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Feb 22

Feb 22

PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

Jack Tretton's Avatar Posted by President & CEO

Today is a very exciting day for PlayStation, all of our loyal fans and the entire gaming industry. The highly anticipated PlayStation Vita, our next generation handheld gaming device, is now officially available here in the US. We celebrated this momentous occasion from coast to coast last night, kicking off at a midnight event in New York where an enthusiastic crowd from the PlayStation Nation came to get their PS Vita units.

When we set out to create PS Vita, we were determined to deliver the best handheld gaming experience the industry has ever seen, an experience that would rival current consoles and set the bar infinitely higher for those exploring the portable gaming space. In the year following its announcement, you’ve heard us throw around words like “revolutionary,” “innovative,” “game-changing” and more. In the past few weeks, fans like yourselves and members of the press have begun to share in our sentiments. Early reviews have hailed PS Vita as “the best handheld ever made” and “the most advanced portable gaming system ever made.” It’s clear that PS Vita is making a phenomenal impression on gamers across the world.


Once you have your PS Vita in hand, the choices are yours. With 25 titles available at launch, more than 70 others in development, and fan-favorite franchises such as Call of Duty, UNCHARTED, Assassin’s Creed, Resistance, Mortal Kombat and new IP like Unit 13 coming to your PS Vita, the hardest decision will be where to start. Our goal is to ensure that PS Vita owners are never without new entertainment choices. We’ve worked hard to create a lineup of great content unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a handheld gaming device and to add social features, services and functionality the will continuously enhance those great experiences anytime, anywhere.

We know that PlayStation has the best fans in the business and we want to thank you for your ongoing passion and dedication. For those of you who may just be joining the PlayStation Nation we say “welcome” and to every proud new owner of a PlayStation Vita…we hope you never stop playing.

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T-W-I--L-I-G-H-T said:

February 23rd, 8:32 pm

Contiued from last message. I laughed again saying to them that we have argued over a hour on trying to update my psp software because I DIDN’T have a computer or wifi and I get the walk around for a hour and I knew they use to send updates out on umd’s and then was told they stop doing that and the whole hour on the dang phone was a waste then. I already knew if I HAD a laptop I could update it that way but he knew I didn’t have one to and then after a hour he says like I never told him, that with a laptop or desktop I could update it and I need to buy one to update it and he’s sorry he can’t help me lol. So I was suppose to spend 300 bucks on top of the 130 for the psp just to update it cause Sony didn’t make it were we can update our psp’s through the ps3 like a vita can be. Don’t even get me started on PSP lies from sony. The psp go lies that sony said 24/7 was pathetic to. Took them over 5 years to finally update the ps3 web browser. I guess in 6 years they will make a youtube app and upgrade the vita browser to.

manzoor47 said:

February 23rd, 9:57 pm

great launch!!!

Neo_Phoenix78 said:

February 23rd, 11:20 pm

Jack, you’re the best. You always look genuinely happy and always having a good time. Most importantly you also genuinely come across as a gamer and it’s great having you represent and respect us so well. Thanks for it al.

Can’t WAIT to get my Vita in March! So long away.

#GameChanger for reals

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

February 24th, 12:07 am

Oh yeah Jack will smile cause he’s stealing you’re money hyping a device that’s crap. He’s just being a normal republican. Scamming people for money!

BigPoppaChunk said:

February 24th, 5:32 am

i have 3 questions

1 why are there games on the offficial backwards compatible that dont work you can’t put them on the vita !!! age of zombies , i must run , lets golf, vempire, and final fantasy 4.

2 did anybody at sony ever try and hold this ps vita and actually play games it is difficult and very awkward and uncomfortible. even with the grips.

