Experience PS4’s Launch Tonight, Live

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Experience PS4’s Launch Tonight, Live
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UPDATE: Watch the stream live at 11PM ET / 8:00PM PT.

In February, we announced PS4. In June, we showed it for the first time. Next week, on November 15th, we unlock a new generation of play in North America.

Join PlayStation and Spike TV for the live PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits launch event! We’ll be live in New York City on November 14th starting at 11:00pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time on regular cable providers; and 11pm Eastern Time/8pm Pacific Time on PS3’s Live Events Viewer app, DirecTV and streaming. Tune in to see exclusive world premieres and announcements about the PS4 games that will define 2014 and beyond. Watch live on Spike TV, Ustream, or right here on PlayStation.Blog. And why not RSVP, so you don’t forget?

And keep checking back for up-to-the-minute information on all the PS4 launch week festivities. This is gonna be one for the history books!

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  • Freaking Rogers Cable took Spike out of their regular cable package and put it in a premium bundle.


    Looks like I’m streaming it here with you guys! =)

  • ExplostionsMgee

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 please!!!

  • I’m HOPING for… The FUTURE of UNCHARTED…Nathan Drake.. meet your NEW Partner, Lara Croft!!……..God Of War….mayyyyyyyyybe a new Resistance, but doubt it…..of course I just HOPE it’s a game, EVERYONE can be excited for, and not just a specific group of gamers

  • Ghr-Cr_0569


  • 8:01 where is it????

  • mettreidici

    Isnt that the Doritos spokeperson?

  • NEW UNCHARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uncharted on PS4!!!! YEAHHHHHHHH SUCK ON THAT XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • new Uncharted didnt think this night could be better

  • New UNCHARTED! So psyched!!! I guess I know when I’ll be getting my PS4 now. That gives me between now and the UNCHARTED release to clean up my PS3 backlog! :D

  • Infamous second son look good!!

  • SlayedDragon

    Had mine preorodered up until september 17th then my mom passed away so I had to cancel it to help pay for her funeral :( Love you mom!

  • Holy Knack PS4 in Space!!!!!

  • Shu did that Antonio Banderas move after he wins a match in Kill Zone:SF. Also Sweet PS4 and PS3 will have First Full Access to the Destiny Beta.

  • Josharcangel

    I could not book but I’ll have mine before the new year … :) Well Done Sony!!! (Y)

  • Is it just me or was Hideo Kojima’s “shocking” announcement…..not really all that shocking?

    On the bright side, F*** YEAH UNCHARTED 4!!!!!!!!

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