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Jan 28

Jan 28

PlayStation Plus: Sign Up For a 1-Year Membership, Get 3 Months Free

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Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

PlayStation Plus 12+3

We’re continuing to bring you great offers here at PlayStation to start off 2013 right, and our latest deal can help you take advantage of everything PlayStation Plus has to offer for the rest of the year and beyond. For a limited time, we’re giving you three extra months of Plus at no additional cost when you sign up for a one-year membership.

The time to become a PlayStation Plus member couldn’t be better. We ended 2012 with the addition of PlayStation Plus and the Instant Game Collection on PS Vita, for a combined savings of $2,472 for the year. That includes free games and discounts for both PS3 and PS Vita, and we’ve got plenty more plans for PlayStation Plus in 2013. Yesterday we released our brand new Classic White PlayStation 3, which comes with a huge 500 GB hard drive (plenty of room for your Instant Game Collection). The Classic White PS3 package also comes with a voucher for one year of PlayStation Plus — if you redeem the voucher during this special promotional period, you’ll receive the bonus three months of free games, discounts and exclusive features through PlayStation Plus. And those of you who are already reaping the benefits of PlayStation Plus are in luck—you can stack your membership to take full advantage of this great offer!

This deal won’t be around forever, so make sure to act quickly. We’ll be offering the PlayStation Plus 1-year (+ 3 months) deal starting now and running through March 4th. Oh, and don’t forget to check PS.Blog later on, when we’ll have more Plus news, including a new addition to the Instant Game Collection.

See you on PSN!

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Kopz_kop said:

January 28th, 10:57 pm

is this deal apply to region 3 asia?

enterhawkeye said:

January 29th, 12:17 am

awww dang I just bought a subscription on Saturday. I wish I waited 2 days!!!

The_Dukenator said:

January 29th, 3:35 am

@156 You could buy the PS Plus card from retail, no credit card needed. I had a few credit cards on my Xbox Live account, but all were removed.

@Morgon Could this deal also work for those who buy a 3 month plus, whether thru PS Store or retail, and get the additional 3 months free?
You confirmed that you could go out and buy a 1 year of plus thru a retail store and still get the addition 3 months?

The_Dukenator said:

January 29th, 3:36 am

@196 Might be able to addon and still get this offer.

ibraman90 said:

January 29th, 5:26 am

What a great deal my PS+ ended last month looks like im going to renew

SocialClimber_85 said:

January 29th, 6:21 am

I’m getting a new PS3 this weekend… Mine died. :(
One great thing is that this new bundle comes with a year of plus, great service sony!

barret101 said:

January 29th, 7:47 am

Is this valid in the UK also?

The_Dukenator said:

January 29th, 8:11 am

@199 Mine ended last week, thus I’m still debating on whether to renew or not.

Busca-Cabezas said:

January 29th, 1:20 pm

Wow! I feel like I got screwed by my own PS+ Subscription. My PS+ ended on 12/12/12. It renew itself automatically and now it will end in 12/12/13. I’ve been with PS+ since day 1 and I like to NOT LOOSE my content so I go with AUTO RENEW since its the “recommended” option and its set up automatically unless I click it OFF. Now I got chopped & screwed on this offer for being such a loyal PlayStation Gamer. Will I get the extra 3 months? Seems like I wont. Can you feel mad, sad and super depressed at the same time? Yes. I know cause now I am. :'(

Volcomkewl said:

January 29th, 1:28 pm

Thanks for replying & clarifying my comment earlier yesterday,
This is off topic but, do you know if GTA: Vice City will be coming to the store today?
Oh, also morgan could you put my suggestion into the “big” guys that run plus to maybe put it PS2 classics for free on plus? I think this would be a great idea, even if you had to take something off to replace it.

Shadow_Enz said:

January 29th, 2:51 pm

Thanks for the question #63, and thanks for the answer Morgan. It’s good to know that PS+ is here to stay on the Playstation family of products it’s currently available for and going forward with the next flagship.

I’m down to resub, even though I recently already did.

Also – Great choice on Ninja Gaiden Sigma!

slipHAZARD said:

January 29th, 2:54 pm

Quick question, I just signed up last night (monday) at around 10:30pm, do I get the bonus 3 months or was that to early?

The_Dukenator said:

January 29th, 3:17 pm

@202 This was a reply to #102

+ Morgan Haro on January 28th, 2013 at 10:03 am said:

I’m afraid if you purchased before 1/25; you wouldn’t have had the extra 3 months added. However, this is not only for new members, as current members can use this offer too.

inFAMOUS-787 said:

January 29th, 3:23 pm

PS+ showing how its done! went out and grabbed another year just for that. Proud member since day and till it ends!

