Black Friday 2017: Week-Long PlayStation Deals Revealed

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Black Friday 2017: Week-Long PlayStation Deals Revealed

Big savings on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and more starting November 19.

To get in the holiday spirit, we’ve got some amazing Black Friday deals to share with you. We’re celebrating Black Friday early and for an entire week this year in the U.S., starting on November 19 through Cyber Monday on November 27, at participating retailers while supplies last.

First up, all PlayStation VR bundles will be available at a great deal at participating retailers. This includes the recently announced PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle at $299.99 USD (MSRP) and PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle at $349.99 USD (MSRP). There has never been a better time to jump into the driver’s seat in GT Sport for a heightened VR experience, or transport yourself into the virtual open game world of The Elder Scrolls filled with dragon-fighting action.

For PlayStation 4, the standard slim 1TB system in Jet Black will be available at $199.99 USD. This is the perfect time to pick up a PS4 as a gift for the special gamer in your life, or as a treat for yourself. You can also stock up on additional DualShock 4 wireless controllers while you’re at it. All DS4 controllers, including the recently released translucent colors, will start at $39.99 USD (MSRP) at participating retailers.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll get exclusive early access to some of the biggest deals in the PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale starting on November 17. PS Plus members will find deals of up to 40% off on the hottest blockbuster titles.

Even if you’re not a PS Plus member, you still can take advantage of the Black Friday deals at PS Store starting November 21 through 8am PT November 28. We’ll have more details on PS Store Black Friday offers in the coming days, so stay tuned.

North of the border Canadian fans can save CDN $100 on PlayStation 4 Pro, save CDN $100 on select PlayStation 4 bundles, save CDN $100 on PS VR and select PS VR bundles, and select DualShock 4 controllers with be available for CDN $49.99 while supplies last. Visit the Canadian Black Friday page for dates and more details.

Thanks to all of our fans for continuing to make PS4 the top selling game console and PlayStation the best place to play. We’re looking forward to another amazing holiday season and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • cool_trainer

    Buy now.

    • AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Yeah finally I have the chance to buy a PS4 i’ve always wanted one when I was a little kid. Now I can buy COD WWII

    • comatosevessel

      Specifically what time on Nov. 17th do the sales start for Early Black Friday deals in the store for PS Plus members?

  • Hi there, any news for EU black Friday deals :)?

    • IGood question. I hope for a PS4 Pro bundle deal in Germany… PS4 Pro – Gran Turismo Bundle for 300€-320€ would be nice.

  • No PS4 Pro deals/bundles/discounts?

    • TakeItToTheMax07

      Yeah I wish there were pro deals. I have a launch PS4 and really want to upgrade, considering the newer games are really tapping into the Pro’s power it seems.

    • Same here, was hoping for Pro deals. Really surprised there aren’t any this year considering it’s a year since it released. I wasn’t expecting a discount, but a game bundle is usually available around holiday season year 2.

      For now I’ll continue to hold off. I’m hoping Sony will release a slimmer v2 model with a 4k Blu-ray drive. I’ll definitely pay the full $400 for that and sell my current og model.

    • Lego_My_Eggo

      This is what i have been waiting for as well. I was planning on upgrading to a PRO and getting a PSVR, then toss the old PS4 in another room for co-op games. So hopefully someplace out there has a nice deal on a PRO.

    • goddessofwar59

      No Pro… Why? How big is the T for PS4? Bummer about Pro PS4. I would of thought it be a sale for it on black friday. Disappointed!

    • I’d buy a pro today if they had a deal… still waiting.

    • Love xDD90x’s idea – a PS4 Pro with a real 4k Blu-Ray drive. I’d buy that for $400.

      WIthout the 4k Blu-Ray drive…I don’t see it worth $400, and am still waiting for a discount. This seems to be taking WAY too long. C’mon, Sony – surprise us!

      Just don’t make the Pro the new Vita. Keep the support coming.

    • Check out game stop they have a ps4 pro for 350 and a slim for 200 that comes with a 50 gift card

  • Will these VR bundles have HDR passthrough?

  • Fair warning

    The Gran Turismo PSVR bundle includes CUH-ZVR1 version of the PSVR hardware
    The Skyrim PSVR bundle includes CUH-ZVR2 version of the PSVR hardware (newer & improved)

    If you have 4K HDR TV or plan to upgrade to one, you want the Skyrim PSVR bundle because that will have HDR pass-through and other improvements.

    • I think they screwed up on this one. Gran Turismo is one of the best looking games in 4k HDR. I would much rather buy the new version of the headset with GT so I can still play on my HDR tv. Skyrim is a great game, but I mean the game came out in like 2011. I don’t see the graphics being that good after 6 years. Doesn’t seem like HDR would matter as much. They should have swapped what game came with what headset. Or just packaged both games with the new headset.

  • JDiegoelArabe

    Dang… No sales for the PS4 Pro at all?

  • Hello, is this VR headset the new mod that allows HDR passthrough?

  • I will be back on the 17th.

  • So in about a week this will be the best time to get all the games you have been waiting for to go on a good sale. There literally is no excuse for why people are not prepared for Black Friday deals and miss out. You only get one shot per year at Black Friday make it count.

    • Yeah…nevermind the people who are unable to save up, don’t have jobs, laid off, won’t be getting jobs or paid until after the deal is up. No excuse at all.

  • FireKungFuHero

    I hope they got Nier Automata for 20 bucks and Far point VR bundle for 300

    • I’m hoping so too, otherwise Best Buy will have it for 25$ Which is the best price I’ve seen so far.

  • So when you going to release the psvr with HDR passthrough and can we trade in our old ones to get the newer one?

