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Oct 28

Oct 28

Get Enshrined in Our Hall of Play

Scott Steinberg's Avatar Posted by VP of Product Marketing

Greetings PlayStation Nation! Your dedication to the PlayStation experience is something we take seriously. To date, close to 10 million of you have already seen our recent “To Michael” short film on YouTube; and shared in the excitement of PlayStation’s greatest game characters celebrating and recognizing the players who make it all possible – YOU!

Long Live Play” hit the airwaves with our stalwart executive Kevin Butler returning to the gaming helm and word (or rather views) has spread like wildfire. In addition to the nearly 10M YouTube views, Facebook has seen a similar number of Likes and over 1300+ comments!

Hall of Play

To thank you again for being a part of the PlayStation Nation and helping us spread the word, we’re launching the next phase of our “Long Live Play” campaign. It’s one that I’m personally very excited about. Today we launch the Hall of Play, an online players’ lounge for players like you and your fellow members of the Nation. It includes a Facebook app that will enable you to create your own customized “Michael” video to share on your Facebook page with your friends and family and invite others to join in the fun.

So visit here to immediately get started and let us know what you think. This is about having fun and showing some gamer pride. Most of all — this is about “You” and your passion for the PlayStation Nation. We look forward to checking out all your customized “Michael” videos!

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Zezzler said:

October 28th, 10:00 am

The ‘Michael’ commercial is really such an amazing commercial! Major Kudos to everyone who helped work on it, and whomever came up with the idea. TO MICHAEL!

Bioman20 said:

October 28th, 10:01 am

First! This sounds awesome!

Bioman20 said:

October 28th, 10:01 am

Ah man, I’ve been ninja’d

Jedi_Jeff said:

October 28th, 10:01 am


Whitefire78 said:

October 28th, 10:06 am


zombie9 said:

October 28th, 10:06 am

LoL I’m not a member of Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.
But I am a member of PSN wonder why???? :)

TallCrowe said:

October 28th, 10:08 am

Unfortunately I am not on the Facebook.

saintaqua said:

October 28th, 10:10 am

Please make more commercials like this!

Tremulan777 said:

October 28th, 10:12 am

Great news for gamers! Sony you’re great. No more words, let’s go back to work (gaming)

Cyris said:

October 28th, 10:16 am

When KB pointed at one of my friend’s pics and joked about him, it was funny because it was my friend that we all pick on.

Zookey said:

October 28th, 10:18 am

Awesome. 2 Questions:

A) Any chance of you guys selling gold Dual Shock 3’s –that had awesome written all over it.

B) T-shirts with HoP logo on it please–would gladly pay 20 bucks for one! When can we expect them?

Tchanku said:

October 28th, 10:24 am

Isn’t working for me, the page is blank after I agree’d to the licence.

Amplifier82 said:

October 28th, 10:29 am

This is the BEST. AD. EVER.

Enforcer_X said:

October 28th, 10:32 am

“Your dedication to the PlayStation experience is something we take seriously.”


Where is the Vita WiFi bundle?
I thought the crowd reaction to the AT&T announcement made it pretty clear what most of us think about the “PlayStation experience” hooked to AT&T’s slow wagon.

I digress I do enjoy the Hall of Play, very well done, it really moved me, so thank you for that!

caleb297277 said:

October 28th, 10:38 am

TO MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caleb297277 said:

October 28th, 10:39 am

best commercial ever

ATOMS11 said:

October 28th, 10:39 am

Keep it coming!

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

October 28th, 10:46 am

aaah they blocked facebook at my job..lmao i guess i can just wait till i get home..just 5 hours left :p

Tchanku said:

October 28th, 10:56 am

Got it to work, Awesome. Now Playstion…I’m a fan boy …now give me a Vita Wifi bundle.

i_like_toast said:

October 28th, 11:03 am

being a Michael, the commercial is doubly awesome ^_^; hooray for common names ;p

zech678 said:

October 28th, 11:19 am


lisatsunami said:

October 28th, 11:21 am

@ Scott: tapping into the collective narcissistic consciousness of gamers? Brilliant, dude. Spot on!

jose213jose said:

October 28th, 11:23 am

it was awesome, are we allow to upload this to our site then facebook. HTML code so we can upload to are site & maybe YouTube too.

gumby_mac said:

October 28th, 11:26 am

Seriously?? Facebook?? Ugh…

ssjmichael said:

October 28th, 11:32 am

Sony be honest, the original Michael video was dedicated to me right?