Hooligantuan said:

January 29th, 9:31 pm

Okay, so, if I am already Plus and I do this, how exactly does it work out?

Does it just add time to my Plus expiration date? How will it convey that information to me? Will I be able to see the bonus months somewhere, or will I just have to do the math?

Kama1989 said:

January 30th, 6:14 am

My subscription ends in September… I can’t take advantage of this, can I?

Moonshock_94 said:

January 30th, 7:05 am

NO!!! I just bought my first playstation plus 1-year subscription literally only 3 days before this deal! :( Don’t think I’ll be able to get another one year subscription before the deadline too. At times like this you’d really hope that you get those 3 months just like that… but that’s not going to happen. :( WHY YOU ACCURSED LUCK!

Leon_de_Chacara said:

January 30th, 1:26 pm

My plus subscription ends on the middle of the year. If I buy this one year membership with 3 months bonus now, will it add 15 months to my subscription ending on june, or it will start right now the 15 month period?

maujvz said:

January 31st, 8:33 am

Hello Morgan, Can I redeem 2 years of Plus and get an extra of 6 months? Thanks for your answer.

thewoodyman said:

January 31st, 8:40 am

idk if the PS4 is confirmed yet but let just say it is, will my PS Plus membership will continue on there and can i buy multipliable 1 year PLUS codes

GGCAN said:

January 31st, 10:46 am

@ 219 – maujvz

It ‘stacks’ so if you have bought a 1 year and get the 3 mths free and then you buy another 1 year before March 4/13, yes, you will get another 3 mths.

So to answer your question if you buy 2 years before March 4/13 on this get 3 mths free deal…you will as you said…get an additional 6 mths because you bought 2 packages.

ArmyGuyVince said:

February 2nd, 1:51 am

Seems to be the only decent deal on Playstation…

then again… with the crap titles we get… more like a scam if anything….

P.S; hater comments incoming!
P.S.S I dont read comments after i post so i dont plan on reading what you have to say after im done posting this

SolidusOcelot93 said:

February 3rd, 4:59 pm

I bought a 1 year subscription on the 31st on January and didn’t get the extra 3 months? Can anyone help?

stinkykat said:

February 3rd, 8:38 pm

how do I stack my PlaystationPlus? I like to take advantage of this offer, PS+ is awsome and like to continue it for the next 3 years if possible.. thats a lot of great games :D

vern99 said:

February 4th, 3:54 pm

I bought a Playstation White today…where is the voucher for Playstation Plus? And how do you enter it?

intrigue169 said:

February 8th, 1:37 am

They have to put it on sale, just to make up for the less than ok games being offered. I mean give me a break, EU got batman for free and we got the same game on sale a month later. Playstation seems to just taunt how much they love the European customers, compared to the American customers. Just look at what they give the EU plus. I think they can just put all the garbage games were the sun doesn’t shine. Games like Retro-City Rampage come-on man. Why can’t we too get games like Mortal Kombat, I know why, sony doesn’t love Americans as much as Europeans. Because of the lame duck games being offered, I will not take advantage of this sale.

Chamouna said:

February 8th, 5:20 pm

I bought this promo and I didn’t get 3 m extra… just 1 year actually… What can I do?

Ventus_Fury said:

February 10th, 11:35 am

I got a year and put the code in but neither were “Applied” really… it still says on my Games that they will expire in April of 2013.

grayshadow3000 said:

February 17th, 2:15 pm

I’m tempted in transferring from XBL Gold to PSN Plus but that virtual identity is so dam strong. Abandoning that 90K gamerscore for a better and cheaper service would be easier if I wasn’t losing all the progress. Hopefully I can do it before this deal runs out.

Snakeeyes1991 said:

February 18th, 3:24 am

Hey If i buy Ps+ subscription through my credit card by transferring fund in my psn account then buy it from ps store, still I get 3 months extra? right?

Snakeeyes1991 said:

February 18th, 9:18 pm

Just Today I subscribed for 1 year PSN plus but I didn.t got extra 3 months. Morgan Please look in this.

cramer7293 said:

February 19th, 2:04 pm

@Morgan so lets say i get $100 bucks and buy 2 years of ps+. Does that mean i will get 6 months free?

Shadowtroops said:

February 25th, 5:44 pm

If I get a 50$ psn card for the ps plus shipped from best buy, do you think it will show up before the 3 month deal ends?

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