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Sep 24

Sep 24

Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass Revealed

Poria Torkan's Avatar Posted by

Producer, Guerrilla Games

Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass

Today we’re excited to announce the season pass for Killzone Shadow Fall.

We’re pulling out all the stops for Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, and we already have several forms of downloadable content planned for extensive post-launch multiplayer support. In addition to new competitive multiplayer maps – which, as we mentioned before, will be released for free – we’re also working on paid expansion packs that will further enhance your online experience.

To help you save on the first six expansion packs, we’re introducing the Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass. For just $19.99, you will receive access to the following packs as they become available:

  • Online co-op expansion pack
    Focusing on team play and intense combat, the online co-op expansion pack adds a new co-operative game mode in which you and up to three online friends must survive against impossible odds. Fight waves upon waves of enemies in four new arena maps, featuring a unique leveling system and new unlocks.
  • Three online co-op map packs
    Each map pack consists of two brand-new arena maps you can play in co-op mode with your friends. Please note that these arena maps will only work with the online co-op expansion pack.
  • Two additional multiplayer expansion packs
    We’ll reveal more about these additional multiplayer expansion packs when Killzone Shadow Fall’s launch date nears. Suffice to say they’ll offer many hours of additional multiplayer thrills!

But that’s not all – if you get your Season Pass for day one of Killzone Shadow Fall, you will also receive access to an exclusive OWL combat drone skin and a unique Multiplayer Spotlight move. Take advantage of this excellent value deal to maximize your online experience!

Keep a close eye on and PlayStation.Blog, because we’ll have more Killzone Shadow Fall information soon.

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djsaiyan said:

September 24th, 9:24 am

Sounds like a lot of additional content for $20.

But….multiplayer isn’t really my thing. Any plans for single player story expansions?

villdoc said:

September 24th, 9:29 am

nice i cant wait

WHITE_PR said:

September 24th, 9:33 am

Sony let me pre-order the PS4 games on the PSN!!!!!
i want you guys to take my money because Im so tempted to spend it!!! LOL

Rikuson1 said:

September 24th, 9:38 am

When they recently announced that DLC for Kz:SF was going to be free they made it seem that all DLC was going to be free..

    Poria Torkan's Avatar

    Poria Torkan said:

    September 24th, 10:44 am

    Killzone Shadow Fall will launch with 10 multiplayer maps. All the multiplayer maps that will be released as DLC will be free to everyone. The multiplayer expansion packs will be charged for however they do not divide the playerbase e.g. you will still be able to play with players who have not purchased the multiplayer expansion pack, they will have additional options.

gus_xl said:

September 24th, 9:39 am

Season Passes are just the next step in everything that is wrong with game development today.

First we pre-ordered the game.
Then they would hold stuff and only give it to people that pre-ordered.
Then with kickstarter, they ask you to pay for the game before they even make it.
And with DLC, they hold off pieces of the game to sell them separate.

And now with Season Pass, they’re asking you to pre-order parts of the game they’re withholding from you to sell them to you separate.

I guess when they start making a ‘Stretch Goal’ on Kickstarter for a Season Pass you can pre-order, everything will be complete.

    Poria Torkan's Avatar

    Poria Torkan said:

    September 24th, 11:03 am

    This is the biggest title that we have created yet and we will be there at the launch of the PS4. That said, we want to continue to support Killzone Shadow Fall extensively after launch and we’ve heard from the community that they would love to have co-op and a continued expansion of the multiplayer experience. And don’t forget that we are offering our post launch multiplayer maps for free to everyone.

mwatcher said:

September 24th, 9:41 am

This kind of business with season passes is overdone. I might as well just wait for the inevitable game of the year editions.

DarkOne_PR said:

September 24th, 9:42 am

I think u guys said ALL DLC for KZ SF would be free… >_>

still not sure if 20 bucks just for a Co-op which i think it should of been on the game already… not kool. I love KZ but when things are wrong they are wrong…

    Poria Torkan's Avatar

    Poria Torkan said:

    September 24th, 10:52 am

    We announced that all multiplayer maps will be free and that is still the case.

Chriskiller00 said:

September 24th, 9:48 am

I though that all multi-player DLC will be free? But thats alright…

mtk93 said:

September 24th, 9:50 am

What I’d like to know is: are there any plans for DLC for Killzone: Mercenary?
While I understand why people have issues with DLC, if the main game has enough content than I am fine with it. Many companies struggle with making a profit on AAA games, so if this helps them continue making them, I’ll gladly accept it. I struggle finding time to complete most of the games I buy, so having optional DLC is a bonus when I actually do finish.

freshprincepbg said:

September 24th, 9:51 am

So is the entire co op mode behind the Season Pass or its just extra maps? If the entire co oo mode is behind season pass, than that’s very weak.

