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Aug 27

Aug 27

PS Vita System Software Update (v1.80) – Take The Tour

Don Mesa's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA

As most of you know we are releasing a pretty hefty System Software Update (v1.80) for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), which will enhance your experience and also allow you to play PSone Classics on your device.

Before the update becomes available, I wanted to take the opportunity to walk you through some of the highlighted changes and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect.

PSone Classics

We are working hard to ensure that all of your favorite PS one Classics titles will be available for download directly on your PS Vita via PlayStation Store (PS Store) as soon as possible.

Here is a list of PSone Classics titles that will be available for download on 8/28:

  • Arc the Lad
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Hot Shots Golf 2
  • Jet Moto
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tomb Raider
  • Twisted Metal 2
  • Wild Arms

For those of you who have already purchased these titles, you will be able to re-download those games directly from your PS Store account or transfer them to your PS Vita directly from your PS3 at no extra charge.

I hope you enjoyed the video; for any additional information on PS Vita System Software Update v1.80, please visit this page when the update goes live.

As always, we appreciate and look forward to your feedback and questions below.

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SiegChaos said:

August 27th, 8:06 pm

Too bad you guys decided to be completely misleading until now about these PSone games and the fact that I need to wait weekly to be able to play games I already have on my ps3 on my vita. I feel like I’ve been cheated, and I think that to top that all off — that the few titles that are available now that I own, for some reason now that I’ve downloaded the system update, trying to copy from my ps3 to vita they don’t show up at all.

Ender_Bean said:

August 27th, 8:06 pm

@145: Sweet! That helps immensely. Thank you!

TJLEW said:

August 27th, 8:08 pm

When will the cross-control and what games will they work for?

ARZUAGA978 said:

August 27th, 8:09 pm

Whats the deal with cross controller i thought we could use the vita as a extra controller i cant pair with the ps3 says i need a software on the ps3

midnightshade said:

August 27th, 8:10 pm

My god, the PS1 options are much better than the psp ps1 emulator. The screen actually fits right, not all squinched. and bi-linear filtering can really be seen on this. Also there are a ton of controller and memory card options too. you can custom set each button to how you want and make the back pad into the missing physical buttons.

I am loving this. Now to transfer Sotn, Legend of Dragoon, and ffVII to my vita. :)

Kingdebane said:

August 27th, 8:10 pm

@149: If you already have a PS1 classic downloaded and installed on your PS3 it will not trasnfer, you need to re-download the game to the PS3 and leave it as a bubble waiting to install on the PS3. Then yo connect your Vita to the PS3 and using the Vita content manager, copy the game from the PS3 to the Vita.

@150: Your welcome!

bzgamer30 said:

August 27th, 8:11 pm

did the backgrounds always move? i have the dark blue one…. maybe i didnt realize it before/

Ntl_713 said:

August 27th, 8:12 pm

I can confirm that both Medieval and Interntional Track and Field are working. Using the method other people mentioned:

– Turn off wifi
-Re-download your ps1 classics on your ps3 and KEEP the install file ON the ps3
-Connect your ps vita to your ps3 and it should work

This method sadly does NOT work with crash bandicoot 3

Ender_Bean said:

August 27th, 8:16 pm

I’ll agree that it is unfortunate that you guys didn’t write on the blog to check if you can download your titles from the PS3. One would assume that it is standard procedure by now, since the same thing happened with PSP Games support, but people are quick to scream, yell and berate. To everyone who has a PS3 and a Vita, please check your games. Your games need to be downloaded, but cannot be installed to the PS3 for you to see it in Content Manager on the Vita. The Vita only pulls up games in packaged format. It makes sense because it needs to unpackage and install on the Vita itself, and it can’t do that if the game has already been unpackaged on the PS3.
Anyway, Sony/PlayStation, the only ball you dropped here was not letting people know and inadvertently inquiring the anger of the internet, which let’s be honest, it’s quick on the draw. I kinda feel bad for you guys because now you’ll have people screaming at you for ages, with very little reason. Could have all been prevented, but oh well.

BlueBl1zzard said:

August 27th, 8:18 pm

Finally! Thank you Sony, been waiting for this for a while!

Wow, all this sony hate is pretty sad (but kinda unsurprising). It seems like the second people get something, they complain about something else right after. I know people are disappointed that there’s only 9 games available and I can understand that, but we all know more games are coming. It could have been much worse.

Anyway thanks again for the update Sony

silverpikachu said:

August 27th, 8:18 pm

Some PS1 Games not listed are working fine via transfer from the PS3

MarkakaJin said:

August 27th, 8:19 pm

Oh look, I can finally play Metal Gear Solid 1…on my PS Vita. Thanks for the update, guys. Now, let’s have more of those other PSone Classics to be able to play on the PS Vita!

Tesal2005 said:

August 27th, 8:20 pm

What is the deal with the 9-GAMES-ONLY support ?

it should have been half of what EU get if not all of PSone list

when it is gonna be updated ? everyday more games untill the list is full ? or every week ? or every month ?

