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Mar 03

Mar 03

FEZ Turns Heads on PS4, PS3, Vita March 25th

Marie-Christine Bourdua's Avatar Posted by Producer, Polytron

This is it. We’ve come to the end of development, and Fez is finally coming to PlayStation on March 25th! It’s been an incredible adventure, and we couldn’t have made it without the amazing work of BlitWorks and the support of Sony’s team. In the name of all of us at Polytron, thank you so much!

FEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

People have been asking for a PS3 version of Fez since day one, and we believe it was worth the wait. Blit took the time to make a solid C++ port of the game, which runs smoothly at native resolution on PS Vita, and 720p at 60 frames per second on PS3.

The PS4 version is what we consider to be the best-looking and smoothest Fez experience you can get on a TV set, running at beautiful 1080p (and yes, 60fps too). You wouldn’t think that upping the resolution would make a big difference in a game like ours, where the pixels are the size of Gomez’s fist… but it really does look even crisper and blockier — in a good way.

FEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

FEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaFEZ on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

No one’s going to blame you for digging around, but you won’t find many big changes in these versions of the game. However, there are a few surprises… especially in the PS4 version: DualShock 4’s lightbar has been put to the task of bringing a little bit of Fez’s world into your own home, and you may not need to search for that dusty pair of red/cyan glasses to experience a very late-game easter egg… Funny story: to test the new 3DTV support, we spent a weekend running around computer shops to find a monitor that sports an integrated emitter. When we found one and started up Fez, our minds were forever expanded. I think we can see the fourth dimension now?

So the PS4 version is loaded with sexy features, but definitely don’t hold off from getting a dose of Fez on the go, especially with a cross-save slot shared across all three platforms! I sometimes idle the game in a puzzle room, transforming my PS Vita into an infinite Disasterpeace music generator. We’re excited to see what other ways people will find to enjoy the first portable version of Fez.

FEZ on PS VitaFEZ on PS4FEZ on PS Vita

Let’s all enjoy the universe of Fez one more time (or for the first time) on PlayStation!

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THEAnderson51 said:

March 3rd, 7:03 am

Has the save game glitch been fixed for the Playstation release?

Xer0Signal said:

March 3rd, 7:06 am

So psyched. One of my favorite games of the last few years. Can’t wait to jump in again.

Vilens said:

March 3rd, 7:08 am

Price? Cross buy? Cross Save?

BiffMcSkylark said:

March 3rd, 7:09 am

Cross buy would be my biggest want to know. I would love to be able to do a 2 for 1 on PS4 and Vita I have bought the game twice already on PC and 360

DeviantBoi said:

March 3rd, 7:10 am

Please confirm as Cross Buy!

BiffMcSkylark said:

March 3rd, 7:10 am

Also Phil Fish I miss you I hope you come back some day. Screw all the haters.

xFatalFailure said:

March 3rd, 7:11 am

Finally! been wanting to play this since i first heard about on XBLA! so pumped to play this on vita!

OnTheBus666 said:

March 3rd, 7:11 am

word this will be ultimate on vita

Xer0Signal said:

March 3rd, 7:11 am

@ #3 Confirmed cross-buy and cross-save on the Polytron blog.

ShadowKing0 said:

March 3rd, 7:12 am

So FEZ finally comes to PS consoles. I’m interested to play it.

And Cross-Save is confirmed in the article above @Vilens

fireburn95 said:

March 3rd, 7:12 am

Yesss! Cant wait!

Off topic but is it really truely the end of fez 2? If so, what will polytron be working on now that Fez is pretty much everywhere it wants to be, can they make a new game without Phil Fish?

OnTheBus666 said:

March 3rd, 7:13 am

cb for real? march = best month eva

OnTheBus666 said:

March 3rd, 7:14 am

fez 2 has to be in the works the first one sold like mad. it was the only reason i held onto my junker 360 for so long. Polytron has said they don’t want to but what else are they doing?

BiffMcSkylark said:

March 3rd, 7:14 am

Polytron confirmed that one purchase gets you all 3

erapago said:

March 3rd, 7:15 am

Shame the Vita version won’t also be 60FPS. Hope it runs well enough.

Xer0Signal said:

March 3rd, 7:15 am

For those wondering about cross-buy, here’s the link to Polytron’s site that confirms it. Buy once, get a copy on all 3 platforms.

