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Jul 16

Jul 16

PlayStation Plus Update – Launch Week Discounts and More

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Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Earlier this month, we delivered a big update to your PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection with the addition of great games like Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops. These three games continue to be free for Plus members, in addition to nine more free AAA games, like LittleBigPlanet 2, inFAMOUS 2, and Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. That’s not all for this month, though! To round out July (and even getting a bit into August), we’ve got even more goodness for Plus members!

July 17th PlayStation Plus Update

Dyad – 20% Off: Dyad is an abstract game that is influenced by many genres, including racing games, fighting games, puzzle games and classic arcade shooters. Each of the game’s 27 different levels utilizes a variety of mechanics and present unique challenges: forming long combos, racing, surviving as long as possible, hitting certain top speeds, and more. Releasing as part of the 7/17 PlayStation Store Update, we’re proud to present this highly-anticipated game to all Plus members at a 20% discount on day one! Want more info? Check out all the coverage from the PlayStation Blog on this title, or hop into the PlayStation Forums thread to discuss it with the community.

7-16 PlayStation Plus Update

The Games (PlayStation Store Promotion): Start Your Training. Once again four years have gone by in a flash, and the world is getting together to compete in The Games. To celebrate, snag two bonus sporty PS one Classics free: International Track & Field and Hot Shots Golf 2. International Track and Field is a 3D update to the classic Track & Field series and offers fun competition in over 11 different Olympic Events. Hot Shots Golf 2’s gameplay still shines as well, with easy to pick up and play golf action. If you own a PSP and have a Plus subscription through your PS3, you’ll be able to activate these free Plus downloads on your PSP, as well as your PS3. In addition, the sale will feature 50% discounts on select titles for Plus members too.

July 24th & 31st PlayStation Plus Update

PSN PLAY – 20% off: This legendary PlayStation Store event returns with a killer lineup of new releases and special incentives. PlayStation Plus members get the edge though as each of these highly anticipated new releases will have a 20% discount for all members during the first week! By participating in this event, you’ll not only get discounts on each week of a game’s release (including the pre-order week), but the more you buy, the more actual dollars will end up back in your wallet! So watch out for the pre-order of Expendables 2, starting 7/24 and game release on 7/31.

Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are also in the wings to rock your PSN world in PSN PLAY, which continues into August. Want more info? Read more about the PSN PLAY event right here or discuss it in the PlayStation Community forums.

Malicious – 20% off: In Malicious, you’ll take control of a “Spirit Vessel” awakened by prophets to defeat Holders, evil giants bent on destroying The Kingdom. You’re armed with the Mantle of Cinders, a magical artifact that takes the form of weapons or a shield. This awesome new PSN title sports a 20% discount in its debut week on the PlayStation Store on 7/24!

That’s it for now, but keep your feedback coming in by posting your thoughts on this update in the comments section. We got some great feedback from the questions posed in the update earlier this month, so thank you for making your voice heard. What games will you be picking up this month? Thanks, and see you in the comments!

7-16 PlayStation Plus Update

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AizawaYuuichi said:

July 16th, 12:52 pm

@ liledawg: That’s why I’ve said on here before, it’s better to quote at “people” rather than numbers. Moderated posts change the numbers when they get approved, so you never know what’s going to happen with the post order.

@ PS+ Update: Wow. This is a great month for me. I’ll be getting every single one of these games except for CS:GO, so the discounts are very welcome. July/August is going to be great, especially if we continue to get new free games rotated into + in August on top of the PLAY discounts. Can’t wait! :D

detictiveconan said:

July 16th, 1:05 pm

While I’m not super exited about track & field or hots shots I am glad to see PS1 games aren’t gone completely and it’s nice to see something other then yet another shooter.

ItaChu said:

July 16th, 1:08 pm

:( ….. im sad Morgan :( lol

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 17th, 9:26 am

    play more games?

