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Apr 02

Apr 02

PS Vita System Software Update (v1.65)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Update 4/3/2012: We identified a symptom that users can not play adhoc play in PSP titles if they download the system software, so we have taken down the system software temporarily. The system software will be available to download again soon.

Hi, everyone. The next PS Vita System Software Update (v1.65) will be released soon and will include the following minor enhancements:

  • A “Notification Alert” option will be added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off
  • “After 10 minutes” will be added to the time options under Power Save Settings
  • An Arrow icon will now appear when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea
  • Caps Lock will be supported in the On Screen Keyboard

Don’t forget: there are several ways to update the firmware on your PS Vita:

  • Select “System Update” under the “Settings” menu and download the firmware directly to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC/Mac and update via Content Manager.

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Esena said:

April 2nd, 5:02 pm

PSone Classics? Eh? Eh!?

Ti_dus said:

April 2nd, 5:03 pm

PSOne / PS2 games on Vita please!

materclobber said:

April 2nd, 5:03 pm

finally!!!!!! but there is so much more to cover with ps vita’s functionality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

subadictos said:

April 2nd, 5:05 pm

And PSOne Classics support for Vita… WHEN!!!???

Kchow23 said:

April 2nd, 5:05 pm

Hopefully this means that the support for the rest of the PSP and PS1 games will come soon?

P.S Hopefully this update fixes some of the issues that I’ve been experiencing with the PS Vita such as the touchscreen not working, freezing and thinking that it was plugged in to a PS3 or PC when it wasn’t!

The_Trooper_669 said:

April 2nd, 5:05 pm

dang, I was expecting a major update

maybe next month

androvsky said:

April 2nd, 5:05 pm

More PSP games supported? PS Suite Beta support? PS+ minis working?

Zookey said:

April 2nd, 5:06 pm

When listening to music, can you enable trigger controls so I don’t have to use the screen? Also, when listening to music, if the screen is off and we first wake it back up–that peel away page should have some basic media controls.

Nintendo451 said:

April 2nd, 5:06 pm

As silly as it sounds, I’m actually glad for the Caps Lock support. I didn’t know how much I used it until I didn’t have it any more. Hooray for stability!

Fantus said:

April 2nd, 5:06 pm

PSone Classics available for Vita soon?

MarkakaJin said:

April 2nd, 5:06 pm

Still can’t play PS1 games on my PS Vita. Come on, guys.

Prothean said:

April 2nd, 5:09 pm

Where’s the update that will prevent making backups of simple game saves an all day affair?!! This is the single most frustrating thing about the system so far… I buy all my games PSN and not retail, so every time I want to back up my game saves, it backs up the entire game… ridiculous.

Kchow23 said:

April 2nd, 5:09 pm

Another issue that is annoying is that your friends on PS3 can’t see you online and you can’t see your trophies from your PS3 which I’m hoping get fixed soon also! Many things that could use some improvement! :)

rogerwilco said:

April 2nd, 5:09 pm

Solid improvements. The UI of the home screen could really use an overhaul though; the bubbles aren’t very elegant and are a weak link for the device. I know you don’t want to go with square icons, but something more friendly needs to be done. Folders would help… and it would nice to have the option of using something XMB-like.

Thanks :)

toology01 said:

April 2nd, 5:10 pm

Perhaps support for the better PSP games out there and not just the lame ones. Also fix the issue where PS Plus members can’t play any of the minis we’ve acquired. PS Plus gifts for vita? Remote play ANY GAME from our PS3 library would be the most amazing thing to ever happen in life. Loving my vita by the way, just need more games to play on it.

Also my wife says a Pinterest app would be nice on it :) Maybe we could trick her into play some video games too this way, wink wink.

drepsx3 said:

April 2nd, 5:13 pm

No PS1 support? And please don’t tell me the only way we’ll be able to play them is through PS Suite..

KongWen said:

April 2nd, 5:14 pm

Hopefully the features that were promised will actually be added soon.

ScreamAimFire999 said:

April 2nd, 5:15 pm

I was expecting a major update. Gotta say I am a little disappointed. I’m not even talking about YouTube, Flash Support, PSOne classics, or Remote Play. More of these minor updates would have been nicer.

