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Feb 07

Feb 07

Play as the Villains in New Uncharted 3 Co-op Adventure DLC

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Community Strategist, Naughty Dog


By now you’re hopefully well versed in the long gun nuances, co-op narrative and all the hanging-by-your-fingers-on-edge-of-a-cliff action found in Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Today we’re firing a heavy salvo of Uncharted 3 DLC information your way featuring new content to download individually, or as part of the Fortune Hunter’s Club program. Downloading this fresh content will blow out the co-op storyline and expand the UNCHARTED series in ways that have never been done before.

Coming in today’s PlayStation Store update to Uncharted 3 is the Fort Co-Op adventure DLC. Did some of you guess that from our screenshot hint? Fort Co-Op Adventure will mark the first time in the series you’ll be able to play co-op as the UNCHARTED villains with Zoran Lazarević, Eddy Raja, Harry Flynn joining forces in a tale that further explores the mystery behind the Janus head statue from the on-disc co-op adventure. Check out a preview of that adventure here:

Worried you’re becoming an easy target because you’re always playing as Elena, Desert Drake, or Chloe? We have some new skins for you to try. Also available today, February 7th, are the Rogues Skin Pack 1 and Rogues Skin Pack 2 as well as everybody’s favorite the skins, the Doughnut Skin Pack.


If you’re itching for some competitive action on February 21st you can download the Plaza, Temple, Train Wreck, and Village maps in the Flashback Map Pack 2 DLC. Your favorite maps return with all-new dynamic lighting effects, cutting-edge particle effects and a bevy of other fresh technical polish. The lighting on every map has been completely redone. This map pack provides a good look at what kind of technical and gameplay shine we can put on Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps.


If you want to buy all this content standalone here’s a handy pricing breakdown:

  • February 7, 2012 -Fort Co-Op Adventure: $5.99
  • February 7, 2012 –Doughnut Skin Pack: $1.99
  • February 7, 2012 –Rogues Skin Pack 1: $2.99
  • February 7, 2012 – Rogues Skin Pack 2: $2.99
  • February 21, 2012 – Flashback Map Pack 2: $9.99

If you’re game for becoming a member or already a member all this content will be available free to you as part of the Fortune Hunters’ Club. If not, you can become a member today by purchasing the FHC from the PS Store. It’s a fantastic deal at $24.99.


As a FHC member you’ll save over 60% on the 14 packs of Uncharted 3 DLC. Current members and any new membership purchased will receive all currently available and any upcoming DLC packs for Uncharted 3. The exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme will let you know when new Uncharted 3 DLC hits right from the XMB of your PS3.

The full lowdown on what big DLC is coming after this batch of February awesomeness will follow in a future blog update. We have some very cool surprises for you. Here’s a hint:


Uncharted 3 heavy metal mode? A tie-in with The Misfits Fiend Club? Nope, but we’ll have details on exactly what this symbol means in just a little over a month. Remember to be sure to be on the lookout for some brand new, Uncharted 3 renditions of your favorite maps in the middle of the month! For now, see you in your new skins and in the Fort!

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geddesmond2 said:

February 7th, 2:24 pm

Yeah some more already over played maps. Has ND ran out of creativity or do they think we ain’t worth anything new. But these have different effects and better lighting! So true with the new effects added these maps feel like totally new ones now stay tuned for map pack 3 were we take all daylight maps and turn them into night time maps yeah! Just like our clever skin packs were we take existing characters and make them fat.

Seriously could they not have broken up the packs with at least 1 new map we haven’t seen yet in each map pack to ad some type of new playability to the game lol I deleted the first map pack data from my PS3s hard drive 2 days after installing them so I didn’t have to endure playing maps I got bored of 2 years ago.

wolverine67 said:

February 7th, 2:26 pm

i really feel i got ripped off. i paid 24.99 in advance for DLC, so far it’s been skins(big deal) old maps(already paid for these) and no new trophies!!! how hard is it to put in a few new trophies. if you’d have told me all this months ago, i would have saved my 24.99. i love naughty dog but i feel ripped off and don’t want to hear anything about new lighting!!! i guess they have moved on to “the last of us” and we won’t get anything really good out of the DLC. live and learn, will not pay up front for a grab bag of poo!!!