ItaChu said:

July 16th, 1:10 pm

@WarriorPrincess ….. all the Vita games left for this year are coming out in OCTOBER! Havent you seen the announcements? …..Sony (and other companies) want us to be bankrupt before Christmas LOL


July 16th, 1:12 pm

Please tell me that the “exclusive access to an action-packed beta” coming soon, that got pushed back to August has something to do with PlayStation All Star Battle Royale?? I think it would be awesome for us Plus users to get a taste 1st hand at most of the characters, and get familiar with the on-line, and we can also help with tweak etc.

FunkElife said:

July 16th, 1:21 pm

For us late comers to PS+, is it possible to see a discount sometime soon for Virtua Fighter V. As I was a day late to get it for free.

ItaChu said:

July 16th, 1:22 pm

Red Dead Redepmtion free for PS Plus members in August lol please Morgan let the people upstairs know xD

DaZetheMaZe said:

July 16th, 1:23 pm

Hey is Malicious gonna be part of PLAY deal thank you.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 16th, 1:28 pm

    no it is not; check out us.playstation.com/psnplay2012 for the lineup.

KingFrak said:

July 16th, 1:32 pm

Hey playstation give Dragon age 1 and Dragon 2 with all DLC as free PS3 games and also throw in GOW collections

DuoMaxwell007 said:

July 16th, 1:44 pm

Morgan did I read that correctly? did you say the PSN Play games are the only GAME discounts for PS+ we can expect to see in August? that would suck because theres a few other games most likely coming in August that I would hope to see a PS+ discount for (such as Tony Hawk Pro skater HD.. let that one be at a discount as a punch in the face to Microsoft for getting it as a timed exclusive.. lol they may have gotten it first but WE get to get it cheaper.. right? lol and Double Dragon Neon)

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 16th, 3:15 pm

    i don’t think i ever wrote anything alluding to those being the only game discounts in August. watch for another post in a few weeks to go more indepth with August.

DaMann22 said:

July 16th, 1:44 pm

Cant wait for sound shapes. Since I played it early feb. at a Vita Hill Club its been my most anticipated game for the Vita.

Quick question: If Kratos killed Ares God of War and I kill Kratos in PS All Stars, Do I become God of War? thank you

RidleysBox said:

July 16th, 1:46 pm

I tried plus for 3 months and wasn’t sold on it. Two things I would like to see that might make me reconsider:

1) Instead of saying these are your free games take or leave it, secure say 10 different games per type (PSN, PS1, etc.) for plus members and allow a plus member to pick 2 or 3 of them for their monthly freebie. More variety is never bad, and allowing them to choose what they want versus a take it or leave scheme is much more enjoyable.

2) PSN has a video store, why not include some free or discounted video rentals with plus?

My thoughts on the matter.

DaZetheMaZe said:

July 16th, 2:01 pm

Thanks for the reply Morgan was looking forward to Expendables 2 n another title to make use of the deal. Just the two screens of Malicious made me want it n wish to pair it with Expendables for deal anyway Thanks.

boomstickbhg said:

July 16th, 2:07 pm

Thak you for the responses/help/information Morgan.

I appreciate you taking the time.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 16th, 3:16 pm

    anytime, appreciate you leaving your feedback

boomstickbhg said:

July 16th, 2:08 pm

Thank* lol

Erlaxis said:

July 16th, 2:30 pm

Dyad? Now, that’s a game that was completely off my radar. Kind of interesting the way you are describing it. Sounds like my kind of game.

I’ll have to check that demo. Maybe it will convince me to postpone my backlog a little bit. =D

Bauhouse said:

July 16th, 2:33 pm

I check back every week for the Ultimate RDR bundle to drop again. I have $20 in my PSN account just WAITING for it to drop back down again so I can pick it up. We covered that in our podcast how, because of E3, we missed picking that title up by just a few minutes (literally, MINUTES*). Please, please, please let that drop again!**

* I traded my copy of RDR in on PSN points and by the time I got back home the deal had ended. :(

** Not that I am short of games to play thanks to all the PS+ Freebies. ;)

NovaChronicle said:

July 16th, 2:34 pm

Morgan, do you have any info about a demo for ragnarok odyssey coming to the store? The Vita game comes out in August and I’m buying it for sure but a demo would be awesome to play while waiting for its release.

utterer said:

July 16th, 2:40 pm

Where is the PlayStation Plus support for Vita already?? The system has been out for half a year in a few days and we still have no real support for the platform.