Also I wish you could pre order this game on the PSN store

Steel_Ravager said:

September 24th, 9:52 am

They said all multiplayer map packs will be free, they said at the same time that things like this wouldn’t be. I always feel horrible purchasing map packs after the fact, almost pointless and I’ve regretted every single season pass that has given me maps. I think this model better and at least it’s not the 60$ season pass that other games are going with.

kikicub said:

September 24th, 9:53 am

I thought the DLC for Shadow Fall was going to be free? What happened?

Welmosca said:

September 24th, 9:56 am

Are those co-op missions split-screen as well?…please say YES….season pass looks good enough…I’m not much of a buyer of season passes but KZ stuff is worth every penny.I bought all the DLCs for KZ3 and I still play them…I’ll do the same with Shadow Fall no doubt about it.

    Poria Torkan's Avatar

    Poria Torkan said:

    September 24th, 11:05 am

    We currently have no plans for split-screen.

Makuta1213 said:

September 24th, 9:58 am

They (GG) said all multiplayer maps are going to be free, not anything else.

Ryumoau said:

September 24th, 10:01 am

sigh….am i the only person sick of hearing about Season Passes before the game is even released? It just screams of content being held back to sell to us later. At least wait till the game launches before you talk about ripping people off.

Skater_Ricky said:

September 24th, 10:07 am

@PlayStation when can we start to Preorder our Digital day 1 games on PSN? I want to buy Battlefield 4 & Premium on PS4 but I want the digital version of the game. I don’t want to miss out on any exclusive free DLC by not having the option to Preorder on PSN.

Also I think Coop maps should be free not held back by Season Pass for Killzone: SF.

KazeEternal said:

September 24th, 10:08 am


    Poria Torkan's Avatar

    Poria Torkan said:

    September 24th, 11:06 am

    Killzone Shadow Fall will have placeable and destructable Spawn Beacons

dh4645 said:

September 24th, 10:12 am

season passes are stupid. the only 1 i have bought was The Last of Us and still waiting on content.

I always bought the KZ maps because they were like $5 a pack. now they want $20 for co-op & horde mode that should be included anyway. jeez.

AaronSOLDIER said:

September 24th, 10:23 am

Yeah because forcing us to pay for online just isn’t enough money for you guys. GTFO

FlatLineDisaster said:

September 24th, 10:23 am

I had it pre ordered with my ps4 and was so excited when they announced DLC was free. Now this…I will be canceling my pre order perhaps…

snakeeyes211 said:

September 24th, 10:26 am

I think u guys said ALL DLC for KZ SF would be free…

dh4645 said:

September 24th, 10:26 am

@20 i thought the same thing.

but i’ll see what the prices are on ebay first before i decide what to do with my preorder.

Zionine said:

September 24th, 10:30 am

I Second the request for KZ Mercenary DLC.

Ryumoau said:

September 24th, 10:30 am

@18 yeah theres really no point in spending money on a season pass UNTIL they actually announce a release date on the first dlc.

kenoetheboss said:

September 24th, 10:35 am

Sony don’t start shooting yourself in the head before the game even launch and i stop buying season pass after wasting money on most of them even bioshock infinite i game a love so much they still haven deliver what i pay for in season pass. i still haven’t play that bull crap trial dlc they release.

andremal said:

September 24th, 10:38 am

Sold! Not sure I’ll get the Season Pass but I’m thrilled to read about the Online Co-op. I was debating picking up Shadow Fall but now I’m sold.

dirtyhippie324 said:

September 24th, 10:57 am

I’m sold. KZ SF is the main reason I have a PS4 preordered.

WINAS3 said:

September 24th, 10:58 am

Sold! I can’t wait to grab some friends and blast me some hig’s in co-op. =)

KidCommando said:

September 24th, 11:00 am

Oh look, another rip-off season pass that only details half of the content.

“Give us more money, the season pass will be awesome and is an excellent value!”

Yeah right!
No thanks.

Never bought a season pass and have never regretted it after seeing what those season passes eventually offer.

DopeBoy3010 said:

September 24th, 11:03 am

Please let us pre-order ps4 games on PSN before ps4 release. I am totally ready for pre-ordering digital version of ps4 games right now, but i cant tell my financial situation stands like this for long, WE NEED this Sony.

DarkOne_PR said:

September 24th, 11:07 am

ok! thanks for the answer! :)

so then the expansion modes are the ones who are gonna be charged. mmm….. not sure how to react to this…Im happy u are giving me the maps for free but kinda weird how u guys (and all other developers out there) are holding out something as CO-OP just to sell it later… :(

u know i might get it after u talk about all the season pass… Ive never bought a season pass but since i love KZ and guerrilla and after all they are giving the map packs for free… mmmmh…. not sure how i feel about it… AHH!

    Poria Torkan's Avatar

    Poria Torkan said:

    September 24th, 11:10 am

    This is the biggest title that we have created yet and we will be there at the launch of the PS4. That said, we want to continue to support Killzone Shadow Fall extensively after launch and we’ve heard from the community that they would love to have co-op and a continued expansion of the multiplayer experience.

