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Dec 18

Dec 18

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Hits PS Vita Today, Nab Bonus DLC

Aaron Webber's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Sega of America

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Why hello there, PS Vita owners! We heard you guys were hungry for an awesome multiplayer Vita racing game… and we’re here to deliver. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed hits PS Vita today, and we’re super-excited to share the game with all of you!

The game is out now both in stores and also on PlayStation Store. As you can probably guess, the game also isn’t your average kart racer. The reason we have that fancy “Transformed” in the name is because your vehicle is going to transform in every single race: from a car to a boat to a plane!

My last few blogs here revealed quite a few old school Sega fans, so it’s worth noting that the entire roster is essentially a love letter to gamers. Beyond your traditional Sonic cast, we’ve included the triumphant return of Vyse from Skies of Arcadia (a personal favorite of mine), Gilius from Golden Axe, NiGHTS, and many more. We’ve even got Wreck-it Ralph included as a playable character. (Don’t worry, though – he’s not going Turbo.)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for PS3 and PS VitaSonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

One of the things I personally like most about the races is that “Transformed” doesn’t just apply to your vehicles. It applies to the tracks, too! Volcanoes will erupt, paths will get destroyed, and the terrain itself will change right in front of you, ensuring that every lap is something new and exciting. Add to that each track is based on a vintage Sega franchise or series from the last 20+ years, and you’ve got yourself some serious nostalgia stew cooking.

For PS Vita, the multiplayer features really bring the game together. Racing against friends (or rivals) in completely respectful (or heated and nerve-wracking) races is a ton of fun.

You can pick up the game now at most retail stores, and if you do so you’ll notice you get some bonus DLC content in there too – a little thanks from us to all those fans out there who pick up the game at launch to support it! The digital copy of the game will also come with this DLC, but it’s a limited time offer for both!

We’ve been off to a good start with reviews on PS Vita, so we hope you guys will enjoy it just as much as we do. Thanks for reading, and as always and if you have any questions, please feel free to post them below. Here’s to the launch of another great racing title for Vita owners!

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Ryumoau said:

December 18th, 1:44 pm

Any chance we could get a sequel to Skies of Arcadia on ps3? I’d even take an HD remake. just please reduce the annoying random encounter rate. :P

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 2:17 pm

    No word on your first question, but as to the second point… it’s all about those Loopers! :)

Thirty3Three said:

December 18th, 1:46 pm

I’ve never played any game in this series, however, I’ve played WipEout and Mario Kart. A few questions:

1) During online mode, how may characters can play in one match? (ie: NfS: Most Wanted has 4 players, online, only)

2) For someone who enjoys Mario kart, do you think I’d enjoy this game? Worth the 30 bucks?

Thanks for the update man!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 2:51 pm

    I keep sending my comments down to the normal section on accident. Let’s try this again! :)

    1) Up to 8 players simultaneously with ad-hoc

    2) If you enjoy Mario Kart, or even just racing games in general, definitely. The power ups are (in my opinion) more balanced than most similar games, and the transforming tracks and vehicles also add a lot. I’m not sure if you played Diddy Kong Racing years back, but we get a few comments here and there from fans of that game who are stoked about some of the similarities in SART.

jimmyfoxhound said:

December 18th, 2:25 pm

Ahh nice I may double dip and get this for the Vita! I’ve put in a few hours on the PS3 version and I love it, had lots of fun playing it but Borderlands 2 keeps distracting me! :) Thanks Sega and I’ll always love you no matter what because you gave me Valkyria Chronicles and the Yakuza series.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 4:50 pm

    Aww, thanks Jimmy! We <3 you too.

Sonicfan11589 said:

December 18th, 2:31 pm

Hi, I don’t know if u will respond to this comment or still be reading them at this time, but a bit off topic, i can’t wait for Dead or Alive 5 plus on the vita since i can finally kick u know what with Virtua Fighter’s Sarah Bryant on the go. I hope to see more outfits for her.

