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Jun 10

Jun 10

PlayStation 4 Hardware Revealed at E3

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

We promised that you’d “see it first.” Now here it is: PlayStation 4 in the flesh.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Let us know what you think in the comments, and keep watching our live feed of the press conference. We’re just warming up!

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Psycho_Eddie said:

June 12th, 1:09 pm

so what’s the final word on backward compatibility?

NorthernLitez said:

June 12th, 1:50 pm

The y have already come out and said no backwards compatibility. However, I’m still hoping they will let us stream our PSN games that we own for free through their new Gaikai service. You can find out lots of info on the new system here:

They talk about how superior the system is..haha


June 12th, 2:17 pm

For the day one release what will you get with the system I am hearing the camera is coming with it then I am hearing its not

phatso64 said:

June 12th, 2:19 pm

Will Home be on ps4 ?

Arr0wHun13r said:

June 12th, 2:38 pm


Poopkiller said:

June 12th, 2:42 pm

pre order done…

Now I just have to wait.

Thanks Sony

redj944 said:

June 12th, 2:49 pm

First off, looks awesome! But second, when I was first faced with the question of whether to buy a “Ps3” or an “Xbox 360”, I was unsure. But after looking and researching, I found that the “Ps3” had free online play, and the “Xbox 360” did not. That was the clinching factor in my choice to buy a “Ps3
But now… now Sony, as we move into the next generation and the dawn of the “Ps4”, you are charging us to “Pay” for are online play. The biggest factor that got me on the PlayStation boat in the first place is now swept away! When I saw that you had to pay for “online play” my heart dropped. I know you have the new cloud serves now, but it should still be free!
When I pay 60$ for a game, I want to be able to use “all its features” especially the online multiplayer. All you people at Sony and PlayStation, please hear me out, please, please, do not ‘Charge” us to play “Online”. I know you people at Sony must have spent a great deal of time deciding whether or not to implement this “fee”, but I strongly urge that you revaluate it. As I know, that you will lose a great deal of your sails. If you plan on implementing this, Sony, count on loosing “me” as a “customer” in your revenue loss…

Corbie said:

June 12th, 3:30 pm

@455 This argument confuses me everytime I see it. Yea free is nice, but when people say they cant afford 1 $50 payment per YEAR? Thats absurd. $50 for 365 days is nothing. Especially considering all of the freebies you get WITH your plus subscription. I have over 200 available games to download and play on my ps3 now. Only paid for maybe 15 of them. Including AAA games. Hell Uncharted 3 was just given to plus subscribers FREE.

jose213jose said:

June 12th, 4:07 pm

Were is the HDD area on the system?

trufather said:

June 12th, 4:11 pm

I already pre ordered it an extra controller and knack.. but i have a question does the console come with the eye? i ask gamestop but they didn’t know for sure.. but in all the pictures of the console it shows it with it so not sure..

passatgls said:

June 12th, 4:34 pm

All I want to know is is it backward compatible because if not I will never buy it I’m already very disappointed in the PS3 because its not I spent a lot of money on the games and I can’t afford to buy them all over again thats just BS.

CommandingTiger said:

June 12th, 8:34 pm

Just keep your PS3.

Nobody will re-purchase all their games again when they have their PS3s.

I sure hope Home is on there.
Early in the background, Sony shown what seemed to be a character, but then with Uncharted, killzone suits in the mirrors. Could that be a deaper level of home intergration of the PS4? Meaning using your Home Avatar to play multiplayer online? That would be cool, we’ll wait and see.

I’ll be buying a Wii U just to show Sony because of their bad choice about the online multiplayer.
But given I’ll be buying a PS4, I guess it won’t add much weight. I’m buying a PS4 because of Microsoft’s insult to the gamers, and PS4 is the statement that we are not willing to give up our gaming freedom.

CommandingTiger said:

June 12th, 8:35 pm

@456, We aren’t underminding the PS+’s value, I think everyone should enjoy it. As an optional feature, that way, it gives us more people to play with, mainly some of my friends, but I think a lot of them will go Plus, so that’s not bad, but still, people don’t like being imposed things, just look at the Xbox One… _______ flat-line.

Everyone should buy a Plus sub by their own will, and I know they will anyway.

Also, if Plus is now mandatory to play online, well that means that I can’t play under another name, another account name if I would want to and I want to. I got 2 main PSN account, don’t want to be paying twice for nothing and obviously I won’t.

CommandingTiger said:

June 12th, 8:37 pm

It’s the parent and their children that will have the most problem digesting this.
A seperate Plus for each kid? So that they don’t play their progressed game?

Make it Play Online per PS4, and I’m ok with that.

coputer14612 said:

June 13th, 9:26 am

Does anyone know if u can play ps3 games on it

singarith said:

June 13th, 12:32 pm

I am thoroughly impressed with Sony and the work they put into the PS4. I am sure it will be one of the best gaming systems of the new age. Keep up the good work! Get us a good line-up and some amazing games to look forward to. only question I have left is the average cost (and resale value) of your disc based games. Will it be cheaper if you do go Digital Download? Are you trying to faze out discs all together?

singarith said:

June 13th, 12:41 pm

@463 It won’t be backwards compatible when it comes to disc’s. however i do believe with their Cloud Based gaming, I’m sure they will have Digital copies of PS3 games ported over for PS4.

singarith said:

June 13th, 12:59 pm

Cool idea: what would be nice is that if/when they have the PS3 library built up for the PS4, what you could do is put in a PS3 disc and instead of saying its not compatible. What would happen is it would recognize what game it was, then direct you to the PSN store where you can buy/get the game at a reduced price because you own the disc. this would easily solve the backwards compatible issue. you can require old PS3 games based off the resale value for your PS4. Sony makes a buck and we get good value.

omegazio said:

June 14th, 3:08 pm

Greatness awaits for the world of gamers i can’t wait for the PS4 it has powerful specs a very simple black beautiful design i can’t wait to get it this holiday season thank you SONY & PLAYSTATION for making the PS4 for the world of gamers.

BlueBl1zzard said:

June 14th, 10:58 pm

Now only one question remains, horizontal or vertical?

Team Horizontal baby!

King_Kay_Mac said:

June 16th, 2:35 pm

Here’s my only concern. Will the PS4 support wireless connections?

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