Screwdriver1020 said:

September 24th, 11:11 am

Hey I’ve got a really sweet idea. Wait three months, add all that stuff that you wanted to charge 20 dollars for, then release the game for the original 60 dollars that it should be worth. NOW THAT’S A GENIUS IDEA! And I’m not even very smart!

Screwdriver1020 said:

September 24th, 11:13 am

Also how the hell can you ask people to pay for dlc before the game even comes out. WTF? I just don’t get this strategy what are they thinking! D:C is supposed to be added after the original game and extras have been finished just in case people decide they would like to continue playing the game.

tusunami said:

September 24th, 11:19 am

This is just grand right off the bat, the pricing couldn’t be better if I priced it myself. This is why this is better that Cod who, I’ll definetly get this. I’ve already platinumed KZ2 & KZ3 100% mos def, the KZ universe is so rich can’t wait to take it to the helghast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS4 day 1 I’m out

DarkOne_PR said:

September 24th, 11:19 am

Well that is actually true… after all, u guys are a launch title… mmmm u know what… what tha heck… i have bought ALL Map Packs fro KZ2 and KZ3… I’ll be glad to buy this too…. But u know what i really miss… Playing on
beach head…. ;)

DavidHewett said:

September 24th, 11:31 am

I hope I can even get a ps4 day 1 to get the season pass day 1 for that bonus

Hogwild333 said:

September 24th, 11:33 am

This is awesome news! I was on the fence about getting KZSF, but a co-op mode has sealed the deal for me. Can you confirm that the co-op mode will have public matchmaking? Also, are you able to confirm whether the game will support 3D?

brunojm_usa said:

September 24th, 11:42 am

So, free DLC for standard multiplayer maps. Paid DLC for online multiplayer co-op and all map packs for only $20. Man, that’s a steal! Getting this Season Pass is one of the first things I’m gonna do!
But guys from GG, you know the Internet, the sooner you clarify what these 2 multiplayer expansion packs are the better. I know, free maps are still free maps, but I bet some people will get confused (as we can see in comments here already).

vudoo357 said:

September 24th, 11:43 am

season pass, games not even out yet? they really want it to happen right now

DarkOne_PR said:

September 24th, 11:50 am

WOOTS! Thanks! XD

chokingvictim2 said:

September 24th, 11:59 am

Regardless of everyone huffin’ and puffin’ about the announcement of a season pass, I can’t help but feel like this is the best season pass that’s ever been announced. A $20 prince point, as opposed to COD’s $50 Pass? I’d far sooner take the Killzone Pass. I’m stoked about how many people are getting this game.

Killzone 2 was the best in the series. The story in Killzone 3 and the lack of immersion with the cut scenes really turned me off… But it looks like this one is shaping up to meet the potential Killzone always had.

ALIEN-gunner said:

September 24th, 12:00 pm

You guys said Multiplayer map packs would be free and I took you for your word but you ended up lying just to come out with this season pass nonsense. It’s too bad that GG has sold out. Before you defend that co-op doesn’t count, co-op IS multiplayer too or it wouldn’t be played with other people.

It’s just sad that game modes that should of and used to be included in games are now being sold as paid DLC. Don’t say you listened to the community. If you had you would of known well in advance that we want these modes in these games included as part of the package. Games today are expensive and leaving modes to nickle and dime us forces many of us to wait months for a sale or to not buy the game at all. Paying full price for this, plus needing a PS+ subscription, plus paying for the season price is ridiculous. I really love Killzone but you guys just forced me to stick with Killzone Mercenary on Vita and some other game like Blacklight when I get the PS4.

How the mighty has fallen. This news really sucks. :(

guitarded77 said:

September 24th, 12:13 pm

So, no coop campaign? But coop survival mode?

Dark_Yoda_313 said:

September 24th, 12:28 pm

Pfft, naysayers all over my mojo. The Killzone series is theonly fps I’ve ever truly enjoyed: I love the universe, the design, the weight, the challenge – everything. You have my $20.

And this might seem a strange question, but will it be possible to buy the pass through the current store, or will we have to wait until we have our PS4s hooked up?

Erlaxis said:

September 24th, 12:32 pm

I would preorder right now on the PSN if I had the option. *wink wink*

TomatoDragon said:

September 24th, 12:34 pm

Sounds great… especially the co-op maps. Killzone still remains my favorite fps series. I’m in.

felipembc said:

September 24th, 12:35 pm

I’ll buy it for sure. Killzone Shadow Fall will be one of the games i’ll buy along with the PS4.

Please make Radec Academy for Shadow Fall. Make it with the buildings destroyed.

Rokuren_M said:

September 24th, 12:40 pm

As much as I love the Killzone series, I’m pretty sad over the lack of split-screen. Although, that’s partly due to the lack of split-screen games at launch at all.

terrencec06 said:

September 24th, 12:49 pm

I stopped buying Season Passes but You better believe I will purchase some of the DLC.

andremal said:

September 24th, 12:50 pm

@44 – +1

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