Also i hope to see something good announced for VF’s 20th anniversary next year since we got nothing for their 15th back in 2008.

Also Virtua Fighter for Vita would be great.
Virtua Fighter 3tb for download on PSN and XBLA like VF2 was.

Also to be on topic, i have this game for the wii u and i like it more than the first game, because of the more variety in tracks and such. Also can’t wait to get this for my vita.

Sorry for the long comment. :)

It’s been a great time to be a sega fan as of late, i grew up with genesis since i was 2, (even have a new NES/GENESIS twin system since my old one died.)

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 4:51 pm

    No worries! Always nice to see the dedication of the fans. I also had a Genesis as a kid and grew up with all sorts of old SEGA games. I used to play Virtua Fighter 2 on my SEGA Saturn, in fact.

Sonicfan11589 said:

December 18th, 2:33 pm

Will u ever release a NEW ECCO THE DOLPHIN game, i heard a rumor or something that it MIGHT come back, heck, even a re-release of Defender of the Future as an HD download or even a PS2 Classic would be nice.

Sorry for all the questions, us fans really appreciate when we can get some responses from people working for the companies.

Nates4Christ said:

December 18th, 2:35 pm

I just ordered my copy from Stinks how all the gamestops in my area only got in the number of preorders. At least I saved on 10% tax. :P

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:09 pm

    Sorry to hear Gamestop sold out of their initial batch – but at least you have a copy en route! Hope you enjoy it once it arrives.

Sonicfan11589 said:

December 18th, 2:37 pm

also is there custom soundtrack available in this version of the game, u know u can play ur own music while playing the game?

Aaron Webber's Avatar

Aaron Webber said:

December 18th, 2:50 pm

1) Up to 8 players simultaneously with ad-hoc

2) If you enjoy Mario Kart, or even just racing games in general, definitely. The power ups are (in my opinion) more balanced than most similar games, and the transforming tracks and vehicles also add a lot. I’m not sure if you played Diddy Kong Racing years back, but we get a few comments here and there from fans of that game who are stoked about some of the similarities in SART.

D-Squad3 said:

December 18th, 3:01 pm

FYI you guys are missing a lot of sales for not putting Valkyria Chronicles sequels on the PS3. I only have the first one and would buy the sequel(s) if they were ported/made for the PS3 and I speak for a lot of people.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:04 pm

    You mean turning them from PSP/PS Vita games into PS3 games? It’s a cool idea, but going from PSP to HD PS3 game is probably a bit more work than some might think! :)

ytl1986 said:

December 18th, 3:05 pm

Still waiting for Square Enix’s Chocobo Racing.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 4:53 pm

    Now, I can’t speak for Square, but I bet if you send them a great big chocolate cake with “CHOCOBO RACING PLS” in icing on the top, you may get a response.

    At least, I’m pretty sure that works on me, but…

TwinDad said:

December 18th, 3:06 pm

Dear Santa,

I would like to be able to play Valkyria Chronicles 3 on my PSP. I have been good. If your able to provide I would also like a digital version of Valkryia Chonicles 1 as I’m burning holes in my disc version and I would terribly hate to cry if I could no longer play that game.


IF you can find in your heart to provide a Sky of Arcadia 2 (or 1 HD) I would love you more than the Easter bunny.


PPS. I played this Sonic Racing at PAX and it is so mine.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:08 pm

    Dear TwinDad,

    Santa has stepped out for the moment, but in his absence, I will be happy to answer what questions I can.

    I don’t have any news of VC3, or a digital version of VC1, but I would imagine that file size for VC1 might be a challenge to releasing it digitally. (It’s a pretty big game!)

    For Skies of Arcadia, I have passed your request on to our resident Sonic Elf, and he made a strange face at me and ran off. I don’t really know what that means.

    Happy Holidays!

