:55 am

Even tho this is a re-release, this is the game I’ve been looking forwart to the most! Playing this beauties in HD will be awesome!!! Hunting the white-tailed lizards in SotC to get to the top of the shrine? Again? But this time for a trophy? I can’t wait!!!!

EggySong85 said:

August 16th, 7:57 am

Would it be too much to ask for the cancelled proto-colossi to be finished up and tossed out as DLC somewhere down the road? You can have my money.

SephTiger said:

August 16th, 8:12 am

Can we get an ICO/SOTC PS3 theme?

SergeChecko said:

August 16th, 9:45 am

I want a PS2 Final Fantasy Collection:
with trophy support and 1080pHD graphics.

Biggz124 said:

August 16th, 10:12 am

You guys should’ve added bump mapping to some of the environment textures.

igorrocks2 said:

August 16th, 11:32 am

Oh my GOD! Whats PS4 are going to look like I am scared now… :)

NDubbaYa said:

August 16th, 1:22 pm

Any chance for a PSN store release?

Digital-Big-Boss said:

August 16th, 1:26 pm

I’ve still got the demo for Colossus. I remember back in the day, climbing to the top of the tower in the demo to reach a glitch filled garden. :)

Digital-Big-Boss said:

August 16th, 1:27 pm

@112, that comes with the game.

Digital-Big-Boss said:

August 16th, 1:28 pm

@102, love your avatar. :)

lisatsunami said:

August 16th, 1:46 pm

@108, Elway, I so agree with you. Too much time on their hands, being home from school, just searching for things to whine about.

I like the trophy notification. Makes me smile when I get that in the upper right corner. As Kevin Butler said, “…a trophy that isn’t real…but it is!”

This collection is being released earlier than I thought, so that is good news.

Superstrokey1123 said:

August 16th, 2:31 pm


AceBeeDee said:

August 16th, 4:20 pm

the collection i’ve been waiting for!

Hooligantuan said:

August 16th, 5:17 pm

I hope there’s footage of the colossi that didn’t make the cut!

TuttiCicero said:

August 27th, 7:21 am

With the ICO and SotC Dynamic themes & The Last Guardian videos.. anyone who doesn’t pre-order this won’t be getting a copy untill Christmas!

FMS4501 said:

August 28th, 12:21 pm

Just one more month….need a time machine..

thekobal said:

September 5th, 10:31 pm

I will buy this pack the first day. Shadow of the Colossus and Ico are masterpieces.

ThugLord32 said:

September 8th, 9:25 pm

Even without the extras i would buy it.. but thx, would be great to know in depth about these awesome games.

Grexotic said:

September 12th, 2:22 pm


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