Indie Horror Game Home Hits PS4 October 28th, Vita Soon After

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Indie Horror Game Home Hits PS4 October 28th, Vita Soon After
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It was announced that the horror game Home was coming to PlayStation this year, and I am very excited to say that the PS4 version of the game will be launching October 28th — just in time for Halloween!


This horror adventure is a player-driven story that responds to your choices; taking cues from adventure games as well as side-scrollers, what happens in Home is entirely up to the player. As you make choices and even explore, the game changes in subtle ways to reflect your adventure. I like to think of it as the kind of game you’ll immediately want to talk about with other players as soon as you finish it, just to compare notes.

The Vita version will follow very soon after — I honestly just couldn’t wait to get the PS4 version into players’ sweaty hands. But Vita owners, fear not: Home supports cross buy, so you’ll get both versions of the game for the same price anyway, even if you get the PS4 version!

The only one who’ll be more scared is my accountant; for the first two weeks I’m having a launch sale, so both versions of Home together will be available for the so-spooky-it-can’t-be-real price of $2.99.

Home has been a weird little trailblazer, and it now has the honor of being the first title developed entirely within YoYo Games’ Game Maker Studio environment to natively hit PlayStation consoles. It’s pretty amazing as an independent developer to be able to make console games, and I couldn’t think of a better home for it (pun totally intended).


Home will of course support Trophies on both systems, which I hope will encourage you to really look around and piece together some alternative takes on the story. Some players even now don’t know about some of the little details these Trophies will encourage you to find.

Finally, to celebrate the launch of Home on PS4, I will be streaming a special Twitch stream on October 28th! Using my PS4 and a good ol’ PlayStation camera, you can watch me (and a few pals from the Toronto development community) play the game, learn all about its development, and have your questions answered in the chat.

So come watch the stream at at 8:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday, October 28th. And don’t forget to turn out the lights!

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7 Author Replies

  • GrafUlrich88

    Hey Benjamin,

    This looks pretty cool!

    Hey I wanted to ask you would consider making “Dynamic Themes and “Avatar” pictures for the PS4 now that Firmware 2.0 is coming out next week.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      Hi Rob! Thanks for the kind words.

      That’s a really good question; I honestly have to look into that! If I can figure out how to do so, I’d love to. I’ll have to do my research first.

  • Awesome game (I have it on Steam), $2.99 launch sale, with Cross-Buy, from a Toronto developer?

    My money, you can has it.

  • jhernandez360

    looks cool what dualshock features did you use?

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      If you pay attention, you’ll notice the DualShock 4’s lightbar changes as you progress throughout the game. :-)

  • hiphoph3ad85

    Purrdy cool!

  • maxcoronel2014

    Looks very promissing. And at that price, its almost an instant purchase.

  • LionAlliance

    It does have a Lone Survivor vibe! So getting this!

  • This game looks awesome! Thanks for the sale, I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  • Looks interesting and I just happen to have $3.18 on my psn so guess I have to buy it.

  • Supermoon11

    No way!…$2.99!!


    too bad throwing my money at the screen doesn’t work. hopefully someday it will.

  • You had me at “Adventure game”. Count with my purchase!

  • This is just spectacular I will get this for sure the price is simply grand. Never played this but I will pick this up!!!!!

  • SO buying this, $2.99 and cross-buy!!!. Has a Lone Survivor Vibe and I loved that game,

    Is there something different or new from the Steam Version of the game??, and will it have a Platinum??

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      This is the first edition of the game to have any kind of trophy system, so there’s definitely that. (I don’t think I’m allowed to have a platinum trophy in such a small game, but it does have some pretty fun ones to encourage you to poke around!)

  • Instant buy, not only because it looks like great fun, but the amazing price and cross buy, as well as to show support for a fellow Canuck.

    One question though, when the Vita edition launches, will Home be supported on PlayStation TV? (Not that it will effect my decision to purchase, but it would be a outstanding addition.)

