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Sep 26

Sep 26

Prepare for War With PTOM’s Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Expose

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Managing Editor, PlayStation: The Official Magazine

The mother of all shooters is about to hit and PTOM’s November issue has intel straight from the Call of Duty team on the changes to online multiplayer. We’ve got tips on strategy and tactics from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, as well as a sneak peek at two maps. It’s everything you’ll need to dominate in Modern Warfare 3 from day one…unless you’re like us and lack the ability to aim. Thank god for the noob tube…

PTOM November 2011 Cover

If modern war doesn’t have enough shooting to satisfy your trigger finger, how about a good ol’-fashioned American crime spree? We’ve got Saints Row: The Third’s Super Genius Man-Cat Professor Genki with an exclusive tour of the violence-ridden city of Steelport. It’s the wackiest spin on the open-world crime game that we’ve seen since….well, never. Honestly, in what other game can you fire a weapon that shoots a mind-controlling octopus that you can detonate for wide-scale destruction? Or call in an airstrike to take out rival gang members? There’s even a controller button dedicated to delivering nutshots! It’s outrageous—in that special, tasteless way we so adore.

Rounding out the issue, we’ve got big-time previews of THQ’s brawlers WWE ‘12 and UFC Undisputed 3, hang out with platform pals in Rayman Origins and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and take spin in Ridge Racer: Unbounded. We’ve also got the final verdict on the latest PlayStation releases including Resistance 3, Dead Island, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, NHL and Madden 12, and the oh-so-special Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

We’ve also got first looks at Borderlands 2 and our new gamegal crush with Lollipop Chainsaw. PTOM is on newsstands September 27th and hitting subscribers mailboxes right now. Enjoy!

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Shishimo9000 said:

September 26th, 9:02 pm

let me make a clarification before someone tries to troll me. When i say Battlefield 2 i am referring to the Battlefield 2 the direct sequel to battlefield 1942. Not Battlefield: Bad Company 2 the direct sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company.

Battlefield 3 is a sequel in the 1942 and battlefield 2 series not the bad company series. There are some big difference between these games in balance and map design and some minor differences in game play. But i assure other than the fact that Battlefield and battlefield bad company share the title battlefield they are games with very unique differences but unless you are a hardcore fan of the series these differences ay not seem very apparent.

freddyrivas said:

September 26th, 9:13 pm

you guys hating on mw3 need to calm down i hate campers glicthes hacks and people throwing the n word around to and i find tea bagging so pointless but i love call of duty games i also play killzone 3 battlefied2 resisistance 3 and i dont feel the need to constantly bash a certain game at the end of the day games are for fun if people are having fun on mw2 or 3 or black ops let them be you hop on your go to shooter and have fun yourself live and let live the way you guys complain about mw3 makes you just as annoying as a ten year old with a dirty mouth and a headset plus you havent even played it. i hate lil wayne j.beiber and snooki but dont go around all day displaying my hate

    Roger Burchill's Avatar

    Roger Burchill said:

    September 26th, 11:36 pm

    @freddyrivas U r my hero. Well said.

BigStack007 said:

September 26th, 9:16 pm

I’ll take BF3 over Laggy,Hacky,Glitchy,COD this year. PS3 users should BOYCOTT this franchise till they treat us as if our money matters as much as XBOX users. And untill they switch to DEDICATED SERVERS. FPS REVOLUTION BEGINS OCTOBER 25TH. Make em hear us PS3 users. The only way they MIGHT listen to us is by us NOT BUYING MW3. BOYCOTT MW3.

cheetosricos said:

September 26th, 9:52 pm


D-Lyve said:

September 26th, 10:34 pm

@Shishimo9000 Maybe I should elaborate more, the box art for example and based on when BF made the jump the next gen consoles is what I was referring to soooo nobody said anything negative about the game Shittymo. I clearly stated I might get both because I am a fan of shooters in general. The only thing I found annoying was that people don’t have to bash the game constantly and relate it to BF, while the games aren’t completely similar anyway. I don’t deny that the facts you stated are true but no need to get all butt hurt about it buddy lmao! XD

nelsonator14 said:

September 26th, 10:50 pm

call of duty was fun up until MW2. then the series went down hill from there. hopefully this one will redeem the last 2.

