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Mar 13

Mar 13

inFAMOUS Second Son: Delsin’s Ruthless Powers in Action

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Senior Game Designer, Sucker Punch Productions

There’s a hushed excitement at Sucker Punch as we approach our March 21st launch date. We’ve been working on inFAMOUS Second Son for almost three years, and in just a few days we’ll finally be able to put it into your hands. Several of our team members are traveling around the world sharing our latest gameplay demo with press and fans, and today we get to show you a mission playthrough from that build.

Pre-order inFAMOUS Second Son

Like the previous games in the inFAMOUS series, Second Son gives you the option to use your powers heroically or ruthlessly. The path you choose will affect every aspect of the game, from character relationships to powers development to the story itself. In this play through, Delsin has convinced Fetch Walker, a Conduit with the power to control neon, to help him take out a group of anti-Conduit protesters. With Delsin’s influence, Fetch is willing to exterminate the “haters” and anyone else who gets in their way.

For players who choose the ruthless path, combat is fast, explosive, and lethal. Restraint is unnecessary. The faster you can obliterate your enemies, the sooner you’ll gain access to your strongest powers, and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt along the way. For those who choose to be heroic, combat is about accuracy and precision. Explosions are great, but civilian casualties are not. Your rewards will come from helping citizens and from using your abilities to capture enemies alive. The standards are higher, but for those who want to be a hero, that’s exactly the point.

Next week, the choice will be in your hands. Will you embrace responsibility to become the city’s savior, or will you unleash your wrath on everyone, regardless of the consequences? We know either way, you’re going to have a great time. You have until March 21st to decide. :)

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DanteMerfi said:

March 13th, 12:14 pm

This is awesome. But seriously… Where is the store update?

darknight_2012 said:

March 13th, 12:23 pm


darknight_2012 said:

March 13th, 12:26 pm


billyok said:

March 13th, 12:27 pm

Looks like someone hacked your caps lock, 52/53.

DanlyKirbster said:

March 13th, 12:29 pm

I wouldnt post anything that isnt a store update if I were you

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 13th, 12:30 pm

i wonder when we will get a decent Firmware update and not just a system Stability fix look at all they put in there last xboxone update and we get nothing and i thought the ps4 can do more

TheJIDF said:

March 13th, 12:36 pm

Stop being so entitled. Sony doesn’t HAVE to update the store for you. In fact using the store is a privilege and you should be grateful they don’t revoke that privilege from all of you whiners.

Figboy said:

March 13th, 12:39 pm

Already got my Collector’s Edition Pre-ordered, so I don’t need to be sold on how awesome this game is going to be.

I’m sad that there aren’t any UGC missions this go-round, but it’s a new inFAMOUS, on new hardware, so just getting your engine up and running from scratch I’m sure took up all your resources. Hopefully the next inFAMOUS PS4 title (hint, hint), will allow you guys to add UGC again!

This is going to be a long week…

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 13th, 12:41 pm

i bet the reason why the store has not updated is because some dumb ass hacked in there website again well sony thats what you get for laying off people all the time and not have decent people to protect the accounts

purse317 said:

March 13th, 12:46 pm

No the store is a market to sell games Sony does it for the money so I will drop my hard earned $$$$$$ on video games its not a privilege and if they can’t get it together as a consumer someone who has money in my wallet now on my psn account a newly updated plus membership and infamous on reserve I should be kept in the loop.

DarkStar83x said:

March 13th, 12:47 pm

I don’t have a PS4 yet, but this may tempt me to take the plunge!

chupacabre08 said:

March 13th, 12:48 pm

I was wondering where is my free copy of MGS Peace Walker for pre oredering Ground Zeros? Will it be coming later?
I ordered digitally so i would benefit from the free game, otherwise i would have ordered it from amazon. I havn’t seen anything on the blogcast in regards to MGS, is there no love for this franchise?

duke301 said:

March 13th, 12:50 pm

I pre-ordered Second Son at retail. For some reason I got it for $47.99 from Best Buy. I didn’t ask questions, simply accepted.
Now, how about updating the store like you guys should have done on Tuesday. Or at least give us a reason for the delay. Seriously guys, throw us a bone!

darknight_2012 said:

March 13th, 12:56 pm

@54 — lol Indeed.

darknight_2012 said:

March 13th, 12:58 pm

@59 — that’s what I said in comments 52 and 53

neuropunk said:

March 13th, 12:59 pm

“+ GenocideHeart on March 13th, 2014 at 11:39 am said: With this kind of attitude, quite frankly I’m not surprised nobody in the blog wants to talk with players. It’s a thankless job and they will be criticized anyway, so might as well stay quiet and work to repair whatever went wrong instead of wasting time dealing with the crybabies.”

