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Dec 03

Dec 03

YouTube for PS Vita: Update to Version 2

Don Mesa's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA

Since June, PS Vita owners have enjoyed watching videos via the YouTube app on the device’s brilliant 5” OLED screen, bringing you entertaining, hilarious, and viral videos, plus trailers for the hottest games coming to PS Vita and PS3 on the official PlayStation channel. While PS Vita’s YouTube app launched with a robust set of features, today you can update the app to version 2, bringing several new features that will enhance your viewing experience even further. Here are the highlights:

  • Subscriptions and channels: Now you can view and manage your subscriptions (including your subscription to the PlayStation YouTube channel), browse all videos on a specific channel and check out detailed information in the “About this channel” menu option.
  • Improved controls: We’ve added new functions on controls including Next/Previous buttons, a loop video option and the ability to browse videos while another is playing, making it easy to select preferred videos without interrupting playback.
  • Playlist settings: You can now create playlists and add videos to your playlists, including your Favorites or Watch Later lists.
  • Closed captions: Captions help deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers enjoy YouTube videos, and they’re also useful if you forgot your headphones and want to watch videos in a loud (or quiet) setting while on-the-go. Now you can display closed captions when playing videos. Look for the captions icon on the video thumbnail. You can even change the language of captions in the options menu.
  • Continuous playback: In the settings menu, you can now enable continuous playback, so your next video selection will start to play automatically.
  • PS Vita buttons: You now have the option to use the PS Vita buttons to control playback and menus, which can be enabled in the Settings > System menu.
  • Share: Show that you’re tuned in—Tweet, Email or group message your friends the name and URL to the latest video. You can also invite people to check out any channel on YouTube — like the the PlayStation YouTube channel — via group message, so they don’t miss a beat.
  • Improved search: You can now use search filters — sorting by upload date or duration, for example — making it easier than ever to find your favorite videos.

We’re thrilled to deliver updates to some of our most popular apps, furthering our promise to bring you the best portable entertainment experience possible on PS Vita. Which added YouTube features are you most excited about?

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EggySong85 said:

December 4th, 2:48 am

Wow, I think this might be more robust than what my iPad offers me at the moment!

TheMART said:

December 4th, 4:17 am

Might sound like a conspiracy theory, but almost seems like Sony keeps the PS3 Youtube app on the current level, good but not great and keeps updating the PSVita Youtube app so PS3 owners will buy that PSVita in the end if they are frustrated over the PS3 app lol.

BTW Sony, add functionality to have the PSVita be the remote for the PS3 youtube app like I can do with my Android tablet atm!

vitazeifel said:

December 4th, 5:57 am

ah, a ‘share’ button! now I don’t need to turn on my PC just to share a video I found while using Vita.

SorenTM said:

December 4th, 8:22 am

can’t find the app in the store, I’m from Denmark. why isn’t it there? I tried searching for it but with no luck.

Elvick_ said:

December 4th, 8:30 am

@99: Adobe dropped flash support before the Vita came out. We won’t get it. Go whine to Adobe on that.

Emerald_Swords said:

December 4th, 9:55 am

Wow the app just got even better!

RawVoltage said:

December 4th, 11:19 am

Nice, very good update! :}
Best app on the Vita! ~<3

c99lman said:

December 4th, 2:39 pm

Guys, where is my videos in youtube app ?

TheUnbornNobodyX said:

December 4th, 3:05 pm

Iv’e been waiting so long for this update. I knew it would come eventually and boy did it come out with beyond what I had anticipated. Well done Sony, well done. Always using YouTube on my Vita with the Nyko speakers now! :D

red-22- said:

December 5th, 4:47 pm

The PS3 youtube app IS BROKEN on my ps3 slim

The ps3 youtube app needs a little love too… Many users complain about this on forums but there has been no answer that I can find.. I don’t even need new features… Just need the videos to play without stuttering and skipping and thrashing the ps3’s hard disk!

Other than that, I’m not too picky, THANKS.

wiretrans said:

December 5th, 10:46 pm

I dount know why sony put out thier lame youtube we already had it and we could dounload and save it and watch it when we wanted, not when sony decided we could, not every one has 3g or wifi all the time. Its not rocket science to figure out why sales are falling. Put a dang dounload program for videos we want 2 watch later or show to are friends but if you dount ill understand what my daddy means when he says you cant fix stupid

Dalgamounir said:

December 6th, 4:27 pm

hi i bought ps vita a month ago and since then im searching on ways to play youtube files on my device. and then I heard there is a free youtube applicatio n for vita… i searched the vita store many times but couldn’t find it.. is it because of my reagion since i live in Qatar? please help

kenicetea said:

December 7th, 10:09 am

Dear Sony, Can you add the option to see what videos we liked or and option where we can like/dislike a video on youtube?

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