    • The Skyrim bundle is the newer model that has HDR passthrough.

      Trading in for the newer model is up to retailers.

  • Pack3rs0wn3rCB

    I need a demo of VR or something. Why is it better than my 60″ 4k beauty? Seems like a gimmick.

    • I have a 65″ 4k top of the line model and still deeply enjoy my psvr. Explain how you think this is a gimmick? How do you come to THAT conclusion first? I’m very intrigued.

    • The only way to think VR is a gimmick is to have never tried it. What looks bigger, a 60″ TV or a holodeck?

    • Definitely not a gimmick. Only people that say that don’t own a PSVR.

  • I’m expecting some great deals for games this year guys. Sucks Microsoft got all the great deals last year and we had nothing to buy over here.

  • Melvin-_-504

    What retailers will have the PS4 for $200 ?

  • Would love PS4 Pro deals please.?

  • Timewalker-Ben

    I might be able to finally afford vr but what select retailers are gonna have the Skyrim vr at that price?

  • DarkwingChuck

    I had the Skyrim VR bundle on preorder until I started seeing the Black Friday ads. Odd to release it on the 17th and then discount it $100 two days later.

    • Preorder it in-store at a retailer that will hold it for 2+ days, and then pick it up during the sale. You’ll get the lower price.

  • Timewalker-Ben

    what select retailers are gonna have the Skyrim vr at that price?

    • It looks like the MSRP (base price) will be 350$ USD. Whichever retailer is selling it, might have it cheaper, but not more than 350$. Google black friday ads for this year, there are a few retailers that have already released it (best buy, target, etc).

  • GoldKing-Valmy

    Will this also be available on Amazon?

  • Melvin-_-504

    Will Best Buy sell the PS4 for $200 on the 19th of this month?

  • Do we know yet exactly which retailers will be selling the Skyrim VR bundle for $350 all week? None of the ads are very clear about it.

  • No PS Vita deals?


  • Melvin-_-504

    When will the PlayStation 4 cost $200

  • hypnobearcoup

    I’m not buying a psvr till it’s the same price or lower than the ps4. Paying more for an accessory than I did for the whole system is crazy.

  • SteveNenA2015

    Sounds good, since i need a extra pair of controllers to play tekken 7 and mvci…

  • 5 hours ago I was browsing for Black Friday and PS VR, but not in the same search box…
    Now this pops in my list and I wonder is this only US or will jump to EU as well?
    This year I am prepared for BF, but are you prepared to sell me a Skyrim bundle in Bulgaria?

  • NinjaRaiden21

    Discount the PRO so I can finally buy it :|

  • In France this offert is available ?

  • I think its time for a discount for the ps4 pro, 300 could be a good price…

  • waiting

  • There are millions of people waiting to upgrade to a PS4 PRO, don’t be stupid Sony.

  • PlayStation is and always will be my favourite gaming console… Waiting for fantastic deals on games from 17 Nov

  • Which stores will have the PS4 console for sale all week? I just chat with walmart and they said only in store starting on Thanksgiving. The ad for Target also says the same thing. I would really like to be able to get this at the beginning of the week instead of dealing with all the craziness when I also have work. At the same time, with this type of purchase, I feel more comfortable going to a physical store and walking out with my item rather than taking a chance on shipping. Also, I don’t suppose the different PS4 game sales I see around would be available all week also, would they?

    • I would like to know this as well. Screw dhoping in black thursday/friday. I want to know where the deals are in the 19th

  • maniackiller013

    Ok, the DS4 controllers will be on sale, but what about the PlayStation Move controllers?

  • Wait, so this isn’t actually an announcement of a sale at all, right? It’s just a heads-up to look for these prices in retailers’ usual sales? If so, then what’s with the November 19th date? Retailers are going to have their sales whenever they want, right? I really want that Skyrim PSVR bundle but there doesn’t seem to be anything actionable here.

  • No Pro, no go. Jumping into it now that 4k TVs are so cheap is silly. Guess ill be sticking with XBox One S for 4k.

    Need more than a puny $450 Destiny 2 bundle. Hardly a deal anyway. You barely save any money.

  • SaintRaphael_IV

    Hope to see both Nier Automata and Nioh for $25 each.

  • up to 40% off? I just purchased Lost Legacy for $19.99 on Amazon I think PS can do better!

  • Where will the Skyrim bundle be $350? Through Sony?

  • salvadorienpapi

    What about Canada?

  • salvadorienpapi

    What about Canada? Its going to be special too

  • What retailers are participating on the 19th?! I won’t go out on thanksgiving to buy a psvr. But I would on the 19th! Anyone know?

  • ATR

  • i was going to upgrade to a ps pro and have waited until Black Friday for a deal. Since it’s a no go on that and I have a ps4 it’s xbox time! The deals on the Xbox one-S are so good with bundles I’m just going that route. Gears of war is killer and then there’s CUPHEAD!!! HALO!

    • I didn’t see any xbox bundles yet, what are the good ones?

  • stankitchener401

    Is this for the U.S only?

  • Undertakerwolf33

    So Are the deals starting November 17 will be the same as the one’s for Black Friday?

  • Anybody know how much is going to cost Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Deluxe on Black Friday?

  • ToddlerNaruto

    This shall be my year to finally own a PS4. I’ve already amassed a PS4 backlog of 65 games (only 17 are digital), which will surely increase to 80+ games by Christmas.

    My PS4 Game Collection:

  • Unfortunate the deal is not for India and can we avail this offer

  • Will the Pro go on sale at all? I gotta imagine I am far from the only person with a standard PS4 that has been waiting to upgrade for the right price….

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