“+ billyok on March 13th, 2014 at 12:13 pm said:
Brat city in the comments. What kind of tantrums do some of you throw when something REALLY bad happens?”

Both of you trolls need to shut the hell up. Pretty much all the other major online services update on time at a specific time and on a specific day. Perhaps some Sony employees need firing?

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 1:01 pm

I’m pretty sure that all this fine people with pluses are very much entitled to complain about the update since they are paying for plus, which means they are paying for online multiplayer for PS4, the plus discounts and the instant game collection, which all sans the multiplayer are obviously not available due to the lack of a proper store update.

@no one in particular
well, I guess everyone should be monitoring their credit card statements and maybe change their passwords to their account, right? Sony loves to keep everyone in the dark when anything happens. Is this just small technical problems? have they been hacked again? is there sensitive information involved? thanks for saying nothing as per usual on the blog and barely giving any info via twitter. you gotta be a twit to think everyone uses twitter!

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 1:03 pm

also, second son looks neat, though nothing too different from infamous 1 and 2 as far as I can see, except you can’t mix and match powers at one time? cole could equip ice and electric moves at the same time, both fueled by electricity or something. this guys seems to be stuck using the last element he absorbs? Like the focus on up close abilities.

That was the big difference between prototype and infamous to me. prototype was more fast moving and melee combat, while infamous is a third person shooter.

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 13th, 1:05 pm


i did not read your post but you are right i think sony i covering something up about this

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 13th, 1:06 pm

is covering up about this

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 1:11 pm

Sony is always covering things up. whether the problem is small or huge… they don’t seem to want to say anything on the matter unless they have to. Would it kill them to make a blog post on tuesday informing users that there are some technical difficulties with the update and that it may be delayed for greater than or equal to a day?

It’s this kind of thing that makes me wanna leave sony. I really hope the steam machines pick up some… well… steam.

TYruler50 said:

March 13th, 1:12 pm

the peace walker hd is exclusive to europe only for ground zeroes pre-order, which Konami didn’t reveal until it was already too late. that is very shady. And so is the lack of information about the store update.

pelagato24 said:

March 13th, 1:14 pm

Seriously, this has started to piss me off… UPDATE THE DAMN STORE ALREADY! or at least tell us whats going on! C’mon..

davidxraw said:

March 13th, 1:16 pm

**PlayStation Store Update Update**

I didn’t know how to contact each and every gamer out there wondering where the PlayStation update has been besides this way so I hope this is ok. I contacted customer service just to see if everything was alright and I was told that the maintenance that was scheduled for earlier this week was still ongoing so it affected the normal update that we usually get on Tuesday. We are still going to get the update but the day and time is still unknown. I was curious why they didn’t post this response on Twitter and was told that they may be responding to each comment individually to assist the situation. I don’t have a Twitter so I wouldn’t be able to know that. You can copy and paste this response if you need to spread the word to other gamers out there.
P.S. I love my PlayStation 3 very much. I am always excited about the update each week as well so I just wanted to try to help out my fellow gamers out there. inFamous Second Son is looking pretty sweet. I unfortunately will not be able to play it on March, 21 because I am lacking a PlayStation 4 but for those that can enjoy.

JRotzzz said:

March 13th, 1:19 pm

I refuse to watch this because i’m going on a media blackout but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TEMPT ME SONY!?

DanteMerfi said:

March 13th, 1:20 pm

Just so you guys know, I was just able to get Lone Survivor DC for free for my Vita, and I also noticed the Towerfall discount for PS Plus users. I used the web store.

Rene2007 said:

March 13th, 1:22 pm

Sorry I couldn’t do it, I watched like 15 seconds of it but I want everything to be new and fresh for when I purchase the game on Day One. Trailers I can handle but since I’m buying it for sure, I’ll stay away from gameplay videos. Looking forward to the game.

