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Feb 25

Feb 25

PlayStation Plus: Plants vs. Zombies Free for Members

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Hopefully you’ve been digging into some of the free PlayStation Plus content this month including Vanquish, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and indie-hit Closure. This week, we’re excited to bring the crowd-pleasing Plants Vs. Zombies on PS Vita to the Instant Game Collection.

In addition, there are some fantastic sales to jump on as well including the Gamers’ Choice Awards discounts (winners announced tomorrow) and the PS Vita Anniversary Sale celebrating PS Vita’s first year. Read on to learn more about these exceptional sales.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access via the Sony Entertainment Network online store.

February 26th PlayStation Plus Update

Plants Vs. Zombies (PS Vita)

PSN Price: $10.49, Free for PS Plus members

Popcap’s irreverent take on the real time strategy genre is yours to play free on your PS Vita starting this week as a PS Plus member. At first glance, you may think it’s just another cute strategy game. Get your hands on it, and you’ll find an incredible amount of strategy that relies on everything from picking the right plants, determining their placement, and decisions while under fire from masses of zombies. The PS Vita version sports a ton of great features including co-op multiplayer, a ton of modes, and even some mini-games to keep you busy, making putting Plants vs. Zombies down an pleasantly tough proposition.
Retro/Grade (PS3)

PSN Price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $2.44

Retro/Grade Soundtrack

PSN Price: $7.99; PS Plus Price: $1.74

The game that turned rhythm games upside down is now available at an irresistible price for PS Plus Members! Starting at the end of the game and working your way back to the sound of head-bobbing retro tunes, you’ll need to ensure the pilot makes it alive through his backward journey through time. With 10 dazzling ‘backwards’ worlds, epic boss fights, and a seriously fantastic soundtrack, it’s a deal that everyone should jump on. If you like the music, we also went ahead and put the soundtrack on sale as well! You can grab it for $1.74 on the PS Store as a PS Plus member.
Gamers’ Choice Awards Winners Discounts

Various Discounts for PS Plus Members

You voted, now you’re about to reap the rewards. This week the winners of the Gamers’ Choice Awards go on sale at various discounts across the board. Tune in to PlayStation.Blog tomorrow morning to find out which titles won as voting is still on as of today’s Plus Update and the race in some categories is pretty darn close. If you need a refresher on the nominees and still haven’t cast your vote, click here.
PS Vita Anniversary Sale

Various Discounts for PS Plus Members
It’s been 1 year since the PS Vita launched and to celebrate, we’re placing a number of crazy good PS Vita titles on sale. Take a look at the full list. Though the sale is for all of PSN, Plus members, as usual, get extra discounts on top these already good deals. Take a look at the full list below.

Game Title Normal Price Sale Price PS Plus Sale
Escape Plan $14.99 $10.49 $7.34
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational $35.99 $25.19 $17.63
Hustle Kings PS Vita $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
Little Deviants $17.99 $12.59 $8.81
MLB The Show 12 PS Vita $17.99 $12.59 $8.81
ModNation Racers: Road Trip $17.99 $13.99 $9.79
MotorStorm RC Complete Edition $11.99 $8.39 $5.87
PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale $35.99 $25.19 $17.63
Reality Fighters $17.99 $12.59 $8.81
Smart As $26.99 $18.89 $13.22
Sound Shapes $14.99 $10.49 $7.34
Super Stardust Delta $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
Unit 13 $26.99 $18.89 $13.22

You should leave your thoughts by dropping them below and as usual, I’ll do my best to respond to key questions and comments. We’ve also got the PS Plus section in the PlayStation Community Forums where you can continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 2-26-2013

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four24twenty said:

February 25th, 9:35 am

“SONY: PSN purchases made on PS3 will NOT carry over to PS4”

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

February 25th, 9:36 am

HSG, for example, is $19.99 at your local Best Buy and you can sell it back and make some money back on it.

Sales should be like this:

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational $17.99 $12.99 $8.99
Smart As $9.99 $6.99 $4.99

xBraiNshOcK said:

February 25th, 9:36 am


How many times are you going to post the list? We get it Europe gets better games.

dragonmagician said:

February 25th, 9:37 am

PvZ on Vita! Platinum here we come!!

