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Oct 26

Oct 26

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Out 11/27 for $19.99

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Community Lead, Insomniac Games

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The 10th Anniversary of Ratchet & Clank is coming up next month, and it’s been a lot of fun this year reliving the memories from our original PS2 games in the recently released Ratchet & Clank Collection. We also had a blast playing the beta of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault with all of you earlier this fall. Since then, we’ve gotten a flood of e-mails, tweets and Facebook posts asking when you can get back to exploring the battlefield and defending your base in FFA.

We’re happy to announce Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be available on November 27th on the PlayStation Store and at retail. That’s right, you asked and we listened: Full Frontal Assault will be available as a retail copy for those of you who love physical copies of your games! Both the download and retail versions support cross-buy as well, so your purchase gets you both the game on PS3 and a digital copy for PlayStation Vita.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The other big question we’ve gotten a lot is “How much will the game cost?” As you know, Full Frontal Assault is a “fun-size” project that’s similar in scope to Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty. But Full Frontal is actually bigger than Booty (sorry, couldn’t resist), as we’ve added tons of new features, including the new base assault and defense elements. An even bigger addition to Full Frontal Assault is the replay value we packed in with online / split-screen co-op, and online competitive modes. Most importantly, while the experience itself may be more condensed, the game quality is bursting at the seams. We’re very proud of what we’ve created.

As such, we’re especially excited to announce that Full Frontal Assault is launching for just $19.99. Considering you get a brand-new Ratchet & Clank game for your PS3 and PS Vita, with cross-save and cross-play support for the game’s co-op and competitive multiplayer, it’s a deal that’s hard to refuse.

That’s all for now! We hope you’re excited about Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault’s launch on November 27th; if you have questions, we’ll try to answer them below!

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DarkOne_PR said:

October 26th, 4:08 pm

totally ignored my comment asking a bit of light for the next resistance? Not reserving ANYTHING now! Hmp!

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 26th, 4:11 pm

    Wasn’t ignoring I promise. Been running all around in meetings all day, and just sort of hapazardly attacking every comment I can. Sorry about that! I responded now

DarkOne_PR said:

October 26th, 4:18 pm


LoL! no bro i was kidding about it! XD

But im glad u replied :)

Still…. when u say “Its up to sony to continue the franchise” U mean that Sony needs to hire insomniac to make it or u mean that Sony needs to find other house to make it?

Im asking u this bc U guys are masterminds and i want U guys to create the last game at least…. :(

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 26th, 4:24 pm

    Sony could hire another developer, they own it. For the foreseeable future we aren’t planning to make any Resistance games.

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 26th, 4:19 pm

James, the game looks great, and although I won’t be pre-ordering it, I may buy it in the future if it looks like it plays well. I’ll be watching gameplay videos.

But, I must say, unless you’ve got some sort of protective measures in place, cross-buy is a bad idea in this case. It works for download-only games such as Pinball Arcade, Zen Pinball 2, MotorStorm RC, and Retro City Rampage because there is no disc, but what’s going to happen here is everyone who only has a Vita is going to buy the PS3 disc, get their Vita version activated and then either sell the disc to Gamestop or sell it cheap to a friend who wants the PS3 version… probably for around $10. You’ll miss out on a lot of sales because of this.

    James Stevenson's Avatar

    James Stevenson said:

    October 26th, 4:24 pm

    There is a brand-new OS-level system that combats this. :-)

freshprincepbg said:

October 26th, 4:22 pm

Can anyone tell me where I can get the Dr. Nefarious PSN avatar @Lord_CBH has? Dr. Nefarious is the coolest character design ever!

DarkOne_PR said:

October 26th, 4:27 pm


well… as long it not nihilistic XD

thanks a lot for answering james :) keep the good relation with the community! have a nice night!

PrimeroIncognito said:

October 26th, 4:27 pm

That’s good to hear.

Starwarsgeek76 said:

October 26th, 4:47 pm

is there going to be an option to play in 3d on this game?

chaosatom said:

October 26th, 4:47 pm

So can you do split screen for campaign or multi-player?

I am interested to see if the split-screen person can level up and stuff. I will mostly buy it for split-screen :)

Elvick_ said:

October 26th, 5:40 pm

Yay, now I don’t have to import it. :D Physical ftw.

Elvick_ said:

October 26th, 5:41 pm

Oh and this has Challenge Mode right? That was the only thing I hated about Quest for Booty.