The PlayStation Network support all around on the Vita is embarrassing. For a system that launched years into PSN. There is so many missing features that could really make it an interesting platform that it is easier for me to list the things it does than what it should do. That isn’t the proper way to develop a product.

jasonstreet said:

July 16th, 2:43 pm

I understand that I may be to far back in the pages of comments to get a response to this but hopefully I can. I noticed above that you mentioned that on the 17th Playstation Plus members will be receiving 50% off on various gaming titles. Could you please give us some type of idea of what games those might be and if possible the prices so I can figure out I want to purchase in advance. And please excuse the people who are constantly insulting you because I think they are becoming overly picky that if its not exactly what they want they explode but there is never a guarantee in life you will get what you want when you want. People just need to accept a good thing in whatever form it comes in. So thanks for the help and keep up the great work.

P.S. If you could pass this on to your video side of the store I wish I could purchase and rent more of your movies on there but I am a customer that is unable to do this because I am hearing impaired and am unable to get captions on the movies you put out. If they could work to fix that I think they will earn a ton more customers. I know for a fact I would buy more from them.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 16th, 3:10 pm

    There will be a handful of 50% discounts on some the content from “The Games” sale for Plus members. So games like Hot Shots Golf on PS Vita, Fight night Champion, and NBA2k12 will be 50% off for Plus. Check out tomorrow’s Store Update for a list of all the games

Elvick_ said:

July 16th, 2:53 pm

@49: You could set up Remote Play. That’s what I always use, so I don’t have to get up (since I usually have my Vita with me always). So I just start it up, check the store of the PS3 via Remote Play it’s slow at times but it works.

FORMIK said:

July 16th, 2:59 pm

Can you please consider adding the following to the Plus subscription:

A way to sort games by adding tags, just like on the right of this blog. With so many games in overlapping categories, I’d like to find them in multiple folders when I sort by tags like “local multi player”, “Unfinished”, “Housemarque”, or “zombies”. As an example, each of these tags could include in their folders multiple games, and for me, each would display Dead Nation. The additional automatic sync options available to Plus members would keep everything lined up.

Expand the characters for, and allow the comment bar to be viewed on Plus-member profiles on the Vita. Also, allow Plus-member profiles to add PSN panels to their PS3 profiles.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 16th, 3:12 pm

    Did you know you can already do this on the XMB? If you sort by Album, then it’s do-able. By pushing triangle on a game, you can edit it’s “Album” info to call it what you want. But as far as that info automatically synching, it’s something that needs to be managed manually.

Redikol said:

July 16th, 3:04 pm

Thanks for the heads up and for securing the two bonus freebies.

Hey Morgan, I have a couple great PS3 future Firmware Update ideas, I’m sorry if this isn’t the best place to post my ideas, but I’m trying to voice my ideas and I see that you Morgan seem to reply and help to get the word passed on. Thanks for taking your time to listen to us fellow gamers and respond and help. You’re awesome, man. I wrote my ideas in the PlayStation Community forums, here is the link, thanks again. http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PSN-General-Discussion/PS3-future-Firmware-Update-ideas-Trophy-Leaderboards-Dynamic/m-p/37535355/message-uid/37535355#U37535355

FORMIK said:

July 16th, 3:22 pm

@Morgan, yes, and I currently have 1. Games, 2. PS + Plus Games, and 3. Espisodic Games, 4. Betas, Demos, and Trials, and 5. Other as categories, but take a look at this:

You have tagged this post with several tags. It will appear when someone searches for any of those topics. I’d like to have folders for all tags added to games, so I can find the same game in multiple folders. If I want to play a “Zombie” game, and I tag Dead Nation and The Last Guy, they’ll both appear.
If I want to play a “local multiplayer” game and tag Dead Nation, Dead Nation and Tumble will appear. Dead Nation will show up in two different folders.
This cannot be done currently, as I can only assign one album name to each game, where it appears the one time.