    – Aaron

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 18th, 3:07 pm

@Aaron Webber I still have my Diddy Kong Racing for N64. Really fun game although it did get pretty challenging in parts. Does this game have vehicle-specific tracks or can some levels be played with a vehicle of your choosing? Really enjoyed the hovercraft/innertube levels from Diddy Kong so I’m pretty excited for the boat races in this.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 4:55 pm

    A few of the tracks do feature heavily on 1-2 vehicle types, while others will balance out all three. In some cases, you’ll even get the opportunity to choose between two different paths that will trigger different vehicles. It’s nice if you find yourself doing really well on one section (say boats or planes) and you get a chance to stick to that or to use the land instead.

man_of_power05 said:

December 18th, 3:14 pm

no cross buy? for shame. sony needs to get on the ball and get more third party companies to perticipate in the cross buy thing if they want more vita sales


December 18th, 3:29 pm

Hey Aaron, since the Vita is lacking so much in the content department… Wouldn’t it be great if all those Sega classics on PSN and XBLA were ported over to the Vita? Like you guys did with Jet Set Radio. I would love to play those classic Sonic titles and other Sega gems on the go! Think about it, I’d bet they’d sell like hotcakes to us content starving Vita owners.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:03 pm

    I’m a big fan of some of our older games, so I’m with you here! No news on other titles for VITA, but one of the best things you can do now is to be sure to grab a copy of JSR if you haven’t already. Numbers speak loudest sometimes.

Thirty3Three said:

December 18th, 3:51 pm

I went out to the store and bought the game. Thanks for the convincing, Webber!

You just got another supporter!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:01 pm

    That’s awesome – thanks Thirty!

Noctis_HD said:

December 18th, 3:54 pm

Is there any difference between the Vita and PS3 version?

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 4:57 pm

    We tried to keep the two versions as identical as possible. Trackers, racers, etc, are all the same, so the only big difference you’ll notice will (naturally) be the hardware / graphical capabilities of the PS3 versus the PS VITA.

Thirty3Three said:

December 18th, 3:55 pm


Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle), anyone? :)

I’d also want Budokai 3, but that’s not Sega, is it? haha!

jave-lin said:

December 18th, 4:05 pm

@ Noctis_HD #66: They are the same……Aaron stated it in his previous comments…

Thanks Aaron for the replies man!! It’s refreshing to see someone actually reply to most of the comments
here on the Blog!

And yes, this game does remind of the N64 classic — Diddy Kong Racing! Loved that game.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 4:58 pm

    No worries! I think it’s always good to get involved in the comments and get a discussion going. You can learn a lot when you listen to your fans and consumers. :)

RBRamirez7 said:

December 18th, 4:49 pm

My Vita DLC isn’t working. It says “Cannot be downloaded with a PS Vita system.” What does that mean? I bought the Vita game before launch date (Target has been selling them since last Saturday in the U.S.). I entered the code the moment I got home but it didn’t work, but I figured it was because I got it before the official release date. But today, the day it officially came out, is another story. I entered the code again but it still says the same thing.

The code I’m talking about came from the Bonus Edition for the Vita, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a PS3 code because on the voucher it had the PS Vita logo right under the code.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:00 pm

    I did some investigating on this today and found that your account was most likely given the PS3 DLC, which is great, except that I’d imagine you’d much rather have the VITA DLC. :)

    The PSN store update should have fixed that, so you should now be able to get both the VITA DLC and keep your PS3 DLC. If it doesn’t work, do let me know and I’ll make sure our teams start a dialogue to get you taken care of and the DLC in your hands.

Teflon02 said:

December 18th, 5:16 pm

the DLC still does NOT work on my PS Vita, and I hate the waiting game, the store update did nothing

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    December 18th, 5:27 pm

    Good to know, thanks for the heads up. I’ll get a discussion going so we can get you guys some answers.

    Readers – I’d also be curious to know if anyone who used their voucher -after- today’s store update was able to get the content fine, or if you’re having similar issues. Thank you in advance!

Teflon02 said:

December 18th, 5:49 pm

-.-, great, like always Vita owners gets screwed smh. No one seems to care enough to make sure they provide Vita content properly. LBP, PSA, and now this

RBRamirez7 said:

December 18th, 6:21 pm

Some people (so far only one has claimed) on GameFAQS stated that the code worked for them. Maybe they did the update and bout the game on it’s official release date.