Figboy said:

October 26th, 5:59 pm

Yeah, I took some pictures of the various character items on display at the event. It was frigging awesome. Looking forward to this one too!


October 26th, 6:03 pm

Any news about portuguese audio/subtitles?

jackwesten said:

October 26th, 6:36 pm

Glad to hear. I’ve enjoyed all of the Ratchet and Clank games that I’ve played. I was wondering if you could tell me if there are any plans about Ratchet Deadlocked coming to the psn. Thanks.


October 26th, 6:55 pm

Day 1 for sure. Waiting on the Pre-order to be available. Surprised by the price too, I was prepared to pay more lol!

Tei_LeonIV said:

October 26th, 7:13 pm

Firstly, Thank you for being kind enough to give so many responses! ^_^

Secondly, Is there a UK release/price yet?

Thirdly, as a Ratchet and Clank fan I can honestly say that I hope you guys move onto a new projects after this. We’ve seen around a 10 titles in franchise since its debut, their great games but I’m ready for something else now.

Fourthly, can you send a angry letter to sony demanding all of the HD collections including Ratchet +Clank be released on on PSVita.

Finally, do you guys have any plans beyond this for Full Frontal Assault for the Vita? :)

This sounds wacky as its not your own IP but I’d love to see you guys develop a PSVita exclusive borderlands title. One can dream anyways.

Korghano said:

October 26th, 7:51 pm

Hi James, not the biggest Ratchet and Clank fan, but I LOVED Q4B, looking forward to picking this up cross-buy and I hope you guys consider making some more bite sized Ratchet games (especially on the VIta!)

Squiggle55 said:

October 26th, 8:52 pm

@Korghano I can’t help but say that your comment leaves me confused. How can you capital LOVE Quest for Booty and then say you aren’t a big fan of the series. Have you even played Tools of Destruction or a Crack in Time? It’s the exact same gameplay and even the same storyline.


October 26th, 9:00 pm

Quick question, why isn’t size matters on PSN anymore?
Also, really looking forward to this!

JoltC00 said:

October 26th, 9:50 pm

I’ve played the beta back in august, I think I’ll get it on day 1 when it’ll be out in my country :D

Will the sp campaign be like the multiplayer (but with AI instead of human players)? Or will it be an adventure like the classics R&C?

JoltC00 said:

October 26th, 9:59 pm

@Squiggle55: well, actually QFB is much more platform focused than the other games, and has one of the best levels in the series(Hoolefar <3), so maybe someone could like it more than the classic R&Cs.

I wish Insomniac would go back to classical 3d platformer, something like the original Spyros. It's a shame that after 2004/5 3d platformers went down…

Cck17 said:

October 26th, 11:24 pm

Thank you for answering my questions James! I plan to play online a lot if that’s what it takes to get another R&C multiplayer game like UYA and Deadlocked.

And as promised I shall preorder it. :)

Darth_Raww said:

October 27th, 1:25 am

Having this game on a disc is a very welcome surprise (and a huge thanks to you)! But I really wish Quest for Booty could have been included on the disc as well, as it is the only game of the series that I don’t have on a disc :(

Elvick_ said:

October 27th, 2:35 am

@122: Import, or buy it from sellers on plenty sell the import for less than $20 (last time I looked anyway).

remanutd5 said:

October 27th, 5:59 am

hey James please bring a whole full Tools of Destruction or A Crack in Time experience to the vita, those 2 rank among my favorite Ratchet and Clank games in the series and i agree with comment #70 you guys need to make Resistance 4 with Nathan Hale back from the dead, you know Kratos pulled it off why Hale cant? i dont really like Capelli and Resistance 3 certainly isnt the end of the franchise, so many questions unanswered.

oh and what a bad decision on sony to let the incompetent guys from Nihilistic to handle Resistance vita, the game could have been superb if you or Sony Bend should have made it.

Assassin-T000 said:

October 27th, 6:43 am

Great! i’ve liked Ratchet & Clank for a long while now and i’m glad theres another game coming out. Will there be a local play of some kind?

B-Badd said:

October 27th, 7:12 am

I’m glad to see all these great cross buy game, I hope the Vita gets a larger Memory stick 32GB was fine but with more games going digital only a larger Stick is needed. Cant wait to go full frontal with Ratchet and Clank!

Pashmina626 said:

October 27th, 7:48 am

When you said that it will be out on both the PSN and retail does that mean that I can play the game at EBGames or other stores here in Canada or is it just to those that live in other parts of the world that will get the game on disc?.
Also I wanted to know and maybe alot of other people would like to know if Ratchet is ever going to find the location of the Lombax race?.

