PS Vita System Software Update (v1.80) – Take The Tour

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PS Vita System Software Update (v1.80) – Take The Tour

As most of you know we are releasing a pretty hefty System Software Update (v1.80) for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), which will enhance your experience and also allow you to play PSone Classics on your device.

Before the update becomes available, I wanted to take the opportunity to walk you through some of the highlighted changes and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect.

PSone Classics

We are working hard to ensure that all of your favorite PS one Classics titles will be available for download directly on your PS Vita via PlayStation Store (PS Store) as soon as possible.

Here is a list of PSone Classics titles that will be available for download on 8/28:

  • Arc the Lad
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Jet Moto
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tomb Raider
  • Twisted Metal 2
  • Wild Arms

For those of you who have already purchased these titles, you will be able to re-download those games directly from your PS Store account or transfer them to your PS Vita directly from your PS3 at no extra charge.

I hope you enjoyed the video; for any additional information on PS Vita System Software Update v1.80, please visit this page when the update goes live.

As always, we appreciate and look forward to your feedback and questions below.

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  • r1dethelitening

    And ventusnort is right, the games are on the vita store, you just gotta search for them. Tomba is NOT available for download on the vita.

  • r1dethelitening

    @598 judging by how much progress has been made in 6 months, id say it’s probably gonna be awhile.

  • @death_by_wabbit
    LOL. Is this really your life? Flaming people on message boards? I purchased Tomb Raider for my PSPGo. It’s available in the store. When I go the the Tomb Raider PSOne download, the purchase button has not disappeared. Perhaps you could be a bit more polite. I’m not a noob. I’m merely telling you what I was told by Playstation support, which was since they “redesigned” the games for Vita they are making people purchase them over again. Which jives with what’s happening to me.

  • bankrollcarter

    And PS Store needs a “PSone” option to download PSone classics straight to the Vita without transferring from a PS3

  • Yourfacedotcom

    You guys should just close the PS blog to comments, seriously. I feel embarrassed being apart of this community of spoiled children, illiterate idiots and trolls. Most players (including myself) never post replies on this blog. What you have here is the vast minority of your actual user base, and while some people make good points, most are just trash talking trolls. You guys do a good job of keeping your cool with this army of idiots. It would be hard for me not to tell off each little prick that can’t properly express themselves.

  • If they’re going to go the phase rollout route, what would at least make SOME sense is releasing at least 20-30 of them the first day so more of us have a chance to get titles we want. I don’t care about any of those 9 games, and I don’t own a ps3 to get what should already be available through the vita.

  • Yourfacedotcom


    Maybe you should call customer support again to have them clarify? This is not the place to find your answer.

  • You people are ridiculous.. Lol. There are a lot more games that are compatible with the vita than what they showed here.. I myself have Legend of Dragoon, Final fantasy VI, and Resident evil 2 on my vita right now.. You just have to download it to your ps3 and transfer it to your Vita.. No repurchasing.. Its simple. The 8 they showed here is whats available in the VITA STORE. NOT what youre limited to playing.. if you dont have a ps3, you’re out of luck.

  • @Yourfacedotcom
    Agreed. I’m just trying to let people know about a problem I am having. Not looking for answers.

  • @Yourfacedotcom
    Clearly. I called them 3 times now. They’re telling me the same thing. Whatever…

  • J-money_is_God

    You can add alot of your PS1 (not all tho yet) games from your PS3, you just cant download them from the store directly

  • I can’t believe that people are excited about PS1 games on the Vita. Here’s an idea… how about some more Vita games for the Vita?!

    So my $300 Vita can now play the same games that my $150 PlayStation 1 from 17 years ago could play. Awesome. Maybe we’ll be able to play PS2 games on it in 2016, or PS2 games in 2020. Hell… if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get some early PS3 games to run on the thing around the same time as the launch of the PS6.

    The Vita is starting to make the Virtual Boy look like an overnight success.

    ~ Disappointed Vita owner

  • @610

    I have to agree with you. Ps Vita deserves more new IPs, not only console ports or crossplay features. It deserves not only exclusive games, but also third party productions specially for its capacities.

    But lets also considere that PSOne games are more than welcome. They fit so well to be played in a portable platform! I personally love the idea of doing this. :D ps: I will buy my PS Vita soon.


  • The logic Behind seeing all of PSone and PSP titles working fine on vita … “on timely manner, not weeks/month/years rollouts” Will have a greater sales effect on vita, it will be one hell of a portable device that replaces the need for PSone/PSP and who knows PS2 devices around.

    This would help to attracted more developer, more sales, more happy us and them.

    Still 13 pages and waiting for a Red Post by Sony or “their Written-man”

    Thank you so much.

  • I bet people werent complaining when they bought a gameboy for $189.99 back in 1990.. And all it could do was play games in black and white with no LED HD screen.. This new generation of users are sickening.. Taking everything for granted.. Not appreciative of what this system can actually do. Always wanting more. Sony offers updates, so people feel they are entitled to complain.. No one will ever be satisfied. Ever. Nothing will make them happy.

