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Feb 27

Feb 27

BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: CommanderVideo’s PlayStation Debut!

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Co-Founder, Choice Provisions

Being a small developer like Gaijin Games can sometimes force us to take things a bit more slowly, and this is why we are both apologizing for taking so long to start making games for PlayStation 3, and why we’re hoping you’ll welcome us with big ol’ greasy hugs when we get there. You see, we have something very special with Runner2, and we’re incredibly excited to share it with you on PSN on March 5th.

Also, if you’re brave and keep reading, you might find a little nugget of gold at the end of this blog post…

Runner 2 on PS3

The Magic of Runner2

While working on the original BIT.TRIP series, we knew we had something special, and we loved making those six games. But it wasn’t until all was said and done and we had time to reflect on the mess we’d made when we realized that BIT.TRIP RUNNER was one of the funnest projects we’d ever worked on, and as we contemplated our next steps, we looked at each other and thought, “You know, I bet we could murder peoples’ fun-glands with a sequel to this beaut.”

But we didn’t want to do a chintzy sequel that felt like more of the same. We wanted to go in a whole new direction while retaining the whimsy of the first game that we loved so much. Mike came up with a fantastic new art style reminiscent of classic cartoons, while Alex worked on new, subtle design elements. Once we pitched everything to the team, we had an epic brainstorming session and everyone was on board.

Top it off with incredible cutscenes narrated by the inimitable Charles Martinet, a handful of unbelievable characters, and a beat you can’t deny, and we think we landed somewhere special.

Finally in bed with Sony

After all these years, we’re incredibly excited to spread our wingflaps and venture from familiar realms and dive headfirst into the mysterious waters known as PSN. We’ve long fantasized about making a PlayStation 3 game (laserlife anyone?), and with Runner2, the choice to expand our development to the platform was obvious. It’s a new game in the BIT.TRIP franchise, with a new look, and with a new appeal. For a brand new audience, it seems like a great point of entry to a series of games previously unavailable on the platform.

Runner 2 on PS3

Living Mi Vita Loca

We are proud to announce that Gaijin Games will be bringing BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien to PlayStation Vita. PS Vita is a platform that all of us at Gaijin Games adore, so getting Runner2 on the device was a priority. We truly believe PS Vita is a perfect format to enjoy Runner2 on; the game is simply gorgeous on that OLED screen.

PS Vita is the only place for Runner2 on the GO! Look for it this summer on PSN.

Not sharing our flavors with you on PS3 until now has always felt a little wrong to us, and we’re excited to make our PSN debut with Runner2. To help make it right, we’re offering Runner2 at a 20% discount for all PlayStation Plus members for two weeks!

We hope you give Runner2 a try, and please bug us to death with your witty commentary below, both before and after you play the game! We’ll do our best to answer every last comment.*

*Comments not demanding answering may go unanswered by our answerhands.

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headronefish said:

February 27th, 4:39 pm

I got it on Steam and am having loads of fun with it, so I just wanted to say thanks. ♥

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 27th, 4:43 pm



tusunami said:

February 27th, 4:40 pm

Well after doing some more reading this isn’t cross-buy. so i;ll wat for the PS Vita version then.

darthmilo77 said:

February 27th, 4:52 pm

My friend is precognitive; will you reduce his score a bit to account for this? Thanks!

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 10:15 am

    (looks shiftily left/right) maybe….

SpooNManX said:

February 27th, 5:08 pm

I will not be like the others and ask about the Vita version…
I will not be like the others and ask about the Vita version…
I will not be like the others and ask about the Vita version…
I will not be like the others and ask about the Vita version…


    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 5:15 pm

    GOOD! Wait. Does that mean you don’t want it? Aw jeez. But it’s going to be AWESOME!

JesteR1701one said:

February 27th, 5:16 pm

Will there be a demo?

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 10:21 am

    There will be a demo on PSN, yeah! But don’t be one of those dudes who just plays the demo over and over! I mean, you can also buy the game even if you like the demo!

    Am I right, or am I right?

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 27th, 5:26 pm


Demo will come out next update!

DrSlugsworth said:

February 27th, 5:27 pm

Yeah, also THANKS! I hate to devolve into putting a monetary value on something as subjective as a video game, but at $15, this is an absolute steal. So, besides the Vita port, what’s next for you guys?

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 5:14 pm

    Further domination in the video game realm!

    Also a few smaller projects before we tuck in to something else big. We will put BIT.TRIP on the back burner for a bit, but will likely come back to it someday.

monitosenlacama said:

February 27th, 5:36 pm


I have been on a roller coaster since I first heard the news about a new Bit.Trip running coming to consoles.

