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Oct 08

Oct 08

Launch Trailer: Retro City Rampage on PS3, PS Vita Tuesday

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

After months (years?) of anticipation, the big moment is almost here: VBlank Entertainment‘s long-gestating 8-bit open-world homage Retro City Rampage comes to PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow on PSN, complete with the ever-coveted Cross Buy and Cross Save features. Let’s give the freshly released launch trailer a looksee!

If you’ve never heard of Retro City Rampage, a) shame on you and b) I scarcely know where to begin! Imagine jamming all your favorite 8-bit games into a sprawling open world ala Grand Theft Auto and you’ll have a rough sense of this game’s special brand of pixelated magic. Retro City Rampage has more than 60 Story missions that span driving, stealth, platforming, shooting, swimming, and questing (just to name a few) as well as 40 Arcade challenges if you’re in need of a quick release. Looking for more numbers? Try these: 25+ weapons and power-ups, 50+ driveable vehicles, and 2.5 hours of glorious chiptune symphonies. And let’s not forget what might be the most important number of all: $14.99.

Will you be picking up Retro City Rampage tomorrow on PSN? What element of the game are you most interested in trying out? Let us know in the comments!

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Elvick_ said:

October 9th, 8:05 am

@44: I agree with you. Still they should know by now regular PSN and retail games always have trophies by now. So that should be the go to argument. Knowledge is power.

Newcloud said:

October 9th, 9:06 am

Finally a game that pushes the ps3 hardware to its limit, Xbox fanboys will be well jealous. J/k look fun

dodgedoors said:

October 9th, 10:21 am

Update please. I hate this Late afternoon release sched. Even apple updates before 1 eastern, and they’re partially evil.

dodgedoors said:

October 9th, 10:39 am

Just found out walking dead is coming today too. Woo hoo

juanfMM said:

October 9th, 10:49 am

Retro City Awsome!!!!!

chemicalgoneslow said:

October 9th, 11:36 am

It’s late afternoon on tuesday oct.9 where is this game and Doctor who?

helbertpina said:

October 9th, 12:02 pm

Sony, cross-buy has an ENORMOUS potential when it comes to convincing people what platform to buy a game for. If you push the feature, people will buy the games. I know I will. :D

helbertpina said:

October 9th, 12:05 pm

Also, gotta agree with the people complaining about the time of the updates. It’s just painful… Why not update the store at midnight? That way pretty much everybody would wake up and see the new stuff on PSN, whatever their timezone!

Shadow_Enz said:

October 9th, 1:35 pm

I’ve never paid $14.99 for a downloadable game. Heck most of my retail games are obtained at that price.

However, THANKS TO SONY’S BRILLIANT DECISION-MAKING, I will be purchasing this game at $14.99 because of CROSS-BUY & CROSS-SAVE.

Thank you for supporting the Vita, Sony. After all, you released the device. Now please, take my money, because my computer screen keeps bouncing it back to me.

So basically getting the ability to play this game at home and on the go for $14.99. I’m comfortable equating that to $7.50 twice over (ps3, vita)!

Ryumoau said:

October 10th, 7:35 am

@58 would have been better if they gave us an option to get one or the other seperately for half price. It feels silly spending $15 on this old fashioned style game and i really only want to play it on Vita.

Squiggle55 said:

October 10th, 7:45 am

I completely agree with Ryumoau about this. If the cost of production of both versions was taken into consideration when pricing it, I would have very much welcomed to spend half price (or maybe 9.99) for just the Vita version. It’s the only console I’ll be playing it on. That being said, the game is awesome.

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