Welcome to PlayStation Vita

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Welcome to PlayStation Vita
Welcome to PlayStation Vita

PlayStation is just days away from embarking on another historic console journey with the launch of PS Vita — the most ambitious entertainment device you’ve ever held in your hands. PS Vita was first unveiled to the world as NGP, the “Next Generation Portable,” in January 2011 and formally christened as PS Vita during E3. In the time leading up to the big global launch day on February 22nd, we chronicled the designers as they created the world’s most advanced handheld gaming system and heard from some of the most-respected game developers in the business.

We also recently revealed what’s in the box for the PS Vita First Edition Bundle launching to early adopters on February 15th. Today, we wanted to welcome you to our world with this new video. Guy Longworth, Senior VP of PlayStation Brand Marketing, and John Koller, Senior Director of PlayStation Handhelds, show you everything you need to know to enjoy the out-of-box experience moments after you wake your PS Vita for the first time.

The day we’ve been waiting for is nearly here! Remember, kids: Never. Stop. Playing.

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  • Already got my copy of Wipeout and Uncharted is in the mail. So excited!

  • Does this mean that the Wi-Fi version doesnt come with the Facebook app?

  • @95 on one of my visits to gamestop i asked a playstation rep. that was there about that and they told me R3 and L3 will be a small area next to their corresponding analog sticks and R2 and L2 will be spots on the rear touch pad

  • Almost there!

  • To those people saying they arent kids: if you pre-ordered the vita, you know that your a kid at heart. Heck I always wanna be a kid at heart till the day I die. Also the never stop playing thing is like a partner to long live play that they have.

  • Why can’t “Near” be done as a app on my iphone (or other smartphones)?

    I know i can’t always have it was me…

  • i also preordered first edition bundle with 32gb memory for feb 14.first of the browser on psp good is vita compared to psp browser.will there be any game on pen feb 15 to download coz i bought 100 psn card coz i am going all digital game only.thanks.

  • 105 question no answer.feel like canceling and buying iPad 3.

  • This is why I’ve Pre-Ordered one!

  • handheld gaming is still going strong, 3DS after the price-drop has been on fire. Sony has a great launch, and some strong support. Give it some time to see what games come out for it.

    As far as nitpicking goes, no UMD transfer for the U.S is not cool, and no HDMI port, everything else I’m happy with. If Vita has a decent user base, likely ver.2 will start adding features absent from the vanilla launch unit, so I’m not too worried about HDMI or getting Wii/Xbox like avatars and stuff, Vita will improve over time like any platform.

    I do think some fo the fans here are worried over nothing though. Just like the Wii, Smart Phone/Tablet gamers are in a different market. They are not ‘”gamers” in the sense that we are, and there’s still enough gamers out there to make Vita successful.

    Monster Hunter in Japan, Call of Duty in the states, and tons of other smaller market games that appeals to different parts of the world like Wipeout/Uncharted/GoW/Tales/etc…wait for the big games people, then we’ll see the value of Vita and if it will be another successful platform.

  • Personally, I would love to play most of my RPG experiences on Vita with a nice quality headphones. Also games like Brain Age, Professor Layton, and puzzle games in particular. The screen is really amazing, and I would hope more people want to see the hardware successful. I don’t know why were worried about marketing and what Sony needs to do, just go out and suppor them if you like the vita. If not, wait for some games to come out before you make judgments on its success or failure. I would like an HDMI port as well, and also a more personal avatar system, but it doesn’t make me hate the touch screen, rear touch, dual analog, dual camera, x-chat and microphone applications of the system…

    lol lot of good things the vita is doing, and lot of things it’s doing better than the 3DS imo, and if that platform now has strong sales every week and a growing user base, then I don’t see why Vita won’t be successful.

  • I was just checking the PS store and was able to find some Vita titles available for purchase!!! 8D

  • @108, totally agreed, Sony has totally abandoned rpg’s, all they make is action shooter games this gen. Remember all the great RPG’s on ps2? It was a major reason it was so popular, and one of the reason PS3 struggles to get out of third place is the lack of RPG’s

    When is Sony going to make a good RPG exclusive? Good rpg on the vita is a must for me.

