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Mar 15

Mar 15

PlayStation.Blog God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup Recap

Chris Morell's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Can you say, “Biggest meetup ever?” Because if you made it out to San Francisco on Wednesday, you experienced it first-hand. Not that we didn’t expect an early God of War III hands-on event to draw a mega-crowd. But still, hats off to you guys for making it out in spades. A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out for an entire day’s worth of festivities, culminating in a chance to play God of War III before it hits stores tonight/tomorrow! Thanks also to those who followed along at home — hopefully it will make picking up the game even more exciting!

And you East-coasters that have been asking and asking for us to come to you…well, it’s official. The PlayStation.Blog is coming to New York City and Boston (PAX East) next week! Specific details coming soon.

As for San Francisco, it was a day-long celebration of God of War III. Several of you lined up as early as 5am to secure a spot in our massive tent. (Check out ALL the pictures of our God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup on Flickr!)


At around noon, we unleashed the burrito truck upon the line! Now that spells CHAOS!


Shortly after, we opened the tent “doors” to the masses. Everyone was greeted inside by PlayStation 3s loaded up with God of War Collection, and a special challenged awaited. The test? Complete the God of War II Challenge of the Titans “Blind Fury” the fastest…in one try. You die, you’re out. And the winner would lock down a God of War III Ultimate Edition!

God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup

We thought we’d see plenty of quick deaths, but in fact, many of you utterly blitzed this challenge. But only one came through with a time that could arguably last through the ages. 16 seconds! 16 freakin’ seconds! Here’s your winner:

God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup

Throughout the day, we raffled off TONS of games, posters and other unique PlayStation goodies. Anyone who brought a PSP took home God of War: Chains of Olympus, but we also gave away MLB 10: The Show PSP, Heavy Rain, Fireteam Bravo 3, Killzone 2 and much more.

The highlight of the meetup was definitely the presence of Stig and the Sony Santa Monica Studio team who stopped by to sign autographs for everyone who came! All attendees also scored a limited-edition God of War III art book!

God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup

And finally, there was the chance to take your picture and create a personalized God of War III cover! There are some truly great shots in Flickr, so flip through ’em!

God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup

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LUGIEZ said:

March 15th, 6:14 pm

hey isn’t that amped from the tester?

meeksparda24 said:

March 15th, 6:16 pm

alman i wish i was there :-(

xaos said:

March 15th, 6:23 pm

Hey, my Resistance jacket made the cut :)

Thrasher20 said:

March 15th, 6:27 pm

that looks like the girl from The Tester. What a fun event I bet. I am looking forward to the E3 PSB meet-up. Jeff or Chris, please please PLEASE confirm that there will we a PSB E3 10′ meetup!

IseWise said:

March 15th, 6:28 pm

Did you guys just inadvertently give away the winner of The Tester contest with that picture of Amped?

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    March 15th, 9:30 pm

    Nah, she wasn’t the only Tester cast member there. Personally, I’m not sure who wins – only the producer and his team do.

ReyMaStA22 said:

March 15th, 6:35 pm

@5 i was thinking the same thing!!! @3 sick jacket.
if only the meet was in L.A.

    Chris Morell's Avatar

    Chris Morell said:

    March 16th, 9:44 am

    Were you at our VGA meetup in LA a couple months back?

cell989 said:

March 15th, 6:41 pm

GUYS THANK YOU MUCH for all the great swag you guys gave out, posters, games, key chains, art books, shirts, and best of all gaming goodness.

One thing Ill say is that the guy that was there since 5:00 am!! and got nothing for it. He deserved a little something for his hardcore fan status, but oh well we all had a great time.

Sid once again thanks for the code :)

the-party-b said:

March 15th, 6:45 pm

If Amped is there, does it mean she won the TESTER?

xaos said:

March 15th, 6:48 pm

Is that Amped? Hahaha, we spoke and I had no idea. I wouldn’t read too much into her being there, she was standing in line with the rest of us schlubs after all

likedatkilla said:

March 15th, 6:52 pm

why great Sony I guess I don’t have to waste time downloading the tester if I already know who won :)

Patronaso said:

March 15th, 7:21 pm

Is this a sneak peek into who wins the tester? If so…. someone screwed up….

TheHakku said:

March 15th, 7:24 pm

Is that Amped?

Danny_Death said:

March 15th, 8:05 pm

why i do believe that is Amped. DID THEY THINK WE WOULD NOT NOTICE THAT? do they think we just look at kratos? WE DONT!

willynews said:

March 15th, 8:14 pm

keep watching the tester

Danny_Death said:

March 15th, 8:19 pm

What fun is it to watch if the WINNER IS PASTED RIGHT NEXT TO KRATOS?