    Finally, I’m also, looking forward to Alone With You, hope it’s still looking at a 2015 launch. (Again cross buy and PlayStation TV support would be a huge bonus)

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      Thanks, Psikorps! I am pretty stoked to be making PlayStation games.

      Home should totally support PlayStation TV. I don’t have one here to test it on, but it’s all set up for it, so I am 99% sure it’s all good!

      As for AWY, I’m pretty sure you’ll get your wish. :-)

  • blue_flare9001

    Will the launch sale apply to the Vita version when it comes out?

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      Yes, it will! And the game is Cross Buy, so even if you get the PS4 version on October 28th, the Vita version will be ready for you as soon as it’s ready.

  • Just curious why there’s no PS3 version.

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      Hi Flipdaddy:

      The reason Home isn’t available on PS3 is that the software I use to develop (Game Maker Studio) didn’t have PS3 support until much later in the coding process. As a one-man shop, I have to pick my battles and allocate my time accordingly.

      I hope this answers your question!

  • Elementalstorm23

    Awesome and thank you for the great special! I will be adding this to my horror week of games being streamed throughout the week, hopefully get you guys some of that love from Twitch!


  • Rezolution77

    After watching a clip from E3, and after already buying Lone Survivor, no thanks.(lesson learned)
    I thought supporting it, wasn’t going to lead to shovelware.

    After hearing the clop clop steps, and the constant creaking of the doors, I was disinterested quick.

    Sorry if I am not the average paid for advertisement, for stuff real consumers don’t want.

  • Dragonchasers

    Holy smokes $2.99 is a crazy price.

    I was already on-board, now I kind of feel like I have my hand in your wallet!! Thanks for such a great deal, and perfect timing for a game like this.

  • yowzagabowza

    Ill get it since its three bucks. Thats the best decision any indie dev has made so far. Thank you.

  • RockgamerXIII

    If I’m not able to get the game while it’s on sale, how much will it normally cost?

    • Benjamin Rivers
      Benjamin Rivers

      Hi there! the non-sale price for both versions will be $4.99 USD. That’s Cross Buy, of course.

  • Ill check it out and give some support to our indie friends.

  • Dragonslayer_023

    This looks neat, thanks for making it so cheap. Will definitely check it out.

  • veryhoudini11

    This game looks awesome. For sure day one buy for me. Thanks Benjamin!

  • Hey, this looks great! I’ll be sure to get this for $2.99 and support you guys :)

  • Rated_EDGE_Lover

    It looks very similar to Lone Survivor, which was a wonderful game! If it’s as good as LS then i’m game.

  • I think I may pick this up along side the Unfinished Swan. Never got around to play that. This looks interesting. Usually not a fan of horror, but I may give it a try. Glad I haven’t spent that $3.07 in my wallet yet!

  • Benjamin Rivers
    Benjamin Rivers
    Benjamin Rivers

    Thanks for the great comments, folks. :-) I hope you enjoy the game!

  • BuriedSorrow

    Regarding one of those pictures up there… YES he DIDN’T take the gun, or NO he DIDN’T take the gun? I’m confused.

  • I love the days I go onto PSN store and say ‘what is this? 2.99? sure why not’. This was totally a random buy for me but I am very glad that I picked it up. It made me jump in a couple places (headphones turned up loud) and I have completed it with 1 ending so far. Heading back in to run through a couple more times and this time I will keep an eye on lightbar.

    Thanks for an awesome game Benjamin Rivers and looking forward to the cross buy on my vita. You make games, and I will buy them (put a platinum in the next game?).

  • LOST HIGHWAY! I knew that trophy title sounded familiar “I like to remember things my own way”. Well done sir.

  • PierreChang

    This looks great! When will it be released in Europe? Swedes wanna play your game! :)

  • PrinceofXIII


  • pineapple_mango

    Just beat the game twice. I love it. So much to explore still. Gotta get all the trophies >.>

  • Does anyone know when this game will be available outside the US? I keep looking for it on the UK PSN Store, but there’s nothing. It’s a real shame as I’d love to play it.

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