  • when will you guys relese a ps vita comercial you need to befor it is to late and nintendo captures to much of the market if you market very well then evreyone will see how awsome and say wow the 3ds dose not even come close and i am a playstation fan for life buying A PSVITA ON DAY ONE LOOKS AMASING

  • when will there be a ps vita comercial u guys need one soon

  • will there be a youtube app

  • are we going to get ps plus discounts on vita games? and why i cant store my psp games in folders anymore on my ps3?

  • @ 110 i dissagree that sony has abondan rpg this generationm. tI think gmers are more valid to flock to x game than look and see if rpg are there. i could count 26 rpg sony has dropped for psp and ps3 console last month alon.e but as i count them the title will fall on deaf ears and gamers genre tastes.

    I think ps vita is going to cbs, mtv alot big name networdl morning show tv site when it debutes. I mean it the natural thing to do becuase sony has alot partner sinthe tv world. they promote their games to the worling world, buisness world < that where the money is at not direct the customer. adversting should be in house more than out house which i think is route sony is taking with ps vita..

    vp- psn legionairee group

  • @ masterofpuppets I honestly know the psp console device is the world leader in rpg games made this generation.. I agree that rpg made the ps2 console great. I think the cost of rpg game is what making it so hard to develop a ps3 rpg title, it hours and hours of things to doand concepts, which the basic format for a rpg game. Which would cost around 8-20 million..

    Thats way to much for psp dev game and way to much for a psn game to be made.. I do agree the ps3 and ps vita could use more exclusive rpgs by sony by sony.. But with the way the times are right now , economy .. its hard to just money one side of the ball with a exclusive deal when a dev could make triple or double doing 3 console or 2 consoles and pc..

    I agree with 100% my ps legionarre brother. onthe topic and sony could do more. demon vita exclusive game would be the rigth direction to start

    vp-psnlegionairee group

  • oh the ps vita come with cable to hoodk up to your tv .. folks so that not a issue. I know theyre are alot of owrries about the ps vita marketing. But i dont think it going to flop or nothing like that. i think it sold out in japn and every else inthat area alos alot chart so it sold out across the usa in certian places.. So i dnt that worry of selling is the porblem but the issue to me can it continue to sell strong.. I think like master of puppets and blade said .w e really big gun rpg title like monter hunter, demon soul. a new genration of rpg. final fantasty shouldnt be doing allthe work inthe rpg genere .. Spread the wealth sony/psn and you see more hit titles

    vp psn legionairee group..

  • Any chance the PSP’s comic book reader or an e-reader will be available for the Vita? Also how strong will the support for the web browser be? I realize that this is a gaming platform but this is one strength of the ipad (e-reader / web browsing) that I was hoping would get better support than the PSP did.

  • Errata… after re-reading my last sentence it sounds more like I’m endorsing ipad over Vita.

    My last sentence should have said something like: “I was hoping the Vita would have better web browsing / e-reading support than the PSP did to help it compete with the ipad.”

  • This just made me 100x more excited to be getting my vita next week! Its going to be torture when I get Uncharted arrives from Amazon before my PS Vita comes! AGHH! Can’t wait!

  • Can wait! wonder what free game we get with the 3G though?

  • I’ve already received my PDP Vita Trigger Grips and my copies of Wipeout and Hot Shots Golf arrive this Monday. I plan to do a bit more shopping when I pick-up my FE Bundle this Wednesday.

    If anyone is interested, Amazon has Wipeout and Hot Shots Golf priced at $29.99.

  • hey guys love what you are doing with the pre vita launch ……. i wanted to ask you how many gb or mb are the 3 free AR games we can download …. can you please answer so i know what size memory card to get … thank-you

  • So, am I reading what Sony put in at 5:40 in the video correctly? We can play multiplayer online over 3G, at least with WipeOut 2048? That section is on 3G and the video shows “Real Time Gaming” with 3 people plus a ‘point-of-view’ with WipeOut 2048 on the screen. That and the $10 drop on WipeOut 2048 at Amazon is enough I just added it to my pre-order.

    Now if this turns out to be another Sony smoke and mirrors trick, heavily disclaimed later, then you can bet they’re going to get their game, and their 3G system back a week later.

  • Rey Gutierrez, I dunno, it seems you have some fans here, so I’m hoping your replies on the first page were just a rush on a Friday. It really seems you missed the point on most of them:

    #8, DZORMAGEN – He says he’s upset about the lack of the UMD Ambassador program here in the states. Kinda looks like that’s why he’s not sure what to do with his PSP. You just suggest giving it to some younger sibling or cousin?

