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Aug 19

Aug 19

The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

Laura Perusco's Avatar Posted by Senior Creative Communications Manager, Telltale Games

Antsy to get your hands on The Walking Dead for PS Vita? The wait is over! Look out for PS Vita versions of all five episodes of The Walking Dead Season One, PLUS the special 400 Days DLC episode, in the PlayStation Store tomorrow (The bundle will also be available!).

This version is an awesome way to experience The Walking Dead, whether you’re dipping your toe into the water for the first time, or looking to catch up on any episodes you might have missed. Even if you’ve already played through the whole season on PS3, there’s an additional set of Trophies for playing the series on PS Vita. We’ve even added some special features just for PS Vita: you can play with analog controls and face buttons, or get a little more intimate with the interaction by switching to touchscreen only.

Remember, fans of the series should keep those save files, because Season Two is expected to hit PS Vita later this year as well. Hope you’re ready for the portable undead onslaught!

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NaimadVal said:

August 19th, 6:33 pm

el juego estara en espaƱol ???

deadendblues said:

August 19th, 6:35 pm

I hope season one choices made during season one will transfer to vita season two. Really because I’m not spending that much on a game I already own. So yea. Make it cross compatible for season two please pretty please

jv_leonhart said:

August 19th, 6:41 pm

The game is in spanish too??

MarcoRelius said:

August 19th, 7:22 pm

Separate trophy list? Awesome! Will be buying this!!

lisatsunami said:

August 19th, 7:56 pm

Yay, been looking forward to this, and yay, more Vita games. Day 1 purchase.

SuperJag86 said:

August 19th, 8:03 pm

This is great news but any idea of when it’s coming out in the UK?

I really hope there isn’t a long delay like for PS3.
Also will we be getting a retail release too?

    Laura Perusco's Avatar

    Laura Perusco said:

    August 20th, 9:49 am

    The digital release is coming to Europe too, most likely in a couple of weeks.

Lara-Croft said:

August 19th, 8:04 pm

Any news on Cross play? I really do not want to buy the same game again.

phoenixdaughter said:

August 19th, 8:04 pm

I’m so excited for this. Probably even more so since all I have is a Vita and I’ve been hyped about this game since forever. CAN’T WAIT!

avluis said:

August 19th, 8:30 pm

Will be getting this retail!

Calheb said:

August 19th, 8:55 pm

I really wanna know what the extra trophies will be for! Price-wise it sounds fair enough since it’s the first season + 400 days’ combined price….actually one penny more expensive, what’s up with that?! Hehehe joking, gonna be waiting for the release all day!

Elvick_ said:

August 19th, 9:10 pm

@57; Cross Play is the wrong term you’re looking for. Cross Buyis whatyou mean, and no it doesn’t.

Northstar77 said:

August 19th, 10:15 pm

Is there a Plus discount? $24.99 is ridiculous. The bundle was on sale for $5 on PS3 just last month. I already owned and played season 1. I held out on 400 days for hopes of a Vita bundle, but $25 is no where near a fair price. I want to support this but I would have appreciated a discount for Plus or a discount from purchasing season 1 already.

zepified said:

August 19th, 11:11 pm

I think some of you who are mad about the price for being $24.99 may be forgetting a few key details.

#1 Being that it is releasing on a new system, let alone a portable system with struggling sales figures. I don’t think any company can afford to discount their game right away if they’re releasing that game on the Vita.

#2 Being that it has an entirely new set of trophies. Now whether these new trophies are worth the “extra” cash will differ from person to person. Although I am seeing/reading about a lot of people’s interests being peaked because of these new trophy sets… that includes people who have already played this game.

#3 And the last point being that this is a bundled new release… meaning it is TWD Season 1 w/ the 400 days DLC included!! This is a bundle that simply wasn’t offered on the console/PC versions until months later after the DLC first came out. In other words, we’re getting it right away/off the bat!!!

zepified said:

August 19th, 11:13 pm


Don’t get me entirely wrong though. I do in a way agree that $24.99 is a good sum of cash to pay for a year old game. However, seeing as how we are getting Season1 along w/ the 400 days DLC, I really don’t think we’re in the realm of being forced to HAVE to pay $15+ over what I/we think the price should be. After I first heard the good news about this game coming to the Vita, I was originally predicting that this new bundle would be costing us approx $20 or so. So for me, another $5 isn’t that much of a stretch/bad thing for us to now have the ease & ability to be able to play this great series on our Vita’s in portable form to take with us wherever for whenever.

zepified said:

August 19th, 11:13 pm


I’ve never seen or touched this series before… so for me, I’m going to put on my high quality UE Triple Fi ear canal phones and enjoy this hearth-pounding experience in the best way the developers want their customers to enjoy this game!!! And in the end when all is said and done, I really don’t think I’m (nor any TWD fan) going to mind having to pay $25 for the type of quality gaming that I’m going to be able to soon enjoy AND ultimately add to an already high quality Vita library. Whether it’s a port, a multi-platform, or an original release (a good is a good game, PERIOD), lets all just be happy we’re getting yet another high quality game to play on our Vita’s

AlmostCarnage said:

August 19th, 11:50 pm

How about the European release? Do we have to wait again for several weeks like on PS3?

AizawaYuuichi said:

August 19th, 11:53 pm

It’s nice to see the positive comments from zepified.

I personally waited, on purpose, for TWD season pass to be discounted before I bought it, as happens historically. So I only paid $10 for Season One, and $5 for 400 Days. I honestly don’t mind paying the full $25 to get all 6 episodes on the Vita, as I know it’ll help support TTG, and it’s an entire set of new trophies. That’s worth the money to me. Though I’ll probably wait a few days and grab the physical copy this weekend.