Erlaxis said:

March 3rd, 7:16 am

Very interesting game. It came out on another platform after I switched to Playstation, so I missed it. I’m very glad to know I’ll be able to play an improved version on PS4. =D

jhen87 said:

March 3rd, 7:16 am


GeoDarky said:

March 3rd, 7:17 am

Thank you Polytron for bringing this to Playstation platforms i’ll be getting this for my Vita :)

Alex_dlc said:

March 3rd, 7:17 am

I have been waiting for this for a long time! Thank you so much Polytron, for such a beautiful and fun game! Cant wait to play it again.

jonjon0890 said:

March 3rd, 7:18 am

does it have a Gold trophy?

khaos1019 said:

March 3rd, 7:19 am

YES! I bought it on XBLA, bought it on PC, and will buy it again for my Vita/PS3. Thank you Polygon and Sony!!!

akisuo said:

March 3rd, 7:28 am

Totally looking forward to his on my vita! Awesomness.

domrael_psvita said:

March 3rd, 7:30 am

I love this game! day one for me!

Gorvi said:

March 3rd, 7:30 am

Awesome! I have it on Steam from one of the recent Humble Bundles, but I’ll be buying it on the Vita so I actually have time to play it.


March 3rd, 7:34 am

Phil Fish wold never ever allow cross buy so i highly doubt it ill pass thanks buddy


March 3rd, 7:42 am

im wrong it is cross buy for all 3 ima jerk i admit it… eating my words yum they taste like poo

JimmyHACK said:

March 3rd, 7:43 am

Yes it’s cross-buy for all 3 platforms with cross save and only $9.99 launch week for PS+ members!

Wizzlebees said:

March 3rd, 7:55 am

Awesome news! (now may I suggest porting Spelunky to the PS4?)

mettreidici said:

March 3rd, 7:55 am

Woah, merci! J’attends ce titre depuis aout dernier! Félicitations pour le “port”.

Ryumoau said:

March 3rd, 7:59 am

i’m interested in this game. glad its cross buy with every system.

DrApollo said:

March 3rd, 8:21 am

Yes! Can’t wait! More details please. Price, is it cross-buy, ect?…

bajor27 said:

March 3rd, 8:31 am

Absolute day one buy for me. Can’t wait! March is a great month for PS4!

Soulwind613 said:

March 3rd, 8:32 am

Fez coming to Vita is one of the main reasons I purchased one!!!

So looking forward to experiencing this on the go.


Firelogic said:

March 3rd, 8:35 am

sifi32 said:

March 3rd, 8:45 am

Great news. Been waiting to play this on Vita for a while now. March is shaping up to be a great month.

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

March 3rd, 8:46 am

Peerinward said:

March 3rd, 9:18 am

“…runs smoothly at native resolution on PS Vita, and 720p at 60 frames per second on PS3.”

I’m curious as to the framerate on Vita!

fourfour44 said:

March 3rd, 9:22 am

Isn’t this the game from the guy that trash talked Japanese games and Japanese gaming platforms while making his game? Now he needs some money so he’s releasing his game on a Japanese gaming platform?

DUBLX- said:

March 3rd, 9:38 am

@fourfour44 Pretty sure he didn’t “need some money.” This is something PS gamers have been asking for. Making games is a business. You go where there’s demand.

warezIbanez said:

March 3rd, 10:23 am

Screw Phil Fish. I don’t mean any harmful words to the rest of the guys on the team, but Phil HAS BEEN A CANCER to the industry. He has taken his pretentious attitude where it needed to go, and so I wish the best for this team to build a game they TRULY want to see it go instead of a challenge-less 8-bit platformer. (No offense to you guys, I know you guys are much more capable than Fez.)

warezIbanez said:

March 3rd, 10:24 am

Also, don’t get me wrong, platformers have been challenging, BUT NOT FEZ, WHICH IS ITS INHERENT PROBLEM.

Nazotchi said:

March 3rd, 10:34 am

Fez has some truly gorgeous visuals, but it’s honestly one of the worst platformers out there. The puzzle design is completely arbitrary, and there isn’t one single satisfying moment in the game. It’s all flair, and no substance.

Ethereal said:

March 3rd, 11:16 am

Having watched Indie Game: The Movie, I will completely support the indie movement. These games go through a lot and deserve our support regardless of how well that are made and all that other nonsense. It’s healthy to industry to see the little guys make it.

coolasj19 said:

March 3rd, 11:30 am

Yo Blitworks, from a features and performance standpoint, this is literally the best thing ever. Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, Native Res Vita, I’m basically gonna buy this just because of the value. So thank you for that.

krand said:

March 3rd, 11:43 am

So. Excited. Again.

OldMovieCowboy said:

March 3rd, 12:07 pm

Def. going to get this for the PS4.

FilmMaker2009 said:

March 3rd, 12:07 pm


EmperorChess said:

March 3rd, 12:19 pm

Deffo picking this up, esp if the PS+ fans get a discount. :)

Spitfire_Zero_ said:

March 3rd, 12:33 pm

Soooo….. When can we have FEZ 2 on Playstation?

*ducks and hides*

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