3 could you please sony add the triggers right or left to be mapped to the right stick as a option it would make god of war much better as well as the hope to re-map all the controls would be better!!

xxnike629xx said:

February 24th, 5:33 am

Look at how sincerely happy Jack Tretton looks behind the register after selling the 1st Vita in the US. =)

Congratz to Mr. Tretton. I hope that I’m able to afford a PS Vita soon. =(
But it’s a good thing that I still have my PS3 to keep me busy among my other game systems (PSP, DS, Wii)…

xxnike629xx said:

February 24th, 5:37 am

…a few things I wish the Vita had/needs to change…

1. UI needs to be able to support button controls
2. UI needs to not use the current “bubbles” on the interface. it looks messy. why not have an option to bring back XMB style? it works on the PS3 and PSP…
3. have a Vita with a non-glossy finish. matte finish look better as they don’t attract finger prints and dust
4. have a screen protective coating applied to the retail box
5. move the analog mini sticks down a little bit. people have complained
6. removable battery in case the battery dies and we just want to get a new battery and not a new system
7. or have a battery with much longer battery life and a quicker charge time from empty to full

I guess that’s what a model 2 of the Vita is for? o_O

ultimatemgsfan said:

February 24th, 7:10 am

Hey jack any news about metal gear solid portable ops being able to be downloaded on the vita? I really like that game and sold my psp to save up money for the vita (almost have enough for the purchase) and was wondering if metal gear solid portable ops would be compatible with the via if I downloaded it please reply back ASAP. P.S I have played the vita at my local gamestop and it truly is an amazing piece of hardware!!!! :)

ZERO_169 said:

February 25th, 7:40 am

You may have already found this out, but Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops does not work on the ps vita as of now. I just tried yesterday transferring over all my downloadable PSP games off of my ps3 and that game plus a few others that I had bought do not show up.

djdanRobbins said:

February 27th, 1:06 am

Sony, you’ve been so very close to me since the first Walkman (orange headphones n all!). I have an entire library of my live NYC nightclub dj sets tucked neatly away digitally pristine on Minidisc. My home is fluent in Bravia-Sync – everything springs to life with one little press of the PS button on the controller – within seconds my dark little apartment is awash in the royal blue glow of PS3’s XMB and the sound of a symphony coming together fills the room with sound as I wonder where MY Sony wonderland will take me tonight. That decision making process is going to be a little tougher each night as I just saw how beautiful the Chains of Olympus look on my new favorite Sony piece, the Vita!

Welcome back to glory Sony, my old friend!!!!!!! Put last year behind you once and for all and hold your heads REALLY HIGH with the success of the Vita. You deserve it! Vita demonstrates exactly what Sony is all about: the future has arrived and you are holding it in your hands.

Hinatalover85 said:

March 1st, 9:31 am

Got MY PSVITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Awesome System Hands down The Nintendo 3ds Doesn’t even come close to the PSVITA i Have Blazeblue Continum shift extend Anyone Wanna dance with the princess BRING IT!!!!!!!!!*kisses* ^_^

Hinatalover85 said:

March 5th, 9:35 am

Let The Vita Reign Supreme As Handheld.Step Down Nintendo VITA Has U Beat *Kisses*.I Own 3DS But It’s Collecting Dust Lol.PSVITA is EPIC!!!!! The Touch Interface Is Amazing It’s Like Android.Sony U Guys Nailed it Good Job ^_^ Muuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Hinatalover85 said:

March 5th, 9:49 am

To BxNYcBonaoDR= Elequintly Put Sweety The Playstation Vita Is Worth It And Then Some I’m A Sony Fan First And Farmost Ur Definitly Getting More Bang For Ur Buck And SCEA told Me Eventually There Will Be An App For Playstation Home Access On PSVITA!!!!!!!! All The Playstation Haters Go Hate Elsewhere Please Winter Has Spoken. *Kisses* I Own The 3DS But I Don’t Play It I Love Ps3 And VIta Period. Add Me Sweetheart ^_^

Hinatalover85 said:

March 5th, 9:51 am

BxNYCBonaoDR I Could’t Put It Any Better Myself PLaystation VITA Rules Period I’m PS3 And VITA My 3DS I Don’t Play lol Add Me Sweetheart

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