EJayDub said:

February 7th, 2:36 pm

lol lame reused maps from Uncharted 2 lol I’m gonna get the Fortune Hunters pack for Uncharted 4 so I can play reused maps from Uncharted 3 yay

LJS1678 said:

February 7th, 2:44 pm

Guess I’ll be joinning the FHC today to save some dough. Do we still get the free FHC theme when we join?

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 7th, 4:28 pm

    Yes you do! And all the past DLC and all the upcoming DLC for Uncharted 3!

HSGG said:

February 7th, 2:46 pm

I don’t really mind the Flash back packs
Its really good that they are putting new things on it to make it really good

So far this is the best ive played in a while and i have no problems with it other than my playstation (80 GB) Turns off automatically after playing adventure coop

I would really hope you guys include villains on coop arena too!

anyways im looking forward to playing this later :)!

slaYer127 said:

February 7th, 3:43 pm

OH, I got a GOOD guess as to what that symbol means!!!!!

But my guess includes SPOILERS!!!!!

Ready? :

that symbol will be a new game mode that has one person become a flame head similar to the guys towards the end of the game. when, someone kills the flame head, they become it. you can only get kills while in this form. most kills as a flame head by the end of the match wins!

How’d i do? am i in the ballpark here? good idea though…

D-Squad3 said:

February 7th, 3:53 pm

Wish I had real friends to play this with.

Cloud_X1 said:

February 7th, 3:55 pm

it’s 5 min away from being 6pm, where i live. why are these add-ons not showing up!? i thought the store updates at 5pm.

met321 said:

February 7th, 3:59 pm

Dear ND can i have my money back cuz you screwing us real good right now im sick of paying for stuff i already have in U2 witch is the better game by the way it was way more balanced and way more fun even with the lower health…I WANT MY GAME BACK :( stop making it stupider by the minute.

likeaboss13579 said:

February 7th, 4:03 pm

I Love fortune hunters club

redsignia said:

February 7th, 4:24 pm

I just became a FHC and I still cant play the mission… and it doesnt show in my PSN store…. ????

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 7th, 4:29 pm

    It might not be live yet. 5PM PST is typically when content is pushed live via PSN. Check back. Go to the PSN store directly at first. Thanks!


February 7th, 4:50 pm

does the fortune hunter club get co-cop dlc too ? or is it just competitive map back

SJay1994 said:

February 7th, 4:50 pm

here is an idea… read the comments….

“FHC members will get 14 packs, this includes all packs released and upcoming. After Feb 21st and the Flashback Map Pack 2 release there will be 4 more. Those are our plans for the FHC for now.”

So rather than complaining do not buy/ download the old maps, and wait for the new ones. At least you have the option to choose what to and not to buy.

Consumers are confusing me… why have some of you become so stupid?

angelspawn77 said:

February 7th, 5:14 pm

So glad I’m part of the Fortune Hunters Club, so worth it for 25$. Seriously an amazing deal for SO MUCH dlc. I was not even expecting DLC this week. People complain about old maps, and I get where they’re coming from, but fact is at least ND totally redoes them, they look AMAZING. I was blown away by the old, new maps that came out recently, absolutely blown away, they look incredible. Also the Museum that was released back since the beta looks absolutely amazing as well, such a step up from the old ones. I don’t mind it too much if they’re reworked, if they were the EXACT SAME as in UC2, then I’d be like “Hey ND come on now! What is this BS!” but they put in the work to change them up and I don’t mind.

I will say however I hope there are completely NEW maps coming out after those old/new ones. Anyways looking forward to the store update today, I got quite a few things that need downloading.

KiDKiLLa606 said:

February 7th, 5:44 pm

Hey, not trying to sound impatient (I am VERY impatient.), but when is the update going live? I’ve been kinda waiting for the update for about 45 minutes. Just wanted to know.

mistasmooth25 said:

February 7th, 5:45 pm

These still aren’t live, I guess we’re going to get another late Playstation Store update…
And this is going be a decent update too!

arkham_91 said:

February 7th, 6:02 pm

Hmmmm 7:00 and still no PS store update :(

Emerald_Swords said:

February 7th, 6:03 pm

People you need to rememer, any Big chunky update will take much longer than an poor update.

Shinra_Soilder said:

February 7th, 6:21 pm

Is there something wrong with the Fort Co-op? The store has updated but it’s not there. I’ve found it through the search icon but I can’t access it.