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 1:22 pm

so… because they’re assisting people all complaining about the same issues… they couldn’t make a post on both twitter and on the blog about the issue.

I don’t even think anyone really cares what the cause for the delay is. I think everyone is mostly pissed because:
1) the store isn’t updated
2) Sony can’t be bothered to tell the non twits that there would be a delay and can’t be bothered to make a blog post letting people who are excited about whatever is in the release that they have no need to refresh the blog all day between 4pm and midnight. There are people who do that, and yeah, those people definitely have a right to be pissed.

it’s not the why, it’s the fact that we are being ignored.

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 13th, 1:23 pm

well if that is the case maybe a new firmware update will come out and they are just fixing the network for it

lisatsunami said:

March 13th, 1:26 pm

@ darknight_2012 But the great Playstation hack of 2011 had the whole network down, not just the store. We couldn’t log on to our accounts at all, and couldn’t comment on the blog. So it’s not the same. I can logon to the network on all of my consoles, launch the store, and, of course, comment here.

Something is wrong with the update, since the store still mostly works.

@khaosklub: you’re right. They are always covering up on things. Seems to be the company culture for as long as I’ve been a Playstation gamer. It might be a cultural thing for this Japan-based corporation.

I’m delaying my Dark Souls2 because I want those DLC weapons.

GodofDeathOnline said:

March 13th, 1:26 pm

if its a maintenance problem let people no about it

jamonxin said:

March 13th, 1:33 pm

the Web Store has the PS+ Update!!!

burly1 said:

March 13th, 1:35 pm

Looks like plus is updated

emiru69 said:

March 13th, 1:35 pm

Regarding the video… I’m kind of sad; to be honest… it just doesn’t look as good as it looked last year. The special missions added lots of replay value to the previous game. It feels like you guys cut corners because you could not delay the game anymore. I hope I’m wrong.
I also want to say something about the PlayStation Store: I understand that problems happen…. that doesn’t bother me at all. We are all human (I think) and we all make mistakes. What worries me is the lack of feedback… Is it really that hard giving a minimum explanation of what’s going on? Before you jump on the “check twitter” bandwagon let me tell you that the last twitter post was 22 hours ago, they also mentioned on March 11th that the store will be updated on Wednesday (it’s Thursday), and no reason was given of what the problem is. I suggest that everyone change their passwords as soon as possible just in case.

Lacerz said:

March 13th, 1:36 pm

It looks like the update has happened. Towerfall is $11.99 with Plus. Purchasing now. Better late then never.

TomatoDragon said:

March 13th, 1:41 pm

Can’t wait!!

lisatsunami said:

March 13th, 1:42 pm

Yay, thanks for spreading the word. Going for my DLC!

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 13th, 1:46 pm

@ lisatsunami

It’s called a non-disclosure agreement. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that ALL Sony employees are required to sign one as a condition of employment.

NDAs don’t exist for the sake of concealing fault. Their true purpose (in this case) is to prevent the competition from knowing anything about the inner-workings of their business strategies a.k.a. “company secrets”.

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 1:47 pm

while sony is japan based, SCEA is sony of america, and I would suspect that it and this blog is full of Americans. I mean, is the update delayed in japan and UK or is it just in the US? If it was a japanese culture thing, I would expect SCEA to tell american customers something.

There’s no shame or losing face in informing us of delays through the method we choose to get our information. We check the blog for PSN updates, not twitter, so why not inform the people looking for PSN update info on the blog, via the blog?!?!

NX_Nytrux said:

March 13th, 1:51 pm

Seven Hells!!!! For the old gods and the new, update the Store, please. hehe.

Aided_Onslaught said:

March 13th, 1:52 pm

Glad I preordered the disk because it wouldn’t show up on the store till the 28th.

emiru69 said:

March 13th, 1:57 pm

@89: I’m 100% with you. Also people who jump to the “check twitter” bandwagon are just doing it because of a knee jerk reaction:
1) Last update on twitter was 23 hours ago.
2) No reason was given about what the heck happened, a.k.a. should we all change our passwords?
3) Last specific update on twitter was on the 11th (saying that update will be on Wednesday).

lisatsunami said:

March 13th, 2:00 pm

@primero, obviously the employees keep mum because they are told to, not just because they feel like it. It a corporate policy thing. It’s common for any company to be rather circumspect but Sony seems to lead the pack on this. Or maybe I only think that because Playstation is the only company I really follow closely.

