Quell Memento Sliding to PS Vita Soon

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Quell Memento Sliding to PS Vita Soon
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In developing Quell Memento for PS Vita, we realized that the project was first started 20 years ago! You see, the game prototype was originally created on an Amstrad CPC computer, way back in 1993! Having said that, it was very different back then – it was called “Last of the Smileys” and was a lot more 8-bit in style. As we set about improving the game for a modern release, we knew that we wanted to have a much more unique visual style. After much discussion, we decided upon a gentle old-fashioned look, in part because we read that the human brain is more intelligent when it is relaxed.

Quell Memento is intended to feel familiar, and to evoke feelings of nostalgia. After all, a game called Memento is always going to be about memories! For this reason, we wanted all the elements to be recognizable from the real world (water droplets, pearls and roses, for example). This would mean, we felt, that the player is able to establish the rules of play quickly, because they know that a pearl is valuable, or that a thorn will likely burst a droplet.

We also decided that the puzzles would be set within an old abandoned house. What could be more peaceful than that? We designed the room to be an attic crumbling with decay. It took a while to get right, because we didn’t want it to be creepy or unpleasant, but we did want to arouse curiosity and make the player wonder “who lived here?”

Quell Memento on PS Vita
Quell Memento on PS Vita

The reason for this intrigue is that we had felt that a backstory, gradually revealed to the player, would help maintain their interest across the game (we have over 150 puzzles), and keep them going even when it gets challenging. An old man speaks to the player at intervals throughout the game and tells his story. His memories are a little muddled though, and he needs help to reorganise them and bring closure. As the player progresses through the nine chapters, the house transforms back to the way it was when lived in.

Things really clicked into place when we commissioned some beautiful music by composer Steven Cravis – a favorite of ours. He wrote a selection of soothing tracks that not only perfectly suit the story and style, but also actually help players to think.

Most games try to make you feel excited or stressed. We wanted to create a game that helped people unwind, maybe after a long day at school or work. The rear touchpad on PS Vita is a great way to play Quell Memento, as it means the screen is completely unobscured as you try to figure out the best way to complete the puzzles – although the Dpad and the Left Stick can also be used, if preferred.

Quell Memento on PS Vita
Quell Memento on PS Vita

We’ve tried to explore the core sliding block mechanic as fully as possible and in doing so we’ve added variations of the game rules based around things like light and electricity. As the player advances through the game, the mechanics layer up. Players will need to become smarter by letting the game train their logic skills.

Quell Memento is a very unique game, and we hope it finds a home with people who like ‘thinking’ games. Twenty years in the “making“ – does that make it the longest Vita game in development ever?!

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13 Author Replies

  • I’m not sure if it’s the longest Vita game in development but it is the one I am looking forward to the most aside from Velocity Ultra.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Fantastic Joseqq! I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it!

  • I didn’t think a game trailer would take me on such a spiritual journey, but here we are…

    I guess I’m getting this one…

  • I’ve played Quell on my iPad. Pretty fun. Of course, as such, someone is bound to complain about the Vita getting mobile ports. Still, as long as it’s priced accordingly, I don’t have a problem with such a thing.

    As for the rear touchpad, how easy is it to use? I love using it for Jetpack Joyride because, as you mention, it leaves the screen unblocked.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      It’s completely optional xClayMeow, and the game can be played via the stick or Dpad, if preferred. I quite like using the rear touchpad – as it keeps me clear of the screen.

      Just to be clear, Quell Memento is an completely fresh game via completely new content. It is NOT a port of Quell or Quell Reflect.

  • looks fun but i wanna download it for free

  • ZaGe-zAiKaNo

    Will keep an eye out on this one as it gave me that Alice Madness vibe (story wise).

    Story looks interesting, gameplay seems simple, fun & challenging.

  • This looks great. I played the first Quell game and it was really fun but I like how this one mixes up the objective of the puzzles a bit. Very nice.

    I have to wonder, though; since the game is based on moving left, right, up, or down, why not put in support for the easiest method for it – the dpad? Seems like a given. If it is there, forgive me and let me know, but from the way you mentioned back touch I assumed that means it’s touch only.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Forgive the confusion Vanwinkle – I should have made that clearer. In fact, I’ll edit the post to make it so!

      The game DOES support Dpad and stick control.

  • Neato!

  • AiKaoriHime

    I loved Quell (the first one) and this looks very promising! I will be buying this day 1!