PS+ for Europe in March is crazy amazing (ME3, DOA5, JD2, MGS HD, Puddle). Hopefully we get something similar for NA, but based on last few months, I’m not going to expect too much.

Volcomkewl said:

February 25th, 9:37 am

I would be happy if you brought back the free PS1 game back, or better a free PS2 game sometimes.
Could you put my suggestion in for me, Morgan? =)

MarcioHuser2 said:

February 25th, 9:38 am

That’s it? Meh :P

ZenTripleFour said:

February 25th, 9:38 am


Yeah Morgan already addressed it. I just had to make a final note that Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a January game. So we got even LESS games than Europe.

galenzo92 said:

February 25th, 9:39 am

Hey morgan, I waited for the whole last week for the dust starter pack to show as free, but it still says 9.99.
That really bugged me.

PS: I would also give 1 of my legs for Mass Effect 3 for ps+ users.

Welmosca said:

February 25th, 9:39 am

Hum…just Vita stuff….quite a disappointing update….but I already have PvsZ on PS3 and its really fun…anyway might end up picking some games…there are some great discounts there.And keep up with the weekly updates….no need for a monthly update.

token_all_night said:

February 25th, 9:39 am

MORAN when ps+ becomes all about ps4 will people that are just ps3 user get to keep there content if we let our plus memberships lapse

dh4645 said:

February 25th, 9:40 am

nice discounts on a few games….and looks like i’ll be play PvZ for 3rd time. hah

KamuiFuciro said:

February 25th, 9:40 am

If i get PS Battle Royale in the discounts for Vita, i get the ps3 version too?

Hundredhandslap said:

February 25th, 9:40 am


It’s probably your puny level 18 trophy level, that’s not worth bragging about. Step it up, nobody likes a beggar.

As far as the update goes, pretty terrible. Yay, now I have a Vita version of a free PSN game we got months ago. This is becoming sad, everyone that works at Sony that’s responsible for the NA PS+ content should be ashamed of themselves. It’s been week after week of disappointment for me. I’m really starting to regret renewing my + subscription in January. It’s been soooo long since I’ve been excited about ANYTHING given away on this service.

vampiredinosaur said:

February 25th, 9:41 am

My PS+ subscription lapsed recently, and I was waiting for this week’s update to decide whether or not I subscribe again. I’m done. Every week there is a glaring difference in quality between NA and EU’s service, I’m not giving any more money to fund EU’s amazing game collection while American gamers get scraps.

GT-420 said:

February 25th, 9:41 am

Morgan – THANK YOU for acknowledging this, such a statement goes a long way with me personally, even if it won’t make a difference to others who complain.

+ Morgan Haro on February 25th, 2013 at 9:30 am said:

Thanks for the list! This is definitely a larger conversation, but the feedback from you guys on this note has not gone unnoticed nor unreported. While I stand by the value that Plus gives NA gamers, and still feel it’s the best gaming subscription service around, I can see why some might feel that this is an issue.

Milagres_ said:

February 25th, 9:42 am

I hade doing this everymonth but, Sony, you give me no choice.

Months ago, way before plus for vita was announced there were some users complaining that they did not want “plus for vita because instead of getting free PS3 games, they’ll get free games for a device I don’t intend to buy”

That was the complainment and you Morgan assured that, PS plus including or not Vita games it would NOT AFFECT PLUS ON PS3. Meaning you wont get LESS games just because Vita was included.

And AGAIN you give a Vita game and not a PS3. Please stop doing what you said you wouldn’t do.
(and yet, I’m sure I’ll write the same thing here not so long from now)

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    February 25th, 11:45 am

    No one has received less games on PS3 because PS Vita games are included in Plus now. If PS Vita was not in the IGC, there simply would have been no game in the Instant Game Collection this week, plain and simple.

GaMeR_bOi_83 said:

February 25th, 9:42 am

While I am grateful for all the discounts and free games. EU is getting the better half of PS Plus. I loves me some PvsZ but compare to what the EU is getting, this is not fair. Thanks for the $10 and the free games. Still gonna get the PS4 tho. Not being able to play my old games dsnt really bug me when I can stream them.

PrimeroIncognito said:

February 25th, 9:42 am

Posting those lists over and over again is spamming. And it proves nothing.