TheLocustEater said:

September 26th, 11:41 pm

new strategies,new tactics, new info….they took out wager matches and the currency system, in my opionion that was the only thing that moved the COD series foreward.

FR0STYdaD0P3MANN said:

September 27th, 1:39 am

weather COD sells millions im not buying this MW2.5 crap… ill pass and go with a new everything game, rather then a copy and paste piece of ***t…. Just my opinion… BF3>MW2.5 LMFao


September 27th, 1:56 am

mother of shooters, classic…lmao

R3d-Taz_lp3 said:

September 27th, 5:27 am

Man that cover looks Sick\Awesome

R3d-Taz_lp3 said:

September 27th, 5:28 am

I hope mw3 is as good as Black ops

crp4lifex said:

September 27th, 5:37 am

People of says that its a “Garbage Game”…I would agree with that if they didn’t made any changes to the game. Even though everyone looking forward to battelfield 3, I still think that Cod:Mw3 is going to be a good game, but not better then Battelfield 3. Atleast not this year.

Infinitay Ward should’ve have incuded the changes way before, there kind of late now!

Leo_97XzombieX said:

September 27th, 6:02 am

Umm is it true that youll have to pay to play MW3 online??

eee2099 said:

September 27th, 6:28 am


eee2099 said:

September 27th, 6:28 am

rot in hel l

bgrutt said:

September 27th, 7:29 am

Seriosuly if you dont like COD you don’t need to hate. Activision has done a very well job keeping up with the gaming community and deserves better than this. They have given they’re all to the best they can and I can say I am very pleased with most of their games, especially the ones made by infinity ward like mw3 will be.

Spacerac said:

September 27th, 7:30 am

@Roger Burchill Oh yes, I forgot about that! I just expected this to be his month is all.

Immortal_Inu said:

September 27th, 8:52 am

I wouldn’t have expected any less hate for choosing an MW3 cover. Personally don’t care how many people hate on MW3. I have both MW3 and BF3 Pre-Ordered and I will enjoy them both very much.

Emerald_Swords said:

September 27th, 10:32 am

Looking forward to this month’s issue.

kascnef82 said:

September 27th, 11:20 am

I haven’t bought POTM in a long time since a few years ago in 2008-2009, when Playstation’s magazine came back. Has anything changed since then? I don’t see the magazine at cvs that often as much as other console magazines or pc magazines. I rarely buy videogame magazines anymore because of the high price to pay each issue, as well as subscribing to it. Not only that, but the proliferation of demos online has eliminated the need for gamers to get a bonus disc with their magazine (esp. PS3 magazine). Which makes sense. As for Mw3 gracing the cover of POTM, it makes sense. Being a call of duty fan since Call of Duty 3 on Xbox 1 (single player) and continuing with Black Ops, it will be a tough choice choosing which online shooter I like. It will be based on social word of mouth.

IrosoMeyi said:

September 27th, 12:29 pm

@139 Because i was actually gonna add you in the first place huh? Funny. Gotta love them Cock of doodie morons.

aindriu80 said:

September 27th, 1:40 pm

is this the cover they are coming out with in November ? It looks awesome

x_Arch-Angel_x said:

September 27th, 1:58 pm

Man it would have been great to see a Dark Souls cover.

m4dDmUdD said:

September 27th, 2:32 pm

Boo. Should cover BF3 or any other game. Not a franchise that delibarately takes a dump on its PS3 user base…

m4dDmUdD said:

September 27th, 5:03 pm

Finally able to download the BF3 beta… everyone else can do the same on Thursday!

@freddyrivas, if Activision would adopt that slogan and not fire the creative minds behind their best selling console game maybe people wouldn’t hate on the game so much. To me its not about liking another game over the COD titles, but about the damage that is being done to the gaming community through the atrocities of Activision especially in regards to the COD series. Just look at what happened to Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero games…This game is all hype and people believe what ever the spinster artists are telling them.

Red_beastin said:

September 27th, 9:17 pm

Does this mean Mw3 will be available for psp and ps Vita?