It sounds like a minor thing, but it would be a great way to organize games, especially for those of us that have had PlayStation Plus for a while and have plenty of great games to choose from.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 17th, 9:28 am

    ah i see. yeah that functionality would be neat, but it’s not something i can affect at this time. this type of functionality would require a firmware update, of which is managed in Japan. I would only allocate very specific projects with the goal of getting it to PlayStation HQ in Japan

Betorro said:

July 16th, 3:38 pm

Discounts for Vita games when? :( Please respond!

sirauron14 said:

July 16th, 3:42 pm

I havent touched my Vita in months, Any idea when the PS1 classics will come out for the vita? maybe this month?

Tremulan777 said:

July 16th, 3:45 pm

Hi Morgan I’ll be pre-ordereing sound shapes and papo and yo can you tell me how the $3 back work? Do I get the $3 dollar right away or does it take sometime to get the $3 dollars back. Thanks Morgan.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 17th, 9:29 am

    you’ll get it in early september. Since the promotion runs for the month of August, we need to make sure what the final numbers are before we reward folks with the bonuses. hope that makes sense!

Tremulan777 said:

July 16th, 3:46 pm

Any news about the resistance burning skies avatars?

GRIZZY_100 said:

July 16th, 3:54 pm

How do we know how much time we got left till plus expires cause I got the 3 month card at the store but I had my credit card connected and I didn’t know I was being charged and I don’t no when my plus expires

fathead170 said:

July 16th, 4:03 pm

Weeks\ months like this makes me wanna cancel play station plus feels like I’m paying for ps1 games wth!??

RampageDeluxe said:

July 16th, 4:06 pm

I was on the fence about getting Plus after my first month free. I went ahead and pulled the trigger after the first blog update for the month, promising better things, but now I really regret giving you my money. It looks like you had one good update last month and now are going to go back to empty promises and promoting lack luster games, as if they are worth their inflated prices. If Plus is just a bunch of 20% discounts on mediocre games, then I’m just wasting my time.

Honome_US said:

July 16th, 4:14 pm

I just join plus last month and it´s been great so far but i really would like to see some big discount for Vita games with PSN+, hope we get some soon.

ItaChu said:

July 16th, 5:02 pm

Another thing that would be good is saying the price tag on each of these PSN Play Games before they come out ….. instead of waiting for the update, cuz then i can see how much i have to save in advance xD

And Morgan you da man :) you put up with a lot of stuff here man you know how to keep your cool thats good :) Some people just cant get enough

Sony gives us 12 free games a month (sure some of them arent the most amazing games out there. but hey its free) and people still complain about stuff

I know I complain about the PS3 Games not being on Remote Play liked Sony hyped last year LOL but well at least theres other things to do on the Vita, and though I am still mad because of that I can forgive and forget as long as we get good discounts every month on good PSP games :) ….I just wish Kingdom Hearts BBS got a re-release for Vita :(


July 16th, 5:08 pm

Hey Morgan Haro can we see Grand Theft Auto SAN ANDREAS come to the PSN. XBOX LIVE has had it for a long time and why can’t we get it.

phzzt said:

July 16th, 5:40 pm

I’m pretty excited to get Dyad and Sound Shapes. I love that Playstation attracts these guys who have a clear artistic vision for what they want to present the player. I still whip out games like PixelJunk Eden and Echochrome to show people who haven’t seen Playstation what all the fuss is about. I’m so grateful that Sony then turns around and supports these small companies with multiple-game contracts and office space. They’re a proper indie game entrepreneurship incubator.

Sevyne said:

July 16th, 5:59 pm

I’m sorry Morgan, but every time you try to describe the instant game collection nothing but anger builds up inside me. Saying that the new Plus always has a stable of games and the old Plus the games came and went is not only misleading but also insulting to our intelligence.

First off, with both the old and new we keep the games as long as we are Plus members so where are the games “going” with the old Plus? They’re still sitting on my PS3 HDD is where they are. They didn’t go anywhere.