Everyone has different tastes. The value of each game to an individual is decided by the individual. To some folks, the NA list may look more appealing than the EU list. I only wish you dorks could realize that before you post…

Volcomkewl said:

February 25th, 9:42 am

@ 113

Why complain about his trophy level? Who cares about that?
I got a free 10$ randomly on the 20th when I wasn’t expecting it at all, and my friend got one as well. It just proves they picked them randomly, maybe if you’re active on the forums enough, you get noticed? And perhaps recommended by Morgan to get a free 10$, just my guess though.

NekoNiv said:

February 25th, 9:43 am

you know… I learned something today

I never buying a order title again. I just just paid for PvZ just a week. I now feel as if I cant trust buying anything old. It wouldn’t have been that bad if it was discounted.

ZenTripleFour said:

February 25th, 9:43 am

Febuary for Europe PS Plus:
6th February: Sleeping Dogs
6th February: Quantum Conundrum
6th February: F1 Race Stars
13th February: WipEout 2048(Vita)
20th February: Lumines Electronic Symphony(Vita)

Febuary for American PS Plus:
Plants vs. Zombies(Vita only)
Lord of the Rings Guardians of Middle Earth
Closure(1 cent in the Humble Bundle)
Vanquish(Europe had this for months before)

4/5 retail titles for Europe

1/4 for NA

Europe actually announces what they get:

March for Europe PS Plus:
6th March: Mass Effect 3
6th March: Dead or Alive 5
6th March: Joe Danger 2
13th March: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
20th March: Puddle

And if you think we’re getting something of similar quality. You’re on funny pills.


February 25th, 9:43 am

Febuary for Europe PS Plus:
6th February: Sleeping Dogs
6th February: Quantum Conundrum
6th February: F1 Race Stars
13th February: WipEout 2048
20th February: Lumines Electronic Symphony

March for Europe PS Plus:
6th March: Mass Effect 3
6th March: Dead or Alive 5
6th March: Joe Danger 2
13th March: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
20th March: Puddle

What do we get? Cheap download only titles. Thanks SONY. You really make me feel like my $50 went to good use.

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 25th, 9:44 am

Hey Morgan,

Since you addressed ZenTripleFour, perhaps you don’t mind addressing me.

While the disparaging quality difference between EU and NA has been addressed, we never discussed the reduction in value in NA’s Plus since it’s inception. I’m certain that the amount of plus subscribers have gone up since then, which would only mean you have more income to work with. So how is it that we have a lot less this February than we did last February?

Also, why the hell was I banned? I had to recreate my account, and I don’t recall ever being banworthy in any of my posts. Care to give me a little more light on this?

ZenTripleFour said:

February 25th, 9:45 am

@118 “Everyone has different tastes.” Europe gets more bang for their buck plain and simply. We get peanuts for our money. I’d even be for them upping the price to $60 if we got a similar service, but I know we wouldn’t.

Phoenix9889 said:

February 25th, 9:45 am

My plus is going to run out soon and every week I keep telling myself it’s going to get better… Somehow I am proven wrong. I hope by the time E3 rolls around it would gets better but in the mean time I’ll just not renew for a while til it feels worth it.

BioFaku said:

February 25th, 9:45 am

I love PS+ every week that pass more and more. Instant game collection is awesome. ;) Keep giving love to my Vita

TitleOne said:

February 25th, 9:47 am

@ Zen,

An your point is? I said the people comparing the MARCH update.

Also, feel free to keep posting your little lists, but realize you look pretty dumb saying that Closure is worth 1 cent, that’s where I(and any rational person) stops taking you seriously.

AXE_420 said:

February 25th, 9:47 am

To Morgans response to #69
You dont seen to understand that it doesnt matter what you think the service is worth or the value it has. Its how the consumer veiws the service. Yes their is value in the plus program but doesnt compare to that of the EU program. You dont seem to understand where we are coming from and continue to appear as a Corporate puppet. We need a comunity manager that is here for us, the communuty.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    February 25th, 11:49 am

    I go to bat for you guys way more than you’ll ever see in these comments. Take heart.

komentra said:

February 25th, 9:47 am

Aw, a game I already own. Oh well at least those who haven’t played it (cant imagine anyone who hasn’t yet) are in for a awesome time.