Microshock said:

March 15th, 8:37 pm

Hey guys, just because Amped is there doesn’t mean she won.

Jon_Mclane said:

March 15th, 8:43 pm

Why does everyone assume Amped won just because there’s a picture of her on the blog? Anyone could show up to the meetup and since she’s well known to the playstation community they decided to put her picture on the blog. If it was me in that picture would that mean I was the winner of the Tester?

Danny_Death said:

March 15th, 8:54 pm

yes YES IT WOULD* *jk*

BlooodyCow said:

March 15th, 9:02 pm

Happy God of War 3 day people.

D-Squad3 said:

March 15th, 9:15 pm

Game of the forever!

NewYork214 said:

March 15th, 9:28 pm

the first girl in the bottom row made me wanna play GoW3 100x more now. she looks so into it.

Chat0076 said:

March 15th, 9:29 pm

Yep the chick who looks like Amped or actually is Amped makes me need the game now.

Danny_Death said:

March 15th, 9:35 pm

*wait a minute why are we all on PSB? WE SHOULD BE AT GAMESTOP WAITING FOR GOW 3? :o

gdogg666 said:

March 15th, 10:03 pm

hey whats going on bout when will the site be up cus I WANT MY MUSIC!!!!!! lol but really if u can get back to us asap that would be great thanks

chango_martinez said:

March 15th, 10:42 pm

Cyrus was there too people, so chill out guys. The only thing they gave away was that, Amped and Cyrus are doing the dirty!!

=( no god of war till tomorrow. Stupid small rural towns.

ndw4 said:

March 15th, 10:58 pm

1 hour left!


March 15th, 11:05 pm

Yeah. The event was so sweet but the best part was after gdc. GOW3 plus open bar, ps move, ladies on stilts, an Sony execs left & right! Memorable!

letherclad said:

March 15th, 11:22 pm

Dang, my fastest time with blind fury is 19 seconds and I was looking for the results hoping that my time would’ve won, but 16 seconds is pretty freakin’ nuts, now I want to try it some to lower my time. I’m blowing off work to pick up GOW3 when best buy opens tomorrow, probably won’t sleep since I’m too excited, can’t freakin’ wait!

poweredbyzen said:

March 15th, 11:33 pm

i love burritos, and free stuff! congrats to the dude that won the a copy of the ultimate edition! though i bet he doesn’t have 7 platinum trophies like i do!? hehehe!

JimInPT said:

March 15th, 11:37 pm

Looks like the Dungeons n’ Dragons Club in high school. You know, that room everybody tried to avoid……

Ftwrthtx said:

March 16th, 12:33 am

Thanks to the PS Blog for creating an awesome event.

Totally surpassed the GDC ’09 event.

How will you top it in 2011?

ranglechen said:

March 16th, 2:32 am

I cant wait. PS3 has officially killed my wallet.

JesseHaysFL said:

March 16th, 2:34 am

Thanks again for the awesome event and Go GATORS!

UNCyrus said:

March 16th, 3:38 am

All I have to say is ‘Lol’ at this thread of comments… especially @24

zombie9 said:

March 16th, 5:56 am

16sec pretty impresive he’s lucky I wasn’t there. I may not be able to beat his time but I can grab a God of War III Ultimate Edition out of his hands and be out the door in less than 5secs. LOL Congrats to every one! Today is offical GOW day =)

meltron69 said:

March 16th, 6:30 am

Simply Awesome

Frejim said:

March 16th, 7:17 am

3 more days for me!!!

to bad I’m not in the US right now, if not I wouldn’t be here -> I’d playing my revenge!!!!!

Tarzan16 said:

March 16th, 9:16 am

Did anyone redeem the codes cuz it work for and my brother?

MiiAmigo said:

March 16th, 11:02 am

Yep I got there at 5AM and was first in line. Pretty lonely it was till 8AM when more fans finally showed up. Really sweet event though and worth getting my butt up early to be there. Congrats on such awesomeness of a game btw.

JesseHaysFL said:

March 16th, 12:49 pm

You are the man MiiAmigo!

timshawn said:

March 16th, 8:24 pm

darknightjin840 said:

March 17th, 7:39 am

yo g.o.w crazy,i started playing my system going me problem it crazy i play a lot never gave problem i put in g.o.w few hours in to the my ps3 it giving me problem, this game is crazy

darknightjin840 said:

March 17th, 7:42 am

giving not going ,lot of games , sorry

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