Ryumoau said:

October 27th, 8:47 am

@126 i wish Sony would lower the price of the memory sticks they have now. My Vita came with a 4 GB stick, but i would like to get a 32 GB one. But the pricing of around $90 is just absurd. Considering you can get a 500 GB external Harddrive for cheaper than that.

Nck90 said:

October 27th, 10:02 am

I love Ratchet and Clank I played em all from the PS2 days and bought the trilogy on ps3 when it came out.. now only if we could get the team to go back and give us trophies for R&C Future and Quest for booty we’d be all set .. I’d say Resistance too but I can go either way with those games an trophies.. I’ll never get the 10k kill one from number 2

dorkgeniuz21 said:

October 27th, 1:49 pm

Unrelated to this specific game and more related to ps all-stars battle royal, I was wondering if you guys would consider talking to superbot about putting together a dev diary dvd which includes a section with all the characters ips devs talking about their process working with superbot and their respected characters etc.I would love to hear from you guys what the experience was like and what you thought when you first heard about the game etc.It would also be awesome to get a collectors addition of ps-all-stars with maybe some figurings of each character or something.

Saiyan-PS- said:

October 27th, 1:50 pm

Thanks for replying! :D

Now… let’s just hope for new AAA R&C game in a reasonable future ^,^

xK3Vx89 said:

October 27th, 4:39 pm


I have pre-ordered NFS Most Wanted on Sept. 28 and Assassin’s Creed III on October 26. For a Total of 114.98$
So I’m eligible for the 20$ credit in November?

Thanks! (:

julian_480 said:

October 28th, 12:46 am

Hey James iv’e been a long time fan of this series and i would just like to ask you a few questions

1: Could the slightly modified white dreadzone symbol on the giant transforming tank-thing hint the return of Gleeman Vox

2: Will the QForce from UYA( Quark,Skurnch,Al,Skidd,and Helga ) bemaking a Return in this game.

3: Will you guys fix the glitches in the Ratchet and Clank Collection, For starters it lookes like ratchet’s helmet is floating over his head, the music cuts off after it loops than just starts playing and it does this in every level in all 3 of the games, and you fix the wierd animation glitches that occur when using gadgets and piloting vehicles .

4: And will there possibly be a ratchet and clank game on the possible next-gen Playstation or the ” PS-Orbis” Possibly with smoother framerates and tighter graphics running at a possible 1920×1200 native resolution Possibly?

Thank for this Amazing series and regardless if this will possibly be The Last game of the series or not i’d love to see what you guys at insomniac will do next wheather its a new ip or an amazing ultra realistic Next generation Ratchet and Clank game i’l still love you guys and what you do.

hongthay said:

October 28th, 9:42 am

Can’t wait to start playing this. I read the date wrong on another webpage and was frantically searching the store. I thought it said 10/27. Definitely buying this one. I am really looking forward to seeing how the crossplay works, as the only other title I have purchased with crossplay is SoundShapes, but I have only played that on my Vita.

I am having fun reliving the days when I started gaming with the Ratchet and Clank HD collection. The first PS2 game I ever played was Going Commando.

I still think you guys should offer a collection of all of your already released PS3 games. I would rebuy them, just because I lost one disc in the flood in Thailand, and the other when my first PS3 got a YLOD.

Insomniac, you guys are one of my favorite developers, and I am happy that you guys keep putting out quality titles. I look forward to trying your first multi-platform as well, on my PS3 of course.

StormTimber said:

October 28th, 11:44 am

i love how all the backgrounds and enemy characters look like paintings and hand drawn, but then you realize it’s in 3d!

babygirl942000 said:

October 28th, 12:50 pm

Def count on my pre order . I have always loved Ratchet and Clank,and look forward to more from you Insomniac Games.

Elvick_ said:

October 29th, 2:24 am

@133: Talk to Idolminds about the Collection, they’re the ones that developed it. And I highly doubt they’ll fix anything.

RuinRone said:

October 29th, 6:13 am

Qwarktastic news! Pre-ordered.

Any chance we’ll ever get Size Matters or Secret Agent Clank in HD? The God of War series had great success with the PSP entries being “upgraded” for PS3. Just a thought.

ioanina said:

October 29th, 7:51 am

3GB, huh? Well… I would not expect such a slightly shorter R&C adventure, unless it’s quite a bit longer than the previous games so far. Please answer me this James, if you have time.