Dreadaxe said:

February 25th, 9:47 am

The US plus cost $17 dollars less than the European one, if you all want better stuff then buy that.

I pay more I get more.

cipha-ken said:

February 25th, 9:48 am

@ Morgan and the Plus team –
I just want to thank you and all the other members of the Plus team for the work you do. It becomes apparent when perusing the comments section that you people take far more flak than you deserve. I’d wager that you personally have no more control over what publisher gives away or discounts content than I (or anyone else posting here) have, and I wish people would realise this before going all ad hominem on you.

I joined Plus to play games that I otherwise wouldn’t have played, and Plus has influenced my purchasing decisions (free Sly 1 led me to purchase the Sly Trilogy and Thieves in Time, for example.) As an adult gamer both on a budget and with personal/professional obligations, Plus has been a great way to keep me gaming in between purchases.

@ Everyone complaining:
Vote with your wallet. If you don’t like Plus, stop subscribing. It’s a pretty simple process to turn off the auto renew. Take the money you save from not subscribing and go buy whatever it is you want to play.

saskamazon said:

February 25th, 9:49 am

can hardly wait for tomorrows update – Star Wars Zen Pinball pack + Dawnguard … going to be a good haul. thanks for the $10 reward – not sure how I qualified, but really pleased to receive it …. hoping that the expansion pack for Super Stardust is available at a discounted price … I’ve owned the core game for a year & have not seen the expansion on sale – very sorry I didn’t get the bundle at time of purchase – great game. reading the endless posts about what the EU gets is tiring … wish they were a unified service – to put an end to it. I just don’t get it – when you buy a house do you quote global real estate prices to your realtor ? & in this case, all the folks complaining could actually buy an EU membership … if you are unable to see the value in a plus membership, possibly you are not taking advantage of the discounts offered to members … I do get + for free – when taking into acct. my discount savings …. anyway, will absolutely be renewing soon to get the 15 month deal. :-)

ZenTripleFour said:

February 25th, 9:49 am

@130 The whole point of PS Plus was to save money. Not spend even more money on getting a EU PS Plus.

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 25th, 9:49 am

@PrimeroIncognito, TitleOne

Calm down, it’s just a blog. If you don’t like the post, don’t read it.


Don’t bother with Primero OR TitleOne, they’re both well-known trolls who mysteriously never get banned despite their aggressive tone and demeaning demeanor.

Malkavilis said:

February 25th, 9:50 am

Super update! Thanks!

In the future, why not add to Vita´s IGC, PSP games who can take advantage of Vita´s dual analogic sticks? Seriously, games like shooters, for example, are better to be played in Vita. Others, like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite becomes even better in Vita than in the PSP. I have some suggestions:

Resistance: Retribution,
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (of course),
N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (PSP mini),
Gods Eater Burst,
Lord of Arcana,
and others.

Last, but not least, thanks for PS+ be so awesome.
Thanks a lot.

Squiggle55 said:

February 25th, 9:50 am

Far Cry 2 – 2/14 (V-Day Special One Week Offer)
The Simpsons Arcade Game – 2/7
Sega Genesis Bundle – 2/21
Altered Beast – 2/21
Comix Zone – 2/21
Golden Axe – 2/21
Sonic 1 – 2/21
Sonic 2 – 2/21
Streets of Rage 2 – 2/21
Battle Fantasia – 2/14
Fatal Inertia – 2/14
Hamsterball – 2/14
Inferno Pool – 2/7
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars – 2/14
Hungry Giraffe – 2/7
Gold Medalist – 2/7
Final Fantasy V – 2/7

Someone posted this list from last year’s February. If you whittle that list down to what is actually worth even downloading, you end up with about 5 games. I wouldn’t include Gold Medalist or Battle Fantasia in any list trying to prove that ps+ used to be better. If you don’t think the value of plus is significantly higher now then at the very least it’s the same.

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 25th, 9:50 am


I totally agree.

avdavidw said:

February 25th, 9:51 am

With LBP content fully shared between LBP2, LBP Vita and LBP Karting I’d love to see a sale on DLC. Maybe 25% off for plus members? Even better would be to get some included for free with Plus.

Maybe once a month throw us a costume or two as part of Plus? I understand some of the licensed costumes might not be free but there are a lot of generic ones out there.