  • I don’t know about any of you but i’ve found that all my ps1 classics run just fine on vita. Even the ones not listed run just fine.

  • Yourfacedotcom

    I bet whoever at Sony is reading these (if they still are) is just laughing at the terrible grammar, logic and sentence structure some of these people are using. It’s actually starting to hurt my brain. If you want to be taken seriously at least put up the effort of sounding like you can communicate properly in English.

  • Yourfacedotcom

    Ugh… now I’m one of “them”. Leaving before this goes too far.

  • Goddess_Katheryn

    You have to understand the practicability of this feature in hindsight. I know what you mean — a Vita, designed for Vita should be concentrating just that but believe it or not — no one wants to carry a Playstation Portable and a Playstation Vita at the same time around you know? :)

    This is especially true for me, since I don’t want to carry two handhelds on my purse and I travel a lot. Also, some people never had the PSP and dishing out around a hundred dollars when I could save $100 instead is really awesome, especially in my 5 inch OLED screen.

  • @614

    Last I looked it is not 1989. In the year 2012 all products have an expectation to support prior software. It seams that Sony is the only company unable to accomplish this. Let’s just imagine you buy the new iPhone this year and it supports none of your prior purchased apps or games or music on release. Then they proceed to trickle all of your old apps, games, music, tv shows and movies out over then next few years. How do you think that situation would play out?

    SCEA screwed us plain and simple. To support and make excuses for a company that obviously does not care about it’s customers makes no sense. We all loose out on this kind of behavior, just because it doesn’t effect you does not make SCEA’s actions any less anti consumer.

    I ask yet again, WHERE ARE YOU SONY? Still no red text in 13 pages.

  • Goddess_Katheryn

    My previous post was aimed @610: neuroned.

    Sorry for the double posting!

  • More epic home ades to come! Lol!

  • KeefRiffards

    Add Darkstalkers (original one) to the list of working games. Unfortunately though, Darkstalkers 3 does NOT appear to be working.

    Loving my Vita right about now! Feel for those without a PS3 though…9 games is a joke after a wait like that. Keep them coming Sony! With that said, thank you for getting it here at last. Today is a good day. Now, question. What would you guys recommend I download….I’ve got about ten bucks in my PSN wallet. I want a good RPG, and I already have all the Final Fantasys. I beat and loved Legend of the Dragoon back in the PS One days, but I might buy it anyways to play through again. Out of the following games, which would you guys as your favorite? Suikoden, Wild Arms, Grandia, or Xenogears. Feel free to suggest something if it’s not on that list though. Thanks in advance for the input, fellow blog readers.

  • Hey guy, I just tried to transfer all my FF games, both FFVII and FFIX look amazing on the vita but I Haven’t been able to transfer FFV, anyone else having the same problem? Or is FFV not compatible with the Vita yet.

  • I mean epic updates! Loooool!!

  • death_by_wabbit

    is this really yours? Making misleading comments about your so called experiences with PSN support? there is no scenario by which what you claim to have happened could be true.

    Here is your original post:

    “+ calltheguy on August 28th, 2012 at 1:53 pm said:

    So just got off the phone with support. ANY titles you previously purchased for the PSP / PSPGo that are now compatible with Vita have to be REPURCHASED because they are “newer” versions support said. F’ING JOKE. SONY YOU JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.”

    What you are saying here makes no sense whatsoever. What am I supposed to think? Only one of 4 things could explain it: 1) You are leaving some vital piece out, like you forgot your login info & you think that Sony should reimburse you for your mistake, even though you have no way of proving you ever owned them in the first place. 2) You don’t know what you are talking about 3) you fell off your medication and are deluded 4) you are trolling. there are no other explanations for it.

  • Goddess_Katheryn

    @621 KeefRiffards:

    I’m going to have to say that Xenogears is becoming my all-time favorite for PS1. I never beaten, but the storyline + gameplay is already having me hooked and I get this feeling this game will be a long adventure. :)
    I know I shouldn’t suggest something I never once beaten myself, but I’m just compelled to give you my opinion about it so far. I’m fairly mid-way through the game…

  • illtornworld

    But but but Sony!! I wanted to play the best Final Fantasy (my opinion) Final Fantasy 8! on the sexy best handheld ever made AKA PS Vita, and Legend of Dragoon

  • @ illtornworld
    Final fantasy 8 works just fine. been playing it for the last hour or so.

  • @illtornworld

    legend of dragoon works too. I just tried it.

  • why no windows media playlist :D

  • That’s it, I’m done. I sold my PS3 during the PSN blackout and swore I wouldn’t buy a Sony console again. You never gave us cross game chat, removed otherOS, and so on. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to believe your lies about backward compatibility before the vita launch and decided to give you one last chance. Big mistake. I will not buy another PS3 to use as a retro game installer, in fact, I am going to finish tales of graces f (had to import it and brush up on my crummy japanese, thank you) and then I’m going to sell it. I will never buy a $ony console ever again. Actually, I will go out of my way to warn people against buying your products. Good bye $ony, I hope you go the way of sega.