Abridged-Flynn said:

February 7th, 11:06 pm

Great, sure. Great. But can we have more Elena in these new Co op Adventure packs you’re going on about? Please ND, could you make it awesome. Give us some more Elena Co op Adventure, please! Read this Eric and get ND to look at it and think about it.

Also, WHERE IS THE DOUGHNUT ELENA COSTUME!!! Cutter. Who cares? Ramases is in like 10 minutes and he gets a Doughnut character! Where is the Elena one! I get it. You’re going to release her with the Co op Adventure maps with HER in, hopefully. Cool. I know you can’t tell me anything Eric, BUT can you tell Naughty Dog what I want. That whole ‘listen to fans’ thing ND went on about. Thanks.

Bilbo-the-Moon said:

February 7th, 11:20 pm

Eric, you said the new Doughnut pack included your favourite characters becoming Doughnut size. So where was Elena? everyone wanted her. At least I did and the guy above me. Also I too would like you to walk into, or contact ND about that ELENA CO OP ADVENTURE MISSIONS. Her as first character if we’re lucky. So Eric, if you would could you tell ND we would like some Elena focused Co op Adventure DLC and a Doughnut Skin for Elena Fisher. Thank you.

residentSteve said:

February 8th, 10:50 am

I to was hoping for a doghnut elena in todays dlc pack also how about a doughnut chloe has well.

JayJayDailey said:

February 8th, 12:57 pm

Hey Eric,

I just want to know will there be additional co-op boards besides just the fort? and will you guys release a new treasure set for the new co-op boards? But other then that man I LOVE UNCHARTED! Been playing since Uncharted 1, Keep up the GOOD WORK!

God Bless,
JayJay Dailey

gunnsandwiches42 said:

February 8th, 3:04 pm

Eric, Cave never comes up in plunder. Not once. Please fix this!

Larsenater_3 said:

February 9th, 1:39 pm

Hello Eric,

Any ideas about bringing back survival? Endless survival would be awesome! Also I agree that the M-9 and AK-47 are underpowered. Thanks for any updates you can provide!

kratos_drake__ said:

February 9th, 3:04 pm

how about maps based on areas from JAK and DAXTER. dead town and Mars tomb from JAK II or mayb just a precurser like map?

VHRS said:

February 10th, 7:39 pm

ND, sometimes when my internet is down I play the co-op split screen w/ a friend, is it possible for you guys to add game types in offline co-op other than the two existing ones? Also, it would be great if you could include an MP map of (idk the name of the map but its in the uc3 story where there are lots of boats and sea in it)…

… will be purchasing the FHC dlc later

Tacomastr said:

February 14th, 5:07 pm

That flaming skull reminds me of the Fire Spirits. Maybe another Co-Op telling WHY there are fire spirits in Fort. Then again i could be a new game mode or skin.

DuneHopper98 said:

February 16th, 1:45 pm

OMG! Epic! i haven’t played UC3 in a while but now ill be playin it for weeks ESPESCIALLY when the new maps come out! :D

B_Stinson12 said:

February 20th, 2:40 pm

Two things I would like to see in U3 are:

1) A Random Character Option like there was in Uncharted 2. I have sooo many awesome skins from the DLC to pick from. It would be great to have the game auto pick skins so I don’t have to spend sacred between round time fretting over which skin I should use.

2) A Throwback Co Op mode with separate game modes. While I thoroughly enjoy the Co Op Arena, I would like to play some constant game modes like Survival, Siege, or Gold Rush. (not all three in one game). Maybe even add some Mini Gun “Mutants” from U2…

Thanks for the awesome maps and skins! Keep them coming and good job!

xICEMAN73x said:

February 22nd, 6:01 am

Where in the hell are the new maps?? I have been on the store since last night @ 8 p.m and i have seen nothing. I did the update yesterday @ 2p.m central time and I have not been able to get the new flashback map pack #2 yet. I looked on the asia playstionstion store and it shows up. Please let me kow why this is happening and when I can expect to see the maps in the store for download.


likeaboss13579 said:

February 22nd, 3:08 pm

SOMEONE HELP Im in fotune hunters club but Flash back map pack 2 isnt showing up in the store or in the shop on multiplayer, and this is after I updated the software do I need to turn off my playstation????

likeaboss13579 said:

February 22nd, 3:17 pm

YOu should also make a FIRE SPIRIT SKIN that would be sick Please consider my idea and help me with the problem I talked about earlier.

likeaboss13579 said:

February 22nd, 3:47 pm

Please help me Eric

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