There are a few pieces of LBP DLC in particular that I’ve been holding off on hoping for an eventual sale.

PlatinumAura said:

February 25th, 9:51 am

@113 “puny level 18 trophy level” hmmmmm I got it and I’m pretty sure mine is lower than that. It’s almost as if that was a childish comment that makes you look really dumb. I expect nothing more from someone who thinks trophy level would be included in anything

As for the update yeah this is disappointing but I never expect the last week of the month to be good (well some people might like the free PvZ game, I don’t personally ) I myself am waiting to see the Award Sales. Here’s hoping PlayStation All Stars goes on sale!

Qatsmasher said:

February 25th, 9:51 am


If I buy PlayStation All-Stars on Vita tomorrow I also get a copy for my PS3, right? If so, that’s an amazing deal.

onslaughtree said:

February 25th, 9:52 am

I read on CNBC today, that more and more playstation gamers were purchasing tickets to EU in droves……What are they giving away free Mini Coopers over there ? In any case, Safe trip ……………As always, Keep on Gaming.

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

February 25th, 9:52 am

I was excited that a new Vita game was coming to the IGC this week, but very disappointed that it’s Plants vs. Zombies. I was hoping for Rayman Origins or Metal Gear Solid HD Vita (like EU is getting).

So unfortunately, nothing for me this week again. Not even the Vita sale.

I’d really like to see these full PS3 games added to the IGC:
GTA IV Complete Edition, Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row 3, Uncharted 2.

It would also be awesome if God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 could be added as digital downloads.

ZenTripleFour said:

February 25th, 9:53 am

@127 I’m sorry you missed the Humble Bundle 7. Closure was only worth $1.00 to me to get it for my Steam account. Closure was available for a penny that gave you a DRM free copy. Wow. What great savings PS Plus got you guys.

You’re pretty dumb as well to not realise we’ll never get anything on par with March.

Here’s how our March would be if it was even remotely comparable to Europe:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Kingdoms of Amular
HItman HD Trilogy

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    February 25th, 11:51 am

    Check the personal insults. Debate the logic, don’t insult the person.

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 25th, 9:53 am


Wow, you’re actually trying to argue this? So not including games you wouldn’t download somehow makes it better or equal? Where did you go to school, buddy?

More games = more value, it’s very simple. I’m not saying I only want poor titles, you’ll notice there were two retail games that month. That’s already one more than this month. Add to that the 16 (not 3) other games and you have a very high value-mark. One that was reflected across regions, might I add.

I think you should reconsider your position, as it’s unfathomable to think that we should actually drop the amount of free games. Even if you don’t like them, someone else will. It looks like back then, PS Plus cared about catering to as wide an audience as possible. Not anymore.

TitleOne said:

February 25th, 9:54 am

Morgan, please do something about these people spamming their lists, its seriously annoying.

I mean, is that what qualifies as a constructive comment, if all they do is copy/paste week after week?

Not to mention that annoying Kingdom Hearts guy every week, its worse than a “first!” comment in my opinion.

It gets old really fast.

Here’s an amazing tip for those of you not satisfied! Go get a EU subscription and let your NA one lapse! Such an amazing thought!

I hope I’m never in a dire situation where I have to complain so much over a meager $4/month on “free” games. You guys must really be in a bad financial shape if you have to complain about every update each week.

Hundredhandslap said:

February 25th, 9:54 am

Hey Morgan, how about giving us a PS+ discount on EU PS+ subscriptions.

Ryumoau said:

February 25th, 9:54 am

sigh….not only is the free game lame but the PS Vita anniversary same is missing some of its best titles like Persona 4 Golden. Heck i’d like DW Next to have been on the sale as well.

RenderMonk said:

February 25th, 9:54 am

Hey Morgan, when will the PS+ free offerings reflect the genre preference that was taken a while back? I remember checking it often, and seeing that RPG’s, JRPG’s, WRPG’s, Classic RPG’s, where all top of the list, even above Action and FPS. When can we expect to see some RPG’s being offered free through PS+? Thanks.

CrazyGuy62 said:

February 25th, 9:55 am


that sounds right to me. :(

onslaughtree said:

February 25th, 9:56 am

@140, I think how Cross -Buy works is, you have to purchase the PS3 version in order to get the ps Vita version free. I could be wrong though….

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