Apeman24 said:

August 20th, 12:32 am

Thank you for bringing some great game support to the vita.

el__kop said:

August 20th, 2:33 am

(The bundle will also be available!) i dont think so :(

skaloola said:

August 20th, 4:09 am

Want to clarify.. besides touch screen support there’s absolutely nothing different between the Vita and PS3 versions?

duke301 said:

August 20th, 5:51 am

Although I want to play The Walking Dead on the Vita, I’m going to hold off for when it is cheaper. $24.99 is a little too steep a price to pay for a game that I own free and clear on the PS3. It also seems like price-gouging, what with all of the cross-buy titles available nowadays.Since it is basically the same game, and everything goes on sale eventually, I’m going to buy the games that are on sale this week, like Guacamelee! Now I’m Glad I didn’t pay $14.99!

afigueroa said:

August 20th, 6:32 am

That’s a shame. I have played episodes 1-5 on the PS3 but not 400 days. Sad but I can’t justify a $25 purchase. I bought 400 days on my iPhone yesterday and paid the $4.99 since I really don’t have time to play at home anymore. All of my gaming has been through the iPhone or the Vita in the last 5-6 months.

amblaze said:

August 20th, 6:36 am

did the game come out in the playstation store already???

JHawk19 said:

August 20th, 6:46 am

I don’t see it…it’s 9:50AM EST…no Walking Dead available for download…Do I need to go to Gamestop and pick it up?

JHawk19 said:

August 20th, 6:48 am

Also, $24.99 is not bad. I paid $4.99 – $5.99 per episode to play this on Xbox 360. So, at minimum I spent $24.95 to play it on Xbox and the cart includes the 400 Days DLC, so I see a deal.

amblaze said:

August 20th, 6:49 am

does the game come out today?

fester420 said:

August 20th, 7:03 am

Will season 2 be a cross buy?

Bendolar123 said:

August 20th, 7:37 am

Is there a Demo Version…..Please Answer

Faintfeend said:

August 20th, 8:23 am

A demo would be awesome, afterall the ps3 version had a demo

angibri2000 said:

August 20th, 8:56 am

You mentioned $25 for season 1 with 400 days DLC, is season 1 alone $15 if we only want that?

terrencec06 said:

August 20th, 8:59 am

I wouldl love to shell over another $15 but $25 is too high sorry. I really wanted to play this on vita.

BorisTheSpider said:

August 20th, 9:48 am

Might make it easier to grab as much as you can from the store early in the story. I always felt like I should try again to get more stuff…

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

August 20th, 9:48 am

I would buy the DLC and replay the whole game if it was YOPO to go along with my PS3 purchase. As is, I’ll just wait until it’s 5 bucks or free on PS+. Hopefully S2 is YOPO though.

busterbrown88 said:

August 20th, 10:15 am

its 12 oclock eastern time, when does it come out? im anxious to bring lee and clem wherever i want.

cleversignin said:

August 20th, 10:48 am

oh sweet, now everyone who can’t beat anything else will have two platinums and pretend they are not casuals.

*goes back to hard core games like PvZ*

jimmylee0822 said:

August 20th, 10:54 am

I can’t find this on the PSN store…

Sqw1dd said:

August 20th, 11:02 am

Shut up and take my money!

catsweat said:

August 20th, 11:10 am

Just went by my local Gamestop to pick up my pre ordered Walking Dead Vita bundle. Shows it launches tomorrow and they have none in stock. Curious on what the deal is?

afigueroa said:

August 20th, 11:17 am

Guys, the store doesn’t update till 3-7 pm Eastern Time.

JHawk19 said:

August 20th, 11:57 am

It’s 3PM EST…I just called three different Gamestop stores. They show none in the system. They show the game and system arriving Friday. I was told it would ship tomorrow if I pre-ordered (I did) if they get any in stock, however, they have NOTHING right now.

el__kop said:

August 20th, 12:14 pm

@ catsweat @JHawk19 i called them this morning and was told they don’t have a date or a stock :(

JHawk19 said:

August 20th, 12:49 pm

I just wonder why, if today is the release date, it’s not on the Playstation Store for download. So what, it’s not in the store. Still costs the same…A release date is a release date…RELEASE THE GAME!!

luvtoseek said:

August 20th, 1:01 pm

@63, zepified- solid post. Ports costs $$$ to produce. Those on the fence, just wait. I’m a huge fan though- unfortunately, no stock here @ Bestbuy. :/ May have to go digital…

catsweat said:

August 20th, 1:13 pm

No telling have been told tomorow or Friday. Poster at Gametops does say today so maybe there was some sort of an issue they had to resolve first. Trying to keep away from another Disney Infinit disaster.. haha

busterbrown88 said:

August 20th, 1:45 pm

they told us today. whats up with psn? the walking dead is not on it. im geting really pissed off now

jimmylee0822 said:

August 20th, 1:47 pm

Its not just Walking Dead…Star Wars Pinball was supposed to be free today on PS+ wasn’t it?

InDesigner said:

August 20th, 2:05 pm

Just Purchased!!! at $19.99 as well, hmmm

diogojsv_26 said:

August 20th, 2:22 pm

Where’s the DLC 400 days?

JHawk19 said:

August 20th, 2:27 pm

Just purchased as well. Can’t find 400 Days yet…anyone else.

JHawk19 said:

August 20th, 2:29 pm

Wait, sorry. If you download from the Playstation store, you get both the first season and 400 days for $19.99!!! Cancelling with Gamestop now!

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