    I’m in the same boat, although I’ve already decided to keep my PSP. I’ll need it for all of the PSP games I already own, and for all of the PSOne Classics I have on my PS3/PSP. My Vita won’t travel much until Sony makes good on the hardware’s promise.

    #10, Blade133 – you concentrate entirely on his first line and completely ignore all of his questions?

    #20, TheMissingLink – the last line in the blog post says “Remember, kids”. A lot of us here aren’t kids.

    and last,

    #46, darkedgex – Were you in a rush here Rey, or just being disingenuous? The Vita has no USB port on it, just a Sony proprietary connector. That is a FAIL. The fact that the other end of the cable uses USB doesn’t make the Vita connector any less proprietary.

  • You know, thinking about it, since the Vita also has a proprietary expansion port, it really seems likeSony just wants to make a few extra bucks on cables. Any additional features we may later see through the primary charge/connect proprietary port could have been routed through the expansion port.

    “Playstation Vita delivers the most insane handheld gaming experience ever.” (about 0:37 in the video)

    Guy Longworth, I don’t think I could have said it better myself. So much promise in the hardware, so many limitations in the hardware design choices, the software, and the featureset. The PlayStation Vita comes across as insane, nearly schizophrenic. It’ll be fun to play, yet incredibly frustrating as well.


  • Like a BOSS

  • i won the ps vita from taco bell Jan. 30… But i havent recieved any conformation!!! dont know if i should preorder or what???what do i do just keep waiting?

  • Really love the new draconian Content Manager Assitant, it’s going to be so much better than just drag and drop was on the PSP, it’ll be great for when my internet goes out and I’ll be unable to transfer stuff! I’ll really enjoy being limited to just Windows and Mac OS X as my home computer’s operating system. Love that you obsoleted all the Memory Stick Pros I had from my PSP too! I really love buying proprietary memory cards I can only use on one device!

    Seriously Sony, I know piracy hit the PSP hard, but did you really have to resort to all this stuff? Wouldn’t it have been eaiser just to write solid bug free code?

    At least bring support to linux or even just Ubuntu. The Vita is supposed to be the evolution of the PSP, and all this stuff is a step backwards.

  • @IceSamurai because sony is trying to get them to quit playing stupid phone games an buy the vita wich is 100000000000000000000000000000000X better than any cell phone game, also i don’t know why so many people like angry birds, i tried it on my moms cell when i got really bored one day an i can name so many better games that are on the psp

  • @Astro411 were? i went on the ps store an i didn’t see any vita games

  • As usual, great video R3Y! I’m stoked for the new system, now to figure out how to get one of those early bundles.

  • The Vita is an awesome console and I was about to buy one on launch day. However I have decided to defer my purchase in light of the weird price gouging tactics employed by Sony India, which make no sense whatsoever. So here is how it goes: a PS Vita WiFi and a PS3 160 GB both cost 250$ in the USA. However in India the PS3 160GB retails for 16,990 Rs(~343 US$), while the pre-order price for the Vita WiFi is 19,990 Rs(~403 US$). Why the hell does the VIta WiFi cost 60$ more than the PS3 160GB. Clearly the freight charges would be lesser for the Vita(since its obviously smaller and lighter) and the import duty would also be lesser. Well i will be making a work trip to Oregon in April, I guess I will pick up a Vita WiFi, starter pack and 2-3 games for about 403$ then.

  • @juggalorider – LOL. Actually a huge Twisted Metal fan but, with Vita coming out, gaming funds are already locked up for this month. I’ll pick it up soon, though.

  • My ONLY problem with the 3G availability is the data plans, costs, etc. I need to know that I won’t be spending more than what the Vita costs alone in less than 6 months. If 3G, especially in terms of gaming, could be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis, rather than a MB limit, I would be satisfied. I need the reassurance that I won’t get billed for thousands when I accidentally go over any limit either.

    Like approximately $499.99 per year.
    – $299.99 for 7 months.
    – $54.99 per month.

    As it stands, I am getting the WiFi only device. “On the Go” sounds like too expensive of a feature here.

    Does the Vita automatically search for and wait for your approval to enter a WiFi hub like a laptop would? Does it automatically sync with the WiFi you have entered before?

    I am SOOOOO excited! It has TV out, right?

    Long Live Play.