Will Full Frontal Assault receive DLC expansions in the near future? I just wish for this game to have DLC to make the game longer. Think this idea could be it? The idea of continuing Ratchet and Clank’s newest adventure via DLC? Think about it, because it would be a great idea! No… a Qwarktastic idea! Or, still, a good idea.

Earlier on, I’ve thought Quest for Booty would expand Tools of Destruction as DLC when I’ve heard about it, but, it turned out to be a standalone game later on, which I’ve enjoyed and beaten many times. Kudos on that!

djnealb said:

October 29th, 8:24 am

James, thanks for answering my question. Kinda bummed that Insomniac won’t add trophies to ToD & Q4B (especially since Tools already has that challenge list in the game), but a collection in the future would be great.


November 1st, 8:47 pm

when can we start pre ordering it?

Joshelplex said:

November 2nd, 1:01 pm

Yea. Gamestop and Best Buy still don’t have an entry on it in their system. Been about a week, would like to pre-order it.

XMartenousX said:

November 5th, 9:24 am

How big is the Vita version going to be? Around 2GB? Really looking forward to this game. Cross-play sounds sweet since I just bought a Vita a few days ago and love it.

CooperThief said:

November 6th, 9:31 am

How exactly do you get the Vita version from the PS3 disc?

tcooley2003 said:

November 8th, 7:01 am

First I have to say this game looks amazing! Good job! It is a very good value to get both versions for $19.99.

However, I personally would have rather paid $40 dollars (To offset the Vita card cost) for a physical copy on Vita (the normal price most Vita games start as anyways) and had it include a download code for PS3. This mainly is because of the ridiculous cost of Sony’s memory cards for Vita. If the Vita version of the game is also around 3 GB like the PS3 version (this question was answered earlier), then this is a huge amount of memory to dedicate to a game when considering the price of the memory cards.

In any case, thanks for making this game and the overall great value!

sunbunny23 said:

November 10th, 10:02 am

Hey, I wonder what will be the size of the game will be for the vita? I only have 909 MB and I’ve been planning to delete some data for this because im a huge R&C fan since 2002 and can’t wait or this game But I want to make sure I don’t delete anything TOO much and turns out i didn’t need to delete all of that. So please reply how much MB/GB it will take for this game on the vita. Thank you. :)

P.S. Played the beta and Im looking forward for this since you said that there is going to be a lot more stuff into it. thank you or sony for inviting me to the beta. :)

ZPunisher123 said:

November 12th, 3:03 pm

Got me so excited when i read that Ratchet and Clank would be co-op and cross play. I was just about to go buy my brother a PS Vita just for that. I’m holding back on the PS Vita purchase until there are enough Cross Play titles out there me and my brother can enjoy because; to be truthful me and my bro are hard core split screen/couch gamers. But i’m getting tired of split screening all the time and he’s been more of a fan of the PSP than any other consoles or hand-helds so getting him a PS Vita which allows him to cross play with games i have on my PS3 would be awesome. A player co-op mode like in all 4 one was great for me, my bro, and my 2 cousins. We basically played all the split-screen games on ps3 made yet. As well as most couch co-ops like little big planet and tekken tag 2 and etc. Waiting for more titles like this and it would be great. I’m still trying to imagine cross playing black ops on zombies….Anyway..yeah got my hopes up there.

number1tab said:

November 15th, 7:47 pm

just found out about it and i need to go preorder but i havent heard nothing about it really intill now it is going to be at gamestop right???? on 11/27/12

Eclispe2025 said:

November 16th, 6:18 pm

Can’t wait, wil be preordering when it’s on psn. Any idea if a hd collection of deadlocked, size matters, and secret agent clank is in the works at least? I would love to play those again. Especially working on trophies for those. I’m still having fun with the first three. So knowing those are coming would just make my year complete.

nickppf said:

November 16th, 9:01 pm

I’ve always loved the Ratched and Clank series. I only keep my ps2 around for a few games including these. I would happily buy Size Matters if it was on PSN, It’s not! can you give me a straight answer why? “perhaps an exploit or something else of that ilk?” Secret agent clank is on there but I already own that one for my psp.

Yes I will be buying Full Frontal Assault, and so far it looks absolutely awesome! And any news of ps2 remakes compatible with the vita would be awesome!

Also off topic, any clue why spyro 1 and 2 is available on the jp psn but on the NA one?

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