  • Darkedheart


    You have just said that the Final Fantasy VIII works fine, right ?? Don’t you have any problem ??
    I ask you this because I have been trying to play this game and I have problems everytime. I have changed the configuration and my PSVITA freezes everytime. I mean:

    When I’m playing it seems to work perfect, but suddenly buttons don’t respond. Then I have to press the screen to open the emulator menu and close it. After this, it seems that respond perfectly for a few minutes, but suddenly the game freezes again. And I have to do this everytime.

    I have just tried to download 3 times but the problem continues :(. Could you tell me how have you done, please.
    This is my favorite game and I can’t play it !!! I’m totally desperated !!! It’s driving me crazy !!!

    Is there anyone with the same problem as me ??

    Thank you in advance,


    PD: I apologize for my english, but I’m from Spain and I have never studied it ^_^U. Sorry.

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    I have a vita and love it, but there is no need to lie about back touch……..I have a smart phone that has a back touch that works in browser and in other modes……

  • Why do all of you (Not all of you) want more PSOne games on your PS Vita’s so badly? Why play really old games on something so new like the PS Vita? I just want all of the applications/games that were supposedly going to be released this summer.

  • Neoyurikraz

    It seems certain games are transferable to the Vita from the PS3, Chrono Trigger seems to be one as I’m playing it right now. I just wish they would put all of them up so I don’t have to test each of the games that I have bought… >.>

  • highnoondogfight

    I’ve got Resident Evil 2 & 3, Final Fantasy VII, Cyberbots, Megaman 3 & 4, Breath of Fire IV and Castlevania: SOTN on my Vita right now. I’m a little disappointed that Pocket Fighter still isn’t compatible outside of PS3 tho.

    S’all good, I’m enjoying what I’ve got for now. Wondering if/when Rival Schools and Brave Fencer Musashi will hit PSN.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the added PSX support! I was really looking forward to it since I got my Vita at launch.

  • @ 615 My $$ will communicate enough with sony.

    So, don’t worry dude.

  • PuNkChIcK323

    how do i setup the cross-controller feature? anyhelp? please?!

  • PuNkChIcK323

    how do i setup the cross-controller feature? any help? please?!

  • stinkyfishhead

    wow, out of the 44 PS1 games I have downloaded, 2 work for my Vita. this is just a sad joke. why wouldn’t all of them work? why do ModNation and MotorStorm: Artic Edge still not work on Vita? Is there any wonder why the 3DS is so much more successful?

  • U-E-N-D-I-L

    @PuNkChIcK323 I belive if you go into remote play you get the cross-controller feature!

  • Goddess_Katheryn

    @ 637 PuNkChIcK323:
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the only game that can take advantage of the feature is LittleBigPlanet 2. It has to be done within the game or so people have said. I don’t think it’s up yet unfortunately but I’ll take a look and see.

    However, if you like, you can navigate to it via the Remote Play icon on your Playstation Via. It should be on the right side of it — just before you launch the application.

  • Goddess_Katheryn


    Sorry for the typo(s) and double posting, using a wireless keyboard!

  • i’m just waiting for new vita games..if wanna play old games,i can just buy psp games on the store..also in my ps hundred of psone title but many in japanese..but i’m not complaining because that was not the reason i’m buying vita..come on sony..bring me soul sacrifice already!dont want me to sacrifice bunch of whinener and children in this blog that keep crying about not enough psone support on vita..what a bunch of losers

  • @639 then go play your 3DS..i have it before..but sold it not even after 1month play it..not my cup of tea..cant blend with my soul that need a hardcore game that only sony can provide..yeah sure they go re revelations and other buy just that,.i like 3DS but just not suit to my taste

  • Glad to finally see the PSVita getting PSOne support along with some other tweeks!

  • CaptenMidnite

    great update. but come on sony.. only nine ps1 games?! LMAO! for those that dont have a ps3, tough luck. its good thing i got a ps3 though

  • i like the new web brower and others vita function..hope they can also bring the features that we can change our PSN account freely..i got PSN USA,europe and Asia acc..hope can change it on the go..

  • Dear Sony;

    I’m getting tired of being offered only titles to buy rather then better support for your loyal customers out there. Such as apps that you’ve been telling us for several months now, or useful peripherals i.e A/V output, Locationfree player app support for the vita considering we spent hundreds already for the Sony LocationFree Player. How about an occasional update or demo for the PS Vita’s predecessor (PSP)?

    I’m fed up of expecting new apps and only seeing games to buy. I just shelled out $500 for two Vita’s plus 7 games for it! I don’t want to spend another dime anytime soon!

    I’m not usually the sort that complains; but I don’t like the path that Sony has been taking with the Vita, and that is total control of what the user sees or plays!

    So… What say-you Sony?

    (Loyal Customer ??)

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