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Apr 13

Apr 13

inFamous Not Releasing This June, After All

Asad Qizilbash's Avatar Posted by Vice President, Marketing, SIEA

Many of you may be wondering when we plan to announce the release date for inFamous. Well today, we have a little surprise for you….the release month is no longer June. Now wait, I know what you’re thinking…inFamous is NOT delayed, in fact, the guys up at Sucker Punch have been working so hard that the game will be releasing in the U.S. on May 26!

Now with just a little over a month until the game hits shelves, inFamous pre-order goodness begins today. Those who pre-order the game at participating retailers will have a chance to get one of the following:

  • An exclusive ‘Gigawatt Blades’ Super Power: The Gigawatt Blades supercharges Cole’s arm into an instrument of destruction unmatched by any other melee weapon in game. Although very powerful, you’ll still have to use this weapon wisely, as it takes a considerable drain on your powers.

inFamous Gigawatt Blades

  • Limited-edition inFamous costume for Home Avatar – Look like one of the REAPER gang members.

inFamous Reaper in Home

  • Early access to the official Game Demo. Be one of the first to play inFamous on May 7th.

And, yes, the inFamous demo will be made available to everyone on the PlayStation Network on May 21. We’ve got a lot more surprises on the way the next few weeks, so stay tuned…..

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lcmnick said:

April 13th, 10:37 am


emjayx said:

April 13th, 10:40 am

Nice, hopefully this game lives up to the hype :)

HouseMorton said:

April 13th, 10:40 am

Like most SCEA decisions, Preorder relating to demo access reeks of fail.

Thrasher20 said:

April 13th, 10:44 am

Good stuff :)

mafia28 said:

April 13th, 10:45 am

YES!!! One step closer for this awsome game.

Asad, im going to start college this fall and i decided to major in marketing cause it seems like an awsome job, maybe one day I can even work at Sony.

Cant wait for Infamous!!!

ne4ious said:

April 13th, 10:45 am

I’m there dude. FTW!!!!!!!!!!

Anubis80 said:

April 13th, 10:45 am

Hey thats great news. Better to hear that a game is releasing sooner than later. Great job.

blackprophesy said:

April 13th, 10:45 am

Any update or news for the Europe release?

crazypeng1 said:

April 13th, 10:47 am

so, i’d like to know which goes to which. i’m guessing that the first one is for game stop, and the second goes to amazon, but the third one for the code, does that go to both? clarification would be very nice right now.

    Asad Qizilbash's Avatar

    aqizilbash said:

    April 13th, 11:35 am

    crazypeng1. which item are you thinking about? The code for the early access to the demo is available at 2 other outlets [Best Buy and GameCrazy]. Have fun my man!

iExile said:

April 13th, 10:48 am

Already reserved.

adolson said:

April 13th, 10:48 am

Please tell me this includes Canada… Last time I tried getting a game that was bumped up, it ended up being delayed even further..

hobb123 said:

April 13th, 10:48 am

that great news i preoder that in march show im realy happy about the demo and the release date

Pound_lb003 said:

April 13th, 10:49 am

Woooo Demo!!

Looking forward to trying this out a great deal.

ServantSaber said:

April 13th, 10:51 am

Wow that’s awesome, companies don’t usually move up release dates these days.

Demonik12 said:

April 13th, 10:51 am

very cool. lookin foward to this.

MegaClank said:

April 13th, 10:53 am

I think I want the HOME items. . .

Stoffinator said:

April 13th, 10:55 am

I look forward to the demo.


April 13th, 10:56 am

I hope your hard work pays off! I really want to get this game but I hate buying games that don’t have some type of online play…

BUT did you guys add In-Game XMB MUSIC SUPPORT???

I really hope so…

DonnyG said:

April 13th, 10:56 am

Trying to distance yourselves from Prototype perhaps?

I think Infamous wins in a side by side comparison and I have no qualms with a earlier release date. I’ll have to get my pre order in soon.

Heisem said:

April 13th, 10:56 am

I know that the Home costume is avaible at Amazon.com, i will probably pre-order there like i did for Killzone 2, really cool. thanks!!

sam_i_jam said:

April 13th, 10:56 am

Looks like I may need to pre-order now.

ZildjianKX said:

April 13th, 10:58 am

WTF… it’s super lame to tie a demo to a pre-order. I thought the entire purpose of a demo is to let people try a game to figure out if they want to buy it, not for people who are already buying it to try it early.

This is becoming a bad trend that really needs to stop now.

TwinDad said:

April 13th, 10:58 am

Please stop releasing the Demo to pre-orders. Those people are buying your game, why give them, a sure bet, the demo and the people on the fence about your product nothing>

I do realize that the demo will be downloadable in EU for the rest of us. It’s a dumb practice that interests nobody.