LordDeathAngel said:

September 28th, 4:14 am

hey roger, huge sony fan, my from my tvs to my headphones are sony, but i gotta say what were you thinking? mw3 clearly is xbox cmon we ps3 are bf3 i honestly dont know what to say about mw3 making ptom’s cover bf3 should be on our cover i know your being haggled by everyone but still they make a point mw3 can take their game back to xbox and keep their 1 month early crap seriously and i dont mean to troll but i just dont get what you guys are doing putting mw3 on the cover its irratating…. then again maybe its strategy that you guys are doing? i dont know but please gimme some good PS3 stuff not xbox handouts you guys are sony not nintendo side issue cant wait for sr3’rd me and couple friends spent hours on sr2 cant wait to see all the crazy stuff to do this time …please dont take me as a troll thanks

    Roger Burchill's Avatar

    Roger Burchill said:

    September 29th, 1:54 pm

    @LordDeathAngel Black Ops sold almost 6 million PS3 copies in North America alone. We’ll see about MW3, but just sayin’ that we can’t really say COD is an Xbox handout with those kind of numbers. I’m thinking that some of you have become closet COD players. LOL


September 28th, 12:00 pm

Keep doing the exclusivity thing Bobby. You are just losing fans. Even loyal ones. Now give me the BF3 beta!

jonathanc15 said:

September 28th, 3:54 pm

Cant wait for the game (:

SlaughteredNinja said:

September 28th, 6:38 pm

Better get my issue before the end of this month.

snakehunter12 said:

September 28th, 6:51 pm

is there going to be a multilaplay beta

Assassin2320 said:

September 29th, 3:54 pm

I am preordering MW3 hardened edition well I already did but my PS3 got the Yellow Light of Death witch is really bad how do I play the game when there is no PS3. Hoping to get it back to day with a Green Light of Life.Can’t wait for the game though watched every single video and photo that came out for it.Wish me luck on my PS3.

PlayDude77 said:

October 1st, 5:30 am

After playing BF3’s beta i’m really disappointed… Maybe the huge hype has something to do with that.
I’ll stick to good old MW3 which gameplay is fast, consistent and most of all pure fun!

richibosss said:

October 2nd, 11:00 am

.These game start getting soap opera,one episode each year with minor improvements.COD Sucks.

Escaped_Shadow said:

October 3rd, 4:57 pm

I actually never played any modern warfare game I played the first call of duty game, world at war, and Black Ops so no matter what, I’m still gonna get the game just to see how modern warfare is. Although I wonder how the Sniping is. “PRAISE THE SNIPER”

MysteriousSteve said:

October 9th, 2:11 pm

one month till the game comes out, my friend hates black ops he quit it today, i just cant wait to play another one of Activisions masterpieses

crazydude5674 said:

October 12th, 7:24 pm

go mw3 i really like these games especialy cod i hope they continue making the whole series and never stop because i love i pre ordered it lol.

Tommy-Gunz-JR_ said:

October 17th, 1:01 pm

Hey quit bagging on Activision and PSN all their doing is their job and you guys should respect that if it wasnt for them none of you guys would be playing Playstion right and 4 Xbox and not saying anything bad but I think Playstation is better than Xbox only because that they’re a good company and they know what they’re doing and for Xbox,Xbox is just some computer geeks and wierd gamers

EVILKING_666 said:

October 22nd, 6:35 pm

Very nice cover. I know this will blow Black OPS out of the water.

Jayson619 said:

October 24th, 7:14 pm

If ya having girl problems I feel bad fer ya son; I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT C.O.D. AIN’T ONE!

Mother of all shooters on PS3? I say:



#3 – (put your own except MW3)

pinkgun99 said:

October 25th, 12:32 pm

i played the first and second part n they were epic I’m buying this 1 already pre-ordered it

pinkgun99 said:

October 25th, 12:49 pm

MW3 RULESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pinkgun99 said:

October 25th, 12:52 pm

Best Games of The Year :

1. Call of duty Modern Warfare 3

2.Resistance 3

3. Infamous Festival of blood

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