I have been feeling about that long ago and it did happen now.

I guess Sony is failing/killing it self, not us or competitors.

At least make Changing the Account on vita, not to reset/format the God damn thing.

Silvxas4 said:

August 27th, 8:21 pm

How many of you guys actually watched the ENTIRE video up top? They’re releasing a certain amount of Ps one classics every week, so relax and at least appreciate that we’re getting this update. Why some of you guys want everything all at once I’ll never know, not like you’ll buy them all anyway. I think it’ll be more fun to guess what games are coming out in the next couple of weeks, not complain that they’re not all out at once.

joeyrpger said:

August 27th, 8:22 pm

Today I said I already lived my summer to the fullest and am ready for winter. How foolish of me, summer has only begun.

NinjaMicWZ said:

August 27th, 8:22 pm

I already own FFVII and it looks like that’s the game I’ll be downloading. Maybe I’ll finally pick up Wild Arms.

now to wait for the 20 or so PSone games in my account history to activate for direct download on my Vita

Sevyne said:

August 27th, 8:23 pm

@Ender_Bean: And what about the people who own a Vita and not a PS3? I’m sorry but these PSOne classics shouldn’t require a PS3 at all as they are 2 separate systems. Those who only own a Vita are totally screwed right now. People have every right to be pissed.

Tesal2005 said:

August 27th, 8:23 pm

About other PS1 games not listed, how on earth am I going to get them ? I don’t have a PS3 and I will not by it just for it, and I can’t offered to log into someones’s PS3 due to the fact of sony limiting the number of systems for one account

Instead of simply logging and locking games/content of one system if u log into a newer extra one.

emiru69 said:

August 27th, 8:24 pm

You have to be kidding me… Waiting for months for a few PSOne games? How long is going to take for the Vita to be as good as my PSP? (I’m not asking for “better” anymore).

Megadrixfire_24 said:

August 27th, 8:24 pm

@45 100 % true

where are

Spyro 2
Spyro 3
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Dino Crisis
Dino Crisis 2

these need to be day 1!!!

only those few ps classics? wtf joke is this?

Teflon02 said:

August 27th, 8:24 pm

Thought I’d give a little bad News I have 4 installs waiting on my ps3
Crash Bandicoot Warped
CTR: Crash Team Racing
and Final Fantasy V DOES NOT WORK!.
4th was FFVII which is obviously fine. Didn’t re-download FFVIII, FFIX CB2 and so on yet. SMH my ps3 is dying on me slowly and then I lose my accessory to download to Vita cause Vita Can’t itself on more then 9 dames yet smh

mainkster said:

August 27th, 8:24 pm

haven’t bought a vita yet waiting to see if i can add all my ps1 and minis i got from plus . so can i add em ?

Sevyne said:

August 27th, 8:25 pm

@Silvxas4: They said the same thing about PSP games being updated and it took them MONTHS to finally start updating it again. Even then they barely do a damn thing for it. It’s hard to believe anything they say when it’s all half truths.

SiegChaos said:

August 27th, 8:27 pm

I retract my post, nevermind — all resident evils work this is the most brutal thing ever


August 27th, 8:27 pm

Done! Great update!

bwhitlat said:

August 27th, 8:28 pm

When is the Vita app: Wake up Party and Treasure Park coming out?
I would like to use my Vita as an alarm clock so am interested in mainly when the US will see the Wake up Party app appear?
Thanks for any information?

Ender_Bean said:

August 27th, 8:30 pm

@Sevyne: I understand your predicament and irritation. That’s about as much as I can offer. Unfortunately, yes, for some people this update will just plain suck. The only way to rectify that in that situation would be with consistent and sizable amount of games updated periodically. Will that happen? I’m unsure. Porable Ops is still not working, and it has been quite a while.

DazeOfWar said:

August 27th, 8:31 pm

I’m re-downloading all my PSOne games and so far MediEvil, Dino Crisis, and FF collection have transferred. It doesn’t recognize Legend of Mana though. Haven’t tried out the games copied to Vita yet but will update that and other titles I have that work later.

I know one thing that is nice about the blog is that at least the community can help each other out and fill in the missing info that the blog personal can’t seem to do.

MidnightReaper said:

August 27th, 8:32 pm

Just an FYI any PS1 games that are fully installed on your Ps3 won’t show up in Content Manager.

Zeruel36 said:

August 27th, 8:33 pm

Not going to lie, I’m very disappointed in this lackluster list of PS1 classics. Not only was PS1 classics boasted as a feature of the Vita, but the handheld limit made my PSP useless and I’ve been unable to play my favorite PS1 classics I bought from the PS Store. Xenogears? Final Fantasy VI? Hello?

I feel wrong for complaining when the functionality has finally arrived, but after looking at this list of 9 titles (of the over 100 titles), this changes nothing.