Marauderxt said:

April 13th, 10:59 am

lol Great job, as soon as you guys new when Prototype was being released you moved up the release date. good move I say.

Skyr7950 said:

April 13th, 11:00 am

Aww I know the Home items are probably Amazon and the power to Gamestop, but I wish it was the other way around. It looks like an awesome ability and I detest Gamestop…

Dogofthunder said:

April 13th, 11:00 am

Great news about the release date! I hope the Fat Princess announcement is also an earlier release date.

hobb123 said:

April 13th, 11:00 am

i love this new power unlock i can’t wait till may thank for the news i look at game informer about assassin’s creed 2 and it looks better than the frist you can swim

WhyuStillalive said:

April 13th, 11:01 am

May 26 is also my birthday! Great news! :)

RiKaRdo55 said:

April 13th, 11:01 am

eeeeeee wussup
game better be good

GravityRi4n said:

April 13th, 11:02 am

O MY GOSH!!!! this just made my day. You guys are awesome! Sucker Punch is awesome. thanks for the update, im going to go preorder asap!

xicaninho said:

April 13th, 11:03 am

Oh!! Great , when will be released in europe?

wizeguy22 said:

April 13th, 11:03 am

awesome news.. this will be my next game purchase.

TheHater2 said:

April 13th, 11:04 am

Sweet because this is my most wanted game this year. Love you guys and I can’t wait to play this baby.
Ok here is some questions regrading the pre-orders bonuses.
For the Gigawatt Blades can we still access this weapon in the game if we don’t preorder the game? Not many of us don’t like Gamestop and are unwilling to purchase games from there. So do we get shafted because we don’t want to buy games from them or can we unlock this weapon later on in the game or buy it from the PSN store?

nuness1988 said:

April 13th, 11:04 am

Very clever. I almost raged (Remember little big planet anybody) but then I read further and got a big smile on my face. I don’t want to pre-order at Gamestop, but that power looks too good to pass up! Thanks Sucker Punch and everyone at Sony who made this game a reality!

CheckMark said:

April 13th, 11:05 am

Oh, Asad, you’re such a trickster. It is so cool to say the game now comes out *next month* Can’t wait!

Sdodge said:

April 13th, 11:06 am

AMAZING!! next how about a sly cooper??!!

Sony is the best in the game department and you always will be, keep expanding, keep giving the people what they want, people love sony don’t listen to haters.

hife said:

April 13th, 11:06 am

Oh no, this date actually sucks for me! It’s going to be painful having to wait a week or so after it’s out to play it.

Still, good call on getting out before a certain other game…

jadjohnny said:

April 13th, 11:07 am

A W E S O M E!

Now, why I can’t get all the extras (pre-order bonuses) on one whole package huh? ^^

michaelja said:

April 13th, 11:08 am

Which retailer is giving early access to the demo? I know Gamestop is doing the power, and Amazon is the home costume. Are they both providing access?

    Asad Qizilbash's Avatar

    aqizilbash said:

    April 13th, 11:39 am

    michaelja, if you\’re interested in trying the demo early, I\’d recommend you look at either Best Buy or GameCrazy ;-) Have Fun!

MUGEN02 said:

April 13th, 11:08 am

I’m going to guess that the early access of the demo will be in MAY’s Qore?

ryanc08 said:

April 13th, 11:09 am

Wow, when i firrst read the title i was like NOOOO!!! But this is great, definitley a day one purchase, i wonder if you will give Qore subscribers early access as well, because im not a fan of pre-ordering

hife said:

April 13th, 11:10 am

I would also like to express my frustration at the people who rush to comment about demo before reading the whole article.

dinkin-flicka said:

April 13th, 11:10 am

Could the tying of the demo to the pre-order be used to cover costs due to Sony’s new PSN bandwidth publishing fees? This is a bad move — for Sony — if it continues to be a trend as others have stated.

Wollan said:

April 13th, 11:11 am


Now you just have to announce the Reaver Home suit for Europe and everything will be perfect.

rxeight said:

April 13th, 11:12 am

Awesome News. So is the demo on May 7 coming with Qore? I sure hope so.

LukaX23 said:

April 13th, 11:13 am

This is great news! Definitely a day-oner for me :P

unstablefears said:

April 13th, 11:13 am

This is great news. Can’t wait :D

halfsane2000 said:

April 13th, 11:14 am

Awesome post can’t wait for the game and this is the first home costume that I may actually get.

fan1310 said:

April 13th, 11:14 am

Great news! Can’t wait for this game :)

Slintaii said:

April 13th, 11:14 am

Yessssssss!!! I guess those smarties at Sucker Punch were waiting for Prototype to nail down their release date; well played, friends, well played. ;)

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