@khaosklub: obviously I know most of us here are Americans but the SCEA employees aren’t free to willy-nilly set their own rules. But see my answer to primero, as it’s the same.

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 2:10 pm

well obviously what Sony Japan says goes, but I doubt they’re not allowed to inform users that there will be a delay and that they appreciate our patience. I’m not asking for the cause, just some notice!!!

Also, if the issue were small and only effecting the north american update, then I don’t even think sony japan would even be notified, so SCEA would be free to handle as they wish. I mean, what? does sony have a “if anything does not go according to plan, ignore the customers as much as you can and pretend nothing happened once situation is rectified” policy in place for all regions?

though yeah, the last tweet was yesterday about the partial update, but they only said they were targeting wednesday for the update, which means they hoped to have it updated on wednesday, not that it definitely would. fact still remains that they had people checking on wednesday for an update that never came, and gave no tweets about the delay either.

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 13th, 2:16 pm

lisatsunami on March 13th, 2014 at 2:00 pm said: “maybe I only think that because Playstation is the only company I really follow closely.”


If you repeatedly asked Dr. Pepper for information pertaining to what their claimed 23 flavors consist of, you’ll be met with “sorry, I can’t disclose that information” over and over again. Same as if you ask Burger King where they source their beef from. The more you ask, the stronger the imprint on your memory from the repeated occurrences will become.

A few years ago I was an assistant manager for a tobacco store called Cigarettes Cheaper! (and I don’t even smoke cigarettes; it was just a job)… you may have heard of them. I remember one of the conditions of my employment was that I was not to divulge information to any competitors about how the business acquires their stock, determines their prices, develops advertising strategies, or anything relating to the allocation of funds towards various expenses. Or, to put it simply, a non-disclose agreement. Most mid-to-major companies require this of their employees for the sake of stability in the marketplace.

Husteen said:

March 13th, 2:20 pm


you sound like the teachers from my elementary school that told us “____ is a privilege, not a right” when they were too chicken to tell us they didn’t want us to do something.

PSN finally updated. the online S.E.N. store did, anyways. infamous sales, tomb raider sales, etc. nothing for me.

DarkStar83x said:

March 13th, 2:23 pm

Some of the discounts are showing on the store. Is it finally happening…?

khaosklub said:

March 13th, 2:28 pm

the discussion isn’t about sony being mum on what they’re putting in the PS5, or where they acquire the parts. They offer a service along with their product. This is comparable to someone asking Dr. Pepper where their shipment of Dr. Pepper syrup for their fountain drink machine for the week is, or asking you a few years ago when you’re getting your next shipment of a specific cigarette.

basically, what sony is doing would be the same thing as you just sitting there ignoring the customer asking when you expect to get more product in. not even saying you don’t know… just sitting there, slackjawed and ignoring them!

Izorpo said:

March 13th, 2:32 pm

Genocideheart is correct Europe pays more for everything than the US

EU plus is £39.99 & 49.99 euros btw £1 = $1.61 / 1 euro = $1.38 basically while the US pays $49.99 for plus the UK actually pays $66.40 and Europe pays $69.27

So when the UK paid £349 for a PS4, Europe 399 euros & the US $399 – here was the real cost Europe paid around $553 and the UK paid $580 – Europe gets less content, less discounts with our plus, less games each month, waits longer for releases and our PS4 didn’t even come with a camera that will cost around another £60. Saying that Europe gets things cheaper is extremely misinformed

Also the PSN was not hacked on 11th March it was actually on April, 20th of April when PSN was taken down and the attack occurred sometime between the 17th and 19th of April. I know I remember the month PSN was offline, I can even tell you what game I was playing as the network went down (White Knight Chronicles) and how being constantly dropped out of geonet (WKC servers) and PSN was annoying the day before the network went down.

Hope the US store updates soon, such a long wait with no information is never good, If I recall this has actually happened before, around the time Soul sacrifice was released maybe?

thrillwell said:

March 13th, 2:34 pm

If I was a couple days late, I’d be fired!
If my wife was a couple days late, Second Son might be coming.

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