I understand if you don’t want to admit it for fear of favoritism, it’s okay really :D

DarthDanMan said:

October 28th, 11:37 am

@14 Enforcer_X
Its in Canada. :P

Enforcer_X said:

October 28th, 11:44 am

@26 DarthDanMan
Yeah I’m aware :)
Canada wins this round

BuriedSorrow said:

October 28th, 11:44 am

Don’t care for Facebook, but I just watched that “To Michael” short film and it was amazing. Keep up the awesome Sony. Oh, and have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.

XenoNative said:

October 28th, 11:52 am

I have a clan up and running on bf3 and still looking for a few good soilders. Feeding Off Greatness is the name of the platoon. if you are interested just hit me up on psn: xenonative and put FOG in the subject. you will always find someone to play with no matter what time of day or night and our motto is to get kills and fun doing it.

boomstickbhg said:

October 28th, 11:58 am

This looks pretty cool but please make a version of it on an normal/sony/it’s own site.

Due to being run over and the following legal battles and whatnot now that I’m disabled, any use of facebook puts my case at risk (the lawyers say I can’t/shouldn’t even have photo up, since a picture of me smiling somehow can ‘prove’ I’m fine).

So for those of us who can’t use facebook (like me) or who simply hate it (like most people) please give us another option to make use of this cool feature.

thanks for your time.

that-acmilan-guy said:

October 28th, 12:07 pm

Dear Scott,
I was one of the players who’s photo was selected to appear in the Michael campaign. Why didn’t it appear? What was the purpose of that photo? Thanks

xRedxViolence said:

October 28th, 12:16 pm

all i really needed was an old formula SOCOM to hit the ps3 but we haven’t got that so far Sony so lets get Zipper back in the studio for a new one

snakehunter12 said:

October 28th, 12:40 pm

i hope the new commercial is a good as the old one and i want to see Sam Fisher from splinter cell and hoping if kratos is there can u give him more lines last time he just grunted and i almost forget go sony at least u guys care unlike xbox

KidCommando said:

October 28th, 12:46 pm

eewwwww, Facebook is icky!

Guess you don’t care about all your fans…only the ones that give you free publicity through Facebook.

I do enjoy the commercials though.

D-Squad3 said:

October 28th, 1:02 pm

So what are we suppose to do? After I click on “I Agree” nothing happens.

Deathspear666 said:

October 28th, 1:34 pm


Airwalkinman17 said:

October 28th, 1:51 pm

All I want to know is this:

Such an amazing video like “Michael” DESERVES to be on my PS3 HardDrive! Any chance of it being on the PS store to download someday? Pretty Pretty PRETTY PLEASE?!?!

RaymondBel said:

October 28th, 2:17 pm

Yeah, why Facebook? Why not have our own PSN social network?

Williamsky said:

October 28th, 3:08 pm

To Sony!

KILLO31 said:

October 28th, 3:13 pm


rockinjs864 said:

October 28th, 3:18 pm

I might be a hypocrite me I do like the To Me better :)

twistedfloyd said:

October 28th, 4:04 pm

Not working for me. Keeps giving me the terms and agreements repeatedly.

SEAL_TEAM_7p said:

October 28th, 5:51 pm


I am a player. I play games because they represent all that is good. And because there is some punk out there that needs to know his place. I play for the thrill of finding lost cities of gold and for committing excessive amounts of property damage. And because I get to carry around big friggin’ swords. I play. Because I can’t not play.

King_Chile said:

October 28th, 6:00 pm

Pretty awesome but for one thing: You don’t have “Erik” as a functioning name? I mean, I know it’s not exactly common, but…hopefully more will be added in over time.

Elvick_ said:

October 28th, 6:25 pm

@D-Squad, Make sure your adblock allows popups, because I had a problem with that had to manually allow the specific popup.

Kasaix said:

October 28th, 7:37 pm

This looks awesome. I liked the commercial, but was kind of disappointed my picture didn’t get accepted.

sdmentor said:

October 28th, 7:55 pm

TO PSN!!!!!!!!!!


October 28th, 10:05 pm

That commercial was too epic! We Had almost every bada** in that commercial I gotta say that is the best commercial from the psn thank you Sony

lyfestory said:

October 28th, 11:41 pm

i have no idea what this michael thing is all about.. obviously ive never seen it… i dont care much for youtube honestly…. and facebook, eh… sometimes i think we are better off without it…. but ive been a Playstation gamer since PS1, so, i’d have to say i’m in this Hall…. every gamer is different and plays their own games…. a video or social site shouldnt be detrimental to the overall scope of things…

Uncharted 3, let’s get in stores already….

davo20xx said:

October 29th, 12:12 am


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