Teflon02 said:

December 18th, 6:26 pm

umm.. today is the official release date, I got the game this morning, same with my bro who has the same issue

RBRamirez7 said:

December 18th, 6:28 pm

If the Playstation people or whatever can’t do anything about it, is it possible to fax or even mail our receipts to you so we can get a working code? The receipt for the game. And maybe even send the voucher itself.


December 18th, 7:01 pm

The game is awesome! This just may be my favorite Vita title. Great job Sega!

IndianaTC said:

December 18th, 7:13 pm

I’ve got this for PS3, had it preordered for both versions (PS3 at GameStop and VITA on Amazon), I’ve also unlocked everything on the PS3 version (got the last character today, made me laugh at the….. uniqueness of the character), and I won’t mind doing it all again for the VITA version. Now if only Fedex will update their tracking thing and tell me where exactly it is. >.> Thanks SUMO for making this racing game, it’s actually the only racing game I like (besides the original).

P.S. Aaron, I’ve never played Skies of Arcadia, but I’m interested. Any possible rumors or hints you could pass on about an HD remake for PSN and XBLA? ;D

Elvick_ said:

December 18th, 8:14 pm

just tossing my support for Yakuza HD Collection and VC3 localizations. I will buy every Yakuza the day you announce the HD Collection is coming here and I’ll preorder Yakuza 5 too if you announce it ;D.

Anyhoo, watched some gameplay on YouTube of the Vita version and I think I’ll pick it up.

Please consider releasing classic Sega games on Vita. Would love to play Toejam and Earl on Vita.

And I would kill for some real Sonic games on Vita.

SpooNManX said:

December 18th, 10:04 pm

Great game. I bought the disc on day 1.
Let’s get some more old school DLC !
How about playing as the Altered Beast wolves. I love that howling sound! :)

Or how about Kid Chameleon? Streets of Rage would be great just for the music.

kyle0222 said:

December 19th, 12:01 am

Hi Aaron. I am a longtime PSN user but this is my first time commenting on this blog.

Anyway, I bought S&SASRT for the Vita the day it came out. And I did type in the code to get Metal Sonic and the course, but for some reason it won’t download on my Vita.

I waited until today after the PSN store update and I still won’t let me download it.

Is something wrong?

Noah98 said:

December 19th, 3:47 am

My DLC code is still not working and I’m very frustrated. This happened to me with Playstation All Stars, and it took a month to fix! Can we get an update on this issue?

The_Pericles said:

December 19th, 6:57 am

I am trying to figure out if this is a Cross-Buy game. I excitedly bought this on my Vita today and then realized I may have blown it. If it is a Cross-Buy, can I make it right somehow by buying the PS3 version, or am I out of luck?

The_Pericles said:

December 19th, 8:01 am

Okay, I think I answered my own question with a little research. Cheers.

Issun4649 said:

December 19th, 10:39 am

I also have trouble with the DLC for the vita.
when i looked at the DLC in the ps3 it was there and installed.
so my guess, as already mentioned, it is a ps3 version of the DLC.

i waited for the update as well but after the update i still could not download the DLC.

Hopefully they will fix this issue soon.

Grawbad said:

December 19th, 1:59 pm

Didn’t get a chance to get my copy yesterday. I did pick it up today though. I see the problem with the codes is still an issue.
I am just checking in to say I am waiting to use my code to see what transpires as Aaron said he would let us know.

matdub69 said:

December 19th, 2:50 pm

It has been on psn here in australia for a week now (it came last week then dissappeared for a bit then returned) with no mention of bonus content. Besides for some reason it is 53 dollars here despite our more powerful dollar. I will get a hard copy for twenty bucks less thank you very much. I can deal with a five or even ten dollar disparity as australia is more awesome (higher wages etc). But twenty three dollars difference sucks. Also when i am done with it I will sell it. If it was cheaper i would go digital so your loss really.