I don’t know who you think you are fooling, but the instant game collection does NOTHING for anyone after your first sign-up month. All it does is provide us continuing members with LESS content than we used to get with Plus and telling us that there’s an always available game collection under the new program is a load of BS nobody is buying into. You want to tick off continuing subs, then that’s fine but don’t be at all shocked when that sudden boost in subs drops incredibly fast because they’ve been swindled. I know I plan to let my sub fall off if something doesn’t change because I’m now getting much less than I used to.

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 16th, 6:42 pm

@ Sevyne and now you wake up and see the many ways this company tricks and fools people into thinking they are some fairy company and people praise them no matter how much they black mail us. Like its not a slap in face enough to lock save data to new games like Crysis games and the walking dead to were if you do not have a plus membership and your ps3 goes bad or that harddrive goes bad then you lose that save data all together and no way to save it to a flash drive for back up and safety reasons cause Sony is Forcing you as in AKA blackmailing you with no choice at ALL to backup that save data without having to give them money for plus. That is wrong and its black mailing us. Online cloud storage at the memory allowed right now should be allowed to all non paying plus members and a 1 gig cloud storage to paying plus members. They force us to have to pay a fee just to be able to save game data I mean wth? I don’t know about you guys but that is blackmail any way you slice and dice it. Other than cloud storage plus is turning into a scam now. We get less stuff all the time as they keep reducing the features of plus. Whats next? Reducing the cloud storage in half and doubling the plus price huh sony?

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 16th, 6:48 pm

Oh and before someone reply’s to me saying…. What do I care about plus I’m not a member Um yes I am, I’m just not a member on this psn account. My MAIN account is where I’m a plus member and I never can post in these blogs with my main account cause Morgan and the blog team never reply to me with a way to write them and find out with a answer why my main PLUS paying account is still after all these YEARS blocked from commenting on this blog. Otherwise I’d be happy to always post on here with my main psn account if they would let me COMMENT from it!

kj8463 said:

July 16th, 6:51 pm

Just finished getting my infamous 2 plat, so many games to play with ps+ , still want to play ratchet, lbp 2 and just cause 2 , not to mention renegade ops, lara croft and pacman. I cant understand why so many people complain !! You guys need to seriously relax and start enjoying games again and not just nag nag nag for stuff that still is not there… Man this generation of gamers are such crybabies, what would you do in the old ages of atari and commodore gaming ? lol

venneer said:

July 16th, 6:55 pm

Pretty underwhelming update. You guys should really spread out game releases over the month. More time for us to play each game, more chances to get the buzz going. It just seems unwise to give all the blows in the beginning of the month and then just let everything sit for a whole 30 days before any exciting news come afloat.

And yeah, this is not very exciting. Hoping for something on the level of Deus Ex for august, since July was a definite disappointment (even though I enjoyed the @#$% out of Pac Man. Fantastic reinterpretation of the classic)

Gnordy said:

July 16th, 6:57 pm

@134 not sure how you figure we are getting much less than before.
Old PS+: 1 PSN, 1 PS1, 2 mini, Qore
New PS+: 3 PSN, 2 PS1 (Jul, who knows about next month)
One more game, no Qore. Plus the Instant game collection currently includes a few PS3 full games and Morgan has said several times more full PS3 games will be added in the future.

At worst you can say it is about the same as it always was, but in reality it is a great deal for about $4/mo.

CyPhErLoUs said:

July 16th, 6:58 pm


RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 16th, 6:59 pm

@ kj8463 ok man let me tell you why I complain. I am a plus member on my main account and they gave us a plus sale on Infamous 2 a week before E3 and sold it to us for 23 dollars and some change and I bought it and then a week later after E3 was over they give it to us plus members for FREE. I mean what kid of bullcrap blackmailing is that you know? It was a slap in plus members faces. That’s what that was and they knew they were doing that. It wasn’t a mistake it was on purpose. Make as many sells as possible on Infamous 2 from the current plus members that way we all payed for you new members to get it free and the developer never really loses money. It was a way to have us current members buy the game for you new members and then they say oops were sorry guys and yeah like I believe that. Who wouldn’t be mad about that man. Then they force us to have to have plus in order to backup games that lock its save data to the console I mean cloud storage should be FREE for all of us not just paying members to plus I mean that’s again just blackmail. That’s 1% of 99% of stuff they piss me off about and rip me off on.

