Dimension-bender FEZ Out Today on PS4, PS3, Vita

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Dimension-bender FEZ Out Today on PS4, PS3, Vita

“Today is special day,” indeed: Fez is finally available for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. We can’t possibly be any more excited, as we have been working towards this release for a whole year!

Let’s recap a few details:

  • Fez is a video game.
  • You play as fluffy white creature named Gomez who wears the eponymous fez, and needs to traverse the world two dimensions at a time in order to rebuild an ancient artifact.
  • Fez is cross-buy for all three platforms.
  • There is a cross-save slot which shares your progress across PS3, PS4 and PSVita.
  • The regular price is $12.99, but if you are a PlayStation Plus member and purchase it before April 2nd, you get 25% off and pay $9.74 instead!

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the world of Fez for the first time, or that you’ll perhaps revisit its puzzles and charming locales once again — whether you prefer experiencing it on your home system with speakers blasting Disasterpeace’s delicious generative soundscapes, or on your PS Vita with headphones during the daily commute.

We would like to thank Miguel, Tony and everyone else at BlitWorks who worked hard on these releases and were always a pleasure to work with, Kert Gartner for the sweet PlayStation launch trailer, and the Sony developer relation teams for giving us the opportunity to be in the Spring Fever promotion alongside great titles like TowerFall and Luftrausers. And you too — thanks for your patience, and have fun!

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  • THANKYOU for putting the game on ONE trophy list for ALL platforms, almost no developers seem to get how to do this, also cool that it’s cross-buy! =D

  • @cyxx1cyxx I’m sure this principle of yours is because he personally offended your family or dishonored your sister or something else that’s a reasonable reason to say what you said.

  • finally, great to have FEZ on playstation. THANK you for making this ONE buy for THREE systems. PS3 PS4 and VITA too? AWESOME.

  • Why no FEZ on Australia Playstation Store?! :(

    I’ve been sitting here for almost a whole day and nothing!

  • why should I care? Will you guys have a temper tantrum one day and take it off the store like Phil Fish took away people’s jobs?

  • Not to mention the game is a few years old and you guys are charging MORE on PS than any other platform. Why don’t you just mail us some spit in an envelope?

  • Will this support cross save between PS4 and Vita?

  • I was waiting for this game ever since it was announced but never got to play it until now… AND IT’S TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!

    The whole 2D/3D thing is just genius and actually goes further than Paper Mario.

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