Alexx-NY said:

December 20th, 5:11 am

Thanks Sega for finally clearing up some details.
By the way, you should advise your social media team (for Twitter) it does not create any sympathies to never react/reply to questions!
Most ignorant team ever I have experienced.

So no cross-buy- no cross-play, not even cross-save? :-(
Sega really made no effort here.
Very sad indeed.

Also why is EU version for VITA 40 Euro (~ 53 USD!!)? This is unbelievably UNFAIR and greedy.

shadow71 said:

December 20th, 10:01 am

Great game. Too bad SEGA couldn’t be bothered to make a decent manual. “Here’s the controls. Good luck.” Thank god for game sites and wikis. =/

Teflon02 said:

December 21st, 4:27 am

Got some info on the DLC issue, S0L from SUMO told me it was a issue on sonys servers and the content is in the process of being switched to the vita content.

cronson said:

December 21st, 4:47 am

Haha, I love all the Valkyria Chronicles love on this thread! I so hope the series continues outside of Japan. Part 1 is my favorite PS3 game.

As for Sonic & All-Stars, I’ll definitely pick this one up. $29.99 is a great price.


December 21st, 6:53 am

>The PS3 and PS VITA versions are separate on the saves and multiplayer front, but each features many of the same tracks and characters.

I’ve purchased PS3 version of the game and thoroughly enjoy split-screen campaign with my wife, but won’t be getting Vita version.

I don’t understand why doesn’t Sony provide incentives for developers to implement cross-play. Bad call on their side. Vita is still gathering dust then.

Freshh23 said:

December 21st, 6:28 pm

Get with the program guys, this is a basic, standard feature now, all content is available on all platforms and it’s download once, download anywhere, for example, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and give us the option to be able to play our own legally ripped content on our platforms just like how it’s available on everything else. Gaming is the only one that doesn’t have basic, standard features, like those, that have been available on everything else since many years ago. Dedicated gaming keeps turning off more and more people. No smart consumer is going to purchase a game twice, whether once for PS3 and another for PSVita or once for PS1/2/P and again a digital version just to be able to play it on PS3/Vita.

General-Battye said:

December 21st, 7:39 pm

Hey aaron, sorry for the late reply, yes, i bought the game through retail (, it was delivered to my house the day after it was officially released in ontario. the bonus code i typed in was inside the case of the game, it appeared to be a legit vita code but wouldnt work when i downloaded it (On the vita), i then tryed on the ps3 and it worked (even though i didnt buy the ps3 version) lol.

it seems like this is some type of code glitch on segas part And not sony’s im assuming? ive been reading posts that were placed after mine and it seems like there are others with the same problem, hopefully it gets fixed soon. but thanks for taking note in the issue sony :)

Teflon02 said:

December 24th, 6:19 am

Okay this is complete BS. It still doesn’t work and I always see metal sonic online. this is extremely annoying and ridiculous. Can We just get new codes, I just want my outrun bay and metal sonic!!

kamando13 said:

December 25th, 11:43 am

Dear Sony.

When I entered my DLC code for sonic and all stars racing transformed, It seems that it is for the PS3 version. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


MmaFanQc said:

December 28th, 11:43 pm

got the game last night on psn, and boy oh boy it was a good descision, best karting game in a LONG time(yep, im looking at you M.Kart) congrats to sega for their mega awesome (MEGAWESOME) game!

rileymstack said:

January 1st, 7:53 pm

this game is great as are all of your sonic games,which is why i think you should consider sonic as a playstation all-star battle royal dlc character. there is a vast library of possible attacks to assign to him with his speed,strength ,and numerous friends he can call upon. Not to mention the power rings he could use to release some kind of energy or power for his supers.I know that this post is not about Playstation all-stars battle royal but i wanted to throw in this thought for playstation and playstation fans to ponder on.I know playstation dosent usually take these little comments to seriously but i strongly advise that you at least give it some thought. peace out sony. :)

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