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Oct 23

Oct 23

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming January 14th to PlayStation Store

Momchil Valentinov Gindyanov's Avatar Posted by

Producer, Ubisoft Sofia

Greetings, PlayStation Assassins! We’re very excited to announce that Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD will be coming to PS3 via PlayStation Store on January 14th.

When we set out to do Liberation HD, our objective was simple: improve upon what worked on the Vita and adapt the gameplay and missions to be the most fun and enjoyable they could be. As a result, each mission has been reworked in order to improve its pacing, and the challenge it poses to the player.

Liberation is set in New Orleans between 1765 and 1780, in the period between the end of the French and Indian War, up to the middle of the American Revolution. Liberation tells the story of Aveline; a female Assassin of mixed French and African heritage. Brought up in a world of privilege and contrasts, Aveline becomes a strong-willed woman and an avid opponent of slavery.

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Concepts, 01

AC Liberation HD Reveal, 01AC Liberation HD Reveal, 02

Recruited to the Assassins by an escaped slave, Aveline joins the struggle against the Templars as they try to take control of New Orleans following France’s handover of the city to Spain. Striking hard and fast, she is instrumental in the Louisiana Rebellion that forces the Spanish and Templars out of the city for nearly two years before they return in force.

In addition to the HD upgrade, we also have new missions specific to Aveline’s Personas. Aveline is the first Assassin with such clearly different character types — Assassin, Lady, and Servant. Each persona has its own advantages and disadvantages when playing missions, and each generates a different reaction from the city life around Aveline. That’s a total of 15 missions delving deeper into Aveline’s story.

AC Liberation HD Reveal, 03

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If you haven’t had a chance to play this chapter of Assassin’s Creed on Vita, or simply want to play Liberation on the big screen, we hope you’ll check out Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD on January 14th for $19.99.

See you on the Bayou.

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SkyNet002mx said:

October 24th, 9:14 am


Unacceptable that those of us who already have Star Wars on VHS can’t have the blu-ray version at some sort of discount at least.

Unacceptable that those of us who already have The Wall on vinyl can’t have the SACD version at some sort of discount at least.

Murphy37110 said:

October 24th, 6:01 pm

I only recently purchased AC Liberation for Vita but I personally love the AC universe and it will be great playing as Aveline on the big system and screen. I feel $20 is an excellent price point for the HD version with all of the refinements being made to the game. Would like to see an update to the Vita version and eventually a new AC Vita exclusive title also though. Thanks.

Rezolution77 said:

October 25th, 12:57 pm

I know late again, but had more time to play Dungeon Hunter : Alliance.
The game is still good, but I am seriously noticing the bugs ,and it is too bad this game will not receive the improvements it seriously needed.

And why is the fighter the first one shown on the cover!!!???Obviously needed a little more love.

You should make another of these, …………………………………………only better.

Still fun, but now you need to drop the price.

Rezolution77 said:

October 25th, 1:00 pm

and comparing VHS to DVD, is nothing the same as the idea that they are using it as away to continue to make people pay for things more than once.

Give it some time young one. Either that, or a smaller wallet, from not using your “slaves” to accomplish your next “priority”.

natsukirei said:

October 27th, 8:36 pm

I think it’s about time they showed the true potentiol of the Vita with a HD AC game, but i dont agree that we should have to dish more money no matter the price for this, its ridicilious how much money grab is going on right now

I already spent money on the initial game itself, i own it, so why cant i get HD and a phew new maps as a patch? an update? why cant i get this for free?

why do i have to go spend more money, just to get a graphical change and a new map?

Just isn’t worth forking more money for what should be free, fixing the game, patch’s, adding HD, should all be update’s because it is content that should have exsisted in the first place

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