PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita Puts the Fight in Your Pocket

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PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita Puts the Fight in Your Pocket
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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita

Hello PlayStation fans! My name is Daryl Allison, Sr. Producer at Bluepoint Games, developers of the PlayStation Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Since Sony’s announcement at Gamescom of their awesome promotion pricing program for PlayStation All-Stars – where gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 version also get to download the PS Vita version at no additional cost – it has been great to see gamers getting excited for the PS Vita version, so it’s time Bluepoint gets into the blogging ring.

As fans of Bluepoint know, the studio has worked hard over the years to give gamers the highest quality remasters for classic titles God of War, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and Metal Gear Solid. Now, for PlayStation All-Stars, we’ve taken our passion to the next level. Our mission: To create the full PS3 experience of PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita.

By that, we don’t mean a game with similar features carrying the same name. PlayStation All-Stars is about showcasing the possibility of true Cross-Play between PS3 and PS Vita. The feature richness of the PS3 version’s arcade mode, online modes, player progression system and its unlockables and customization, etc… it’s all here on PS Vita. The connectivity and gameplay is a frame-perfect, seamless experience.

The only separation between the versions is where players choose to play, not which platform. Four friends can get together with four PS Vitas and battle via an ad hoc connection. You and a friend can grab your PS Vitas, team up online and compete against everyone else playing from their PS3s or PS Vitas. Or bring your PS Vita over to a friend’s house, and while three of them elbow each other and mess with each other’s controllers on the couch, you can lounge anywhere you want, playing against them with a handheld screen all your own. SuperBot serves up PlayStation All-Stars on the PS3 and Bluepoint makes it feel like the PS Vita was always its home. You’ll set down your Dual Shock, pick up your PS Vita, wonder how the PS3 squeezed into it, and continue your progression up the leaderboards.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita

It’s been awesome watching the R&D behind recreating the PS3 version’s high-quality graphics on the PS Vita. We could not settle for a reduced graphical experience – no one should! – so we set off on a journey of crazy problem solving for each character, environment and effect. Bringing the very best out of this portable platform has led our team at Bluepoint to hit back with a combo of high-end math and old-school dev tricks. It hasn’t been easy, but we’re doing it, and all with the game blazing at 60 frames per second. PlayStation All-Stars makes you believe that with PS Vita you have a PS3 in the palm of your hand.

It’s one thing for the graphics to impress. It’s another to ensure the PS Vita provides the genuine experience for fighting game fans. We regularly grab raw HD data and 240 FPS video to check that input latency, rendering fidelity and “the awesome” remains tight. Running at 60 FPS is as much for the smoothness of the graphics as for the controls. It’s important that there are no advantages (or disadvantages) due to the different hardware – no network lag, no input lag, so PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita must be — and is — tuned to have the same tight gameplay responsiveness. From button press to character action, the quality of fighting is upheld to PS3 standards. We also take advantage of both SuperBot and PlayStation being in California – Bluepoint is in Austin, Texas – working with them to tune network code and optimize bandwidth, to deliver the best possible online experience.

There’s much more cool stuff to talk about, but for now, get ready to take the PS3 PlayStation All-Stars experience on the road. As we do not endorse driving while brawling, we recommend you find yourself a designated driver… then have them find the nearest gaming retailer, insist they buy a PS Vita, and kick their butt.

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32 Author Replies

  • Super-Silverback

    PaRappa is so awesome to use in the vita beta. Cant wait for the full game! Keep up the great work!

  • I have enjoyed testing the beta on the psvita and ps3! Fast paced and strong graphics. I did feel the characters # needs to be bigger,so much going on I lose track of where i’m at. Over all so far its been alot of fun. I will post more later after I get more play time. Thanks

    • Daryl Allison
      Daryl Allison

      We’re exploring a couple of different options for improving character visibility. Trust we’ll make a few tweaks as we enter into the phase of final polish.

  • Game is ALL STAR Battle Royal

  • ChronoClown

    Very impressive! Sounds like it will be a blast :)

  • Pure_Onslaught

    i pre-ordered both versions of PS All-stars before the cross-buy promo was announced….will there be any bundle for people who want physical copies of both games like MLB 12 did?

    any bonus for those who pre-ordered just the vita version?


  • I was almost sure i was gonna get a invite since i been a playstation 3 owner since day one and spend $ like crazy on the psn store and i also have ps plus. I really wanna help them make the best possible game they can by leaving feedback. I hope i can get it

  • xSiLeNt_BeAsTsx2

    I was really hoping to get a beta code since I’ve promoted Play Station All Stars Battle Royale to my buddies, So please if you have any codes left spare me one please. Thank you.

  • I want to get a code so badly because I love this game so much but I never played it.

  • xSiLeNt_BeAsTsx2

    Wait, is this beta UK only because if it is, then damn it. If not then I still have hope for that beloved beta code.

  • Maxpower1096

    Any news about a demo for this game?

  • hey cant wait for this game~ you guys were awsome at E3!
    any word about a free demo of the game need to know thanks!
    any word about a demo for us ps+members?
    let us know thanks keep up the great work!

  • Not too long now! I checked this out at PAX, it was really awesome. The Cross Buy is a steal!

  • I’ve been playing the psvita and ps3 version of the beta like everyday. I can’t wait for the full version so I can buy it

  • Ok, I know they already announced that there are no more launch characters, but they should add the girl from AC: III: Liberation as dlc

  • Quick question about Pre-Order this in Canada:

    Looking at the pre-order options in Canada, it doesn’t actually say in the information section that I will get a free downloadable copy of the game for PS Vita. Does anyone know if the promotion still applies up north?

    PS: I am ordering from BestBuy.

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