ReflectionistBaz said:

April 2nd, 5:15 pm

PSone Classics support please, this is getting ridiculous! My PSP shouldn’t be able to play more games than my Vita :/

tha_con said:

April 2nd, 5:16 pm

Super excited for the day the PS Vita OS moves out of Beta and we can start getting real updates! Thanks guys :)

LpSquall said:

April 2nd, 5:22 pm

Things to consider fixing on the next update:

Whenever you launch an app (ie: messaging, party, psn store, etc) the system always logs you into the PSN. Why can’t the vita log me in when I power on the device or when I re-establish network connectivity? I would look at my friends list and see that my friend was not online. However, when my friend launched an app, I received the notification that he was online.

Better way to manage content on our memory card. There should be a memory card manager where it shows you how much memory you have. What applications are taking up memory, how many pictures you have, dlc, music, etc all under the same memory card application.

LpSquall said:

April 2nd, 5:22 pm


The Group Messaging, Friends, and Party app should all be one application. It doesn’t make any sense that I can’t send a message to a friend from the friends app, or invite them to a party. Furthermore, in order to read the message it has to open the message app. Doesn’t it make sense to open a PSN social app where it integrates all 3 into one Social application. Here you can see all your friends, send messages, and create parties all in application. Currently, we have to launch the party app and send an invite however, your friend needs to launch an app that signs him on to the psn before receiving the invitation, when he clicks on the invitation it opens the messaging app, he accepts the invitation and finally he is in the party.

Link01 said:

April 2nd, 5:22 pm

Awesome that this is finally announced. Are there bug fixes.. like the charger notification not working at times, notifications not going away, general crashes, etc?

LpSquall said:

April 2nd, 5:22 pm


The party chat app is fantastic although it has its limitations. I think we are back to square one with allowing the developers to decide if a game can support chat. My cousin and I were playing Hot Shots last night and we were unable to use the Party chat app and play Hot Shots. Why? Isn’t it all on the same PSN network? I understand some games need to turn on networking in order to utilize all the power the vita has to offer (ie: Uncharted) but it doesn’t make sense when a game that has online play, doesn’t allow you to use the party app.

Finally, with the new update, do we receive a notification when someone posts a comment on our activity?

JumpMan33 said:

April 2nd, 5:22 pm

I know the guys at Sony Japan are hard at work to add PSOne Support and expand PSP Support. But I just thought I would mention that more backwards compatibility support means Vita owns have more things to play while they wait for new vita games to be released, and it makes the VIta more appealing to people who are on the fence about getting a vita. A bigger game library is always a great thing :)

PatchAdams2000 said:

April 2nd, 5:23 pm

I love the Remote Play with the PS1 games & Anarchy (the only PSN/PS3 game you can remote play so far). I know you can do more. I wanna at least play Zombie Apocalypse or Burn Zombie Burn. Maybe even Limbo or Sonic 4.

It isn’t like I’m wanting to play Call of Duty…… though it would be nice.

Tarqosis said:

April 2nd, 5:23 pm

PS1 availability and fix NEAR please.

Link01 said:

April 2nd, 5:23 pm

@ 22.. I agree sooo full heatedly

RidleysBox said:

April 2nd, 5:24 pm

If only they added a way to hide or delete the pre-installed apps you never use.

Tchanku said:

April 2nd, 5:25 pm

This update probably should have just waited to be added to a big update.

themajestic-2 said:

April 2nd, 5:25 pm

wow what a massive let down :(

Incagneto said:

April 2nd, 5:26 pm

sony you should have a place where you tell us what you are working on over there. so when we are waiting for big fixes we can at least know that you are working on it.

things to fix the freezing problem some people are having. near not working problem some people are having. files becoming corrupted some people are having.

where are the stability fixes. really hope you sony over there are working on the major fixes. was hoping for more fixes less adding stuff.

hope the next update is a bigger one.

Blkant said:

April 2nd, 5:29 pm

This is very underwhelming… I was expecting more from the vita upon launch day, yet even now its still not up to par with the iPhone’s basic features even around its launch some years ago.

Hopefully the next update will be more substantial.

Slaysme said:

April 2nd, 5:31 pm

Ok. Sounds like a lame update. Maybe they’ll surprise us a little. Hope for coolness, expect nothing, and demand tacos. They love to be secretive, give it a chance to flub before you beat the poor update with sticks.