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 16th, 7:06 pm

@ kj8463 …. Then lets go further back to when I was ripped off on their Infamous mistakes all the time on the psn store. The first time they did a red dead redemption sale for plus members they advertised a bundle of red dead the game along with the undead ADD ON with it for like 23 bucks I believe. I bought that the night it went on the store and went to download them and it was a mistake. They had the red dead full game and the undead FULL GAME as the downloads and well OVER 20 gigs in downloads when it was suppose to be the undead ADD ON to the full game of red dead not the FULL game of undead. If you have the full game of red dead you only need the add on of undead and they srewed that up. I complained and comlained about it in these blogs for 3 days and no word was said of what they were going to do so the sale on the add on by itself was only going to last a week and it was on sale for 11 bucks off plus. So I caved in a bought it cause all I needed was the add on not the full game of undead and then a week later we all get a message of the undead add on for free. No warning that it was coming and I waste money on the add on for nothing. Had I known they were fixing the issue I’d of save 11 bucks. That will piss you off.

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 16th, 7:11 pm

I even called sony on the phone and they never had a clue how to fix the undead add on problem and we never got anywhere cause they were constantly saying you got the add on what’s the issue lol. I was like no I didn’t its not the undead ADD ON its the undead by itself without the need for red dead FULL GAME. I told them its both games FULL. The undead ADD ON is just what it says the add on that works off the full game of red dead and you don;t need the FULL GAME stand alone game of undead and they just never could figure out on the phone what i was saying. It was pissing me off lol

RENEGADE-Xx-xX said:

July 16th, 7:28 pm

Then lets talk about vita now. I cave in and buy one on March 1st. I expected to be able to play all my ps one games and all my digital store bought huge library of psp games that I got when I had psp’s. I sold all my psp’s to gear up for that vita. Then I hear not all of my psp games will work on it and none of my ps one games will work it then in march. So I get mad and return that vita the next day and I wait till the middle of May and decide to buy another one and see how it was supported then and maybe it had more support then and behold it DIDN’T. Then I accepted that and was going to keep it until my wife and I noticed under dark screens or gray back grounds like the loading ones and the green menu screens that I saw screen lines and blotches that were annoying as and my wife was like what is that its bugging me. I saw it and google it up and many people complaining with the same screen issues and they were returning their vita’s cause of it and the next day I returned mine cause of it. So that’s 2 vita’s I’ve had and returned. Not supported hardly at all and screen defects that are annoying to my eyes. First its dead pixel issues on psp’s to put up with and now the vita screen defects.

Tremulan777 said:

July 16th, 7:33 pm

I got a vita no complains. So far so good

darth_bored said:

July 16th, 7:44 pm

Happy in getting my Ps+ 1 year subscription, I would like to know if I can download my free Playstation plus games using my mac then transfer them to my ps3? Thanks. Or any other way to download? Thanks.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    July 17th, 9:31 am

    at this time you can only download games on your PS3

Deekman said:

July 16th, 7:52 pm

RENEGADE-Xx-xX while i agree that the whole vita, ps1 and psp thing is frustrating you keep using the word “blackmail” I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

PDesigner said:

July 16th, 7:55 pm

I would like to take this space to thank the staff of “Sony Costumer Service”. I made a mistake. It was only a problem OF MINE. Sony haven’t anything to do with that. And yet they were totally helpful and were willing to resolve the incident and I am very happy with the response I got. I’m not familiar with this type of treatment (having lived my whole life in Brazil where customers of any kind of companies are treated as junk, with rare exceptions).
You guys should stop complaining about the updates. You have a company made of gold, who cares only to provide the best possible user experience, with the best console in the market, and certainly with the best content. You don’t understand how things work, to bring a new title for PS2 or PSOne Classic for the catalog. You can’t force the game industry to launch dozens of games a week just because you want to. Sony may have control over the games it produces or sponsors, but not of other developers. Think about it.

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