UNCHARTED 2 Live Chat with Naughty Dog

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There couldn’t be a better time to talk Uncharted 2: Among Thieves than now. Following a triumphant E3, Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig and Co-President Evan Wells will be fielding your questions in today’s live chat. So get your questions ready, because we’re firing it up at 2PM sharp!

UPDATE: And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone for all the great questions, and of course to Amy and Evan from Naughty Dog for taking the time to talk with us. Remember you can view the entire chat by hitting the ‘Replay’ button below. See you next time!

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  • animeboy413


  • 30 mins to go.

  • animeboy413


  • animeboy413

    by the way awesome

  • This is the first time I’ll be able to participate in a live chat.

  • blizzard_cool

    I can not wait :D
    I hope I don’t get spoiled…

  • Vengeful-Chaos

    -Holds sign up *Will work for shwag*

  • ^^^ Did you really just say 1st??

  • FAMILYGY3319

    I’ve never been here for one of these, how do we send in questions?

  • 1) Will there be a collector edition for Uncharted 2?

    2) Gamestop is getting the multiplayer demo for Uncharted 2, will other stores such as bestbuy have other pre-order bonuses?

    3) Is there any plans to release DLC for Uncharted 2? Map packs from the original game perhaps?

    4) Do you unlock anything for getting Platinum on Uncharted: DF for for Uncharted 2?

    5) How long, as of now, will Uncharted 2? 10-15 hours?

  • Great ready to ask some questions

  • naughty dog i miss uncharted beta! And being in the first row at sony confrence when evan wells came out to play the E3 demo. I looked up and allmost [DELETED] myself from what i just watched i cant wait for QA so i can get some stuff cleared up!!

  • tetsou9shima

    okay….I promise not to complain if me questions are not selected.

  • I’ve been waiting all day for this (well actually all night, Sydney here), I just linked my PSN account to the Blog purely for this live chat. Although now that I’ve done so, I’m sure that I will start posting comments/questions for all the great members of the PlayStation community!

  • tetsou9shima

    not yet blooodycow…LOL

  • SyphonFilter-

    what time is that in eastern?

  • BloodyCow wait till the chat is up, lol.

  • mywhitenoise

    I hope someone asks “How likely will Nathan Fillion be casted for the film?”

  • MariusElijah

    Ask about IF THERE IS SPLIT-SCREEN?????

  • Now it’s time for some questions:

    1: Are there any plans for an Uncharted 2 single player demo pre-release, as was the case with the original game? Hopefully this demo won’t be region locked on the US store this time :P

    2: As we can play as Elena and Sully in the co-op campaign, will these characters be unlockable/playable in the single player campaign after beating Uncharted 2?

  • eaglefan129


  • MariusElijah

    Ask about SPLIT-SCREEN

  • Oh and one more question I forgot to add:

    Has Naughty Dog ever considered bringing the Uncharted franchise to the PSP? I don’t own a PSP, however I will be there in line on October 1st to pick one up and Uncharted would make a great addition to the PSP lineup.

  • I dont think split screen will make it :(

  • cant wait for this game

  • My questions:

    1- Will there be more interactive vegetation in the game than Uncharted 1?
    2- How about dynamic climate?
    3- The beta looks amazing, but shall we expect more polished final game visuals?

  • Is there a planned release date yet?

  • Where is Bruce? I was kind of looking forward to asking some questions with the game’s director. Oh well, Evan is still a great guy from what I’ve seen :)

  • And…

    1- Are you using the full capacity of the Blu ray disk?
    2- Will you support music playback from XMB?

  • Nonstop_Madness

    Will there be another beta ??

  • SoulKeeper26


  • SoulKeeper26


  • StalkingSilence

    PlayStation LifeStyle will be tuning in as usual! Thanks to the blog team for setting this up.

  • come on lets go lets do this

  • thenatureboy56


  • PlayStation LifeStyle, dont you have more leaks to burst open? >:[

  • Anything Uncharted 2 is worthwhile. They have created a great experience in the first and the second appears to be even better. Oh and I’ll take a Beta code….Thanks.

  • Will there be similar “Making Of” video unlockables in U2:AT? I especially enjoyed having these little extras in U:DF. It made the game a complete package having various extras in game and out of game.

  • How important is frame rate to you? Everyone loves a bit of 60 fps, how do you feel about getting close to that target, is it important to you?

  • Will there be any home unlockables received by completing certain tasks in the game?

  • Your clock is broken!

  • eaglefan129

    A couple of questions What rating of the game are you looking for? I hoping for Teen rating. Will you be supporting game launching in home?

  • Will there be split screen co-op mode in either single player or multiplayer in any way?

  • Wasn’t Bruce Straley/Game Director who was going to be here instead of Evan Wells?

    Ohh Well, I hope Evan Wells could answer the questions that has been prepared for the Game Director then.

  • Oh yeah my question: Will the same people who scripted Uncharted:DF be working on Uncharted2?
    They did a great job of keeping it funny.

  • “how long is uncharted going to be length wise”

    gotta love redundancy

  • How soon after Uncharted was released did you begin work on Uncharted 2?

  • good question so far. No BS question like what your favorite soccer team.

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