At first I was pre-tty glad, since my wife and I both enjoy a lot the first game.
She actually calls it, “Corre, Vuelo me Acelero”, which stands for “I Run, I Fly, I get Excited”, from some lyrics of a song.

Then I was expecting the release date when finally it came only to the XBOX.

Hulk Saaaaaaaadddd :(

And now …..


It’s just less than a week till we get it for the PSN.

BOY, this is amazing!!!!

My ,most sincere appreciation for you guys and the development of Bit.Trip.
It so much Rullleeessss!!!!

– Adios

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 2:55 pm

    Rad dude! We’re super stoked to give you and your wife so much joy! Play it passing the controller back and forth! It’s a blast!

GranpireV said:

February 27th, 5:46 pm

Wow. Your responses rival Aram Jabbari’s!

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 5:12 pm

    But our names. They certainly do not. ARAM!!!!!!

GhostMachine1 said:

February 27th, 9:26 pm

This game looks like ridiculous fun. Can’t wait to try out the demo. If it’s as great as everyone says it is, I’m going to buy it. Thanks for being so friendly!

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 5:13 pm

    Report back and let us know if you fell for it after playing the demo!

Elvick_ said:

February 27th, 10:10 pm

Are there going to be any PlayStation related skins/costumes? Or just what’s in the game?

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 5:12 pm

    Mos Eisley just what’s in the game. Coordinating all that content with various IP owners is madness. Also, we are lazy idiots.

Aces73High said:

February 28th, 3:57 am

WOWSER!! I’m so happy to learn that this is coming to Vita! Whoop whoop.

ragincajun7712 said:

February 28th, 6:48 am

OMG I can’t wait!!! This was my favorite title on the Wii. What is y’alls twitter address as I need to follow you guys. Yes, I am from the south and say y’all.

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    February 28th, 5:16 pm

    Dude. Y’all is one of the best words that was ever invented. We are @AlexNoisy and @MikeNRoush! Mike is way more twitter savvy, so if you were ever stranded on a twitter desert island, take him.

    You can also follow @GaijinGames and @BitTrip if’n the mood moves you.

CaptainJeff87 said:

February 28th, 8:07 am

1- Will this have trophies? If it doesn’t, I’ll still buy it but trophies are a bonus.

2- Are PSN and Vita getting different versions?

3- It’d be awesome if you guys were to release a dynamic theme with this as well. Everyone would like their XMB to be bit-trip runner wouldn’t they?

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    March 1st, 10:21 am


    1. It will have trophies for sure!
    2. PSN and Vita will be different versions
    3. We don’t have a dynamic theme made yet, and we probably won’t have time to make one. :(

B66_butterfly said:

March 1st, 2:01 am

Dear Alex and Mike. I have to agree with @50 .. u guys r awesome. To me I really loved graphic and the background. In general i find it fun those “run and catch stuff” game.. even so this game is very unique. Mixed with how kind, awesome, fun, exiting replies from you guys.. i am def. getting this game.Such a lovely atmosphere over Runner2 getting me all excited!
I think i will be enjoying it a lot this summer! Thank you for your hard work and welcome to psn <3

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    March 1st, 11:23 am

    This is so awesome. Thanks a ton!

    We’re stoked to be on PSN. HUGS!!!!

VAndrew said:

March 1st, 10:17 pm

I am super excited for the Vita version! One question though regarding a previous answer, what do you guys mean by the vita version being different from the ps3 one? Is this a difference in content or technical things such as resolution and whatnot? Super excited no matter what but just curious.

    Mike Roush's Avatar

    Alex Neuse said:

    March 4th, 10:43 am

    The Vita version has all the exact same content as the PSN version, but it’s a different “product”. Basically, it only means that there’s no cross-play or any product to product interaction at all.

LordEleos said:

March 3rd, 6:56 am

Looks cool, cant wait to get it!

Craftsman1967 said:

March 3rd, 8:19 am

Awesome!Can’t wait!

PlatinumStation3 said:

March 7th, 2:59 am

i don’t know if i was feeling lunky or not… i bought the game on my secondary account before knowing it will get a Vita version, and then i saw it’s not a cross-buy… so i could get the portable version for my main accout on the vita maybe. but firstly sony need to put this game onto other psn regions store, europe, asia. my dai 1 experience directly made it to my favourite indie games list of all time! i hope u would make some add-ons for it while i’m still struggling in these goddam hard but fun levels!

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