    Also was Runner 2: Future legend of Rhythm Alien canceled for the Vita? :(

  • anti-altair16

    Doesn’t interest me but it’s nice to see the Vita getting more games. I really like the song in the trailer though!

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Check out the Quell Collection on iTunes, then, anti-altair! It’s by composer Steven Cravis.

  • SmokeAdellic

    Is anyone going to address the fact a lot of people are having issues with the playstation store hanging up on them after the recent vita firmware update?

  • anti-altair16


    No, it was not cancelled. It’s coming out this summer.

  • lisatsunami

    Was going to pass this up after I said my usual, “Yay, more Vita games” but I read @ 2’s response so I looked at trailer. Wow, it looks great. Good luck on this!

  • anti-altair16

    Hmm, after reading it, I’m kind of interested. If the game has more great tunes like the trailer, I would pay up for this day 1. I’ll have to see.

  • Look good. Hopefully it’s priced well. And if it is I’ll be picking it up.

    @10: I hope they fix that. Took me like 5 times to redownload Frobisher Says! so I could get the last trophy I need. Sucks.

  • Keep them Vita games coming!

  • I purchased Quell and Quell:Reflect on my Android phone and they’re wonderful games. The sound design and the art style just works.

    Definitely getting Memento. This one’s just gorgeous, plus there seems to be way more mechanics than before.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Thanks geneMag!

      Yeah, we’ve really gone to town on this one. If you liked Quell or Quell Reflect, we are confident you will LOVE this!

  • Great to see more and more PS Vita games coming.

    Although the Vita has the power to do console-like experiences (and I saw those with Street Fighter x Tekken, Uncharted, etc), I really enjoy the smaller games.

    So yeah, keep the indies/smaller PSN titles coming!

  • plaztiksyke

    Loved Quell on my iPhone/iPad. THis looks like a nice improvement, and I’ll buy it first day if the price is right.

    One thing that would add value for me is high-quality audio — something lacking on most iPhone games due to limitations on over-the-air downloads. Not a constraint on the Vita, so give us 320kbit AAC/Ogg please :)

    Innovative use of the rear touch is also cool and helps increase the value proposition for us :)

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Thanks plaztiksyke! Price is TBD, but it will be ‘reasonable’.


    oh my god more crap for vita this was supposed to have awesome
    games what the hell

  • Looks like a perfect Vita game for some on the go play.

  • TALLglassofWATER

    seeing this just reminds me that the latest firmware made lumines malfunctional…. SONY FIX THE VITA FIRMWARE

  • Puzzles look kinda neat, hopefully it is priced accordingly.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Thanks Kchow23! Price will be ‘reasonable’, but is TBD.


    Sony! Where art thou?


    Where is the bonus DLC for SOUL SACRIFICE FOR DIGITAL VERSIONS!!!!!!!


  • GhostMachine1

    The music and the narration is amazing!

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Thanks GhostMachine1! Steven Cravis is responsible for the music, and we used a fantastic West End actor for the voice-over. It adds a ton of atmosphere, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  • riseagainstme1

    Quell and Quell Reflect are two of my all-time favorite puzzle games, and this one looks epic! Is it also going to be coming to Android with Xperia Play control support like Reflect did? I want to get a Vita but I don’t have one yet and I loved playing the others on my phone and tablet.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Hi riseagainstme1! Great to hear that you’re a long-time fan!

      Yes, Quell Memento will be released on mobile too. We advise you get a Vita, and then get it on mobile too ;)

  • d-disruptor

    After I watched the game play video I said hmmm, that’s a neat little puzzler for the Vita. But after reading the dev speak on the game, I’m impressed and will be picking this up at launch. Bravo Sony for giving us a connection to the developers.

    • Lewis Boadle
      Lewis Boadle

      Agreed, d-distruptor! Great to be able to tell our story! Hope you enjoy Quell Memento.

  • PanTheMan16

    Are there any plans to make this playable on PS3? After seeing this post, I tried out Quell on my phone and I really enjoyed it. I don’t own a vita and would love to play Quell Memento on my PS3.

  • Lewis Boadle
    Lewis Boadle
    Lewis Boadle

    Glad you liked Quell. PanTheMan! No immediate plans for a PS3 release, but you never know. Quell Memento will be available in May on PS Vita and mobile.

  • This is a cool puzzle game, that will not go unnoticed.

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