  • @135 no TV out on the PS vIta

  • : (

  • Ladies and gents this is what you get for bashing the psp go which i so gladly have : ). Oh and don’t go all jeally how i can’t play birth by sleep, i got me an old phat psp too ; ). Nice try though.

  • I’m hoping someone at Sony who is in a position to do something reads this. Looking forward to Vita! What I want to address here though involves the FEB, accessories/ some games already being available and street date breaks. I understand the point of the FEB I truly do and have no problem with that. Here’s the thing though..Vita accessories/games are available to buy now..all available Vitas have no doubt arrived at the majority of retailers and the whole screw up that gave some people a Vita VERY early..With all that it seems to me Sony is ready to launch the Vita. I’d like to propose an idea for Sony US to consider that should make EVERYONE buying a Vita happy, regardless of the kind of Vita pre-ordered. I want to suggest this and actually try giving my input instead of whining and complaining. My idea that I want to get out there is..this Wednesday, the 15th, along with letting people who pre-ordered a FEB to pick up their pre-orders, let ALL other existing pre-orders pick up their Vitas that day as well. It would be great if Sony would please do everyone this one favor and authorize/ok ALL pre-orders to be picked up this week.

  • Doesn’t that make more sense for Sony than have stock sit in back rooms for over a week? I’m not suggesting allowing walk-ins to pick up next week. What I’m saying is patience has been exceptionally strong this time, reward it please. All of us can’t wait for Vita. There has to be a Monday morning meeting out at Sony US and I think this should be on the agenda. Short recap: Along with FEB bundle pre-order pick ups, allow all other exisiting pre-orders to be picked up this week regardless of model. If you can’t authorize/ok it nationwide, allow it on a district/store/regional basis and allow each store to make the decision based on stock. Not a fan of street dates, never was. This week’s street date break only affirms my attitude towards street dates. With this idea Sony gets its money and sells units asap and everyone gets to start experiencing Vita at the same time, none of this week long divide between FEB pre-orders and everyone else. With available accessories/games along with that street date break I think it’s the best and fairest thing Sony can do now. I’ll wait a week if need be but just know it would be an excellent nice surprise for everyone if Sony did this one thing.

  • My opinion is Sony you need to advertise this more. If we are here then we are obviously on board but the rest of the world does not know about it.

  • @115 – 116 – There are praticially no RPG’s on PS3, except MULTIPLATS, also on 360 and PC. Sony needs Exclusive rpg’s like the ps2 had. Sony is making too many action games, it’s all they are making, need better deeper experiences. PS3 is really lacking that this gen with a few rare exceptions.

  • @133 Sony can’t do anything about exchange rates.

  • @142 this has nothing to do with exchange rates(or freight or import duty for that matter), since PS3 160GB which also costs 250 US$ is available at a cost that is 60 US$(~ 3000 Rs) less than the PS Vita Wi-Fi.

  • I say this with a full heart… ASVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! Nothing is worse than having an innovative device and no one knowing of it’s existence to provide support. Sony has been a staple in my life since I could breath… Don’t ruin it by thinking you’re doing enough. The last thing anyone with a eye for quality need is Sony failing; leaving the gates open for other companies to fill our lives with under creative content, all because they can afford advertising during highly watched and read programming. If you are as passionate as your admirers, make sure men, women, and children know your contribution to the world exists! Now get to work… Start with The New York Times, The Washington Post, Major Magizines (GQ, Cosmopolitan, and ESPN), and Primetime Television. Manly the NY Times and Washington Post, it’s all we read in the morning where I’m from. Side Note: If the ladies in my office dont know what a Vita is there is going to be a huge problem, and the last thing Sony needs is more problems.

  • abyone that would buy a vita on launch had to of walk into a game store within the past month and see vita advertisements. Because there are to much good games coming out these times for anyone who would buy a game console day one not to buy or hear of it. It is smarter to advertise something when it’s released. especially when you can’t really demonstrate how anything looks on it because it’s screen is better then basically anything out. They just need ads i n game stores for now and demo units so people can see. The only time they need heavy marketting is when the Call of Duty comes out this year so everyone knows it’s a dual analog system withthe ability to perform at about the same level as ps3. Plus the line up will get people to find out. Cause ppl will talk bout Uncharted on the go, Mortal kombat, mvc3 being basically the same. SFxT, on it being the same. Also cross play. Also if the ps3 tells people when someones playing games on the vita, it would be a big way to advertise free, seeing people will search it up. to find out about what it is if they don’t know

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