Jimm_West said:

April 2nd, 5:32 pm

so pissed at this update… i was hoping for SKYPE, or something!!! but i guess an update is an update………………………………. so dissapointed..

subskark said:

April 2nd, 5:33 pm

We want PS1 Classics

Jimm_West said:

April 2nd, 5:34 pm

i mean….. the only thin about this update i like is a caps lock…. :/

Dinsouza said:

April 2nd, 5:37 pm

Things that need to be done:

-PS1 (hopefully PS2) support;
-Ability to organize photos and videos on the memory card with albums;
-Increase system stability (the thing did freeze on me quite a few times in 2 weeks of use);
-Ability to delete Welcome Park app;
-Fix the bug where you cannot, sometimes, open the browser together with Facebook app (it’s possible some other times);

Also, it’s never too much to ask, a new PS3 firmware, fixing integration issues with messages (showing as unread on PS3 when you’ve read them on Vita), trophy collection on the XMB showing info of Vita games as well, and the ability to see friends online when they are logged in from Vita (what they’re currently playing, too).

ccrogers15 said:

April 2nd, 5:38 pm

Oh come on. If that turd the PSP/PSPgo can play PSone classics, how comes Vita cant? COME ON!!! Glad i dont have a vita yet. No psone classic support was a major turn off. Thats all i use my PSP for, is to play PSone classics such as Spyro, Spyro 2, Spyro 3, and resident evil.

bravo9zero said:

April 2nd, 5:41 pm

Features I want added to PS Vita, some that should of been available already!

*Create folders/playlists for Music/Start menus, and name them to your choosing.

*Update the Web browser!! it’s terrible, add flash/HTML5 and Java, fix the scrolling bug.

*More apps like RSS, Skype, Iplayer, even random stuff like an app!

*Option to use Dpad and face buttons to control the system, don’t like having to touch the screen all the time.

*PS1 game support! should of been available at launch!!!!!!!!

*Add ability to play at least SOME PS3 blu-ray games via remote play, or remove the whole thing!

I appreciate the update, but this is pretty weak

arturfbt said:

April 2nd, 5:41 pm

PSOne classics available soon … this update available soon … could sony please use actual dates instead of just tell us soon. :/

OveReAction10 said:

April 2nd, 5:43 pm

Haven’t we already use Caps Lock by holding the Shift button?

Tombstone_5_0 said:

April 2nd, 5:44 pm

Where is the flash player for the web browser?!! And the ability to upload photos to FB and Twitter from the Vita.

OveReAction10 said:

April 2nd, 5:46 pm

D’oh! I forgot! They supposed to add a YouTube app as well!

WarHawk_TUA said:

April 2nd, 5:48 pm

Sorry to comment on something unrelated but why is it that I have to update using wifi and not the 3G service that I pay for? Same as Netflix. Again I haven’t been catching up on news as I should but an answer would help :D

D-Squad3 said:

April 2nd, 5:48 pm

Thought it was PS3 update for a second. lol I wonder if the PS3 will ever get anymore updates.

Hopefully bigger updates will start rolling out soon for the Vita.

JOKER909 said:

April 2nd, 6:01 pm

Really thats it?? No remote play?? No updated Browser??Updated OS stability?? Hope the next PS3 update fixes the PS 7.1 Headphones….

jose213jose said:

April 2nd, 6:04 pm

You ask for to many thing guys, one thing at time or sony will just keep not during what you said half the time. Anyway i love your idea’s and got your back guys and lady’s; on that note Sony should add one more thing that can let our PS3 friends know when we are on then take away the last sign. During that way really doesn’t help unless it show that your PSVita friend is on.

When u sign into the PSN from Vita it pop’s up icon to let our friends know & that their can see us online then with last sign-on being remove.

LIZZ1ER0SE said:

April 2nd, 6:12 pm

PS Vita Laundry list: PSP complete emulation, PSX emulation, PS3 remote play compatibility, PS2 emulation (maybe). Oh my, no wonder Japanese players are pissed at the moment. They’ve been waiting for almost six months (and counting). I wonder how long will we wait for these features to go live…

TMAZT3R said:

April 2nd, 6:20 pm

hahahahah… this is what we have waited for the past month and a half, sony you are screwing yourself over, were is this psp compatibility, ps1 support, browser improvements. This better not be the real update we have waited months for. If there is no other update this month I am calling for a full refund.

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