I defend Vita on a regular basis on my blog and on critic sites. And you’re all making me look stupid for it. Is the 2 million (since June) strong just not enough encouragement for you all to get it together and deliver a sale point feature? Or do you want to paint a picture of false advertising?

ccrogers15 said:

August 27th, 8:33 pm


BIGWORLD41 said:

August 27th, 8:34 pm

I don’t want to stir up a frenzy, but the update is live. Right now. I am installing FF games as we speak!

Nighthawk0150 said:

August 27th, 8:35 pm

@post 180: Ya it would be nice to here an actual reason why the list the way it is in America and not a blank response.

Borshay said:

August 27th, 8:36 pm

I was annoyed by only 9 PSone titles at first, but once SCEE curb stomped SCEA I got upset. How the hell can one branch of Sony be such a joke?

They seem to be trying to convince PSV owners that the PS3 is practically a required accessory. I mean didn’t you screw us over enough with the ridiculous memory card prices?

Does SCEA not realize how bad of PR this is?

BIGWORLD41 said:

August 27th, 8:36 pm


dallow said:

August 27th, 8:36 pm

Absolutely pathetic that SCEA is trying to make it look like there’s new PSX content coming every week when all games seem to transfer fine via PS3.

Insult to injury is the SCEE blog post giving just about every game to Vita owners immediately.

My TV just blew out yesterday so my PS3 can’t be used.
And I can’t download a single PSX game directly from my Vita that I’ve already purchased.

Kirnzee said:

August 27th, 8:37 pm

How would I change the settings for my psone classics and psp games on my vita

MidnightReaper said:

August 27th, 8:38 pm

Try actually transferring your games via the content manager.. Before you type a complaint post! I just did two games that aren’t on the list.

MidnightReaper said:

August 27th, 8:38 pm

@185 Kirnzee just tap the screen and hold it.

BreakingWilson said:

August 27th, 8:39 pm

Needs more Classics

onslaughtree said:

August 27th, 8:41 pm

Ok gamers. I have a US account/Ps3/Ps Vita. I have now downloaded and PLAYED ” Dino Crisis 2
~Fighting Force
~Vagrant Story
. And they all work well on the VITA !!!!! Seems like the list is incomplete. I tried a few others that DID NOT WORK, and they include,
~Crash 1/2/& 3
~Crash Team Racing.
I am slowly checking all my ps1 titles. Will update again soon…..

Nighthawk0150 said:

August 27th, 8:42 pm

@ post 187: What about people who do not have a PS3 to transfer their games from? Europe users get this on the
PSVita store with out the need of transfering(as far as I know). Also, they should mention the transfer method for certain games in the first place to avoid a misunderstanding.

bigz12345432 said:

August 27th, 8:43 pm

why cant i download my psone games directly to my vita from download list on psn account this is a bummer i no longer have ps3 :(

dallow said:

August 27th, 8:45 pm

Yup, unless you have a PS3, they’re screwing North American Vita owners.

In Europe and Japan, 99% of the PSX games are available to download directly.

Budds_o_Tokin said:

August 27th, 8:45 pm

Now for the next firmware update, multiple account usage like the ps3 since even though firmware 1.80 is out tomorrow. I’m not gonna buy my ps1 games again only cause Sony locked me down by not being able to use both of my accounts since they keep you from switching a sub-account to a main account.

I’m definitly not buying games I bought even twice now (disc and digital)

MidnightReaper said:

August 27th, 8:45 pm

@190 well if you don’t have a Ps3 sorry to say your screwed and have to abide by sony’s release schedule. Also they won’t mention it cause it would defeat the purpose of the roll out as it allows you to transfer games that aren’t allowing yet.

GeneJacket said:

August 27th, 8:45 pm

So, the US gets support for 9 games, the UK gets support for 129.

Way to drop the ball, SCEA.

KazeEternal said:

August 27th, 8:46 pm

Maybe its time those users invested in a PS3. Just one of those things you’ll have to be paitent over. I’m saying that as someone who owned a PSP and PS2 only when PSOne classics first released and it was REQUIRED to have a PS3 to download PSOne games.

Tesal2005 said:

August 27th, 8:46 pm

@ Silvxas4 “They’re releasing a certain amount of Ps one classics every week ”

Based on randomization of quantities of released games, it would take US 14 to 18 weeks to see of PSone titles on store and that’s 3 to 6 months of waiting till unluckly getting a good title like Xeno/chrono etc

* unless Sony promises to bring us at least 10 games each week, then we might be lucky to get this thing over and one in 3 months or less.

I must be unpleased and angry. I am not saying treat the EU story just like us and take all of their current titles. untill they match ours.

NO, they should fix this serious problem with the USA store and marketing already or they should tell us why they are Really delaying them.

and I don’t have and can’t offer to log into another PS3 system due to price and logic of systems limitations.

They don’t even offer manually logging/removing a system one by one if u ever desire to add a new system and u have no mean to reach old ones.

Firepowerr said:

August 27th, 8:47 pm

Amazing Sony. I cannot believe it went live tonight!!!!

All Final Fantasy,
Chrono Trigger,
Legend of Dragoon,
Silent Hill,

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